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My First Spanking

As I turn into the parking lot of the hotel, my stomach is in knots! I pull into a parking space next to your truck, and can't help but smile to myself. As I park the suburban, I wonder what is going through your mind, as you sit and wait for me, alone in the hotel room. Have the stories, and the letter I left for you turned you on? Have they made you excited? Are you anticipating the spanking I am hoping you will soon be giving me? Do you think that I am weird or kinky?

I sigh and decide that I have left you alone to ponder these things long enough. I get out of the truck and make my way into the cool hotel, and up the elevator. As I step out on the third floor, I pause in the hall for a long moment. I am filled with so many emotions, my hands are wringing wet with anticipation of my own. For a split second I almost turn to leave. Fearing that maybe it was a mistake to reveal this burning desire to you. Curiosity finally gets the better of me. I briskly make my way down the hall, stopping at room 307.

With a light Tap! Tap! Tap! I knock on the door. My heart and my stomach are meeting up with each other, I feel almost as if I could be sick at any moment. Before I am ready, you have opened the door. You reach for my hand and guide me into the room shutting and locking the door behind us. In one swift movement you wrap your strong arms around me and gently kiss my soft lips. You continue to hold me for a few more minutes. It is so warm and secure in your arms. You kiss my nose and then break our embrace..

In just a few long strides you are standing at the bed, taking a seat on the edge of it. My heart all but stops. My mind racing with a million thoughts.

"Oh My God! Oh God! he is really going to do this. Ohhh nooo, ohh yesss, ohh noooo."

And then you interrupt my thoughts. Holding out your hand you call for me, "Come here, Kira. There are some things we need to discuss." Oh nooooo! After the many years of wanting this, can I really do it now that it is going to happen?Is it going to really hurt? Am I going to cry?

Almost subconsciously I find myself standing to the right of your legs. You begin to gently scold me. You tell me how I've hurt you, and disappointed you.Oh God! I can feel the tears begin to well up, as you continue to scold me.

I look deeply at you, and wonder if you have any idea how much I really love you.

And then you break into my thoughts again, WAIT! Surely I hadn't heard you right! I listen closer now and hear you continue, "This is long over due. You need some discipline in your life, and with your help, I have decided it is only fair that I give it to you. Kira, I am about to spank you and I am going to spank you hard. I want you to know that it is going to hurt. You may even cry."

WHAT? God! What did you mean I might even cry, sweet heavens I was on the verge of being an emotional wreck now, and you hadn't even begun to spank me yet. Once again you interfere with my thoughts,

"It's time,baby girl. Remove your shorts!" I just stand, looking at you. I'm not sure I can really do this.

"NOW! Kira! Get those shorts OFF and lay yourself across my lap. DO NOT MAKE ME REPEAT MYSELF!"

I first remove my sandals, aching for just a little more time, trying to get a grip on my own feelings and emotions. Glancing at you, I see you smile at me reassuringly. I slowly begin to lower my shorts, allowing them to flow to the floor, revealing my light pink panties. Then it dawns on me.. oh God how embarrassing, my own bottom will soon be the same shade of pink. How stupid! Couldn't you have picked out a different color pair of panties! Ohhhh! I looked at you again and you were patting your lap. Oh Jesus!Help me now!

I lightly drape myself over your lap, allowing my head to fall forward toward the floor, bracing myself with my hands on the floor. I wonder to myself how I look from your view.

You softly pat my panty covered bottom, caressing it, touching it so lovingly. Then you lift your hand, SMACK! I let out a soft little puff of air. I can't believe it you have just given me the first spank of my entire life. It has stung, but not badly, although I can definitely feel it. You rub my bottom, rubbing the sting away. Then you lift your hand again.. SMACK! Carefully you rub the sting out again. Somewhere the spanks begin to come faster and harder, you've stopped rubbing the sting away each time. Now just a steady stream of spanks stream down on my bottom. The burn starting to settle in. I am squirming and wiggling on your lap. Dear God. How long have you been spanking me, one minute? three minutes? five minutes? The more I struggle the tighter your grip around my waist gets. You are firmly holding me into place.Then you stop.

"You going to be ok?" I'm too scared to answer, scared I will lose all of myself control.I nod. "Good Girl!" "Now love, it is time to remove these!" And with that you grab the waist band of my panties and pull them quickly down to just below my bottom. Leaving my now pinkened butt peeking out from them. Without warning you lift your hand CRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Harshly you spank me, like you mean it now. I can't believe the fire that is being set in my bottom. I never dreamed it would hurt so damn badly. I cry,"Ooooooo" SMACKKKKKK ! "pleaseeeeeee" Spankkkkkkkkk! "nottttt" Crackkkkkkkk! "sooooooo" Splattttttttttttttt!" harddddd" Whappppppppp!

I've barely gotten the words out between spanks when you begin to deliver another flurry of burning smacks to my firey red buttocks. I roll, I squirm and I even begin to beg you.

"pleaseeeeee noooooo moreeeee!" You stop again, my hand flies back to rub my blazing bottom, but you quickly grab it and pin it behind my back. With your right hand you pick up the hairbrush from the bed.

How stupid are you, Kira? What a fool! What the hell were you thinking when you bought that damn thing? Yes, it was pretty, and the smooth back of it was wonderfully soft, but you idiot! You are not going to be feeling it's softness now! You are insane!!!! Once again my thoughts are broken as you begin to rub my bottom in a circular motion with the smooth soft surface of the brush. I feel the coolness of the brush, and it feels good on a bottom that has a flame needing to be put out so badly. Suddenly you lift the brush.


Between spanks I cry and plea, OOOOOOoooooooooooooo!OOOOuuuuuccccchhhhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!OOOOOOOooooooooooooo! I'mmmm sorreeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I begin to cry those real tears I had so naively asked you to give me. I plead with you to stop. Instead you smack me several more times with more force than you have used with any of the others. Determined to make my first spanking one to always remember.

My first spanking now over. Oh DAMN! How the burn was now so REAL, not just a burning desire in me.

As you help me to my feet I reach behind me and furiously rub at the aching pain in my sore bottom. You are grinning at me. I can't believe it! Please stop that! Yes, damn it! Yes, This is a job well done!

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