Author: Rich N Famous writing as Rex Silex

©  2011


Under Color of Law

The Astonishing Record of Murder, Mayhem, Thuggery, Thievery, Depravity and Corruption from Those Who Take the Oath to “Serve and Protect”


This is not a statistical analysis. It is not a sociological study. It is anecdotal. It is random. We have not studied every source of information; that might take years, and we aren’t going to wait years. This information needs to get out to more people.


Take the stories abstracted here to mean whatever you think they mean. In our view, they speak for themselves.




Res ipsa loquitur is a legal term that comes out of common law dealing with negligence and culpability. The doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, Latin for “the thing speaks for itself”, deals with situations where a “duty” exists for a person to act “reasonably”; and

1. a “breach” of this duty occurs because a person [or agency, etc.] acts outside this duty, or “unreasonably”; and

2. there is “causation in fact...the result would not occur but for the breach of this duty”; and

3. there is actual legally cognizable harm suffered by a victim who did nothing wrong


These real-life stories amply demonstrate that negligence has taken place and that harm has been done, through no fault of the victims. Throughout the book you'll find numerous hot links that when clicked on will take you to sources such as on-line news articles, or photos of the perpetrators.


The thing speaks for itself. Res ipsa loquitur.




Kevin Wade Jung and Kenneth Pollard – Your “Sweet Home” For the Next 22 Years is Going to be Prison


Lincoln, AL officers Kevin Wade Jung and Kenneth Pollard had a recipe for how to deal with a mouthy, intoxicated old man like Wayne Earl Ellis, who refused to take a breathalyzer and “used profanity”.


See, what’cha do in that case is you pull him out of his vehicle, slam his body into the side of it and, when he staggers backward, hit him in the head with a flashlight.


Then, while he’s on his hands and knees, you get your partner to kick the old coot in the stomach hard enough to flip him over onto his back. Then the both of you wail on him and continue with the beating for several minutes.


Now, when all that vinegar has been beaten out of him, and his innards are about the consistency of Jell-O, you tell responding EMTs that “nothing” happened.


And, then, of course, (the topping on every criminal/cop’s dish), you make up a BS story, like for instance that the guy you beat to death caused his own injuries by hitting his head on the pavement after he “leapt” out of his vehicle as you were trying to cuff him.


But, the citizens of Talledega County didn’t like the recipe, and came up with their own; guilty verdicts for murder.


The jury did not believe Pollard’s inane, preposterous alibi that Ellis’ “leap” from his truck caused  bruises covering  both sides of his body from his neck to his knees, internal bruising and damage to one kidney, and (the fatal) multiple skull fractures, which lead to tearing of blood vessels in the brain, bleeding and swelling.


Why didn’t they believe you, Officer Pollard? Because they aren’t as dumb as you are, you stupid sadistic freak.


In May, 2010, Pollard’s appeal was denied. His sentence was 22 years. Same for Jung.


Bradley Howard Pemberton – His “Identity” is now “Convicted Felon”


Identity theft is often mentioned as the “number one” crime problem and a threat to national security.  So, it really helps out when the cops are the criminals…with access to sensitive databases such as the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center’s Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS).


In December, 2008, Montgomery Police Department Sgt. Bradley Howard Pemberton used LETS to obtain the name, Social Security number and date of birth of a person with the same first and last initials. He then used that data to obtain a Discover card in his cousin’s name. He then used the Discover card to make payments on a previously fraudulently obtained American Express card.


But, in addition to being a thief, 17-year Montgomery PD veteran Pemberton is also stupid. He applied for the Discover Card over the Internet using his own address (these guys are not hired for their brains).


On June 30, 2011 Pemberton was convicted  of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.


In September, 2011, he was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison with two years of supervised release.


No mention in the reports of any tearful apology, or request for forgiveness. Instead, Pemberton tried to blame the whole thing on…(drumroll) his wife!


Yep, in his petition for dismissal of the verdict, or at least a new trial, Bradley Howard “Mr. Gallant” Pemberton claimed that he had “left his password” laying out on his computer desk, and that it was his wife  who, just for spite, had accessed the LETS system, gotten the illicit information, and then applied for the Discover card.


That petition was denied.




Anthony Rollins -Anchorage PD “Anomaly” and Serial Rapist


Anthony Rollins is the Anchorage police officer convicted of sexually assaulting five women in 2008 and 2009. He had earlier been investigated on suspicion he was having sex on the job.


“How did Rollins make it through the department's screening process?” a reporter asked.


“I'm not a psychologist, but I think he shows the classic signs of a sociopathic personality,” Police Chief Mark Mew said. “Those people can lie without feeling internal stress. Those people can sometimes slip through the screening processes that would trip up me and you and 99 percent of the people out there.”


Although Mew claims Rollins was “severely punished” as a result of the previous investigations, he was allowed to stay on the force, and was therefore free to use his position as a cop to force a woman to perform oral sex and commit the other crimes for which he was convicted.


Rollins blubbered as the verdicts were read on February 22, 2011; 18 criminal counts, including first and second-degree sexual assault, official misconduct and illegal use of a computer related to five victims.


What was the sentence for 18 counts including rapes? So far, nothing! The stumbling, bumbling mumbling court is apparently as dysfunctional and inept as were the Anchorage police in dealing with Rollins, and has allowed him no fewer than three delays in pronouncing sentence. The last report we can find set the sentencing date as December 2, 2011. As of this writing, over a year after conviction, we cannot find any reference to confirm that any sentence has yet been imposed.


Rafael Mora-Lopez – A Life Built on a Lie


Rafael Alberto Espinoza was a hard-working, well-respected and popular Anchorage Alaska cop. He’d served on the Anchorage Police Force for 6 years, after having driven a bus for 6 years.


Problem was, Rafael Alberto Espinoza wasn’t Rafael Alberto Espinoza. He was Rafael Mora-Lopez, and he was a Mexican national who had stolen the “Espinoza” identity.


His fraudulently obtained identity was discovered when he had to renew his passport.


Aside from the fact that his very presence in the U.S. began with an illegal act; his passport had been obtained fraudulently. (He used the identity of a man who during the 1980's had lived next door to Mora-Lopez's wife).


Mora-Lopez had a lot of people who liked him and many more sympathetic to his illegal residency (hard working, trying to build a better life, etc., etc.). But, there’s more to it than that.


Mora-Lopez had also applied for and received over $27,000 in Alaska Permanent Fund money. Only legal Alaska residents are eligible for APF money, so every time Mora-Lopez cashed one of those checks, over the course of 20 years, it was a fraud.


Also, since Mora-Lopez lied about his identity (even passing a lie detector test), and maintained his web of deceit for over 20 years, he is obviously a very accomplished liar. And, because nothing he says can be believed, in or out of court, he may therefore have compromised numerous cases where he testified in a criminal trial. It can certainly be expected that lawyers for anyone convicted in a trial where Mora-Lopez testified will attempt to have the case thrown out.


There is no indication that Mora-Lopez will be charged for fraudulently voting in years worth of elections at all levels.


For 20 years of fraud Mora-Lopez was allowed to plead guilty to one count of unsworn falsification.


At the federal level, he pleaded guilty to passport fraud and false claim of U.S. citizenship and was sentenced to three months in federal prison and fined $10,000.


Reports say Mora-Lopez paid back the state of Alaska the fraudulently obtained $27,352.80 with one cashier’s check. Reports don’t explain how he came up with that amount of cash, but, as mentioned previously, he had “a lot of support”.




James Michael Wren – Shakin’ ‘Em Down in Phoenix


On January 28, 2011, Phoenix, Arizona Police Officer James Michael Wren  pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit theft.


We are only amateurs, so after consulting legal experts, we have determined that what “solicitation to commit theft” means is “theft, money laundering, armed robbery, kidnapping and use of a wire or electronic communication in drug-related transactions”.


A cop stealing money from suspects is…um…you know…a crime committed under color of authority.


So, by golly, they’re gonna come down like a ton ‘o bricks on ex-Officer Wren, you betcha. No favoritism is gonna be given to Wren just because he was a cop, nosiree…just count the…year and a half.


Wait…huh?  That can’t be right. A cop uses the authority of his badge to facilitate stealing money…from people he’s arresting…and he gets one and a half freakin’ years?


Waitafreakinminute…this is like…it’s like there are Special Rules…for Cops!


Stephen Seagal – Stampin’ Out Crime…and Roosters…in a State Where He Isn’t Even a Cop


This hasn’t resulted in any convictions, or even any criminal charges…and probably won’t ever. (Just a little “nuisance” lawsuit). We just thought we should include it here because it features Shao Lin Wooden Actor, and part-time Louisiana cop, and full-time legendary pompous asshole Stephen Seagal.


OK, we’ve seen Seagal, who used to make fairly decent movies, and was once a fairly good martial artist, and who now churns out crap-movie-of-the-week flix in which his seriously deteriorated martial arts chops are masked with editing trix, featured in his low-rent cable TV show “Steven Seagal. Lawman”.  (Think C.O.P.S…without the humility.)

Yes, as the show credits tout, Seagal is a “a fully-commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office”. (This tragedy far antedates Hurricane Katrina. He’s been working “under the radar” as a deputy for “two decades”.)


So, WTF is he doing in Phoenix? Well he’s there at the invitation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio,   driving a freakin’ tank into a house and, in the process, driving over a hundred roosters, which were ostensibly going to be used in illegal cock-fighting, end up getting “euthanized” by animal control and an eleven month old puppy is allegedly shot to death, while our Out for Justice Hero stands around in his camos with Sheriff Arpaio sporting a stupid shit-eating grin and claiming “animal cruelty is one of my pet peeves.”


Well, you “saved” those poor roosters, Seagal…good police work! Too bad about the dog, but, hey.


Justin Bowman – 15 Life Sentences is Not Enough


We now have to leave behind the Stephen Seagal comedy relief antics, and deal with a hard core effed-up son of a bitch.


   Maricopa Police Department


This is Mesa Arizona Police Officer Justin Bowman. We choose to not describe Bowman as “sick”. That implies some mitigating cause. And, there is no mitigating cause. The man is simply evil.


Bowman was convicted on 32 counts, “including child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, sexual exploitation of a minor, public sexual indecency, and furnishing harmful items to a minor”.


The victims were a boy and a girl. His own children.


Bowman was sentenced to 15 life sentences, 682 years, to be served consecutively.




Chief Richard Shaw – and Mayflower’s Felon “Deputy”


It reads like some satire of Mayberry RFD, starring a doofus Police Chief and a town full of zany characters.


But, it’s not Mayberry, and it’s not fiction and the zany characters aren’t all that harmless.


In the real town of Mayflower AR, citizens were “left wondering” how it was that a man with a felony record was driving around in a truck, outfitted with a home-installed set of blue lights, making traffic stops.


It was possible, because the Chief of Police, Richard Shaw had hired John Andrew Brinkley, who carried a “rap sheet that includes several charges of check and credit card fraud felony convictions”, as a “law enforcement officer”. Shaw helped Brinkley get decked out with the required cop gear, particularly a set of official “blue lights”.


Faulkner County Deputies knew who Brinkley was, since they’d arrested him more than once.  So, when one of them saw Brinkley’s blue light equipped truck, and Brinkley in a uniform with “canine unit on the back, a duty belt, a radio, a bullet proof vest and a gun” he knew something wasn’t right.


The situation prompted a couple of choice “no duh” comments from local authorities.   


Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden: “It is inconceivable to me that any police officer would assist a felon so that the felon would appear as a law enforcement officer to the public. And for that person assisting the felon to be the chief of police is simply inexcusable”.


Faulkner County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Matt Rice: “Police chief (Shaw) made a wrong decision, I guess…When you drive up on a traffic stop, and the guy that you've arrested has a uniform on and is carrying a weapon, and then the police chief knows about it, yeah, it's kind of, kind of scary.”


Mayflower’s barber, gas station attendant and town drunk were apparently unavailable for comment.


In November, 2009, Brinkley was charged with being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Criminal Impersonation, and Illegally Purchasing a Blue Light.


At the time of his arrest, Shaw, who had only been in his job in Mayflower for four months, was already lining up another police job in another state. (Follow the bouncing “bad apple” as he lands in another barrel). In March, 2010, he was charged with assisting a convicted felon in the purchase of blue emergency equipment, which is a class D felony punishable by up to 6 years in prison. His trial was slated for August 30, 2010. However, we can find no further information as to the resolution of the case against Shaw.


Faukner County prosecutors have not responded to our request for an update to the sentencing status of Shaw.


Jason Gilbert – and the Little Rock Criminal Cop Gang


Jason Gilbert



On September 10, 2007 an armored car delivering money to a U.S. Bank branch in North Little Rock was robbed, at gunpoint, of $400,000.


Jason Gilbert, an officer with the Little Rock Police Department since 2003, and Allen Clark, an officer with the Department of Veteran Affairs were found guilty of being part of the conspiracy, which began in 2005.


Gilbert's cousin, Antonio "Tony" Person was the one who actually pulled off the September 2007 heist, one of “a string” of similar robberies dating back to 2005.


So, here’s the timeline. Gilbert joins the Little Rock Police Department. It takes him no more than two years to become involved in a conspiracy to take down armored cars. That goes on for two more years until the robbery ring, which includes no fewer than three sworn law officers, itself is taken down.


The prosecuting attorney stated the obvious: “Officers Gilbert and Clark took an oath to protect citizens and uphold the law. Instead, they conspired to steal. They made the choice to ignore their oath and perpetrate crime.”


On December 9, 2011, Gilbert and Clark were convicted of conspiracy to rob an armored car. The third law officer in the conspiracy, Sterling Omar Platt, formerly a police officer with the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, had already been found guilty in a separate proceeding.


But, remember, it was just one “bad apple” from each department.




David Anthony Mack – LAPD Blue to Bloods Red


David Mack in mug shot, still wearing the badge


David Anthony Mack went to prison for being the mastermind of the November 6, 1997 robbery of Bank of America. The bank was unusually flush with cash that day, and Mack had an accomplice on the inside…his girlfriend. The gang got away with $722,000.


Mack was part of the Rampart division, an outfit of legendary LAPD corruption and criminality. “Mack was sentenced to 14 years and three months in federal prison. He has never revealed the whereabouts of the money, bragging to fellow inmates that he will be a millionaire by the time he is released.”


In prison, he has shed all connection with his life as a cop; he is now a full-time Blood.


Mack has an obsessive devotion to Tupac Shakur, and built a “shrine” to the murdered rapper. An element of the shrine was the car used in the Bank of America robbery. That car raised the suspicion of the investigator leading the case of the Notorious B.I.G. killing. LAPD refused to let him follow up on the car lead, claiming they didn’t want to interfere with Federal officers. Investigator David Poole called BS on that “cop out”, stating that the LAPD simply “didn’t want to know” if Mack-daddy had a part in the murder of Biggie Smalls.


And, he’s back on the street again, since being released May, 2010. The money taken from BAC was never recovered and “Notorious” D.A.M. refused to help the police find it.


Kevin Gaines – LAPD Blue to Bloods Red (Hey didn’t we just say that a short while back?)


OK, so David A. Mack was “just an anomaly”. There weren’t any other cops like him in the LAPD, right?...No, actually, that would be “wrong”.


Not only was Mack not the only corrupt cop at LAPD, he wasn’t the only cop who actually wanted to be, (not just in behavior, but in actuality) a member of the L.A. criminal street gang, the Bloods.


In fact Mack was not the only member of the Rampart division who was simultaneously on the payroll of (Bloods-gang member and Death Row records entrepreneur) Suge Knight.  There was also Kevin Gaines.


Gaines, like Mack, really thought of himself more as a street gangbanger kind of guy. (In the Rampart division, the difference was indiscernible, except for… the badge….the shield).


In fact, the TV series “The Shield” took its storyline directly from the facts of the LAPD/Rampart scandal.


But, one of the significant differences between David Mack and Kevin Gaines is that Kevin Gaines is dead…from a shootout…with another Rampart division officer.


In what accounts describe as a “road rage” incident, Kevin Gaines initiated a confrontation in traffic with Frank Lyga, himself an LAPD officer.


Lyga’s story is that Gaines followed him in a Jeep, flashing gang signs and yelling that he was going to “cap” him (Lyga).


Lyga’s story is that he used a secret foot-switch to activate a radio call reporting a “black guy” was following him and requesting backup. At the same time as he was calling this in, Lyga says he took out his service weapon from his holster. As Gaines pulled up alongside and brandished his gun, Lyga fired, striking Gaines in the heart, fatally wounding him.


The “white cop shoots black cop” incident spawned three separate investigations, during which other purported incidents of Gaines brandishing his gun in traffic related disputes came out.


Although the investigations “cleared” Lyga, nevertheless, O.J. Simpson attorney Johnny Cochran, representing the Gaines family, eventually succeeded in extracting a $250,000 settlement.


No matter what the truth of those disputed claims, one thing is undeniable…at least one of these cops was a dangerous criminal, willing to settle a personal dispute with deadly force while on duty as an LAPD cop.


Rafael Pérez and the “Missing” Six Pounds of Cocaine


Well, OK, dammit. So there were two Bloods wannabees in the Rampart division of LAPD. That’s just a one-in –a-million statistical fluke. Right?


Mmm…no. There was also Rafael Pérez.


Pérez, (whom investigators found photos of posing in Bloods clothes and flashing Bloods gang signs) admitted to stealing cocaine “evidence”…about 6 lbs. of it.


Pérez copped a plea that kept his sentence to 5 years, but required him to spill the beans regarding he whole “criminal culture” entrenched at Rampart.


That criminal culture indulged in frame ups, perjury, and “bad” shootings.


The city of Los Angeles ended up paying out more than $125,000,000 in settlements.


Author’s note

Well, you might say, that’s bad. Three (actually four if you count Nino Durden) LAPD cops selling out their honor to a criminal thug gang leader. But at least the LAPD higher-ups and the Los Angeles political officials came together to get at the truth and punish the wrongdoers and root out the corruption.


You might say that, but you would be mistaken. Actually the police Internal Affairs department, Police Chief Bernard Parks and Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan “came together” to try as hard as they could to thwart the investigation…so much so that investigator Poole resigned, not only from the “investigations,” but from the police force.


USC law professor Erwin Chemerinsky had this to say in his report: “LAPD minimized the scope and nature of the corruption, and abetted the corruption through its own internal negligence or corrupt policies.” He also called for an independent commission.


There was one. The “Report of the Rampart Independent Review Panel,” published in November 2000, was created by a panel of over 190 community members. Its report issued 72 findings and 86 recommendations. The report noted the Police Commission had been “undermined by the Mayor's Office” and that the Inspector General's Office had been “hindered by ... lack of cooperation by the (LAPD) in responding to requests for information.”


Way to “serve and protect”.


