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My Little Sister

Sassy’s Story

Pretty Sassy’s Story

Disclaimer: This story is a fantasy based on the cyber-lives of our own little Sassygirl and her cyber-brother (T-Bro) . Within this cyber-relationship, the idealized woman-child is portrayed in a juvenile form. This story does not involve any children. And no one of our readers or authors condones the spanking of children or the exploitation of children in any form. We hope that you will enjoy reading this story from that point of view. But, if you are offended by any portrayals that include even the appearance of children, please, enjoy one of our other many stories.


It was late Saturday evening when I called Sassy into the bathroom for her pre-bedtime bath. Our mother and father had gone out on the town for the evening and I was left in charge of my beloved little sister. Since our other sister was out with friends, Sassy and I had the house to ourselves.

I stepped into the hall and called to Sassy a second time, when, as usually, she didn't respond to the first summons.

"Sassy! Come on. It is time for your bath."

I heard, from somewhere in the house, my little sister’s voice call up to me. "Nope bro you gotta come find me…I’m hiding…" *giggle*

With a laugh, I went over to the bath tub and turned off the tap. Still smiling, I set out in search of my little sister. This game of hide and seek had become a bit of a ritual between Sassy and I. Whenever I had to get her ready for her bath, she would run off and hide in some remote corner the huge house with had been the family home since our parents were first married.

She usually hid in her room and so I started there. No luck this time. I walked across the hall to my room. Since she knew she wasnt allowed in there without my permission, this was her second favorite hiding spot. She was not in there either. I walked down the stairs into the main living room, where our parents often entertained friends and business clients. I searched all over, but to no avail. Next, I tried the sitting room, where our family usually spent quiet evenings. "Darn!" I thought, when I failed to find her there. "She is getting pretty good at this."

I knew even impish Sassy wouldn't violate our father's inner sanctorum, so I didn't even look in his den. Dad and Dad alone walked happily and freely into that part of the house. We kids did get to spend some time there. But, not by choice. We only crossed that highly polished threshold when we were to be spanked by Dad. And, even at that, only for more severe punishments for earned by the most severe misbehaviors. Unfortunately, I found myself in that situation far to many times. I winced at the memories of my bare bottom being blistered by my father’s hand or his strap. (Actually my grandfather's strap, which was handed down to my father upon the occasion of my birth.)

So I walked into the kitchen and searched all around in there. But yet again, to no avail. I was getting a bit concerned. I knew she had to be somewhere in the house, but where? I opened the door to the basement and walked slowly down the stairs so as not to give myself away. I walked into the rec-room, where we spent most of our time sitting around watching T.V. or playing games.

As I came closer to the partially opened door of the small cubby hole where we kept all of our board games, I heard the faint that giggle I so loved and cherished. I threw open the door of the cubby hole and there, sitting in her little pink dress, was my little sister. I knelt down and looked at her with a huge smile.

"Found ya, ya little imp" *laugh*

"I not an imp, you are big bro" *giggle*

"Oh I am, am I?"

"Yep, you sure are bro." And she held her arms out to me for a hug.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her gently out of the cubby hole into my arms, hugging her tightly. I gave her a kiss to the cheek. We sat their hugging and snuggling for a few minutes. Then I stood up and smiling, looked down at her.

"Now Sassy let's go up and get you in that bath. We’ll get you all clean and then into your jammies. Then we can come back down here and watch some T.V. for a while till your bed time"

Looking at me with a pouty face and arms crossed across her chest, Sassy announced "But bro, I don’t wanna take a bath. Can’t we just sit and watch T.V. till my bed time…please…?"

I looked at her with my sternest possible face and answered "No Sassy. You know you have a bath and get into your jammies before you watch TV. Get that look off your face little lady. You know I do not like it when you pout. And, you know what pouting gets you"

With a look of shock her face Sassy exclaimed, "Nooooooooooo! bro I don’t wanna spanking" as tears start to form in her eyes.

"I didn’t say a thing about you getting a spanking little one." I assured her while remaining firm. "All I said was that you know what happens when you pout. And I know you know. Now let's not have any more of this talk. Let’s go up stairs and pick out the jammies you want to wear. Then get you into that bath and get you nice and clean. Then we can watch T.V."

