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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 6 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

"Time to French Can-Can" - from Gençlerbirliği-Ankaragücü game

The week started off with the UEFA Champions League game between Galatasaray and Lokomotiv Moskva on Wednesday. Galatasaray got a relatively easy victory in Moskow as Sarr and Arif scored on the last 20 minutes to give their team a good start in the league. The week started off well for Turkish soccer.

On Thursday there were 5 Turkish teams on the UEFA cup arena but unfortunately the good start on Wednesday was not followed by a good Thursday. Kocaelispor lost a terrible 4-0 to the Hungarian Ferencvárosi TC Budapest, Ankaragücü lost 2-1 to the Spanish CD Alavés Vitória on homeground. Beşiktaş got an early 2-0 lead against the Bosnian FK Sarajevo in the first half only to concede two counterattack goals in the second half to loose a big chance as the game was tied 2-2. Denizlispor was the only exception of the night as they got a rather easy victory against the French FC Lorient, scoring a goal on each half for a 2-0 victory on homeground. Fenerbahçe similar to Beşiktaş, got a 3-1 lead at half time in Sweden against AIK Solna only to concede two goals in the second half as the game ended 3 – 3.

This week again a game was postponed due to European competition. The match between Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe, undoubtedly the nations biggest derby was postponed to the 6th of November. So we had 8 games this week. Only 16 goals were scored, of which 9 of these were home team goals, and 7 were visitor team goals. It was a rather balanced week with 3 home ground victories, 3 visitors managing to steal three points and two draws.

Games :

Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe : Postponed to Nov 6th.

Elazığspor – Malatyaspor : The confident Malatyaspor who won their last game against Fenerbahçe and drew against Galatasaray the previous week got the first goal of the game in what is called the Eastern Anatolian derby. But Elazığspor after losing three consecutive games fought back to get their first 3 points in 4 weeks. There were obvious concentration problems in Malatyaspor whereas Elazığspor well deserved their 3 points. The ugly part of the game; all the fighting going on in the terraces... (2-1)

Adanaspor - Gaziantepspor : It looks like Gaziantepspor got their vibe back, just like the 2000-2001 season. They have a very obvious winning attitude, and they want to be taken seriously for that. Adanaspor lost the edge in the game after a red card at the thirtieth minute. 6 minutes later the visitors scored their first through Viola. Right at the beginning of the second half Viola scored the second for his team and himself. But the Viola show wasn’t over yet, as the striker tried to score with his hand ten minutes later. The referee was there and the double scorer got a red card after a second yellow. Both teams had their chances at the last 30 minutes but neither could score. (0-2)

Bursaspor – Diyarbakırspor: First game of Diyarbakırspor with their new coach Ümit Kayıhan, did not produce anything that Diyarbakır fans could cheer about. Diyarbakır got the first goal through a very funny goal. The referee called a handball; the whole Bursaspor defence was waiting for the referee to call the ball back to the point of the handball. However, Diyarbakırspor forward Coulibaly started the game about 5-7 metres in front of the handball point, and while all Bursaspor defenders were watching Diyarbakırspor scored. But after then it was all Bursaspor. Franja, Okan and Murat Sözkesen were all having a great game and two goals from Okan and Franja won Bursaspor a well deserved victory. (4-1)

Samsunspor – Göztepe : One of the two goalless draws of the week. Samsunspor tried to win on homeground and did pretty much all in their hand, however it was Göztepe that got closest to scoring on the 70th minute, when Göztepe striker Zafer missed a penalty, or should we say Shorumnu saved it. Anyway this was the first saved penalty of the season. After all was done, both teams left with a point each. (0-0)

Altay - Denizlispor: A game of two different halves. In the first half Denizlispor controlled the game, scoring a beauty through İlyas. The second half was a totally different story. Maybe it was the lack of physical condition of Denizlispor after the tiring UEFA cup game on Thursday, but more likely it was the will power of Altay’s youngsters. Three well deserved and well fought goals won the İzmir side their first 3 points in 4 weeks. (3-1)

Ankaragücü – Gençlerbirliği: Last week the leaders had lost their first points after four consecutive wins, this week they lost their first game against Ankaragücü in the Ankara derby. The game was filled with tension because Gençlerbirliği had signed the starlet coach Ersun Yanal in the preseason, who coached Ankaragücü last season. Anyway the game was filled more with tension then with football. Ankara fans were used to creative football and a plentitude in goals in the preivous year derbys of the city, but this year it was basicly all gone. Ankaragücü stole the game with a counter attack goal at the last quarter of the game. (1-0)

Beşiktaş - Trabzonspor: It was a beautiful sight at the İnönü stadium as fans cheered for their demoralized team of Thursday. Yet the game could not help Beşiktaş heal their wounds. Beşiktaş pretty much dominated the game, whereas Trabzonspor had their chances through smart counter attacks. Petkovic one more time saved his team on lots of incidents. The Australian is helping Trabzonspor be the most economic team of the league with 2 goals scored and 3 conceded and 7 points obtained in six weeks; how much more economical can you get (0-0)

Kocaelispor – İstanbulspor: It is absolutely very sad to see what is happening to Kocaelispor this year. For the sixth consecutive week they have lost, and are the worst team in the league. The game they play absolutely does not deserve the zero points they have on their account but I guess this is football and it does not necessarily need to be just. İstanbulspor on the other hand fought marvelously as they were one man down after the twentieth minute. All through the game it was Kocaelispor creating the chances but not managing to score, İstanbulspor scored on the very final minute of the game through the league’s “eldest brother” İlker. At the age of 36 years and 6 months he is an inspiration to the younger players of the league. (0-1)

Goals of the week :

1. Franja (Bursaspor) : A beauty indeed, the Croatian controlled the ball on the right hand outside corner of the penalty zone, passed his marker and shot a fierce curve ball to the goalkeepers right hand side. There was absolutely nothing the goalkeeper could do.
2. Hüseyin (Elazığspor) (second goal) : A cross from the right hand side of the field was deflected from the Malatyaspor defence. The ball looked like it was in the control of the Malatyaspor defense but out of nowhere came Hüseyin and with incredible quickness hit a scissor kick over the goalkeeper to give his team the necessary goal for victory.
3. İlyas (Denizlispor) : A left hand corner kick causing little trouble for the Altay defence came deflecting out towads the right hand corner of the penalty zone. İlyas was there and shot as if there was no tomorrow. The only time everybody saw the ball again was when it was in the net.

Team of the week : Bursaspor

They play a cool, attacking style of football very likeable even to the outsider eye. They scored 4 goals but missed about 10 more. What is most likeable about them is the way everybody in the team is trying to help each other out. Everybody seems to be looking for the assist rather than the goal. I personally believe that there is more to come from the Bursa side.

Player of the week : Ahmet (Altay)

The 24 year old defense player scored two delicate goals to give his team the edge necessary to come back from a one goal down situation on home ground. His second goal was very exceptional, showing Ahmet’s ability in the air not only in defense but in offence too. Hope to see more from him.

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