Russell Mecano – Sexual Assault by Threat of Arrest


Yep, yet another cop who thinks strange sex is one of the job perks.


And what smoo-o-o-ove moves Russell Mecano had. On May 28, 2008, Mecano told an 18-year-old girl he would not arrest her on suspicion of possessing a marijuana pipe if she had sex with him. He sexually assaulted her near the Palisades Branch Library.


Mecano, who is married and has a child, had several months previously given a 19-year old woman $200 to “meet him at the Holiday Inn” for sex. She skipped the date, and instead went to the beach. (Note: although this is what lead to Mecano’s “solicitation” charge, there is nothing we have read to indicate this woman was a prostitute. She reported the solicitation to the police.)




It took 5 months after the assault at the library (and over a year after the “solicitation” had been reported to the police!) for Mecano to be arrested, in October 2008. For some reason, it took 2 ½ years, after his arrest, until March 14, 2011, for his case to get to a jury, but, once that happened it took them only 2 hours to come back with a guilty verdict for “one felony count each of sexual battery by restraint, sexual penetration by a foreign object with force or duress and sexual penetration under threat by a public official and one misdemeanor count of solicitation of prostitution”.


As we see, both of these crimes were committed while Mecano was on duty as a sworn officer of the law.


He was sentenced in May 2011. He’ll have up to 8 ½ years to practice his smo-o-o-o-ve moves in state prison.


Robert Foreman – Smoo-o-o-ove Moves


Who has the smoo-o-o-ve moves? Robert Foreman, Riverside Police Officer does!


Forman  was convicted of “forcing a woman to perform a sex act on him to avoid being arrested”.  Does any of this sound familiar? If so, it may because of the dizzying number of times you’ve heard a similar case…a cop using the authority of his office, under color of law, to coerce a woman into sex. Again and again and again, we see the same pattern.


When Robert Foreman, 11-year veteran of the Riverside PD was called to “Kathryn’s” house on a domestic disturbance call, and found evidence of drug use, and found out that “Kathryn” was on parole, he figured, “hey bitch, I want a blow job, and you’re gonna give me one…or else”.


When he found himself charged with a crime, Foreman, true to arrested cop form, came up with a well-worn alibi from the Manual of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã, namely, that the sex was “consensual”, he was in uniform, but “not on duty”. (And, of course the natural question arises, “so freakin’ what?”.) You are a Riverside Police Officer and the arrestee is under arrest. You tell her she won’t be reported for violating her parole if she “cooperates”. Just to emphasize the point, you take her boyfriend and a houseguest into custody. You return to her house a couple hours later demanding sex. What part of that is “consensual”? You mean she “consented” to not also being sent to jail?


“Kathryn” testified that she did indeed submit to the threat when Forman returned to her apartment, “led her to the bedroom, dropped his pants” and demanded she copulate with him”. (So, even in this detail, Foreman’s alibi was bogus…he was only “partially” in uniform).


You knew there was more, didn’t you. Yep. There’s more.


A month prior to the “Kathryn” incident, Forman gave “Tessa” a ride to a bus station. At the end of the ride, Forman told “Tessa he “liked” her, and shoved his hand down her pants and his tongue down her throat and asked for her phone number.


But, you see, Foreman was only doing Tessa a “favor”. She had told Foreman she had been raped, and he, gallant Riverside Police Officer that he was, drove her to the bus station. And, gallant Riverside Police Officer that he was, he realized that what a woman who has recently been raped needs is for a gallant Riverside Police Officer to put his greasy hand in her pants.


Then gallant Riverside Police Officer that he was, he followed up with some unsolicited phone calls to Tessa…but only to get more information about her rape, right? Well, not exactly. Forman “didn’t know why” he called her. He “just called her”.


“I don't know why I called her. I just know I called her,” Forman said.


You knew there was more, didn’t you. Yep. There’s more.


In March, 2008, Foreman “detained” Nadia, a prostitute who was in downtown Riverside looking to score some drugs. Foreman put her in the back of his patrol car, gave her a bag of meth, drove to a secluded area, parked, and demanded that Nadia “give (him) some head”.


In all three cases Forman met each victim as he was on the job as an on-duty Riverside cop.


Ever heard of such smo-o-o-ve moves?


One last delicious detail…Foreman, when he heard the verdict in court …started …weeping.


Who are the tears for, Bob? Not for your victims. You probably just figured out that you’re now going to have to figure some way other than by threat of arrest, of obtaining sex. Good luck with that, Bob.


Johannes Mehserle – the BART Executioner


It’s happened to all of us. Things get hectic at work, we reach for what we think is a ball-point pen, and (chuckle) out comes our Sig Sauer pistol…and next thing you know, Joey the housekeeping guy has a big embarrassing hole in his back. Ooops!


Introducing what is probably the most inane item in the whole Manual of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã, BART officer Johannes Mehserle claimed that, as he and 3 or 4 officers “struggled” to restrain Oscar Grant (who was lying flat on the ground face down, with about 500 lbs. of cop on top of him), he “reached for his Taser, but, instead drew his service weapon” and shot Grant in the back.


It almost worked…but not quite. You may have heard the rhetorical question “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes”? In Mehserle’s case, there it was, right in front of their eyes, captured on a dozen cell phone cameras . Mehserle, standing over a prone man and firing point blank into the man’s back. As many times as you watch it, it’s the same every time.


The jury sort of decided to not really believe their lying eyes. On July 8, 2010, they convicted Mehserle of “involuntary manslaughter”. His sentence was the minimum for that level of conviction…two years.


The judge said at the sentencing “My decisions today will not be well-received by many people.” Got that one right, Judge.


Blair Christopher Hall – Embezzlement and Murder


Blair Christopher Hall’s police career began in San Bernardino CA, where he attained the rank of detective, working in the narcotics division, until a shooting injury caused him to leave his job on a disability.


Hall (who went by the name “Chris”), left California, and took a job in Cascade ID, as police chief. In Cascade, he was convicted of embezzling $19,000 in grant money. Despite that felony convicion, he was able to land another police chief job in Emmert ID. (!!)


For reasons we are unable to discover from our source stories, Blair’s employment in Emmert was terminated after fewer than 100 days, and he and his wife Christi moved back to San Bernardino. There, he began a new career as a private investigator, and they bought their house.


A short time prior to his wife’s death, he took out a life insurance policy on her, worth $800,000. Prosecutors said that was his motive to murder his wife.


The Halls had been using their backyard hot tub for bathing while their bedroom was being remodeled.


On the morning of Christi’s death, the neighbor testified that she heard a “garbled” scream. She told her mother to call 911, and looked through a diamond shaped opening in the concrete block wall that separated her house from the Hall’s house.


The neightbor further testified that she saw “a man holding a woman’s head underwater”. She at first thought they were “engaged in sexual activity” and looked away, but, then a few moments later took another peek, at which time she saw Chris in a relaxed pose, his wife nowhere in sight. A few minutes later, he dragged her out of the Jacuzzi, dead.


The prosecutor’s scenario was that Chris Hall bashed his wife’s head against the side of the hot tub, then held her underwater, even using his legs to force her under, until she drowned. The prosecution said she had fought ferociously, which accounted for the lacerations, abrasions and contusions on her head face and arms. It also accounted for Christi Hall’s DNA that was found under Chris Hall’s fingernails.


Chris Hall’s alibi was that, when he went into the house to use the bathroom, Christi had slipped on the tiles and bashed her head, then drowned before he went back outside. His defense claimed that Christi’s injuries resulted from her own fall, and from EMT’s efforts to rescusitate her.


The first murder trial ended in a mistrial, with the jury deadlocked 8-4, with the 8 in favor of conviction.


The prosecutor took Blair back to court for a second trial. This time the jury returned a guilty verdict.


Blair was sentenced to 25 years to life, all the while proclaiming his innocence. He will be eligible for parole when he’s 77.




Bradley B Bickett, Gerald Kirby – and The Wild Ride


Whoop! Whoo-hoooo! WHOOOP! Step on it brother, let’s ride!


It’s tough when you lose a friend. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do but just get plastered…then drive across Wyoming…in your patrol car…with the lights flashing…and a cooler full of beer in the back seat. So, we can all identify with Aurora, Colorado policemen Bradley B Bickett and Gerald Kirby, busted on the way from Colorado to Rapid City, SD to represent their department at the funeral of a cop killed in the line of duty.


Actually, maybe Bickett  and Kirby were taking it all a little too hard…since neither of them actually knew the deceased … (one of them knew someone in the department). But, still, it must’a hurt just like losing a brother. So, naturally, the only thing to do was to burn up I-80 while draining a case of brews.


But, the Wyoming cops didn’t see it that way. When they pulled Bickett and Kirby over for throwing garbage out the window…and smelled the alcohol breath…and saw the beer in the back seat, they were not amused.


Bickett was charged with driving while impaired, careless driving and speeding. Kirby was charged with littering.


Bickett “retired” from the Aurora PD afterwards, to the relief of his Chief, who expressed his “gratitude” for Bickett doing the right thing and removing his embarrassing butt from the force... Kirby was put in the doghouse.


Jason Pray - Fast and Furious Aurora Cop


Something about being an Aurora Colorado cop gives him a “need for speed” (see above).


For Jason Pray, the need was so overpowering, he “needed” to get into a drag-car race, up to 80 mph…and crash…with 2 kids in the car, his own daughter and a neighbor’s 9-year old child.


Whoa. Sounds bad. Let’s add it up. Drag racing, crashing, with children in the car…he’s gonna lose his job as a cop…fer shure he’s gonna lose his drivers license, right?


Nope. When you’re a cop, Special Cop Rules apply.


So, under Special Cop Rules, prosecutors dropped the charges of child abuse, reckless endangerment, speeding, reckless driving and engaging in an exhibition of speed (even though the two drivers hit 81 mph in less than a 1/10th of a mile). Jason Pray will not get 37 points assessed on his license, (for those of us who are not cops, 12 points in a 12-month period will get our license suspended), and he will not lose his job as a police officer.


As of August 25, 2011, six-year veteran of the Aurora Police Department Jason Pray was still employed by the Aurora PD and…(we are not making this up) still on patrol, fully empowered by the city to cite other drivers for violations, according to department spokeswoman Sgt. Cassidee.


It is truly a great country…to be a cop.


Derrick Curtis Saunders – Firing Him was “Way Harsh”


Arapahoe County Mugshot


All he ever did was exceed the speed 83 mph…while drunk…is that kind of thing frowned upon?


Derrick Curtis Saunders is the same cop that was acquitted of charges that he pointed his gun at a McDonald’s employee when his drive-through order was slow arriving.


What finally got Saunders fired was doing 143 in a 55 zone, and then blowing a .89 (anything over .08 is considered “impaired”).


But, Saunders, with help from his union, has appealed his termination, claiming that getting fired was too much punishment. As far as Saunders (and the union) are concerned, there is no limit to police “entitlement”. Their attitude is: “we (cops) will violate any law with impunity, we will put the public at any risk due to our recklessness, and then, we will use our authority as law enforcement officers to punish you, should you do so”.


Special. Cop. Rules.


Considering what has happened in other departments, he probably has a good chance.




Richard Crafts – The Woodchipper Killer


Who can ever forget the scene in the movie “Fargo” where Chief Gunderson comes upon Gaear feeding the corpse of Carl into a woodchipper, bone and flesh and blood flying through the air and onto the snow?


That scene, and perhaps the entire movie, were inspired by the real-life case of Richard and Helle Crafts.


Richard Crafts was a professional airline pilot, employed by Eastern Airlines. That’s how he met his wife, Helle, who was a “stewardess” (as “flight attendants” were known in those days.)


But, oddly, Richard Crafts was also an “auxiliary” officer on the Newtown, CT force, an unpaid position. He bought and equipped his own Crown Victoria and other police accoutrements, and would sometimes show up (unbidden) at crime scenes.


He also held a job as a police officer on the Southbury Police Department, working nights for ridiculously low pay.


The Newtown cops thought that Crafts (whose household income, which included his wife’s flight attendant pay), was in the top 5 percent of American households, was a bit odd. Nonetheless, someone decided to allow him to obtain and keep his position there.


On November 19, 1986, after a big snowstorm, Helle disappeared. Richard offered several conflicting explanations of where she might be (with her mother in Denmark, with her sister, he “didn’t know”, etc.)


In the early days of the investigation, only Helle’s private investigator (hired to prepare for her divorce from Richard) really tried to get answers. Helle had told friends that she feared that Richard was dangerous, and the P.I. was convinced that she had been murdered by Richard.


The P.I. and Helle’s friends made enough of a clamor that the case was taken away from the bumbling Newtown police, and given to state investigators.


Once some real police work was applied, the evidence started to come together. They found the Stile chainsaw he had purchased. They found the receipts for a large freezer and for the rental of the heavy duty woodchipper.


On the morning after the big snowstorm, a man plowing the highway had seen a woodchipper at the side of the road. He had thought at the time it seemed out of place that anyone would be chipping wood right after a major snowstorm, and so he remembered exactly where he’d seen it.


When investigators started examining the ground and the river beside the road, they found…Helle…in a thousand pieces.


The chainsaw and the woodchipper still contained forensic evidence (fibers, bits of flesh) and they all could be traced directly back to Richard.


Despite the mountains of evidence, Richard Crafts’ first trial ended with a hung jury (one holdout, 11 ready to convict). The case was re-filed and the venue changed. At the second trial the jury quickly came back with a unanimous verdict; guilty beyond a doubt.


Is it fair to include the Richard Craft case among other “criminal cops”? After all, his primary occupation was airline pilot.


OK, but, the indisputable fact is, that, at the time he committed the murder and attempted cover-up of same, Richard Craft belonged to not just one, but two police forces. And he received deferential treatment, at least in the beginning, from the Newtown police.


Yes, he’s staying in the “criminal cop” category.


Rafael Crespo Jr. – East Windsor Cop, Yale U. Rapist


On May 17, 2002 Rafael Crespo Jr. was sworn in at East Windsor, Connecticut town hall as a new member of the East Windsor Police Department.


The proud moment was reported by the Courant as Crespo's father, Rafael Sr., pinned his son's badge on his uniform.  Rafael Sr. had “lived for the day to one day see” Rafael Jr.  “dressed in blue.”


Less than three years later, on Feb. 3, 2005, Crespo was arrested by Yale University police. Crespo was accused of raping and assaulting his former fiancée, a Yale student, several times. The student, who had met Crespo at a club, thought she had nothing to fear because he was a cop.


But, it’s no reflection on the East Windsor police force that had employed him since 2002. Crespo waited until he was off duty to commit the rapes.


Crespo proclaimed his innocence. The East Windsor Police Union supported him. “We know him as a dedicated, professional police officer and as an individual of upright character,” union President Laurence Johnson, a sergeant on the force, said.


East Windsor Police Chief Edward DeMarco called Crespo “a professional police officer …not a problem employee”. (This statement was made despite the fact that just six months prior to his arrest, Crespo had been suspended for insubordination and had been written up for two other similar infractions in that time period. What does it take before a cop gets recognized as “a problem”?)


Here are some of the details in the complaint from the rape victim, describing how “dedicated, professional, upright” Officer Rafael Crespo Jr.:







The victim was “repeatedly treated at Yale University Health Services for injuries arising from what she termed an abusive relationship. She asked the nurse who treated her not to contact police, citing fear of Crespo's power as a police officer. The nurse told police the woman had bruising, depression and fear seen in victims of domestic abuse. She referred the woman to a psychiatrist who noted she was afraid of the man she was seeing but too frightened to end the relationship.”


Oh, yes…the professionalism, the dedication, the sense of service. The buttons from East Windsor Police Sergeant and Union President Laurence Johnson’s shirt must have bounced off the wall, as his chest swelled with pride for brother Crespo.


On May 23, 2006, Crespo was convicted on two counts each of first-degree sexual assault and third-degree assault.


On July 28, 2006, Crespo was sentenced to a 30-year prison term, suspended after he serves 14 years.


Crespo appealed, but the first appeal was denied by Connecticut’s second highest court. It appears that the case was headed to the Connecticut Supreme Court. A hearing seems to have been scheduled for September 7, 2011 .


**UPDATE** “Justices issued a 7-0 decision rejecting the appeal of 36-year-old Rafael Crespo Jr., who challenged his convictions on several grounds including a claim that the jury should have heard testimony about the victim's sexual conduct with another man.”


Graduate School Dean Jon Butler offered this helpful advice: “In violent situations, the first people to contact would be the police. Nothing could be more important than contacting the police for protection and safety.”


Yeah, OK, Dean Butler. But how does that help when it’s the police who are the ones you’re afraid of?





Photo from Delaware State Police Press Release




Kevin D. Hovatter – Rapes Keep Getting Discovered


Kevin Hovatter was already a registered sex offender when he was arrested again on February 23, 2011 and charged with Rape Second Degree and 10 counts of Sexual Extortion.


As with the previous charges, the newer ones were for crimes committed while he was a Laurel Delaware Police Officer, in uniform, and on duty; a pure under color of law offense.


Back in March 2006, Delaware State Police say, Hovatter followed a car outside the city limits and then made a stop. He ordered a passenger to get out of that car and to get into his patrol car. He then drove the 55 year-old victim to a rural area and “committed an inappropriate act while on duty”.


The “inappropriate act” would seem to be a rape, since he was charged with 2 counts of Rape First Degree, Coercion, Official Misconduct and Unlawful Sexual Contact First Degree.


In May 2007, Hovatter pleaded guilty to “first degree unlawful sexual contact” and was sentenced to a one-year prison term followed by probation.


In a lawsuit filed against the city of Laurel, the victim claimed that Hovatter had resigned from the Wicomico County Sheriff's Department in Maryland, as he was being investigated due to multiple complaints by a nurse that Hovatter had been stalking her.  Although Maryland revoked Hovatter’s police certification, the Laurel police chief Donald McGinty hired him anyway. (Once again, the “bad apple” bobs up again in another barrel.)


In the more recent charges of “rape second degree and 10 counts of sexual extortion”, the indictment states that “while investigating a domestic incident between the victim, who was approximately 19 at the time, and her boyfriend, Hovatter took the two individuals back to the Laurel Police Department” and “touched the victim in an inappropriate manner in the processing room of the police station”.


The charges further claim that Hovatter then extorted the woman into meeting him “multiple times on Laurel area commercial business properties for fear of being arrested by Hovatter and sent to jail”. Again, a pure under color of law crime.


Jonathan Kendall – Child Porn Aficionado and (this’ll shock ya) 2002 Officer of the Year


Amazed, aren’t you; an “Officer of the Year” recipient.


