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Hi, I'm Jahmall James jahmaaljames1

Age: 23

Address: Trudell Street, Toronto, Ontario

• All of us are charged with participating or contributing to a terrorist group

• Like my father says, I'm "just a normal guy". Graduated from a Scarborough-area high school. Live with my father and paternal grandmother. You, know like everyone else, I'm unemployed with a wife in Pakistan. What? You don't have a wife in Pakistan? You think it's weird? No, man. Every unemployed guy I know has a wife on the other side of the world. That's just totally normal.

• Even though I can't seem to hold down any kind of job, I still have plenty of time to regularly pray at the Salaheddin Islamic Centre.



The Toronto 12 Photo Album

The Toronto12 Photo Album-click a link for a personal profile!
1. Fahim Ahmad, 21, of Robinstone Drive, Toronto, Ontario 2. Zakaria Amara, 20, of Periwinkle Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario 3. Asad Ansari, 21, of Rosehurst Drive, Mississauga, Ontarioo 4. Sh areef Abdelhaleen, 30, of Lowville Heights, Mississauga, Ontario
5. Qayyum Abdul Jamal, 43, of Montevideo Road, Mississauga, Ontario 6. Mohammed Dirie, 22, Kingston, Ontario 7. Yasim Abdi Mohamed, 24, Kingston, Ontario 8. Jahmaal James, 23, of Trudelle Street, Toronto, Ontario
9. Amin Mohamed Durrani, 19, of Stonehill Court, Toronto, Ontario 10. Steven Vikash Chand alias Abdul Shakur, 25, of Treverton Drive, Toronto, Ontario 11. Ahmad Mustafa Ghany, 21, of Robin Drive, Mississauga, Ontario 12. Saad Khalid, 19, of Eclipse Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario