Couple Caught "Playing a New Game"





Couple Caught "Playing a New Game"


In a shocking display of sexual depravity, a couple were found "making love in the green grass” behind Wilgar Park stadium. Although some witnesses said it looked less like “making love” and more “rutting like crazed weasels”, several pensioners were able to corroborate what at first seemed the preposterous alibi that the pair got the idea from a '60s era pop song by a local singer.  

Authorities said this was an example of that time's "anything goes" mores still having an influence. Belfast’s Deputy Lord Mayor said “the '60s were an interesting time, but we need to make clear to children that those behaviors can no longer be accepted".

The couple conceded that maybe it might have been better to have waited for a time when there was not actually a football match presently going on. 

Although the couple clearly "scored", the football match between Dundela and Ballyclare ended in a 0-0 tie.