Police departments might be better off dispensing with the whole concept of “Officer of the Year”, so often has it come back to result in embarrassments. Here’s what qualifies as “Officer of the Year” material in Delaware:


Harrington Delaware’s 2002 “Officer of the Year”  was sentenced for:


Count 1 — Possession of Child Pornography: 3 years in prison suspended after 30 days, followed by 18 months of home confinement, suspended after 6 months, followed by 18 months level 3 probation followed by 1 year level 2 probation.


Count 2 — Possession of Child Pornography: 3 years in prison suspended after 30 days, followed by 18 months level 3 probation (probation to run concurrent).


Count 3 — Possession of Child Pornography: 3 years in prison suspended after 30 days, followed by 18 months level 3 probation (probation to run concurrent).


As to Count 28 — Official Misconduct — 1 year in prison suspended for 1 year of level 2 probation (probation to run concurrent).


Other conditions of his sentence:


- Kendall must register as a Tier 2 sex offender.

- Kendall is prohibited from having any contact with any minor under the age of 18.

- Kendall is prohibited from accessing the Internet through any digital device, to include cell phones, computers and/or electronic tablets.  If he owns any digital media, it may not have Internet access.

- Kendall forfeits his interest in all items seized by police.  It is the understanding of the parties that all items containing contraband images will be destroyed by DSP.

- Kendall must obtain a mental health evaluation and treatment as necessary.


Notably not listed in these conditions is any prohibition that would prevent Kendall from getting a job as a cop somewhere else. Yes, the criminal record and the Tier 2 sex offender status might send up a red flag…then again, they might just give him a pass.


Kendall’s original arrest mentioned “dealing” in child pornography. But, most fortuitously for him (Special Cop Rules?), “forensic investigation” later pointed to merely “possession”.


As it turned out, it was only at the insistence of the Delaware Attorney General that Kendall got any jail time…the I-can-do-that-standing-on-my-head total of 90 days. Each of the child pornography possession convictions carried a 3 year term; each one was “suspended” after 30 days and the other 18 months reduced to “probation” (Special Cop Rules!)


As commenter notjusticeitjustis said, the judge might just as well have given Kendall “a bottle of lotion, a box of Kleenex and a copy of Highlights magazine”.


District of Columbia


Christopher Whitehouse – Armed, Uniformed, Certified Drunken Maniac


They cannot say they didn’t know about Whitehouse. At least not after 2002, when the (off duty) Drunken Maniac stopped a motorist. Whitehouse proceeded to scream obscenities at, and then point his loaded weapon at and threaten the motorist. Whitehouse was found guilty in 2003 of “driving while ability impaired”.


Whitehouse was not fired. He was not de-certified. He was only “demoted,” then he was given back his uniform, badge and gun, and sent back out to endanger the citizens and visitors of the nation’s capitol.


So, it cannot have been a surprise to the MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) when in March 2011, the Drunken Maniac again pointed his service weapon at someone just to threaten and terrorize them. In neither case was there any “criminal” activity by the victim. Whitehouse just liked to use his police weapon to scare the crap out of people.


Drunken Maniac Whitehouse was “helping a friend unload groceries” in her home when something the friend said “made him angry”.


Drunken Maniac Whitehouse then pulled his gun “grabbed the woman around her neck and pointed the weapon underneath her chin” and asked her “How do you like this bitch?”


Then, when her boyfriend came into the room, Drunken Maniac Whitehouse put the gun back in its holster and left. But, not before “hugging” his friend, telling her her “I hope everything is OK, but you smell good, too,” and then taking some beer from her refrigerator.


In October, 2011, Drunken Maniac Cop Christopher Whitehouse was sentenced to 4 years for “second-degree assault”.


So, this time for sure, MPD made damn sure Whitehouse would never again wear a police uniform, right? Well, not so fast. As of the time of his sentencing, Drunken Maniac Whitehouse was only “suspended without pay”.


Kenneth Furr– Another Drunken DC Maniac with a Badge and Gun


Almost all of the cases abstracted for this book depict cases where there has been at least an initial adjudication in court.


We are making an exception for Kenneth Furr, for a couple of reasons.


For starters, the most recent case was not Furr’s first trip around the Drunken Maniac Cop track.


Secondly, at the time Furr was arrested in the most recent episode of Maniac Drunkenness, he was the 23rd DC cop to have been arrested in the year 2011.


Whatever the outcome of the latest charges against Furr, he has already clearly demonstrated that he has no business being a cop anywhere. But don’t try to convince MPD of that. They’ve already let him back on the force twice before.


And, whatever the resolution of the charges against Furr, a rate of two-a-month criminal charges clearly shows a situation out of control.


We won’t try to predict the outcome, but, it’s worth noting that the judge overseeing the case has not allowed Furr to be released on bail.


We’ll outline the most recent example of 20+-year veteran DC cop Furr’s danger to any community he’s allowed to inhabit. Then we’ll add the background history.


On August 26, 2011, Furr was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and driving while intoxicated. The “assault” resulted in three people sustaining “serious, but non life-threatening” gunshot wounds.


The shooting victims say that they first encountered Furr in a CVS drugstore, where Furr propositioned a female member of a group of five “transgendered” friends. They say that Furr became “angry” when the proposition was rebuffed.


The victim/witnesses say that they again encountered Furr outside the CVS as he sat in his car, and at that time Furr initiated a verbal altercation, and brandished a gun.


The group went back to the CVS and reported to a security guard that they had been threatened with a gun. The security guard (another MDC cop) promptly did absolutely nothing.


The group of five friends later saw Furr driving a Cadillac and decided to follow him, so as to (they say) try to report him to someone who would do something about him.


Furr, then stopped his car. As the car containing the other group passed by him, Furr emerged from his car, pointing his gun. The driver ducked down and the cars collided as bullets started flying. When the driver next looked up, Furr was standing on top of the car screaming “I'm gonna kill all of you” and continuing to fire into the car.


In addition to the group of five friends this was also observed by “on-duty DC police officers, who were in the area when the shooting took place”.


Other police officers arriving on the scene handcuffed…the shooting victims!


They also noticed that Furr was drunk out of his gourd. Curiously it was a full five hours later when a breathalyzer test was finally administered back at the station. Furr’s BAC was still .15, which is twice the threshold for drunken driving in DC.


Just coincidentally, there had been two other shootings of transgendered people in Northeast Washington during the summer of 2011.


As of December 15, 2011, prosecutors were still trying to “work out a plea deal” with Furr’s lawyers.


Why were prosecutors trying to “work out a deal” instead of just taking him to trial? There’s an obvious explanation; “Special Cop Rules”.


If it weren’t for “Special Cop Rules,” Furr would never have been a cop in DC in August 2011. Furr had a long, well documented history of being a drunken maniac cop, but his behavior never resulted in losing his position as a cop.


Court records show Furr was charged with driving while intoxicated in a separate incident in 2004. Records show the U.S. Attorney’s office dropped the charge after Furr completed a diversion program. And after a 90-day suspension, Furr went on his merry way as a DC cop.


Even before that, “on Christmas Day 1996, Furr and another officer were on duty when they got into a drunken argument with a mother and son. Police brass placed Furr on administrative leave and tried to fire him, but he was reinstated in 1998 after a change in police chiefs”.


Special. Cop. Rules.




Dewey Pressley– Disney Auteur of Hollywood FL


On Feb. 17, 2009, Joel Francisco smashed into the back of a stopped car. That’s when fellow Hollywood cop Dewey Pressley put his vision into production. The magic moment his genius idea was born was recorded…  on a patrol car recorder. These passages are preserved, as spoken to Sgt. Andrew Diaz : “a little Walt Disney to protect the cop” ….  as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to put words in his (Francisco’s) mouth. She went to accelerate and a cat jumped out of the window at which point he thought it could have been a pedestrian, which distracted him … I mean what's the chances of hitting a f---in drunk when a cat jumps out of the window?”


“I know how I'm going to word this with the cat so we can get him off the hook. I'll write the narrative … We're going to bend this a little bit. We'll do a little Walt Disney to protect the cop because it wouldn't have mattered because she is drunk anyway.”


Yeah, trouble is, that the “f_ing drunk”, Alexandra Torrens-Vilas, wasn’t even in the car when Francisco, paying no attention as he yakked away on his cellphone, smashed into her Toyota Tercel. And, the person who determined she was drunk? None other than impresario Dewey Pressley, making that determination based upon his own “field sobriety test”. The accusation was not upheld, and all charges were dismissed against Ms. Torrens-Vilas.


The jury heard all this, four cops conspiring to concoct a bizarre tale that included staged crime-scene photos to frame a 22 year old female non-cop, but, acquitted Pressley on charges of official misconduct and conspiracy. They did convict Pressley of “falsifying records”.


So, to reiterate, the jury decided that a group of five cops working together to falsify records was only falsifying records, not “conspiracy” or “official misconduct”.


But, then, considering this is the state where Casey Anthony walked free, perhaps the amazing fact is that Pressley was convicted of anything.


Pressley and Francisco have been fired. Francisco has pleaded innocent, and, as of this writing, has yet to go to trial.


Daniel Saylor – Windermere Knows a Bargain


Windermere Florida was looking to save some money. Seems this town, home to captains of industry, business leaders and strong minded “decision makers” doesn’t care for spending money on things like paving roads, or police chiefs.


So, they went with their second choice for police chief, Daniel Saylor, because he would take the job for $7,000 less than the preferred candidate. They knew when they hired Saylor that he’d lost a previous job in law enforcement, because he’d been seen picking up a prostitute. But, what-the-hey, there was that big “seven large” they were saving.


Saylor got to be well-liked by the prosperous citizens of Windermere. Crime was kept low, and revenue from ticketing drivers was coming in.  The fact that “preferred” citizens of Windermere routinely got their traffic tickets “fixed” was just an added bonus. They were pretty darned pleased with their chosen chief.


Saylor had one particular pal in town, and the two of them liked to ride their motorcycles together. So when this particular pal got into a little bit of a pickle, Saylor was happy to be a buddy and help out any way he could.


It wasn’t a big deal, the little problem Saylor’s friend Scott Bush had. It was just a rape…of an 11 year old girl. All Saylor would have to do was to derail the investigation, and everybody could go on as normal. The fact that Saylor himself had a 10-year old daughter apparently did not affect his regard for Bush.


Saylor had a talk with Irvin Murr, the detective leading the investigation, and offered him a bribe of $1,000 cash, a switch to the day shift, a promotion and extra days off to just let the thing drop. But, unluckily for Saylor, Murr was already working with FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement), the state agency that investigates cases of police corruption.


FDLE was also interested in Saylor in regard to suspicions that he had accepted a bribe to hire a reserve cop. As a matter of fact, Saylor had staffed his department with several off-casts who had been removed from other police forces for various and sundry misbehaviors. The person paying Saylor was another Windermere reserve officer, Raul Carvajal. Raul Carvajal has also been charged and fired, but, that’s another story.


In his attempt to protect Scott Bush, Saylor instructed his officers not to assist the state Department of Children and Families in its investigation of the child-rape, ordered Detective Murr to “destroy investigative notes,” and had his aide Lt. Paul Conway order Murr to tell DCF that Windermere would not investigate the rape allegations.


Shortly after the Windermere investigation was shelved, Scott Bush (who owned a landscaping company) began doing work on Saylor’s property.


But, FDLE did not stop its investigation, and Saylor was charged with two counts of official misconduct, giving unlawful compensation for official behavior, bribery of a public servant, solicitation to commit official misconduct, and solicitation to tamper with evidence.


 At the same time Saylor was charged, Scott Bush was arrested and charged with “lewd or lascivious molestation and two counts of sexual battery on (two girls) younger than 12”.


Saylor’s lawyer called the accusation against Saylor an “outrage”. Saylor pleaded innocent, and after a number of delaying tactics, his case finally went to trial.


But, there were recordings of Saylor saying stuff like “I'd get rid of whatever you have. It's called a shredder” and “Irvin, look at me. I'm the police chief. I can protect you”. Other recordings have Saylor making up a cover story about the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's Office losing those records.


So, Saylor cut a deal. In the plea agreement, the two most serious charges of bribery and unlawful compensation for official behavior were dropped and Saylor pleaded no contest to two counts of official misconduct, solicitation to commit official misconduct and solicitation to tamper with evidence. Even after the deal, the remaining convictions could have gotten him 20 years in jail.


But, after passing through the “Special Cop Rules” filter, what actually happened is that Saylor was sentenced to 1 year of jail and had to give up his law enforcement credentials in Florida. (He’d “already suffered”, you see.)


Saylor did the de rigueur “I’m sorry” song and dance, along with unloading a bunch of other self-serving blather about how he “used to stand for what’s right” (no mention of that little thing in Orlando that got him bounced from the Melbourne force).


Raul Carvajal, the cop who paid the $1,000 bribe to get his friend Humberto Garcia hired onto the Windermere force, also “copped” a plea. Did he plead guilty to bribery, the crime he had obviously committed? What, are you kidding?  Of course he got the benefit of the “Special Cop Rules”, and had the convictions reduced to “official misconduct and unlawful compensation for official behavior”, and was sentenced to three years probation - no felony record. 


Carvajal’s lawyer provided some comic relief to the occasion by claiming that “If it had not been this police department, (Carvajal) probably would have been a good police officer.”


Garcia, the guy who tried to bribe his way into a Windermere cop uniform, pleaded no contest to “conspiracy to provide unlawful compensation for official behavior”, and got two years probation. Even cops who never really become cops get the “special” treatment.


The Mayor and City Manager traded accusations about who was to blame for hiring Saylor. It even came to physical blows. After the mayor had spent a half-hour detailing the incompetence of the City Manager, the City Manager’s husband pushed the mayor off the dais, knocking him unconscious. That incident made international news as had the trial of Chief Saylor.


The fine folks of Windermere didn’t appreciate having their fine city’s name dragged through the mud. So they hired a Public Relations flack to try to repair the city’s image. The cost; $8,000; one thousand dollars more than they’d saved on the yearly salary for their “bargain” police chief.


And that one thousand dollars figure reminds us…how did a guy making $37,000/yr have a thousand dollars cash to offer as a bribe? One possible answer is accepting $1,000 bribes as he had done from Raul Carvajal. Another possible answer may lie in what FDLE investigators found out while looking at the way the Windermere PD operated. “In recent years”, money, drugs and guns had “routinely” disappeared from the evidence room. It had to go somewhere. The question suggests itself; who had the most opportunity and motive?




Cpl. Gary Miles -“Jes’ a Cuppla Good Ol’ Boys Havin’ Fun”…Zapping a Waiter with a Taser


Just good ol' boys,

Never meanin' no harm…

Just good ol' boys,

Wouldn't change if they could

                Dukes of Hazard Theme ; Waylon Jennings


When we’re looking for a few innocent laffs, one of the things we like to do is walk up behind some unsuspecting person and whack them with 50,000 volts from a Taser. You’ve done the same thing. Hasn’t everyone?


But, Daniel Wilson, a Gwinnette, GA Waffle House waiter decided to make a BFD out of Gwinnett County Police Department Cpl. Gary Miles doing that…and the incident has already resulted in the arrest and indictment of Miles for aggravated assault and violation of oath of office, and the resignations of Sgt. Christopher Parry and Sgt. Joey Parkerson. Haven’t they suffered enough???


What kind of world is it when two police sergeants can’t sit idly by while another cop delivers an incapacitating dose of electricity to a waiter who might otherwise make a mistake on their order or choose an undesired song on the jukebox?


And in any event, they’re just good ol’ boys hanging out and accepting free food from a restaurant (in violation of department rules), but, never meanin’ no harm, right? Well, not so fast. Wilson says that when he asked for an apology, Miles responded: “Who says I did it by accident?”


Good thing Miles, Parry and Parkerson didn’t do anything to reinforce the stereotype of stupid redneck Southern culture. YEEE-HAAWWW!


[NOTE: There has been a lot of controversy about the nation’s zap-happy police and their deuces-wild use of Tasers…so much so that some communities have started to end their use. Look for our upcoming book “For Whom the Bro Tases”]


Gregg Junnier, Jason R. Smith, Arthur Tesler – The Thin Blue Line that Stands Between Atlanta and 92 year-old Women


Atlanta, GA, you are so fortunate. There are 92 year-old women, sitting at home minding their own business, an obvious threat to the safety and welfare of your city. But, then, you had three brave and fearless narcotics cops to keep your community safe from such scum.


Thus, on November 21, 2006, Gregg Junnier, Jason R. Smith, and Arthur Tesler, wearing plainclothes and without announcing that they were cops, fearlessly and bravely broke into the home of 92 year-old Kathryn Johnston, who fired a single shot at the three strange men who had just forced their way into her house. Junnier, Smith and Tesler fearlessly and bravely returned fire 39 times, striking Johnston with at least 5 slugs.


The trio then bravely and fearlessly proceeded to search the house for drugs. But, oops, there weren’t any. Major whoopsie-daisy. So, while Johnston lay handcuffed and dying, the three bravely and fearlessly cooked up a scheme. They’d plant three baggies of marijuana in her basement and get a pigeon to cover for them by lying about buying crack at the house. (Where they came up with the 3 baggies of marijuana, we don’t know; but we can be sure they did it fearlessly and bravely.)


The pigeon claims the cops kidnapped him and held him for several hours to convince him to go along with the story.


Junnier and Smith pleaded guilty to state manslaughter and federal civil rights charges. Tesler, (who was not involved in the shooting, only the cover-up) was convicted of making false statements. But great news, the jury decided that none of what he did amounted to a “color of legal process” abuse.


Sidney Dorsey - The Sheriff Murdering Sheriff


We cannot leave Georgia without recounting the story of Sidney Dorsey.


Because, while cops might be willing to murder civilians, surely they will draw the line at murdering other cops…no? Well…no, not in the case of… Sidney Dorsey


Dorsey is the former Sheriff…uh, we say again…Sheriff…repeat…Sheriff of DeKalb County Georgia convicted July 10, 2002 of the murder of the man who took his place as Sheriff of DeKalb County, Derwin Brown. Ex-Sheriff murders Sheriff.


A little more than four months after Derwin Brown defeated Dorsey in the Aug. 8, 2000 runoff election, in which Brown ran on a campaign to “clean up” the office, Dorsey wrote a note instructing his deputy Patrick Cuffy to have Brown killed. Cuffy’s response: “I’m way ahead of you”. On December 15, 2000, as Brown arrived at his home carrying flowers for his wife’s birthday, he was shot 11 times.


Dorsey was found guilty on July 10, 2002 of murder “by being a party to the crime”. Cuffy, (having previously been convicted in connection with a different murder, that of Jeffery George during a shootout at Cuffy’s home), and having admitted to arranging the attack that killed Derwin Brown, was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony against Dorsey.