Sassy started to pouts more. She began to cry and throw a Class A temper tantrum, right there on the floor, kicking and pounding her feet and hands on the carpet and screaming "I DON"T WANNA GO FOR A BATH BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANNA SIT WITH YOU AND WATCH T.V. ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!"


I picked her up off of the carpet by the arm and dragged her, still kicking and screaming, over to the couch where I lay her over my knee. With a sad and frustrated shake of my head, I yanked her pink dress up to expose her pink flowery panties and half her back. Determined to make this the only spanking of the night, I pulled her panties down half way to her knees, exposing her pale bare bottom. I raised my hand and begin to spank her with my hand.


"Owwwwwiiiieeeeeeeee! Bbbrrrooooo, pppllllllzzzz ssssttttooopppppp uuuurrrrrrrrr hhhuuurrrtttiiinnnngggg mmmeeeeeee" Sassy cried, kicking, screaming and trying to wiggle free.

I rested my hand, which covered both of her little cheeks, on her bottom. "Now little lady you know exactly why you just got your bottom spanked don’t you? You know daddy, mommy and I do not like it when you act this way, throwing a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming like that. All over having to have a bath. Well, with that little outburst, I think one little lady is going to go straight to bed after her bath There will be no T.V. for you tonight. I think you are a tired little lady any way, cause only tired cranky little babies act like that"

Sassy started crying even louder. "Noooooooo bro I wanna stay up!!!!!!!!!!" She began to pout full force now.

"I *spank* see *spank* that *spank* your *spank* first *spank* spanking *spank* didn’t *spank* sink *spank* in *spank-spank-spank-spank-spank *

My little sister cried and sobbed enough to break my heart. "I sooooorrrrrrryyyyyyy bbbbrrrrooooo. Pppplllllzzzzzz, I need a hug," That childish plea pushed me over the edge.

I pick her up off of my lap and sit her on my lap, holding her tightly in my arms as she cried her heart out on my shoulder. I wiped the tears away from her face and kissed her gently on the cheek. She hugged me and a smile started to appear across her face. She looked up at me with tear-stained eyes and kissed me on the cheek.

"Bro will you give me a piggy back ride back up to the bathroom?" My favorite little imp looked up at me with the sweetest smile on her face and tears still streaking her sweet angelic face.

"Yes I will. But, first lets get those panties back up and that dress back down"

She hopped off of my lap and gently pulled up her panties over her still sore and pinkish red bare bottom. Then she let her dress fall back to normal form. Without a pause, she scampered up on the couch and onto my shoulders. I slowly stood up trying to keep her up on my shoulders. Then we walked back up the two sets of stairs up to the top floor of the house where our rooms and the bathroom were. I walked into her room and knelt down as she slowly hopped off of my shoulders and scampered over to her dresser. She opened up the drawer with her jammies in it and took out the pink ones with the fluffy bunny feet and the flap in the back, these were her favorite ones cause I had gotten them for her birthday.

Then she took me by the hand and we walked out of her room and into the bathroom. When we got into the bathroom, I picked her up and placed her on the counter. I went over and turned on the tap and started filling the tub. While the tub was filling, I helped her out of her little pink dress. Then I picked her up off of the counter and stood her up on her feet and gently removed her little panties.

I went over and tested the water temperature with my hand. It was just perfect for her little body. I walked over and picked her up in my arms. Like a little monkey, she wrapped her arms and legs around my body as I walked back to the tub I gently lowered her body into the warm water. I stood her back up and took the washcloth and soap and lathered her little body and then rinsed her off with the shower head. I took a small amount of the shampoo into my hand and lathered up her long golden blonde hair. I again rinsed it off with the shower head, making sure that none of the shampoo went into her eyes. Just then the phone rang.

"Jeez….what a stupid time for the phone to ring. Sassy, you sit here in the tub and play with your bath toys and don’t move out of this tub. I will answer the phone and be right back O.K. Sweetie?"

" O.K. bro I’ll stay right here." The soggy little one vowed solemnly.

So with that I stood up and walked out of the bathroom to answer the phone. When I returned to the bathroom, Sassy was not in the tub but there was a trail of little water foot prints that led out of the bathroom and into her room. I ran across the hall and into her room to see her sitting, buck-naked and soaking wet, on the floor playing with her dolls.

"Sassy! You have exactly one minute to get your bare bottom back into that bathroom and back into that bath tub before I take you over my knee and spank that naughty bottom of yours."

She turned around and looked into my eyes with a shocked and scared look on her face.

"But bro! I thought we were finished in the bath…?…"

"Sassy you are wasting time that you don’t have. Now get back in there!"

She got up and made a mad dash towards the door and as she passed me I swung my hand and connected with a loud SLAP to her bare bottom.


I followed her into the bathroom and watched as she climbed back into the bathtub crying and rubbing her bare bottom from the spank I had given her.

"Now little girl, what was the last thing I told you before I went to answer the phone?"

"You told me to stay here in the bathtub But you took so long and I was getting bored and lonely and I thought that you were done giving me a bath…since I was so nice and clean…"

"Yes that is exactly what I said. And there is no excuse. You could have slipped on the wet floor and really hurt your self. That is why I told you to stay in here. But, NO! You decided to disobey me and get out of the tub and go play in your room. I was going to play with you and your toys in the bath. I was going to let you stay in the bath as long as you wanted. And then I WAS going to forget your little temper tantrum and let you stay up and watch T.V with me, but not anymore. You ruined that for yourself. So now I am going to take you out of this tub, dry you off, put your jammies on you and put you straight to bed.

"NO BRO! I WANNA STAY UP WIF YOU and WATCH TV.!!!!!!!!!!!!" She glared at me with a pout on her face, and crossed her arms while stamping her little bare foot.

"SASSY!!!!!!!!!!! I will give you to the count of three to get that look off your face and stop this behavior before I take you out of this tub, put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom good and hard. Do you understand me young lady?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

She looked up at me, fear and tears forming in her eyes.

"But bro you promised me I could watch T.V. wif you if I was good and had a bath like you asked me to."

"Yes I did, but I didn’t think you would disobey be by getting out of the tub and going into your room. And then to have a second temper tantrum. ONE"

"Bro, no please, I don’t wanna spanking….I wanna watch T.V wif you…"


"Bro Nooooooooooooooo I DON’T WANNA SPANKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Three" With that, I grabbed her and lifted her out of the bath tub. I drag her over to the toilet where I sat down. Then, I dropped her unceremoniously across my knee. I raised my hand and brought it crashing down on the center of her bottom with a resounding *SSSLLLLLAAAAAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! Without further delay, I rained hard swats on her tender wet bottom cheeks 10 more times.



"Sassy I have had just about enough of your behavior this evening and I am going to make sure this type of behavior does not happen again"


As my hand rained down on her now red bare bottom she is kicked, struggled, cried and screamed to be let off my lap. She threw her little hand behind her to cover and protect her stinging bare bottom. I grabbed her tiny hands and pinned them easily to the small of her back. Then I continued with my spanking monsoon.


Now she her kicks, sobs, and screams found new energy. Finally, I let my hand come to reset on her very warm and red bare bottom. After a few minutes I begin to gently try to rub some of the sting out of her fanny. She started to slowly calm down, but still all I heard was her heavy sobs and ragged breathing.

I then gently stand her up onto her feet and take the towel and wrap her up in it to dry her off. Lovingly, I rubbed her arms, back, belly, legs, and then I gently patted her bottom to dry it off. She looked up at me with tears rolling down her cheeks, and held up her arms. With the purity of a loved child's assurance, she let her pleading face tell me she wanted another hug.

I picked her up and gently sat her on my lap and held her tightly. She immediately wrapped her arm around my neck and laid her head on my shoulder, sobbing and crying heavily. We hugged and snuggled for a few minutes, I then pick her up off my lap and stand her up on her feet in front of me. I grabbed her jammies and helped her put them on. Then I picked her up, as soon as I did that she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my body in her baby python grip. And I carried her to her room. She settled into her bed, on her tummy, as I tucked her in.

"Bro will you please stay wif me till I fall a sleep?"

"All right little one I will stay with you till you fall a sleep."

We both looked into each other’s eyes with all the love in the world. Within two minutes, as I rubbed her back, my little sweetheart was fast a sleep. I gave her a gentle kiss to her cheek, got up and walked out of her bed room and shut off her light.

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