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The News Archive

Week ending 10/14/99 New actor to play Wolverine in the live action X-Men movie, the Marvel Mania restaurant closes its doors, and Wolverine goes on a beer run!


Week ending 10/07/99 Activision signs a three-year licensing agreement with Marvel Enterprises, two MC-2 titles to be cancelled, and J.M. DeMatteis will handle the writing chores for the Adventures of Superman!


Week ending 9/28/99 Erik Larsen speaks on his plans for the 75th issue of the Savage Dragon, and the Crimson Night section of Rob's Comics has finally been launched!


Week ending 9/21/99 Tons of news on the X-Men movie, Claremont returns to the X-Men, Topps signs with Marvel, news on the Lady Death animated movie, and Casey writes Wildcats!


Week ending 9/14/99 Animated Avengers series delayed, Crimson and Chaos Comics get their own action figures, news on the X-Men feature film, and a possible Tooth and Claw movie!


Week ending 9/07/99 New writer and name for the Hulk comic, rights to Superman in dispute, and Crawlspace expands with two official websites for popular comic book creators!


Week ending 8/28/99 Wonder Woman goes hardcover, X-Men to appear on the animated Avengers series, new publisher for Image Comics, and more news on the Lady Death movie!


Week ending 8/21/99 Lady Death gets animated, the release date for the X-Men motion picture has been moved up, Jim Balent leaves Catwoman and begins work on his new mini series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose!


Week ending 8/14/99 Bachalo and Kelly discuss their plans for Steampunk, Jean Grey cast in the live action X-Men movie, and Marvel to revisit the definitive moments in the careers of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four!


Week ending 8/07/99 Ray Park's involvement in the X-Men movie, Jenkins to write Spidey title, Inhumans motion picture in production, and the creative team behind Earth X to work on the upcoming Supreme mini-series!


Week ending 7/28/99 All the news on what went down at Wizard World, Marvel gets a new CEO, the return of Wolverine's adamantium, and news and images of the new Spider-Man animated series!


Week ending 7/21/99 Tons of news on Mavel Movies from Spider-Man to Namor the Sub-Mariner, Villiany of Doctor Doom trade will feature a previously unseen cover by Jack Kirby, and Kelly returns with M-Rex!


Week ending 7/14/99 The Marvel Knights will be doing an Ant-Man special this Christmas, The Sinister Six return to the pages of Spidey, Byrne has been fired as writer of the Hulk, and more news on the Tooth and Claw sculptures!


Week ending 7/07/99 More news on Heroes Reborn: Doomsday, Comic books grab big bucks at the latest Sotheby's auction, and both Storm and Mystique have been cast in the X-Men movie!


Week ending 6/28/99 The Hulk and Thing's return bout, Claremont returns to the X-Men, Doomsday comes to the Marvel Universe, and Rogue cast in the live-action X-Men movie!


Week ending 6/21/99 Busiek leaves Iron Man, new Marvel Knights to be announced at Wizard World '99, Cliffhanger's newest comic, and Wolverine cast for the live-action X-Men movie!


Week ending 6/14/99 Marvel Knights will continue through the year 2000, Kelly leaves Deadpool, release date for the Animated Avengers show, and new from Image this August Tooth and Claw!


Week ending 6/07/99 Casting for the new animated cartoon, Spider-Man Unlimited, as well as news on the animated Avengers show, Nova to be cancelled, Stone Cold Steve Austin comic book, and more on Sabertooth of the X-Men movie!


Week ending 5/28/99 Danger Girl action figures, Casting news for the X-Men movie, the CBLDF launches a membership program, and Mark Waid leaves Captain America!


Week ending 5/21/99 Tons of news on the Avengers animated series, Venom and Carnage return to the Spidey comics, news concerning the Hulk movie, and Magneto cast for the X-men movie!


Week ending 5/14/99 Harley Quinn set to debut into the DC universe this August, Wolverine and Cable meet for the first time, and Inhumans' scribe Paul Jenkins gets set to take over on Webspinners!


Week ending 5/07/99 Marvel's brand new Monopoly game, the Clerks animated TV show, and Wildstorm/DC first crossover since DC's acquisition of Wildstorm!


Week ending 4/28/99 Marvel's Contest Of Champions II voting is set to begin, Marvel Comics and Gibson Guitars produce one kick-ass Spidey guitar, and some news on the Superman and Batman animated shows!


Week ending 4/21/99 More news on the WCW/NWO comics, News on the Avengers animated show, the X-Men movie gets a budget cut, and Spidey to appear in a Got Milk? commercial!


Week ending 4/14/99 New writer on DC's Aquaman, Erik Larsen goes Nova, and more news on the new Spider-Man animated show!


Week ending 4/7/99 Marvel's April Fool's joke, Rumors concerning casting of the X-Men movie, and Lou Ferringo returns to the Hulk!


Week ending 3/28/99 WCW/NWO comics set to debut from Marvel, a new Spider-Man cartoon under production,  release dates for new Marvel comics, and the new KISS video game!


Week ending 3/21/99 Breaking news in the battle for the Spider-Man motion picture rights, Todd McFarlane's DOOM, Fathom, X-Men, and Fantastic Four movies, click here for details!



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