In September 2002, a Special Grand Jury had this to say about Sidney Dorsey’s tenure as Sheriff (emphasis added):


“…(Dorsey) abused the power of his position for personal and financial gain. The Grand Jury found numerous examples throughout their investigation of Dorsey's abuse of power. It was found that Dorsey operated the Sheriff's Department in a corrupt manner. Dorsey took advantage of the opportunities presented by his office to steal from the citizens of DeKalb County by using county employees for personal and business gain. The repeated misuse by Dorsey of county employees often depleted the ranks of employees available to perform their legitimate duties for the County. Dorsey destroyed the chain of command by making numerous problem employees ‘direct reports,’ relieving these favored employees of the responsibilities they were hired for. There was a pattern of improper hiring practices and preferential treatment to a bonding company headed by a woman with whom he had a long-standing sexual relationship. The many infractions listed above, as well as others, were carried out with the intention of securing personal, political, and financial gain and also to obtain sexual favors.”


Dorsey was sentenced to life in prison for the murder and an additional 23 years for 11 counts of corruption. Somebody forgot to invoke the Special Cop Rules?


John Harrison – Keeping the Bainbridge Public Safe; and Keeping the Bainbridge Public’s Property


Bainbridge Georgia Public Safety Officer Sgt. John Harrison was charged with three burglaries.


Bainbridge Georgia Public Safety Officer Sgt. John Harrison pleaded guilty to two counts of violation of oath of office and obstruction of an officer.


Bainbridge Georgia Public Safety Officer Sgt. John Harrison was sentenced to 10 years probation and fined $4,000. He can no longer work as a law enforcement officer in Georgia.


Bainbridge Georgia Public Safety Officer Sgt. John Harrison, who was also a part-time officer with the Donalsonville, Georgia Police Department, will serve no jail time.


It’s a great country…to be a cop.


Kenneth Reda – I’ll Save You, Brother…After I Ditch the Brewskis


Kenneth Reda and Brent Stephens were best buds. They were both on the Cobb County Georgia SWAT team, their families as close as…family.


So, when Brent was thrown into the water of Lake Altoona after Kenneth, drunkenly piloting their boat in the dark, hit a pylon, naturally Kenneth went all out to try to find and rescue his brother cop.


Kenneth immediately sprung into action…emptying his boat of all the beer!


90 minutes after the accident, he called 911. He started lying with the first words out of his mouth, telling the 911 operator that Stephens “was a daredevil” and had leapt from the moving boat as a stunt. Reda lied that he had searched and searched for his friend and brother cop, but had only found flip flops. He also said that it had only been himself and Stephens on the boat at the time of the accident.


The other passenger on the boat initially backed up the bogus story, but later admitted what had really happened. (What her motive was for doing this is not made clear in these reports)


Stephens’ body was found the following afternoon.


Reda pleaded guilty in Cherokee County Superior Court to second degree homicide by vessel, tampering with evidence, violating the oath of a police officer and three counts of making false statements


He was sentenced on January 27, 2011 to 4 years prison and 11 years probation.




Michael Tarmoun – Moral Guidance Counselor and (Yep… Yet Another Uniformed Sex Predator


What an ingrate. Can you believe that after Michael Tarmoun counseled her on the “immorality” of being a prostitute, and even giving her $5 after they’d “hooked up”, that this whore still complained? And not even a “thank you” for the $5!


Rookie Officer Tarmoun, who is married and had a girlfriend on the side, and had just coerced a woman into sex under threat of arrest, was the perfect kind of person to offer life advice to hookers.


Tarmoun was only trying to help. And he’d “only” threatened her with arrest because he was “angry” that she’d told him he’d have to pay. Didn’t she know that cops get freebies? He even gave her a ride back to Waikiki. And how does she show her appreciation? By filing a criminal complaint, that’s how.


Yes, being a sex-predator-with-a badge is a thankless job.


Tarmoun was convicted in June 2011 of second-degree sexual assault. His sentencing  was scheduled for October, 2011, but that proved inconvenient for Tarmoun, who failed to appear. His bail bondsman has located him in Tarmoun's native Morrocco, which has no extradition treaty with the US.


Kristopher Galon and Steven Gunderson – Maui’s Dynamic Duo of Sexual Extortion and Theft


We don’t attempt in this book to understand how the minds of criminal cops work. But, for anyone with the qualifications to figure out Kristopher Galon, we would be interested in hearing their opinion.


In 2004, Galon risked his life to pull an unconscious driver from the burning wreck of a car. He was awarded a “Medal of Valor”.


In 2007, Galon ripped off a driver he’d stopped for a traffic violation for $1,550 in cash (but left $11 in the guy’s wallet).


Weird turnaround. But it was to get weirder. On Aug. 17, 2008 Galon and his partner Steven Gunderson, while in uniform and on patrol, searched the car of Tracy Motelewski who was in a park with a male companion. They found some “white powder”. The cops took Motelewski into the station, and let her companion drive off in her car.


The cops released Motelewski about 5 a.m. the following day, and she began to walk home. Then, who should appear but Officer Galon, offering her a ride. However, instead of driving her home, he pulled into a parking lot and “crudely stated that he would destroy (a) pipe seized” if she would perform a sexual act on him. She did. Galon (who was on duty during this whole time), then drove her, not home, but “to her neighborhood” and kicked her out of the car.


On September 12, 2011, Galon was sentenced to 18 months in prison for two separate counts of depriving rights under the color of law. 


The other half of the dynamic duo, Steven Gunderson, 33, pleaded guilty to second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence for stealing Motelewski’s cash and throwing away a suspected drug pipe. His sentence for these crimes committed under color of law; a $5,000 fine.




Fred Rice – “Abhorrent” Officer’s False Testimony Results in Overturned Conviction


The “likelihood” that an Idaho trooper perjured himself in court resulted in a unanimous decision by the Idaho Supreme Court to throw out the conviction of Jonathan Wade Ellington.


Rice is willing to say anything in court…anything that is convenient at the moment…even if it directly contradicts testimony he previously gave in another case.


Rice is an “expert”, who testified in the later case that “there is no average perception reaction time in the world.” and that spray in a debris field was unreliable in determining characteristics of such an accident and “where the point of impact happened.”


That was convenient to the prosecutor at that moment.


However, it had previously been convenient for “expert” Rice, who wrote training manuals on the subject, to testify that “the average perception-reaction time was 1.6 seconds”.


“It is impossible to believe there was any truth to the testimony of Cpl. Rice,” wrote.  Justice Warren Jones. “It is abhorrent to this court, as it would be to any other court, that a man can be sentenced to twenty-five years for second-degree murder based primarily on the false testimony of a trooper of this state.”


Gabriel Morris – Murdered Mom and Her BF


Bingham County, Idaho sheriff's deputy Gabriel Morris traveled from his Idaho home to the Oregon coast to kill his mom and her boyfriend, and then fled clear across the country to Virginia with his own wife and daughter.


Morris opened the Book of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã and claimed that “terrorists” had committed the murders, and that he had heroically killed one of the terrorists.


Morris was convicted in a non-jury trial of aggravated murder and sentenced to life in prison.


Morris’ wife Jessica was charged with aiding his escape.




William Hanhardt – Chicago Chief of Detectives with a Little Jewelry Biz on the Side


Here are some of the positions William Hanhardt held in the Chicago Police Department:



Here’s what he did in his “other” career:



With the help of a couple of other “un-named” Chicago cops who provided “useful” information, and making use of police computers to get information about such matters as car rentals by jewelry salesmen, Hanhardt’s gang stalked over 100 jewelry salesmen. Their territory ranged from Arizona and California to Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.


Ridiculously, part of Hanhardt’s sentence was an agreement to provide “restitution” of about $4.8 million dollars. How he was going to get that money while doing 12 years in prison, in declining health, only the judge who came up with that deal could explain.


As it is, Hanhart in July 2011 was transferred out of a Terra Haute prison to a halfway house. He has a whole list of major medical problems. Those he is supposed to “restitute” probably figured out long ago that they aren’t going to see anything “restituted”.


As prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald commented, it was “remarkable” that someone this high up in the Chicago Police Department could have gotten away with this for as long as he did without anyone else in the department knowing about it. “Remarkable” is probably as close as Fitzgerald could come to saying “unbelievable”. Because, it really isn’t believable to think that no one else knew this stuff was going on.


In fact, there were many who did know, but the “Code of Blue” protected Hanhardt. As Richard C. Lindberg puts it in “Behind the Tarnished Star”, there were many “who recognized Hanhardt for the thief he was, but refused to violate the sacred trust (the tiresome refrain of an oath-bound brotherhood dictating that you never rat-out a brother officer no matter how terrible the circumstances”. The “Code of Blue” is what all criminal cops depend upon to shield them from the law they themselves have no compunction about enforcing against regular people.


In addition to his own criminal activities, using knowledge gained as a police officer Hanhardt provided information to Chicago and Kansas City mobsters to help them in their ongoing criminal enterprises.


Michael Corbitt – Hired By the Mob


Hanhardt’s career working hand in hand with the mob isn’t so surprising, when you understand that in the Chicago area, the mob could hire the Chief of Police, personally.


Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana hand picked Michael Corbitt and personally placed him in the uniform of a police officer in the town of Willow Springs, Illinois, about 20 miles outside Chicago.


Corbitt was Willow Springs' police chief from 1973 to 1981, and an investigator for the Cook County Sheriff's Department from 1981 to 1987. God only knows what the hell he investigated, and for whom, but, chances are he did more “investigating” for Giancana than for the citizens of Cook County. One thing he “investigated” was the license plates of cars…to find out (and report to Giancana) whether they belonged to the FBI.


Another chore he performed was delivering bags , containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, to mob connected labor goons and “skim” from casinos to the mobsters themselves.


Then, he helped out with the chore that got him a murder conviction, for the killing of Diane Masters, the wife of a mob lawyer.


Mrs. Masters cuckolded her husband repeatedly; the last time, he decided he’d had enough. Wasn’t he Alan Masters the “master fixer” of Chicago? Didn’t he know every mobster, crooked cop, and judge that needed a payoff? He didn’t have to put up with her crap.


Diane Masters’ body was found in her car (after it was pulled from Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal), with her skull crushed and a couple of bullets in her head. The car containing the dead body had been dumped there by Michael Corbitt. He was paid $8,000 cash (still a nice piece of change in 1982) for that, and for “tailing” her in the months preceding the murder.


Michael Corbitt, Alan Masters, and two others, were convicted of murder in 1989.


And who was one of the “others” but another murderer/cop, another mob-bought and paid-for cop, none other than former Cook County Sheriff's Police Cmdr. James Keating, that’s who!


[Corbitt and Keating both signed statements naming sheriff`s deputy Robert Rosignal as the man who actually fired the shots into Mrs. Masters’ head. Keating denied any involvement, and was not charged. Another version is that it was Corbitt himself who fired the fatal shots into the already bludgeoned but still living Diane Masters as she lay moaning in the trunk of her husband’s car]


While serving his time for the murder, Corbitt found out there was a mob hit out on him. He decided to cooperate with the authorities and, as a token of their appreciation, he was released from jail in 1998.


Corbitt’s book, “Double Deal: The Inside Story of Murder, Unbridled Corruption and the Cop Who Was a Mobster,” co-written by mob-boss Giancana’s nephew (also named Sam), describes the everyday business of police and political corruption in and around Chicago.


There are more than a few people from the Willow Springs area who still fondly remember “good old Mike”, the guy that got them a job, kept Willow Springs “crime free” (!?), and except for the occasional grump like “Bill” complaining about Corbitt raping his mother (see comments below linked article), they all get a little teary-eyed talking about him. Diane Masters might join Bill in the less than misty-eyed minority…if “good old Mike” and his buddies hadn’t murdered her.


Mob bag man, accomplice in murder, and rapist…yeah…good old Mike.


Jeff Pelo


Jeff Pelo got a tremendous break. His sentence, for 25 counts of aggravated sexual assault   against 4 women, was slashed by 65 years!!! Now, instead of 440 years, he only has to do 375. With time of for good behavior, he could be out by the time the United Federation of Planets gets to 150 members.


And Pelo will undoubtedly behave well. After all, his victims noted how “gentle and caring” he was. He wanted to be liked.


Pelo committed the rapes over the course of 4 years as a Bloomington IL policeman, using department computers to find victims. The string only came to an end when a woman called the cops to report a prowler (Pelo) outside her house. Even after being charged with stalking and burglary, it took a month for investigators to finally connect him with the rapes.


Jon Burge – Um, This Torture Thing Isn’t Gonna Affect My Pension, Is It?


No, not if the pension board has anything to say about it. They’re totally OK because, they voted, his conviction for perjury “wasn’t related to his job” as a cop.


But, the party pooper Illinois Attorney General wants to mess up Burge’s neat little arrangement, and she’s suing to stop him from collecting $3,000/mo.


And what was it that Burge did that was so wrong anyway?


A little perjury , about a little torture…to coerce false confessions…plastic bags placed over a couple of detainees heads, a few cattle prods touched a few testicles…is that sort of thing frowned upon ?


Just because Burge and police under his command carried on with this crap for over two decades, torturing a few black men, really only 100 or so, now some fancy-pants AG wants to deprive a hard-working cop of the ongoing support by the public that he’s earned.


Barbara Nevers – “Your Latte or Your Life”


The “cops on the take” examples do not always involve big bucks. Sometimes it’s only a “few bucks” (at a time)…at Starbucks.


The image of the cop on the beat, walking down the sidewalk, and helping himself to an apple off the produce vendor’s cart…can be traced back at least to the silent era of movies…but we suspect the tradition goes back much further.


In an often unspoken or “unofficial” agreement vendors and merchants make (usually small…sometimes not so small) amounts of merchandise available “free” to police. The whole stereotype of the doughnut shop dwelling cops is based on this real life fact.


Nowadays, a cup of coffee costs a lot more than the nickel and dime it used to…now we’re talking noticeable amounts of cash value. But, the expectation by cops that they’re “owed” a freebie is so deeply ingrained, they still can’t shake the habit.


In Chicago, at several Starbucks, officer Barbara Nevers took it to a whole higher level…screaming at employees…threatening force…brandishing her handcuffs and service weapon…when employees balked at forking over the premium coffee and baked goods.


These shops did have an “unofficial” policy of giving free coffee to uniformed police and firefighters, but Nevers was always coming into the shop in street clothes (hers was a desk job, but hey, she puts her “life on the line” every day she sits down at that desk, so, fork over the freebies, asshole, (and “never” mind that it’s against official CPD policy to accept freebies).


Nevers didn’t limit herself to just coffee and cakes…in at least one occasion, she helped herself to a “free” bottle of juice…that’s about $2.00 to customers who don’t arrive with a badge, gun, and handcuffs.


The manager at one of the shops said “this woman is aggressive”. (Well, yes, Ms. Manager…many of us are a bit grumpy before we get our “free” Starbucks coffee, scone and juice, aren’t we…but, wait…we mere civilians don’t get free Starbucks coffee…we have to pay for our coffee).


So…repeated thefts involving loaded weapons and coercion…that’ll get you arrested and charged with a crime, anywhere...after all, that’s armed robbery right?


Nope. Not in Chicago it ain’t. Not if the thief is an on-duty cop.


Not only was Nevers “never” charged with any crime in the same system you or I would be…all Nevers “ever” got was a 15-month suspension. She didn’t even get fired (as did 4 other Chicago cops whose cases were decided in the same session * of the Chicago Police Board that found Nevers “guilty” of “retail theft, using her position for official gain, unnecessary display of a weapon, mistreatment of a person and ‘other’ offenses”).


So, Chicago coffee shop owners, if you had hoped to “never” see Nevers again…her suspension ended in January 2010. Better put on another pot of “special blend”.


* What did those “other” Chicago cops do that got them fired the same time Nevers was getting her wrist slapped?



— Sgt. Nicholas M. Ortega, 46, was fired after he was found guilty of entering a bar in uniform, giving a ride to an unauthorized person in his squad car and having sex with a woman in or near the sergeants’ office in the Grand-Central police district on the Northwest Side in 2005. Coincidentally, the bar he entered was called Grand Central Station in the 5700 block of West Grand, records show.

— Officer Kevin Waters was fired after he was found guilty of threatening to slit a man’s throat in a bar in southwest suburban Merrionette Park, using a racial epithet and lying to Chicago Police Internal Affairs investigators.

— Officer Cardinal Castillo was fired after he was found guilty of striking a woman in the face and leaving profane voice mails on her answering machine in 2004 and 2005.

— Officer Robert E. Taylor Sr. was fired after he was found guilty of perjury before a judge in 2004. He was accused of being married to two women at the same time.


BTW, you may notice by the hyperlink address that we had to dig this Chicago Sun-Times article out of the “Wayback” machine. The original page mysteriously vanished down the memory hole. Odd.


Matthew Aukamp – Child Porn Movie Auteur


We know this might be getting somewhat monotonous, but…what are we to do? Another cop convicted in a child sex abuse case.


This time, it’s Matthew Aukamp, who until 2000 could be seen wearing the uniform of the Decatur, Illinois Police Department.


After he gave up his 10 year career patrolling Decatur looking for criminals, Aukamp, from 2004 to 2008 was coercing children into engaging in sexually explicit behavior to produce pornography, which is…y’know…a crime.


On February 22, 2011, Chief U.S. District Judge Michael P. McCuskey handed down a sentence of 25 years. If he serves all of that, Aukamp will be 69 years old when he gets out, after which he will be under supervision for life.


James Gaddis – Why Should Gerald Clemente Get All the Glory?


Not quite in the league with the Massachusetts Mega-Heist, Gaddis only reaped a measly $23,000, which he had to split with his co-idiot “neighbor”.


Brick-stupid Carbondale, Illinois Police Officer James Gaddis thought that calling in a diversionary 911 call would provide all the cover necessary to pull off the robbery of First Southern Bank in Carbondale in October 2008, in which he used his police gun (these guys do not get hired for their brains).


Well, they did get that far.


Gaddis’ alibi, straight out of the Manual of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã, was that the “neighbor” forced him to participate in the crime by threatening Gaddis’ family.

Egads, Gaddis. You get caught in a stupid bank robbery, you get caught, and you use your family as a shield? Could you be any more of a pathetic pussy?


For his own part, “neighbor” Anthony “Mitch” Fike testified that it was Gaddis that first broached the idea, while they were both mowing their lawns, of knocking off a bank. Fike said that Gaddis claimed he knew about shift changes and alarm protocol, and could monitor police activity after placing the bogus 911 call, drawing other cops to the other side of the city. Fike said it was Gaddis that who planned the escape route, “disguised” the motorcycle used as the escape vehicle, and had arranged a place for them to change clothes and to split the loot.


Fike was definitely no virgin; he’d been convicted in Kentucky for “aggravated battery”. But, Gaddis had already planted the seeds of suspicion when months before the robbery, he’d taken out a loan on his pension, and had spoken about being in arrears on his mortgage.


