Snowman Tased in Village




Greenwich Village, New York

 Questions still surround the demise of a beloved snowman, a “jolly happy soul” known as Frosty, who had been leading a group of children down through the Village.

 A traffic cop, alarmed by the fact that the snowman, who evidently was dressed only in a silk hat, was “dancing and laughing”, and appeared to also be smoking a pipe containing an unknown substance in the presence of children, hollered for him to stop. The officer claims that the snowman clearly heard the order to “freeze”, but that he “only paused a moment”, then said "I'm already frozen!", and continued to laugh and dance.

 The officer claims that Frosty then challenged the officer to “catch me if you can” and brandished a weapon (later identified as a broomstick). Fearing for his safety, the officer fired his taser, dropping the snowman to the street. By this time, an undetermined number of other police had arrived. One of them told the snowman to "relax", to which the suspect reportedly replied "I thought you  a__holes said you wanted me to freeze". At that time, according to witnesses, all of the other police fired their tasers. Seconds later, all that was left was a puddle, the corncob pipe, the silk hat, a button, and two still smoldering lumps of coal.

 Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly released a statement saying that “all procedures were followed correctly” and claimed that although the outcome was regrettable, the tasing was “totally justified”.

 A member of Frosty’s family told reporters that they were angry, but, were taking comfort in the fact that the snowman had “had some fun before he melted away”.