Whichever of these geniuses was the ringleader, it’s a matter of record that Gaddis and Fitch spoke 21 times on the phone the day of the robbery. What… were they exchanging lawn mowing tips? The record of those phone calls was the first thing that lead to suspicion of Gaddis as one of the robbers.


Clutching the Manual of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã, Gaddis continued to proclaim that he was the victim, even as he was being sentenced to a 30 year term in August, 2011.


Oh, BTW, Gaddis has also been “fired” from the Carbondale PD. You never know.


Donald Owsley – Alzheimer’s Victims Are Such Easy…Victims


When Donald Owsley met 80 year-old Theodore Hoellen in 1999, he knew he’d found his future mark. Hoellen was old, rich (a house and $1 million in investments), and already in deteriorating mental condition. What a plump pigeon ready for the taking.


And over the next 5 years Owsley proceeded to take Hoellen and his estate for everything he could. He bilked Hoellen dry.


Owsley was first charged in 2004…we say 2004, after he’d already been found guilty in civil court of swindling Hoellen out of everything he had.


In April, 2011, ten years after he started bleeding Hoellen’s estate, Owsley was found guilty of financial exploitation of the elderly and forgery. His sentence a mere 3 years of probation, that and $36K in restitution payable $1K per month he is on probation.


It seems Owsley had more than one special father-son buddy; “90-year-old Hector LeFleur, another alleged victim of Owsley, had also supposedly signed his property over to the former cop, which led to a civil lawsuit against Owsley.” One wonders how many good old buddies Donny collected through the years.


James Mandarino – “Manly Man” Beats Unarmed Man with Metal Baton


Yep. It takes a “manly” man to stand over an unarmed and already submissive man (already on his hands and knees when the metal baton blows start), and strike him 15 times, (in a manly manner). And who is just the kind of manly man for the job? Streamwood, Illinois Police Officer James “Manly Man” Mandarino.


Watch the video (as the judge says he did over 50 times). Watch Streamwood, Illinois Police Officer Mandarino, when confronted by an individual emerging from the house, stopping the beating only long enough to order him back into the house. Watch Mandarino’s fellow cop (who, unlike the idiot savage Mandarino, realized the whole manly thing was being recorded) manfully pull his car in front of the one doing the recording to block the camera’s view).


Have you ever seen such a manly display of manliness?


We have…in similar videos of other sadistic cop beatings. But, manly though it was, in March, 2011 a judge found “Manly Man” Mandarino’s manly display of manliness provided enough evidence to find him guilty of aggravated battery and official misconduct.


The judge, doing his best Pat Paulson, was quite wroth with Officer Mandarino, declaring that using a metal baton “with full force…as a deadly weapon” was “just plain wrong, unprovoked, unnecessary and unacceptable”. Wow, judge…the walls of the courtroom must have rattled when you unleashed that thunderous denunciation.


But, the judge of course showed his more understanding side, when he delayed sentencing (Special Cop Rules…you knew there’d be Special Cop Rules, didn’t you?)


The judge allowed the delay so that Mandarino’s defense counsel, Ed Wanderling would have time to pull together and submit more than 80 letters seeking leniency for Mandarino from colleagues, friends and (manly man fan) associates.


And, oh, what magical letters they must have been. Judge Thomas Fecoratta brushed aside the Asst. State’s Attorney’s demand for at least some jail time, and insistence that “anything less would diminish the seriousness of the attack and a jail sentence is necessary to deter others from doing the same thing”. The judge was instead persuaded by the 82 “letters from the heart” from “all facets of the community”, attesting to Mandarino’s (you can’t make this stuff up) “character and credibility”.


Please watch the video again, (or at least remember it) as you try to associate the insane freak James Mandarino with the attributes “character” and “credibility”.


Now, reader, please try to imagine that it were one of us non-cops who had (for whatever reason) someone on their hands and knees on the ground, and we took a metal bat and proceeded to strike him 15 times in his back, his forearms and his head. We would be facing something far more serious than some petty “battery” and “misconduct” charges. Attempted murder, minimum.


But, Mandarino was a cop, so, Special Cop Rules.


Mandarino walked out of court a free man, sentenced to only 30 months probation plus 150 hours community service, saying the incident “does not define him as a man, a father and a husband”.


No, it doesn’t. It defines you as subhuman and a coward who had a badge, gun and club and who beat the holy crap out of someone who was never going to fight back. Your wife and children and “all facets” of your community are so lucky to have you as their “manly” role model.


Please enfold him in your loving embrace, Streamwood, Illinois. You are welcome to him.


William Cozzi – One “Bad Day”…is that so bad?


William Cozzi was “a good cop”, but he was wrong “that day”.


“That day”, a year before Manly Man Mandarino (see above) performed his manly heroics, there was William Cozzi to demonstrate how it’s done…to a man shackled and cuffed…to a wheelchair. With 4 other uniformed officers looking on.


Not only did the other cops not step forward to protect the victim, the video (yeah, it was taped) clearly shows the other cops gathering around (looking up and down the halls to see if anyone was looking) to help Cozzi set up the attack. The video shows them watch Cozzi deliver about a half-dozen whacks with his (illegal) weapon, and then they return to their previous spots and start “acting normal”.


Mandarino’s victim was able to at least raise his hands to ward off some of the blows aimed at his head.  Cozzi’s victim could only lay totally defenseless as Cozzi’s “sap” struck him repeatedly in the face.


How this group of dolts could have been unaware that there was video surveillance…in a hospital…we can only wonder. But, fortunately for society, there was, otherwise Cozzi’s nauseating stunt would have never been punished.


As for the punishment, Cozzi was at first only “punished” with 18 months of probation, and the Chicago Police were going to actually put him back in uniform, give him back his badge and gun give him a stern “no more saps” lecture, and turn this sick freak loose again on society.


But, then the matter was taken out of the hands of the abjectly corrupt local Chicago authorities and a federal civil rights violation charge was leveled.


The other Chicago cops felt betrayed.


No, not by the cowardly and disgusting actions of Cozzi. They had no objection to that at all.


The other Chicago cops were outraged that the new Superintendent “didn’t have their back”. Because, see, the CPD and independent review board had already “dealt” with the “infraction”, finding Cozzi guilty of the beating and filing a false report (in which he totally made up a lie about two hospital staff and himself being “attacked”). The review board had already slapped his wrist. Now the Superintendent was trying to actually inflict some punishment. No fair…dammit, didn’t she know about Special Cop Rules?


Cozzi’s lawyer “for the life of him” can’t understand why anything more than probation and “anger management” class was needed. The F.O.P. snivels that the case has been “bad for morale” (because, evidently Chicago cops need to carry illegal weapons and beat defenseless hospital patients to keep their “morale” high.) And, yes, it’s illegal in Chicago to even carry a sap, and there is no exception in the law for cops…but Cozzi is a cop, for cryin’ out loud. Law? Pffft!…Special Cop Rules, dammit.


But, Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Drury, apparently not well schooled in Special Cop Rules naïvely wondered “If Cozzi is such a good cop, why is he carrying a sap”?


(Psst..Drury…Special Cop Rules.)




Ivery Cross – Who Guards Prisoners from the Guards?


Ivery Cross, Niles IN police officer, was sentenced in May 2011 for sexual assault against an inmate at the Niles Law Enforcement Complex


Cross’ defense attorney Andy Burch claimed that the inmate was a “willing partner” (which, even if true so freaking what? Cross was on duty and the inmate was…an inmate! These guys weren’t sitting around at home watching the game. – Ed.)


The 19-year old inmate, whom Cross had arrested on a marijuana offense, was ordered by the cop to “masturbate in the lockups restroom”. (But, Cross’ lawyer says, he was “willing”, so no problem).


On April 19, 2011 Cross pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of misconduct of office; a felony. On May 28, 2011, he was    sentenced to 5-15 years.


John C. Newcomb – Dare to Drive Drunk


John Newcomb (Source; Washington County, IN Jail)


This may not be the most heinous crime in our collection, but it’s one of the most ironic.


On July 27, 2011, Seymour Indiana cop John C. Newcomb was driving a truck pulling a trailer, when he sideswiped a parked car and hit a tree in Salem, Indiana.


Police say Newcomb had a blood alcohol content of 0.14 percent. Indiana's legal limit is 0.08 percent.


That’s not good; a cop wrecking a truck while driving drunk, at almost double the legal limit. Not a good message to send to the kiddies. Especially when we find out that the trailer he had been pulling was the D.A.R.E. trailer.


No, not a good message at all, especially when we find out that Newcomb was the “resource officer” at seven area schools, “acting as a mentor” and lecturing the kiddies about the dangers of drink and drugs and their “effects on driving”.


The good thing is that from now on, Newcomb can bring a first-person perspective to those lectures.




Scott Burke – His “Task” Was Stealing Money and Drugs


In his 14 years in the Muscatine, Iowa police department, Officer Scott Burk had a lot of “tasks”. One “task” was working the 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift of the police department's patrol division,. Another “task” had been acting as the department's resource officer at Muscatine High School for four years from 2004-08. Then, starting in November 2008 Burk’s “tasks” came from being on the Muscatine County Drug Task Force.


He assigned himself a new “task”…stealing cocaine and cash from the Muscatine County Drug Task Force.


When Burke was arrested, Muscatine Police Chief Gary Coderoni had the usual boilerplate crap-ola ready-to-serve up… “These situations are always sad and extremely difficult to deal with, but the reality is that they do happen from time to time. Police officers are human beings and are not immune from suffering the same shortcomings as everyone else”…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH…FREAKIN’ BLAH.


Burke’s salary was over $62,000 per year. In Iowa, in 2009, the “median household income” was $48,000. So Burke, by himself, had an income $14,000 above what an average Iowa two-earner household had. Is that what was “sad”, Chief Coderoni? Is that what caused Burk’s “suffering”?


The fact is, Chief, none of those other Iowa human beings who were not cops, would ever have any opportunity to pad their income with $8,000 stolen cash or drugs worth thousands more.


James Christensen and John Sickels – Chief Rapist and Assistant Rapist

James Christensen (left) and John Sickels (right) Photos/Iowa Department of Public Safety


Being a cocktail waitress, or a female bartender can often be a crappy job. Your customers are all…drunks. Male customers often think you’re kind of borderline skanky, and “easy”.


Add to that the element of authority and some kind of sense of entitlement that goes along with it, and things can happen like what happened in 2008 at the Creston Iowa Country Club.


Former police chief James Christensen and former assistant chief John Sickels arrived at the country club around 11 p.m. The victim was working “until closing”, and in the small town, she knew who these two men were.


As closing time approached, Christensen, Sickles and former Creston Mayor Mike Tamerius sat together drinking. The victim’s boyfriend called the golf club to see when she would be home and the boyfriend spoke to Christensen.


The bartender testified that after all the other patrons had left, she and the two cops exchanged small talk and jokes, and then, suddenly “the mood changed”.     


According to the bartender:


“John Sickels asked me to give them both blow jobs. I said nobody's giving a blow job. I thought it was a joke. John said just give us both blow jobs, and Jamie was grinning. Sickels left the room and (I) asked Christensen if this was happening. I said look me in the eye Jamie, you know this is wrong, I was trying to appeal to the human in there, and all he did was look me in the eye with this glazed grin on his face.” Sickels returned, and the men cornered her behind the bar and began touching her. “At some point I said what are you going to do just (expletive) me right here behind the bar?” Sickels pulled down the victim’s pants and forced intercourse on her behind the bar while Christensen stroked her hair and hand and “shushed” her. “He (Christensen) was staring into my eyes with a grin,” Christensen looked at Sickels and said “no, we're going,” but before they left he pointed a finger at her and said “nothing happened.”


When she went home she “decided she wasn't going to tell anyone about the incident”, thinking there would be “repercussions,” and “Nobody would believe me in a small town. I don't know who to trust in a town where I can't trust the chief of police.”


As it happened, the jury believed her. Christensen and Sickels were convicted and both were sentenced to 25 years in prison.     




Robert Ryan Sayler – Hero to Zero in 3 Years


These “Medal of Valor” awards…is there something about them, like “Officer of the Year” awards…?


In 2006, Lawrence Kansas officer Robert Ryan Sayler was awarded a “Medal of Valor” for his “indispensable” action during a fire at an apartment complex.


Three years later, in 2009 he was in court getting sentenced to 2 years, after pleading guilty to 14 counts of wire fraud.


Sayler was making $58,333 a year at the time of his thievery. Not a fortune, but it was  $10,000 above median household income for the area.


We make the observation later in this book that there seems to be an attitude held by a lot of cops that they are “owed” something more than they’re getting. And they feel entitled to make up for that lack by taking stuff that doesn’t belong to them, anything from apples to appliances to mega-million dollar heists.


In Sayler’s instance, he ripped off Target stores for about 14 video games, and resold them on eBay for $30 to $46 bucks a pop. Total take, about $500. Absolute chump change. And, unbelievably stupid.


The “scheme” was to buy the video game, remove the contents and then return the empty box for a refund. We’ve made the observation repeatedly that “these guys don’t get hired for their brains”. This is almost like he wanted to get caught.


But, we are trying to avoid psychoanalysis. We don’t know why a “hero” cop would do something so thunderingly stupid.


Chris Tahah – His Girlfriend Should Have Gotten Out of Dodge


Former Dodge City police officer Chris Tahah shot and killed his former girlfriend May 5, 2007. That fact is established (we think).


Tahan has told so many versions of what he might have or did or did not have to do with her death, you’d have to just pick which one you believe.


In April, 2008, a Ford county jury believed him to be guilty of first-degree murder.


In May, 2008, a judge denied his motion for a retrial.


But, in 2011, the Kansas Supreme Court voted 6-1 to order a retrial, ruling that the jury should have been given the chance to consider second-degree reckless murder or involuntary manslaughter verdicts.



Curtis Gordon, Jr. – Keepin’ it Lively in Shively


The bare-bones press release from the Department of Justice, Western District of Kentucky about the final sentence, 39 months jail time and 3 years “supervised” release, are intriguing, but, they do not begin to capture the full, rich, mountain-grown aroma and flavor of Curtis Gordon Jr.’s excellent career.


The convictions, three counts of filing false federal income tax returns, three counts of failure to file federal income tax returns, one count of bank fraud, and one count of submitting a false document to the IRS stem from his failure to report income…derived from the four side businesses he ran while a Shively cop. Gordon blamed that little “reporting” problem on his tax preparer, who is conveniently dead and cannot respond to Gordon’s accusation that he had a “substance abuse” problem. He was subsequently sentenced to 39 months in prison for the tax fraud.


But, wait, there’s more…much, much more…so much more.


In 2007, the Louisville Metro Housing Authority accused Gordon of theft by billing for hours never worked by other cops employed by Commonwealth Security Inc., one of Gordon’s “security” companies. Gordon was charged with forgery and theft…and acquitted.


But, that’s not the best part. In June, 2011 a jury found the Louisville Metro Housing Authority guilty of fraud against one of Gordon's companies, Commonwealth Security Inc. Gordon (already convicted of tax fraud) was awarded $1.3 million plus $2 million on contracts that Gordon lost because of the housing authority charges.


So, here’s the timeline. Gordon “serves” Shively, Kentucky as a police officer, while at the same time running four “security” companies. He doesn’t report ($1,000,000 of) income from those companies, he files fraudulent applications for loans, he thus acquires a million dollar house and other big ticket items such as a boat, a Chevrolet Corvette, a Ford Mustang and a Lincoln Navigator. In the meantime, he gets indicted for first degree assault and criminal abuse of a child under 12. He is convicted for the loan fraud and the tax evasion, but, after all of that, Curtis Gordon Jr., ex-cop and convicted tax cheat, still has his businesses, and just got a $3 million windfall, courtesy of a Jefferson County KY jury!


Gordon is “happy”. Well, no duh. Is this not a great be a cop?


Brian McKinney – “Technically”… He’s  a Cop!


You have to really dig through the news stories to finally learn that Brian McKinney, described in story after story after story as an “evidence technician”, is a cop.


Jeez, was that so hard to say?


“Evidently” so. It’s a pattern we see in news organizations’ reporting of cop/criminals; the effort to soft-pedal the fact of cop criminality. The man was a cop. That’s the fact, and it’s more telling than just repeating the phrase “evidence technician”, as if this were some obscure geek hired from a temp agency.


That “evidence technician” description undoubtedly originated with the department brass, trying to obscure the fact that it was a cop who was stealing 85 firearms from the evidence locker over an 18 month period, and selling them to local gun dealers while on-duty as a cop.


If these “reporters” had a thimbleful of curiosity about Brian McKinny’s status with the Madisonville Kentucky Police Department, they might have come across this “malicious prosecution” lawsuit, wherein named defendant Brian McKinney, is clearly described as Madisonville police officer Brian McKinney, or this news story about an investigation in which McKinney was quoted, and described as Officer Brian McKinney.


But, almost every news agency, dutiful stenographers for anyone speaking in an “official” capacity, just mindlessly repeated “evidence technician” in their headlines and stories.


Insofar as the guns theft is concerned, McKinney pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to two years in prison.


A-a-nd, as Billy Mays used to say…wait, there’s more...this wasn’t McKinney’s only conviction for theft. It’s really hard to track down the facts, but, apparently McKinney did his time in a Texas jail for one of the thefts, then had to plead guilty to yet another one, this time getting 5 years probation and agreeing to $50,000 “restitution".




New Orleans, Danzinger Bridge Orgy of Violence, Murders, and Coverup


Hey, it was a “bad shoot”, that’s all. Just a “bad shoot”. You’ve had a “bad shoot”…come on, admit it…we all have had a “bad shoot”…one of those times when you  find out you and your crew had started blasting away at unarmed citizens, shooting five in all, two fatally…and then, whaddayagonna do, ya know?


Now you gotta run around, one of you has to get a gun to plant as “evidence”, you have to conspire to make up phony “witnesses” like “Lakeisha” and “James Youngman”, put words never spoken into the mouths of family members of the deceased…spend hours and hours over the next months “massaging” your ludicrous alibis to “protect yourselves from legal ramifications”…what a hassle.


But, damn, those phony witness names…OMG…how freakin’ lame were those? Yeah, a “witness” named “James Youngman” saw a group of “young black males”…get it? And “Lakeisha”?...when one of the shooting victims was “Lesha”?...oh, well, they all sound kinda “black”…may not be brilliant, but it’ll work. (Nobody ever said they hired you for your brains).


And, then…cripes…the whole pathetic thing starts coming apart.


Now, you gotta get indicted and stand trial…the locals try to help…inexplicably “bungled” the case and a judge tried his best by dismissing all charges. You’re home free. Yay! It’s been a real pain in the ass, but now you can get back to the way it was before that pesky “bad shoot”, and all those dead people…and, well “phew” glad that’s over.


But, no-o-o-! Next, the god damn feds had to come snooping around, sticking their noses into NOPD’s business. And, they won’t freakin’ give up! They keep investigatin’ and investigatin’…for a freakin’ year and a half, and the next thing you know, you’re back in court…this time federal court where your local corrupt officials can’t help you. There’s even two of your group testifying for the prosecution.


And then the real inconvenient details about the “bad shoot” start to flow out of the NOPD cesspool…the stuff about “Sergeant A” firing his automatic weapon “in a sweeping motion” at unarmed civilians cowering behind some concrete…the stuff about “Officer A” shooting Ronald Madison…in the back…with a shotgun…from a moving car…when he posed absolutely no threat (he had his hands up)…and then the other part of the “A-team”, Sergeant A…kicking and stomping Madison as he was bleeding to death from the shotgun wounds.


“Bad shoot”? How about “orgy of violence”?


For their part in the orgy and the coverup, New Orleans police Sgts. Robert Gisevius and Kenneth Bowen, Officer Anthony Villavaso and former officer Robert Faulcon and Retired Sgt. Arthur “Archie” Kaufman were convicted on August 5, 2011




Steven R. Goozey – Short-Time Cop, Long Time Creep




Franklin County jail photo


Steven R. Goozey worked for the Carrabassett Valley Police Department only “for three months in 2010”.


He was having “unlawful sexual contact with a child under 12” for four years between June 2006 and May 2010.


Whether the molestations overlapped with his time as a cop, reports don’t make clear.


He was fired from CVPD for unexplained reasons “unrelated” to the molestation conviction. But, this much is unavoidable. Steven R. Goozey is yet another child molester who somehow made it past whatever screening is done before getting hired as a cop.


On November 28, 2011, Goozey was sentenced to a 10-year prison term.


George Rayner – Cop Money is “Special”


In a bankruptcy, the persons filing have to declare all their assets. But, George Rayner had “special” assets; retirement money from his time as a Baileyville cop. Because, cops are “special”, aren’t they? And cop money is, too.


So, Rayner decided to simply not declare about $150,000 worth of assets (bank savings account, deferred compensation retirement account, entitlement to pay for unused sick leave, vacation time benefits, a lump sum distribution from his retirement account and a payment from the town for unused benefits) connected to his time as a Baileyville Maine cop.


At the time of his bankruptcy filing, at age 69, he did declare 1.4 million in assets and 1.7 million in debts. So he had lived like he was a millionaire 3 times over. But, evidently, he felt like he just couldn’t give up the “special” cop money.


Rayner was convicted of bankruptcy fraud on December 8, 2011. He was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.



Delores Culmer - Accessed PD Databases for Drug-Dealing Fiancé - Sentenced Only to “House Arrest”


Delores Culmer is there to protect and serve… protect and serve her drug dealer fiancé that is.


Culmer tapped into the police database to find out information about her BF’s customers who owed him money. Culmer looked up registration data on the deadbeat customers’ cars, and those cars coincidentally were vandalized.


Well, Delores the justice system is going to deal harshly with you, right?


Harshly?…not hardly.


Culmer’s penalty for using police resources over 20 times for (as her plea agreement put it) “the purpose of commercial advantage or private financial gain” was 5 months… of  house arrest.


Culmer also had to resign from the Montgomery County police. She “might” also have some immigration problems to contend with.


“Hey, Eddy Arias, Luis Nunez, Reeping, David, and Jermaine Rice…What’cha Up to?”

“Oh, Just Kickin’ Back”


Yep, these four Baltimore cops (and up to 50 more) loved to just “kick back”…$300…to themselves…every time they steered a disabled car to their extra special buddies and pals and co-conspirators in a gigantic towing scam Hernan Alexis Moreno and Edwin Javier Mejia  at Majestic Towing .


Arias, Nunez, Reeping and Rice are just the first four to plead guilty in the scheme that had dozens of Baltimore cops receiving payoffs for telling motorists that the fine folks at Majestic would give them special treatment (no towing fee and “help” avoiding the insurance deductible). The cops also inflated the damage estimates, which Majestic then in turn billed the insurance companies…up to $1 million total overcharges (wonder why your auto insurance costs as much as it does?).


Coincidentally, $1 Million is about what Majestic paid the cops in kickbacks before the scam unraveled. So, Baltimore drivers, (not to put too fine a point on it), your insurance payments provided the money that Majestic used to pay kickbacks to the cops.


For the next few years, these guys can “kick back” in federal prison.


What stands out in this scandal is not only how corrupt this many cops could be, but how indescribably stupid. These doofi, who called themselves “the untouchables”, blabbed their idiot asses off (with the FBI recording them), all the while telling each other not to blab about the scam. “Unteachables” is more like it. In one text, complaining about having to wait too long for his payment, one of them texted “were my money?”


Also impossible to not notice is the contempt these “public servants” have for the “public”. Arias’ indictment relates this conversation with Moreno re his encounter with a man at an accident. “I said to him, I would not let anything bad happen to you, I am a policeman, I am not here to [expletive] up your life.”


“Arias added that what he really meant was, ‘I am here to earn myself some $300, you son of a bitch.’”


They pissed and moaned endlessly about how “broke” they were and how hard it was to make it after having to take a 2% pay cut. This is no doubt how they rationalized their participation in the scam.


Hey, don’t worry about it anymore fellas. For the next 10-20 years, the U.S. taxpayer is going to pay your rent.


Phillip Bell – Child Sex Predator/Cop, Busted by “Big Sis”


No, not Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano, this was the13 year-old girl’s real “big sis” busting down the bedroom door. On little sister’s bed was 25 year-old Maryland Natural Resources Police officer Phillip Bell. Bell had met little sister online and sent her a text message containing a photo showing his “nude” physique. He showed up for their “date” in July, 2010 with a cooler full of beer and rum.


After Big Sis busted up the party, she called her parents, who called the Pennsylvania State Police.


In April, 2011, a jury convicted Phillip Bell, 25, of LaVale, of two counts of aggravated indecent assault, two counts of indecent assault and one count of corruption of minors.




Medford – Gerald Clemente and The Big Score


Memorial Day,1980. Captain Gerald Clemente and his crew (which included two other Metropolitan Police Department officers) spent every night of the 3-day holiday, (while one of them “patrolled” the streets outside and acted as lookout) blasting, drilling and hauling off about $25.000 in jewelry and cash.


They thought they’d pulled off the perfect crime. But, afterwards, the whole thing unraveled, starting with a Movado watch that one of them had idiotically kept as a gift for his wife.  (These guys don’t get hired for their brains).


We’ve said that we aren’t asking the question of why so many cops get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But, in his book “The Cops are Robbers – A Convicted Cop’s True Story of Police Corruption”, Clemente (who is serving a 40 year sentence for the Medford heist) describes his very first night on the force. That night was when he and his “mentor” spied another cop making off with a lawn chair (nothing too petty or too big for the larcenous cop) he’d snagged while “investigating” a break-in at a downtown department store. Clemente naïvely thought that the cop was going to “return” stolen property. Clemente’s mentor straightened him out, reciting the “rules” (1) never ask another cop about anything he’s doing; it’s “his business” (2) if you want to be accepted in this “club” you’ve joined, you better start acting like the other members.


In Clemente’s account, his best friend and partner, Tommy Doherty, had been obsessed for years with the idea of knocking over the Depositors Trust bank. Doherty, who had a deposit box at the bank, had been casing it for a long time, and thought he knew when and where there would be “bags” of cash, ripe for ripping.


As the story unfolds, they would have been much better off sticking with the theft of appliances, furniture, guns, etc, that they (and every other Medford area cop) did routinely and regularly, and which was known about and tolerated by the police brass.


They never found the “big bags of cash”. They did get a fair amount, but, with six guys in the gang, it was about $100k each. Clemente’s estimates are based on what he says he actually got his hands on. He can’t be sure because the individual members of the gang started ripping each other off from the first minute they hauled their loot out of the bank. But, they also took jewelry…lots of very expensive jewelry.


But jewelry is not easy to convert to cash. They put the “jewelry guy” in charge of that task, and put him in possession of all the jewelry. He stiffed them. They never saw any money from the jewels and the “jewelry” guy mysteriously disappeared.


But, they did get enough cash for a couple of the more entrepreneurial among them to use their money to bootstrap themselves into the bigtime of cocaine sales. They also got themselves a bigtime coke habit. A big part of their clientele was other Medford area cops. In fact, during one period when Doherty was in “protective custody”, from the mob, he continued to sell coke, and the state cops “protecting” him were buying coke from him.


The FBI and area mob goombas had gotten onto them immediately. Clemente only hoped he could run out the clock on the five year statute of limitations before the feds had enough proof to arrest him. But, the feds were able to eventually turn his girlfriend into a cooperating witness, and his cohorts were crashing and burning so bad from their coke dealing and addiction that eventually they started getting popped. There was an intramural assassination attempt…that really broke up the band for good. The intended victim of the attempt cut a deal to testify against the others.


Clemente continued to believe he could outwit the feds. Right up to the minute the verdict was read, he thought he was going to avoid jail (he’d already spent all the money he made from the heist on legal expenses, his cop career was over; he had already lost everything but his freedom).


He was wrong. The jury came back with guilty verdicts. A bunch of them. And, this was a federal case. They did not appreciate the jerking around he had given them for almost 5 years, and the judge wasn’t amused either. The Special Cop Rules, which had kept Clemente out of the reach of the law for 20 years, were not invoked. He got a 30 year sentence and went directly from the courtroom to jail.


Clemente’s tell-all tale is full of “I see now what I should have seen then” mea culpas about his and his fellow cops’ immersion in a life of corruption.


But even he can’t resist the temptation to play the reformed criminal/now “counselor”. (He spends a few paragraphs on his theories of “compassionate” law enforcement; it seems he disdains the aggressive head-busting type of cop…not that he ever took any action against any of them while he was part of the force).


And though he is candid about the endemic and pervasive corruption of all levels of the local and state law enforcement agencies that he moved among, he naïvely predicted (this is about 1985) that the “new breed” of young police officers coming on line were going to be different.


John “Jack” Brosnahan - How an ex-Cop Settled a Family Dispute


There was an ongoing dispute between John “Jack” Brosnahan and his brothers-in law regarding the disposition of the family home and “care” for his 91 year-old mother-in-law.


Brosnahan settled it for everyone involved, by killing everyone involved, including himself. The other victims were his mother-in-law and two of her sons.


News reports don’t establish how Brosnahan was able to own a gun in a town where gun possession is highly illegal for most people. Could it be another instance of “Special Cop Rules”?


Special Cop Rules remain in effect in perpetuity; they don’t end at retirement, or even after death. Brosnahan had been on the Bedford police force for 28 years (the entire time as a patrolman), retiring in 2000. It isn’t clear from reports we’ve seen whether Brosnahan used a police-issued weapon in the massacre, or where or how he acquired the gun.


And, despite the fact that Brosnahan was the subject of a “manhunt” before he was found dead in the Charles River, the police evidently didn’t see the need to distribute any photographs.


John Bergeron – State Trooper Moron with a Gun


Not all cop-caused mayhem necessarily happens with criminal intent; simple stupidity sometimes will suffice.


When Massachusetts State Police Trooper John Bergeron shot Cheryl Blair, he probably did not go out with the intent of harming his 66 year-old neighbor. He was “hunting deer”…after dark…shooting at “tails”.


The only tails anywhere near where Bergeron was shooting belonged to Blair’s dogs. Blair was out walking her dogs in the woods next to her house, totally unaware that John “Elmer Fudd” Bergeron was nearby with a black powder rifle, ready to blast away at anything moving.


His bullet struck Blair in her hip. After realizing he’d shot a human, Bergeron gave first aid and called for medical help. That probably did save Blair’s life. She lost a lot of blood and barely survived a night in intensive care.


So, the best thing that can be said is that the Massachusetts State Police have employed and assigned to Troop C, which covers Central Massachusetts, an idiot who doesn’t have any better judgment than to blindly fire his rifle in the dark at some murky target in the woods. This idiot has driven around armed and in uniform for years. He may go right back to those duties.


Massachusetts State Police refused to even name Bergeron. That information had to come from Norton police, where the shooting took place.


As of this writing, Bergeron faces no criminal penalties. MSP spokesman David Procopio announced that “the incident occurred while (Bergeron) was deer hunting while off duty. He was properly permitted, in-season, and in an appropriate area for deer hunting. We have determined it was accidental.”


Blair’s husband may not be so forgiving. His wife has a fractured pelvis. That is a horrible injury for anyone, all the more so for a 66 year-old woman.


If civil penalties are forthcoming, will it be Bergeron or Massachusetts taxpayers who will pay? The MSP has already made clear that the shooting had nothing to do with performance of his job. That would seem to point the responsibility right back at Bergeron. Will he find a way to avoid it?


There is still an investigation ongoing. Bergeron may still be charged with criminal negligence.


And, even if no criminal charges are ever filed, will MSP simply give Bergeron his badge, uniform and gun, and return him to duty as if he were not demonstrably unfit to serve?


Stay tuned.




Jeffrey Doyle - Family Man and Rapist


Jeffrey Doyle is another example of a cop who somehow, mysteriously (we don’t quite know yet where cops get the idea) thought that a “perk” of being a cop was the chance to meet chicks…and sexually assault them.


18–year veteran Doyle assaulted a Mid-Michigan woman last February. Officials say he   misused his position as a police officer  to take advantage of the woman.


And, of course, we should assume this is the ve-r-ry first time in his 18 year career he’s ever done such a thing.


Well, it may have been the ve-r-ry first time that Doyle – in uniform and investigating a theft complaint by questioning a woman at her apartment “fondled the victim's breasts after ordering her to stand and place her hands against a closet, then ordered her to sit in a chair and perform oral sex on him”.


Doyle thought he should get a break on sentencing because he is the “sole provider for his family”.


And, of course, from the brass, in the person of Midland Police Chief Gerald, we get the usual boilerplate crap-ola: “The Midland Police Department is a professional organization that has and continues to provide a high level of service to the community…the actions of one person do not impinge upon the rest of the department.”  BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH FREAKIN’ BLAH.


Yes, they do, Chief.


Robert Kusmack – Cop in the Itsy Bitsy Man-kini


OK, after reading about Jeffrey Doyle, some itty-bitty deal about a cop possessing “a non-narcotic controlled substance” (steroids) doesn’t seem even worth mentioning, does it? (Except for the numbingly familiar example of a cop who thinks that because he enforces the law, he’s exempt from it).


So, we’ll just make the obvious stupid joke about the Paw Paw Po-Po and let it go at that…except to wonder if that man-kini is part of the Paw Paw PD standard uni.


Gary Bucholtz – Bad ex-Chief of Bad Axe


Gary Bucholtz was Chief of Police in Bad Axe, MI, “for about 10 years”. Which 10 years? If you know, let us know. We weren’t able to find out, even after reading dozens of news accounts, all repeating the same “about 10 years” factoid.


What is better reported are the details of the kidnapping/murder/suicide that took place in November 2011.


All indications are that the ex-Chief abducted estranged wife Rhonda, restrained and concealed her in a van using any of the “multiple restraints” found by investigators, drove her 200 miles away to a motel, where he killed her with “multiple” shots to the face from a handgun. (The “multiple shots to the face” motif is one we see repeated in other instances where a cop has murdered a wife, ex-wife or girlfriend.)


Later he evidently shot himself to death with a shotgun blast.


Interesting sidenotes: Gary Bucholtz’s brother is Gagetown Police Chief Gene Bucholtz. And, victim Rhonda Bucholtz is the aunt of a man murdered 9 days previous to her own death.




Tim Carson – PTSD and Self Pity in the Twin City




If we were ever going to have sympathy for any of these criminal cops, Tim Carson might be the one.


He fought, and was seriously injured, in Iraq. While he was in Kuwait, his wife told him she had cancer, and had been raped.


When he got back from the war, he found out that he had a wife from hell, a genuine wacko who had faked the cancer illness (complete with fake hair loss and fake “needle marks”), and also may have faked her daughter’s illness. She also lied about getting raped, and made up a story about her daughter getting raped by a neighbor.


He went broke trying to keep up with the “medical” costs, and lost his house.


All this financial pressure and personal tragedy drove him, they say, to go on a 20-day crime spree that included robbing convenience stores, a lady at a bus stop, and a dry cleaner. He wanted money, and, they say, he wanted to get shot and killed by other cops, so that his “pathologically manipulative and dishonest” wife could collect $250,000 in insurance.


Carson, of course, was a cop himself (the reason he’s featured here in our book). In fact, he was one of the elites, a member of the Minneapolis Police SWAT team.


He didn’t get killed, but he did get caught. And convicted. And sentenced. In his booking photo, he really does have what looks like a “just kill me please” expression.


So, we might have had sympathy for a “troubled” vet, who had used a gun to commit a string of robberies and conspired to defraud an insurance company, except when we considered…how much sympathy did Carson ever have for anyone whose home his SWAT team “dynamically” broke into, whose dog was shot during the bust, whose families were terrorized, or whose lives were destroyed over some “mistaken” tip about a low-level drug offense?


We’re guessing that, like John “Gee, it’s too bad…mistakes happen” Gnagey, executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association, Carson never had any sympathy for any of those other “criminals”, and so we’re finding it difficult to feel any for him.


Kenneth Baker – Reckless in Mankato


OK, let’s play some make believe.


You’ve spent the entire night cruising bars. At closing time, you hop in your car and head out on the road. Chances are, you’re seriously impaired, (i.e. “drunk”). Something happens to make you lose control of your car (like, maybe you drop your phone on the floor and try to pick it up). You smash into a retaining wall, and parts of your car go flying into other parked cars.


You make a quick check and ask a few witnesses if they “saw anything”. Then you pick up some of the broken pieces of your car, throw them inside, and…leave the scene of the wreck.


A little while later, some cops, who had followed a trail of leaking fluid, show up at your house. You casually tell them, “Hey, I’m not really feeling like talking right now. I’ll get back to you later…like about 10 hours later”.


That’s going to happen, right? The cops are going to say, “Yeah, sure, we don’t need to find out why you fled the scene of a wreck. And, we don’t need to check out your wrecked car, which is obviously in your garage. And we don’t need to test you to see if you’re intoxicated. So, we won’t bother getting a search warrant. Whenever it’s convenient for you, we’ll just drop back by here, and ask a few questions. And, be sure you have a lawyer when we show up”.


Well, it could happen that way…if you’re a cop.


If you’re Mankato, Minnesota cop Kenneth Baker, it did happen, just that way. 


After Baker graciously made time to talk to his fellow cops, he admitted to the barhopping and being the driver of the car. The fellow cops were, no doubt, quite satisfied that all procedures had been followed correctly.


But, the solicitude didn’t stop there.


The police had no choice but to charge Baker with careless driving and hit-and-run. But, when Baker’s case got to court, the judge dismissed the hit and run, stayed imposition on the reckless driving charge, and fined Baker a whopping…$350.


And, after enduring a vicious tongue-lashing from the judge, who told Baker in no uncertain terms that he’d been a very, very, naughty boy, who had “brought discredit not only to (himself) but also to the Department of Public Safety and the City of Mankato,” and that his “decisions reflected poorly on him”. Baker wrote a letter, explaining how sorry and ashamed he was, that he’d never, ever do it again, and the whole thing had been a great lesson…for others to learn from.


But as if he hadn’t suffered enough, Baker was also suspended for a whole 60 days before…returning to his job at the Mankato Police Department.


Unlike what would be true for any non-cop, police reports from Baker’s incident were placed on a “restricted” status, meaning they’re not available for public viewing.


It is truly a great country…to be a cop.




Dewayne Johnson – Dumb as a Box of Rocks


No, it isn’t Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


It’s Dewayne “Dumb as a Box of Rocks” Johnson.


As he was driving a suspect to the station, Natchez Mississippi cop Dewayne Johnson decided somewhere along the way that this would be a good place to stop so he could steal credit cards from the suspect. Then he gave the cards to his cousin, Patricia A. Wilson, who used them right in Natchez and just across the Mississippi river in Vidalia, Louisiana, at a gas station, restaurants, and retail stores to buy sneakers, and (at Dewayne’s direction) to buy beer for a party. But during one of Cousin Patricia’s purchases, the store recognized the card had already been reported as stolen.


(Sad trombone sfx)…so sorry, Pat and Dewayne, end of party… (they do not hire these guys for their brains).


Since he was on duty, in uniform and in the process of performing a function of his job as a cop, this is a pure “under color of law” crime.


Johnson was convicted at trial on March 2, 2011, for violating the civil rights of the arrestee in his custody when he stole credit cards and debit cards. He had previously pleaded guilty July 28, 2010, to conspiring to commit identity theft, credit card fraud, and bank fraud.


Johnson was sentenced to 2 ½  years in jail and two years’ supervised release.




Eugene Burrell finally has to Pay; 30 Years for Murder…after Probation for Kidnapping and Rape


Eugene Burrell  was sentenced August 12, 2011 to 30 years for the murder of Justin Young, a murder he committed in 2010. A murder that might not have happened if he had not gotten off with a SUSPENDED SENTENCE in 1999 when he was convicted of Kidnapping and Rape!  Convicted of a, rape committed 10 years prior to the murder, in which he “abducted a woman her from her home..., held a razor to her neck, pistol-whipped her and raped her”. The victim was not a stranger, she knew him. The rape was committed in 1998 shortly after he first signed up as a reserve officer in Velda City. Prior to that post he held police jobs in University City, Kinloch, Pine Lawn, and Jennings. “Burrell lost his police certification in 1999 after he pleaded guilty to assault and forcible rape charges for which he received suspended sentences.”


Somehow, Burrell was able to go about his duties in four police departments without anyone having any idea what kind of man he was. It really beggars belief. Someone either knew, or damn sure should have known.


Steven Rios – Threat to Expose Sex Secret is Motive for Murder in Missouri


Gay, straight, trans-gendered; it doesn’t make any difference. The first thing a cop does when he finds out he’s going to prison? He blubbers. And, so, on May 23, 2005, there was Steven Rios crying as the verdict was returned: guilty of first degree murder. The sentence was life in prison without parole.



Rios’ tears weren’t the kind that we’ve often seen where the convicted cop “apologizes” to “the community…my family…my fellow officers” for “letting them down”. Rios wept for himself. He has never admitted to the crime, and has attempted numerous appeals, insisting that he is completely innocent.


Victim Jesse Valencia, 23, was open about his homosexuality. Rios wasn’t. Rios was married and had a child.


But, when Columbia Missouri Patrolman Rios arrested Missouri University history and political science major Valencia for “mouthing off” as Rios was busting up a loud party, the encounter led to a seven-week affair, and from there, to murder.


Over the seven-week period of their affair, Rios would meet Valencia at Valencia’s apartment. Rios went to Valencia’s apartment while in uniform and supposedly “on patrol” in Columbia.


Valencia tried to use Rios’ closeted homosexuality to blackmail the cop into “fixing” the ticket from the party, threatening to expose the “little secret” to the police chief (which would surely become known to Rios’ wife). Valencia made his plans known to college classmates.


Valencia was found dead on June 5, 2004, with signs of choking and his throat cut so deeply it “left marks on his spine”.


That guilty verdict and sentence was overturned on appeal (because of “hearsay” evidence used in his trial) and so Rios was tried a second time.


The outcome at the second trial was, again, a guilty verdict, this time for second degree murder. Rios’ lawyer requested leniency due to (are you ready for this?) Rios’ service as a policeman! The lobbying for “Special Cop Rules” for a vicious murderer was unsuccessful, and the sentence imposed was life plus 23 years (the victim had been 23 years of age at the time he was murdered). That “life” sentence, however, does leave open the possibility of parole.


Rios appealed again, unsuccessfully. The second trial verdict was upheld on June 28, 2010.


But, Rios hasn’t given up yet. As recently as March 2011, Rios  got another hearing, claiming that he had “inadequate” defense counsel at the retrial.




Dan Blume – Accepting Full No Responsibility


When criminal/cops aren’t inspiring outrage with their criminality, they are endlessly entertaining with their blubbering, self-pity, apologies, excuses, rationalizations and blame-shifting.


Lets take, for example, Anaconda, Montana’s former top candidate for Police Chief, Dan Blume. (Editorial aside: just like with Cop of the Year/Week/Decade award recipients, and holding the rank of Captain, being Police Chief, or being a candidate for Police Chief should be a big flapping red flag that something is seriously about to go “schproing!”)


In 2004 Blume had been running 3-1 against his nearest competitor for the top cop job, when it was discovered that candidate Blume…had helped himself to $2,365 cash from the department’s evidence locker. Whoops. Major banana peel.


Detective Capt. Blume was suddenly out of contention for becoming Chief Blume. However, Blume could still count on receiving the usual are-you-comfy-can-we-get-you-another-pillow treatment from the “justice system”. One year. Deferred. Because, the judge said, he had “accepted responsibility” for his crime.


But, Blume “accepted” no such thing. Even that gentle paddle on his well-padded bottom was too much for blubber-baby Blume to accept.


Therefore, Blume came back the following year with a lawsuit claiming that job-related injuries had “caused” him to steal the 2-large-and-change.


What were these hideous, unhealed “injuries”. Well, Blume (the man who would be Chief) was traumatized by his exposure, while investigating homicides, to grisly sights and knowledge. In addition, Blume had not been “trained, counseled and debriefed” adequately after suffering that “mental trauma”, and Blume’s thieving occurred, not because of any volitional act by “Don’t Blame Me” Blume, but it was “caused by” his “untreated mental injuries”.


Wanna reconsider that “full responsibility for his actions” nonsense, judge? Probably not, but, it’s way too late for that, anyway, isn’t it? And you knew it was BS at the time you said it, didn’t you?


Jason Huntsinger – Brainless in Missoula


Missoula, Monana Police Officer Jason Huntsinger used a police union computer  to access “Lolitas on Holiday”. What was he looking for at that website? Do we even have to say?  What was the union’s name? The Missoula Police Protective Organization. What was Huntsinger’s status in the union? Huntsinger was President of the union. He also listed an address for his club membership…the P.O. address for “federal drug task force to which he was assigned”.


We may have mentioned before that these guys do not get hired for their brains.


Huntsinger’s sentence was kept short (one year), because, as a cop…he would be subject to “abuse” in prison. Nobody else in prison is subject to abuse; just cops…you see. So, don’t give cops lengthy prison sentences, because…they’re cops. You understand, right? OK. Good.


In case you don’t understand, here’s the drill: if you commit a crime under color of authority, then you get a special deal in sentencing because you committed the crime under color of authority! Nifty, no? The MPPO isn’t the only “police protective” organization in Missoula.








Curtis Leo Eckhardt – This Cop is Really “Pissed”


You’re at an outdoor concert. You see something…what it looks like, is…it looks like that guy over there has…got his junk out, and he’s…actually…urinating on people!


No, you didn’t get mickey’d with the brown acid. It wasn’t a hallucination…it really was 22 year veteran Billings Police Officer Curtis Leo Eckhardt, who was…peeing…on public…in the park.


That must’ve been a curious sight. Must’ve been a bit surprising when people learned that they’d been pee’d on…in public…by a city cop.


Also, Eckhardt must have been peeing on concert goers in a “disorderly” manner, since “disorderly conduct” is the charge to which he pleaded guilty. Here’s what you get in Billings for urinating on people, if you are a cop; 6 months, deferred. (The original charges included words such as “indecent exposure”…those embarrassing little details were quietly and conveniently adjudicated away. Special Cop Rules.


Eckhardt had already resigned by the time of his court plea hearing and “sentencing”. But as far as we can find out, there is nothing preventing him from being rehired, in Billings or anywhere else in the country.


We think this is a good opportunity to discuss the “few bad apples in every barrel” stock excuse that is proffered anytime a cop gets into a scrape.


The longer form version of the excuse goes something like: “every profession, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., etc.”…you’ve heard it. Now, think…how many times have you ever heard of a local doctor, lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, engineer, architect, or any person in any “professional” occupation, who had ever urinated on people at a public event. Isn’t the answer “zero”…i.e. you have never, ever heard of any other “professional” in your town having urinated on people at a public event? No, neither have we.




Tim Pinkerton – The Bellevue Breather


Nothing remarkable about Bellevue Nebraska cop Tim Pinkerton. No one would assume there was anything “off” about the guy in this photo; a photo that could’ve appeared in any high school yearbook. Just a regular hard-workin’ cop, with a “file full of commendations”, doin’ his job.


In our research for this book, we’ve seen time and again the “shocked” reaction when an “award winning” cop turns out to be a creep. To us, this suggests that police departments may want to start getting a little stingier with their “commendations”, and not stuffing everyone’s file with gratuitous praise.


However that may be, when Tim Pinkerton was off-duty, he had a favorite hobby; calling up women he’d previously arrested and giving them the “heavy breather” bit on the phone.


The calls started with the caller not saying anything, but over the course of the next 10 months progressed to making vulgar sexual references, mentioning previous arrests and offering to procure drugs.


After one woman took her complaints to the police department, their investigation found that up to 10 women may have received these calls.


Pinkerton at first denied making such calls. But, the calls had been made from his personal phone (these guys are not hired for their brains).


Just before the case went to trial, Pinkerton changed his plea to guilty, to two misdemeanor counts of intimidation by phone call and two misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace.


Pinkerton “faced” up to a year in jail, and up to a $2,000 fine or both. Sentencing was “due” to take place in April, 2011


We’d love to be able to tell our readers what the actual sentence was, but we were not able to find out. We could find no report with that information.


Our research for this book does not employ any exotic methods. We are not Harold Finch, able to collect our own omnivorous stash of data and our own customized “machine” to analyze it all.


The only tools we have chosen to use are consumer search engines like Google. If the news article cannot be retrieved, we have no other means of acquiring that information. (We are also not “professional” journalists; we do not contact original reporters for “updates”.)


More and more frequently, news organizations are hiding their content behind some kind of “wall” to prevent retrieval. Search engine companies like Google change their “algorithms” to shape the kind of data retrieved (and the kind of data deliberately not retrieved), legal trolls such as “Righthaven” are attempting to intimidate bloggers with SLAPP lawsuits claiming “infringement” on copyrights they do not own, courts are ruling that bloggers do not have first amendment rights,  fair use laws are under attack and the U.S. is aggressively endeavoring to throw a wet blanket over the entire internet under the guise of ending “piracy” with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) bills, even going to the extent of pressuring foreign governments to get on the bandwagon.


Please see our comments later in this book regarding our concerns about the future availability of this type of data for “regular” people.


Terry Stiles – Bad Apple Finally Bounces into Prison


Follow the bouncing “bad apples”. They bounce from job to job; town to town, bobbing up in barrel after barrel.


Terry Stiles was 45 years old when he was convicted  of two charges of third-degree sexual assault. Prior to that, he had worked in no fewer than five law enforcement jobs in the state of Nebraska. Stiles had been employed by the Nuckolls and Furnas county sheriff's offices, the Beatrice Police Department, and the Gage County sheriff’s office In each job, he appears to have found some reason to move on, finally ending up at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. He “resigned” from there 2008.


The resignation from the Gage County sheriff's office in 2006 came after Stiles had been accused of misusing a county-issued credit card and cell phone. Those accusations were “investigated by the Nebraska Attorney General's Office but no charges were ever filed”.


And, the bad apple bounced on.


About a year removed from his last law enforcement job, Stiles was left in charge of two girls, 8 and 11 years old, acting as their babysitter. While in Stiles’ care, Stiles took the girls to a private swimming pool. There, Stiles took off his clothes and told the girls to take off their bathing suits. He then made them…“touch him”. There were similar incidents, at least seven of them. Stiles “bribed the girls with movie tickets, fireworks, games of miniature golf, toys, water balloons and money to keep them quiet”.


Stiles denied all of these allegations, and represented himself in court.


The jury believed the girls. So did the judge, who said at sentencing that he had found their testimony “very believable”.


The judge also lectured Stiles, noting that he had “never taken responsibility” for what he’d done.


Stiles made some confusing, contradictory comments of his own, telling the judge that he thought that he had taken responsibility.


The judge must have wondered how that might have been, since Stiles never admitted to having done anything to the girls, instead blaming “someone else”. Stiles went on in his comments to “apologize” for “letting people down”, and claimed that he had “fought all his life” against …people like…himself?


The judge might have been excused for believing that Stiles was delusional, since Stiles imagined that some mysterious other person molested the girls…and imagined that he could act as his own legal counsel…and imagined that he was a heroic figure, “fighting to make the world a better place”.


Whatever the judge might have thought, he sentenced Stiles to two consecutive prison terms of three to five years in prison. He’ll be eligible for parole in three years and will have to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison.




Eric Barrios – LVMPD’s Evidence-Planting Narcotics Cop


Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Narcotics Detective Eric Barrios had a “problem”. No, it was more than a problem, it was a “sickness”. He’s a “gambling addict”.


So, it wasn’t Detective Barrios’ fault when he filed a bogus insurance claim for valuables “stolen” in a home burglary. It wasn’t him, don’t you see? It was the “sickness”. (Barrios’ ex-wife worked at the jewelry store where a Barrio's “stolen” $10,000 Rolex watch was found by insurance investigators. Barrios had never purchased the watch at all; the receipt was phony.  Reports don’t mention whether the ex-wife was charged in the scam).


And it wasn’t the fault of Detective Barrios, a MPD Narcotics officer since 2002, when he planted evidence to convict a Henderson NV resident of felony drug trafficking. It was the sickness.


So, when “meritorious service” award-winning (NOTE: there we go again with the gratuitous personnel file-stuffing) Barrios stood in court to receive his sentence, the judge fairly gushed that Barrios “had done everything to turn himself around” and gently chided Barrios, but reassured him that “everyone makes mistakes”.


Well, not “everyone’s” mistakes result in innocent people getting a felony on their record, but, you get the judge’s point. Barrios is a good guy.


Good Guy Eric received a 12 to 32-month suspended prison sentence, for theft and falsifying evidence, and was ordered to pay $1,400 “restitution” to someone or other…the insurance company?...the jewelry store?...the wrongfully convicted “drug trafficker”? Who knows? What difference does it make? It’s all a big nothing that will not even raise a welt on Barrios’ wrist.


Oh, one more condition of the plea agreement; Barrios also has to stay out of the casinos, or he just might get his probation revoked by that tough-as-nails judge.


Brady and Mortensen – the “Pete” Willard and Billy Ray Cobb of Las Vegas


Remember the opening scene of the 1996 movie “A Time to Kill”? Two drunken, racist, rednecks in a pickup truck cruising around looking for some shit to get into. They beat and rape a 10 year old black girl, leaving her for dead.


In 1997, Las Vegas had its own version, Christopher Brady and Ronald Mortensen of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.


It was 16-month Rookie Las Vegas Metro Police Department cop Ronald Mortensen's 31st birthday. His wife and cop friends threw a party. Party, party, party. Drink, drink, drink.  It was a  “night of drunken revelry”. Everybody had a good time. When the party broke up, Mortensen and his partner Christopher Brady drove off together (obviously smashed drunk) in Brady's blue 1974 Dodge pickup truck (leaving Mortensen's wife behind). The last thing they did before they headed out was to retrieve Mortensen's Sig Sauer from Mortensen’s wife, who had been holding onto it for safekeeping during the party.


Christopher Brady was driving. They wanted to have some more cop-buddy fun, and decided what would be fun would be to drive to a “gang” (read: “Hispanic”) neighborhood and harass whomever they found.


After spending some time spinning donuts in parking lots, those lovable cut-ups Ron and Chris found a group of “gang members” in a cul-de-sac alley. They drove

up to the group, and motioned them over to the truck. Then, one of the cops emptied the Sig Sauer (six shots) into the group. One of the bullets hit 21 year-old Daniel Mendoza in his heart. He took a couple of steps, then collapsed, and died.


After shooting up the “gang”, those partyin’ cop-dudes drove around the Hispanic neighborhood for two hours (!) then headed over to the “off-duty cop” bar P.T.'s Pub , still open at that time of night. They continued to get even more drunk. According to witnesses, Mortensen got so wasted he “could barely stand”. Finally, Brady drove Mortensen home, but instead of taking the most direct route, took one that just coincidentally passed near enough to the shooting scene to see if there were any police still investigating.


The next day, Mortensen attended the pre-shift briefing, and was arrested immediately. His “good buddy” partner Brady had already ratted him out, and given up the murder weapon.


Good Buddy Brady fingered Mortensen as the trigger-man. Witnesses at the scene corroborated that the shooter was a “big white guy with glasses” who shot from the passenger side, the gun was pointed from outside the window. (Brady was about 5' 9" and 165 lbs, Mortensen was 6' 2" and 220 pounds)


Mortensen's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon's slide. Shell casings from Mortensen's Sig Sauer were found on the ground (confirming both the ownership of the gun, and that it had been fired from outside the window.


Brady admitted in court that he had pointed his own .38 Taurus revolver at the group, but did not fire.


Once Mortensen was arrested, and it was clear that Brady was looking out for number one, the “battle of the lies and cockamamie cop alibis” was on.


Brady contacted his (MPD detective) father. Brady removed the bullets from the magazine and the chamber, placed the gun in his bathroom cabinet and went fishing. Then, he claimed that he “found” Mortensen's gun, and presented himself as only a witness, not a participant. Initially, he was not arrested or charged.  His truck was examined for fingerprints, but not impounded. Brady repainted and “detailed” the truck, and removed the passenger seat. Mortensen claimed he “was going to” turn himself in the day he was arrested, but didn't bother to tell his wife of his plans, and instead of turning himself in, presented himself, in uniform, ready to work his shift. Both cops claimed that it was “only the next day” that they learned from news reports that Mendoza had been shot and killed.


One note about those news reports. Almost every article contains a passage referring to Daniel Mendoza as a “reputed gang member”. We did not find one purported “fact” to back that up. To us, it seems suspiciously like something that the police would “leak” to the press, hoping that it would get repeated, and therefore serve to provide some veneer of culpability on the part of the victim. And, the lick-spittle press did not disappoint. As they typically do, they repeated the same “facts”, identical word for word, from one “news outlet” to the next; “Daniel Mendoza – ‘reputed’ gang member”. However, no one, not even the two marauding cops, claim in any official record that Mendoza, or any of the group he was among that night, were involved in any illegal activity when Brady and Mortensen showed up.


The only hint of such a thing appeared in one of Mortensen’s appeals, where he claims that Brady, seconds after the shooting (as Mortensen supposedly objected, asking “what did you do that for?”) totally fabricated an excuse for firing into the group, yelling at Mortensen that “the son of a bitch had a gun” and “nobody comes up on me like that”. Since Brady denies ever shooting, and Mortensen claims that Brady’s excuse was a lie, there is no evidence whatsoever that Mendoza was engaged in any “gang” activity when he was shot.


Two years after Mortensen's arrest, Brady pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years, with the condition that he had to serve all nine years.


Mortensen claimed he never wanted to go “marauding”, and that it was all Brady's idea.  And, Mortensen claimed, it was Brady, who picked up Mortensen's Sig Sauer off the car seat, reached over the passenger side, and fired the six rounds. Mortensen accused Brady of colluding with his high-ranking department father to “frame” Mortensen.


To Mortensen's claim, despite self-congratulations by prosecutors and the sheriff's office that police and prosecutors made no effort to grant felony suspect Brady any “special consideration”:  


(1) the murder weapon, by the time Brady “turned it in” had already been glommed by two people other than Brady or Mortensen


(2) the decision by Deputy District Attorney John Lukens to not charge Brady was “criticized” by other prosecutors and “amazed” defense attorneys, and risked a not guilty verdict for Mortensen because it could undermine the establishement of “premeditation”, and suggesting that everything preceding the actual shooting (the decision to go on a “marauding” trip to the Hispanic neighborhood), was “innocuous”. As stated in the appeals court decision to deny Mortensen a new trial, Brady conceded that it was his idea      to commence a pattern of citizen harassment that night.


(3) the decision to not charge Brady exhibited a “dual standard”, in that no one (who wasn't a cop) in a like situation would be “given a pass”. Police routinely arrest drivers in drive-by shootings despite claims that they didn't know their passenger was going to shoot someone, and it's “very, very, very common for drivers to be interviewed and usually booked on murder charges”. Las Vegas lawyers agreed that “you would be hard-pressed to find a situation where a young Hispanic or even young white guy isn't charged.”


Mortensen was convicted of first degree murder, and sentenced to life without possibility of parole.


Mortensen “wiped away tears” (surprise!) before being sentenced to life without possibility of parole. Mortensen’s wife wept and wailed, repeating the claim that Mortensen was an innocent victim of a frame-up. Mortensen’s father pleaded for mercy because (get this), Mortensen “had a 2-year old child that needed a father”. The only thing missing was Mortensen’s mother hysterically shrieking “my baby! ba-a-a-aby!”              


To bring things back to reality, the prosecutors made the point that “Mortensen was a police officer who was entrusted with a badge and gun after he took an oath to serve and protect members of the community. That same officer then went to 537 McKellar Circle following a birthday party last Dec. 28, laughingly summoned a group of people to his vehicle and emptied his gun into the crowd, hitting and killing Mendoza.


One of the other prosecutors also pointed out that if the roles were reversed and Mendoza, a reputed gang member, had killed Mortensen in a drive-by shooting, Mendoza would have been eligible for the death penalty. It’s good to be a cop, ain’t it? So many potential problems not only magically melt away, many others just never arise.


Mortensen moved for a new trial. That motion was denied.


Mortensen appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court. The appeal was denied.   


Mortensen appealed again for a reversal of the verdict, based upon “new evidence of perjured testimony” at his trial.


While in jail, Mortensen, whose wife described him as “an officer and a gentleman, a complete gentleman”, concocted a plan to screw his very aged grandmother out of her very valuable California beachfront property. He wanted to sell the property and use the proceeds to make a “contribution” to the campaign of the judge who could get him sprung from prison. The judge was running for a spot on the Nevada Supreme Court. Also part of the plot was a former pro wrestler/police informant, and an area bail bondsman /North Las Vegas prosecutor who knew the husband of the judge.


Although Mortensen's mom successfully contested the transfer of ownership of the house, by that time wrestler dude had already turned it into “a big bag” of cash. Wrestler dude got the cash into the hands of the guy who was supposed to deliver the “contribution”, but the deliveryman got cold feet, suspecting (correctly) that he was being set up to take a fall for bribery.


The bail bondsman/prosecutor, Kenneth Long, was convicted of “conspiracy to commit elder abuse” (a “gross misdemeanor”), fined $2,000, and his law license was “suspended”. Granny's house was returned to her (Granny's daughter had legal control anyway).


Mortensen's appeals records contained testimony that before the shooting incident, Brady had been investigtated by LVMPD internal affairs eight times. Among those accusations were an incident in which Brady stopped a female driver, threatened her with arrest, and coerced her into a “sexual” act and that Brady had once “pulled a gun on a motorist” without cause, and had, in another incident “put a gun to the head” of a man in a casino who “looked at” Brady the wrong way. Daddy must be so proud.


The family of Daniel Mendoza got a piddling $50,000 paid from Mortensen's   “homeowner” policy. The Mendoza family’s lawyer noted that this was the only known case where cops had been convicted of a drive-by murder.


Congratulations officers Brady and Mortensen. You were pioneers, breaking open new territory in cop terror!


So, Brady and Mortensen each accused the other of “pulling the trigger”. But, how much difference does it really make? They acted together to go into a “minority” neighborhood, for the express purpose of harassing minorities. They were already involved in the commission of felonious activity when they deliberately picked an altercation with a group of people that included Daniel Mendoza. One or the other of them deliberately fired into that group of people, with the totally predictable result that someone would be struck.


So, there are differences between “Pete” Willard and Billy Ray Cobb and Brady and Mortensen. Brady and Mortensen were from Las Vegas, Nevada, not a backwoods southern town. Their victim was Hispanic, not black, and was 21 years old, no longer a child. Tonya Hailey lived, but Daniel Mendoza died.


One other difference…Brady and Mortensen are real.


New Hampshire


Ryan Nardone – Violent Jackass Cop in the House


Combine a violent, stupid, “entitled”, drunken cop and a crowed bar, what do you think will happen?


Stupid Drunken Cop Violence.


So, it’s June, 2009. Manchester New Hampshire cop Ryan Nardone and his fiancée are in the Brew Tavern in Manchester. The place is crowded. Someone may have “touched” Nardone’s fiancée. That’ll happen in a crowded bar. You might get jostled a bit. If you’re that touchy, if your precious fiancée is that fragile, don’t go to a crowded place.


Nardone is a Manchester cop. He’s off-duty, but, he’s still a cop. And cops are special, you see. Cops are entitled to act out violently whenever it suits them. And a cop is “entitled” to his own “special” space, even in a crowded bar, and no one even knows he’s a cop anyway.


Nardone punches the “offender,” right in his face, so hard it fractures bones in the guy’s face.


Newspaper accounts referred to it as a “bar fight”, but it wasn’t a “fight”. It seems much more like Nardone just hauled off and slugged somebody who had no idea it was coming.


Nardone was convicted in May 2010 of simple assault. Depending on which news account you’re reading, he might have gotten either a year or six months in jail. Either way, all but 30 days were suspended.


Oh, and Nardone had to do 75 hours of “community service” and write a letter of apology to the victim, and attend an “anger management” course.


Isnt’ that great? That letter and “community service” no doubt really helped the other guy’s face heal up and pay his medical expenses.


At least the Manchester PD is rid of this idiot. He was kept on the force doing “desk duty” until the conviction, but resigned soon thereafter. Did they put pressure on him to force him out? Well, if they did…good for them!


Douglas Tower – “No Wrongdoing”; $1.85M Settlement


Let’s make this clear right away. Shea Farm halfway house did “nothing wrong”. When they hired Douglas Tower as a “corrections officer” they did “nothing wrong”. When they neglected to protect the inmates and other staff at the prison, they did “nothing wrong”. They agreed to pay out $1.85 million in settlements to rape victims of Douglas Tower, but that doesn’t mean they did anything “wrong”.


Douglas Tower says he “never did anything wrong, either”. Maybe “stupid”, but not “wrong”.


Despite the lack of any wrongdoing, Douglas Tower was convicted of rape, and was sentenced to 20 years. And, despite the almost $2 million in payouts to the victims of the prison guard who never did anything wrong, the prison never did anything wrong.


Tower admitted that there was that one time when he “stupidly” kissed an inmate after “stupidly” searching her bra. And there was that one time when he “made out” with another female inmate, but, she started it, when she “aroused” him during a ride in the van by “rubbing his leg” and “pulling down her pants and underwear so he could touch her”.


And what woman, let alone what female inmate could control herself in the presence of such an irresistible example of manly animal magnetism as Douglas Tower?   The man exudes sex appeal.


Of course, Tower only “admitted” to those incidents after having already lied to investigators that he “never” had any sexual contact with any prisoners, and the admission came only the day before he was scheduled to take a lie detector test.


Although there was never any wrongdoing, the Shea Farm “Community Corrections Officer of the Year” Tower somehow got hit with no fewer than 53 counts of raping and sexually assaulting or “inappropriately touching” female inmates over whom he had direct authority , and whom he told that they would be punished if they refused.


And, although there was never any wrongdoing, for some unknown reason, New Hampshire Department of Corrections Sergeant Douglas Tower was sentenced to twenty to forty years for Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault along with a suspended 7-14 year consecutive sentence.


And, as mentioned above, although there was never any wrongdoing, the State of New Hampshire agreed to pay $1.85 million to 30 inmates, (to whom, as we know,  nothing wrong was ever done).


Naturally, since he never did anything wrong, admitted liar Tower is seeking a new trial, based on his counsel’s claimed “new evidence” of “lying” by witnesses at his trial.


New Jersey


Robert Melia – Smoove Mooooooooo-ves


You’ve heard of cops who get described as acting like a “cowboy”…remember the Woody Harrelson cowboy-cop-in-the-big-city movie “The Cowboy Way”?


But, what about cow…um…“boinking” cops?


No, it’s not a movie but, there is videotape.


Although this didn’t result in any criminal charge (did you know it’s not illegal in New Jersey to have sex with a cow?), it’s just so…weird…we’re including it anyway.


This cop is charged with other serious crimes with human victims. He has gone to trial…the first time it ended in a “mistrial” due to the death of one of the attorneys. But, it’s going back to court.


In any event, there is no dispute as to the facts…after all, as we said…there’s tape.


Right…it’s no “cock and bull” story. Moorestown New Jersey cop and freaking freak Robert Melia…shot video of himself slipping the weenie to five…yes we said FIVE cows (oh, Bossy, let me see your udders! You are so sexy when you moo on my member!).


The freak was charged - and, for the reason that there is no law in New Jersey against bestiality, those charges were dismissed. But not before space-cadet judge * James J. Morley unburdened himself of these deep thoughts about man/cow love:


“If the cow had the cognitive ability to form thought and speak, would it say, ‘Where's the milk? I'm not getting any milk’…children seem comforted when given pacifiers…they enjoy the act of suckling…cows may be of a different disposition.”


Philosopher/Judge Morley decided that getting a BJ from Bossy didn’t amount to “causing torment” to Bossy, which is the threshold for animal cruelty in NJ. Melia of Moorestown skated.


As mentioned above Melia and his equally freaky girlfriend are facing much more serious charges in other cases. We will be monitoring those cases.


*watch for our upcoming book, The Book of Jackass Judges


Sgt. Christopher Stahl – “Yeah, He’s One Too”


I enjoy stealing, it's just as simple as that

Well it's just a simple fact

When I want something, man, I don't wanna pay for it

I walk right through the door

Hey all right, if I get by

It's mine, mine, all mine…”

-Janes Addiction, Been Caught Stealin’


Sgt. Christopher Stahl of the Rockaway Township police department wanted breakfast…and he didn’t want to pay for it…so in what was likely his “Ritual de lo Habitual”, he just walked through the door of the Quick Chek convenience store in Rockaway Borough with about $30.00 worth of breakfast sandwiches.


Hey, Sgt. Stahl…you weren’t gonna eat all that by yourself were ya? You were going share them with all your cop buddies back at the cop shop, right? Which is exactly what they were expecting you to do, right? Cause, it was “your day” to steal the breakfast sandwiches?


But, there’s good news for New Jersey merchants. Sgt. Stahl has learned his lesson. It was all just a “mistake” and anyway he’s out of his job…at least in Rockaway Township. But, look out elsewhere…these guys have a way of popping up again in other jurisdictions, despite their criminal records.


Juan Torres – Jersey City Child Endangerment


Jersey City Police Officer Juan Torres left his and his girlfriend's 15 month old daughter home alone while he went to find said GF who was taking a few minutes after work to make out with some other dude.


Torres pointed his service weapon in her face when he was confronted with the facts. He managed to avoid leaving too many bruises because at his hearing, she claimed it was all her fault and she pleaded for lenience – Baby Daddy Torres went to jail anyway for three to five years. 


New Mexico


Bert Lopez – the New Mexico Hood Humper


No criminal charges that we know of. But, we couldn’t not include this guy.


If you somehow missed seeing the viral photo of the New Mexico State Trooper photographed boinking a woman on the hood of his patrol car, here ya go.



Yep, there ya go. There’s one of New Mexico State Police’s finest, in uniform (sort of) getting’ freaky out in the open air, in the “land of enchantment”.  It would appear that, since that is a pair of NMSP pants Lopez has dropped around his knees, that he was on duty at the time. Police didn’t want to say. But they did somehow know that “the sexual encounter was not in exchange for anything related to Lopez's position as a law enforcement officer and was not criminal”.


That’s reassuring.


Lopez was named the 2009 District 1 Officer of the Year for state police and was awarded a “Challenge Coin”. We hope that didn’t drop from his pocket way out there in the desert. He may need to cash that in as he’s looking for his next job.


Eight year veteran Lopez, once his name was publicly known, did get fired. We’re betting that the “celebrated” Mr. Lopez will bob up again in another law enforcement job.


Tom Letts – Gets His Freak On - (But Not on the Hood)


Bert Lopez isn’t the only New Mexico cop who thinks the main purpose of a police uniform and car is to meet hot chix.


Neighbors complained when Bernalillo County Deputy Sheriff Tom Letts parked his car on the street overnight outside the house where he hooked up with his methamphetamine addict GF. The citizens were concerned, because, Letts also carried his department issued firearm into the house. The meth addict GF, a convicted felon, is not allowed to have access to guns. The neighbors can at least be thankful that Letts wasn’t humping her right out there on top of the BCSD marked car hood.


To show that they are serious about enforcing the rules, Letts has had his take-home car privileges revoked for six months.


One neighbor said that there were “a lot of overnight stays,” and that “his car was always parked there.” Letts says that, yes he did visit the house a few times when she called him to “help her out”.


So, who are you going to believe, some silly nosy old lady, or a cop who has previously had his car privileges revoked for using it to drive to a motel for a hook-up, and been investigated previously for “approaching female clerks at three area gas stations while in uniform and making lewd comments about himself”?


No criminal charges are forthcoming, and as of this writing, 24-year BCSD veteran Letts is still on the job.


New York


Eppolito and Caracappa – the “Mafia Cops”


Tuff guys…hanging out with mob characters…starring in “Mob Classic Movies” like “Goodfellas”. Blasting guys in broad daylight on the Belt Highway.


That was before getting convicted of labor racketeering, extortion, narcotics, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, eight murders and conspiracy to commit murder.


Somehow, the guilty verdict and life + 100 years sentence turned Caracappa into a sniveling little bitch, whining to Ed Bradley of CBS’ 60 Minutes that he was the victim

“fighting for his reputation”…Guess what Skippy…YOU LOST!


Charles Becker - Police Legend, Hero, Extortionist, Murderer


Almost every account of Eppolito and Caracappa’s crimes state that theirs is the “worst betrayal of the NYPD in a century”. That undoubtedly refers to the case of Charles Becker, the turn-of-the-century New York cop who was convicted and executed for the murder of Herman Rosenthal, who operated illegal casinos in New York.


Charles Becker


Contemporary accounts claim that Becker had collected some $100,000 by the time of his arrest, a fortune that he shared with other corrupt city officials.


Another detail that mirrors the Eppolito/Caracappa case is that Becker’s first conviction was overturned.


Richard LeBlanca, Brian Checo, Kelvin Jones, and Orlando Garcia - Stinking Robbers


Charles Becker may have had the reputation that he was “intelligent, by NY cop standards”. No one is going to make that claim for these four morons.



“… Jones had allegedly tried to pay for the trucks in cash but was told company policy forbade that so he used a debit card that didn't have sufficient funds to cover the $205.79 cost. He then allegedly directed NYPD Officer Richard LeBlanca to use his debit card but it too lacked sufficient funds. Orlando Garcia, the former NYPD cop, then allegedly used his card to pay.”


In March 2010, Checo pleaded guilty in the theft of $600,000 worth of perfume from the In Style USA Inc. warehouse in Carlstadt, NJ. (What, there aren’t enough ripoff opportunities in New York??? Go west, young man! – Ed.)


Co-moron LeBlanca followed suit a month later. When all was said and done, Le Blanca got 87 months in prison, Checo, 75 months, Jones, 195 months and Garcia got 51 months in prison.


Juan Acosta


An FBI New York Field Office press release describes his activity (emphasis added):


“…From 2005 through November 2009, Acosta conspired…to distribute multiple kilograms of cocaine in and around New York City. In addition, Acosta abused his authority as a police officer to facilitate …illegal cocaine trafficking activities. In mid-2005, for example, Acosta used an NYPD car to rob a drug courier of several hundred thousand dollars in cash derived from a drug deal…making it appear as if the money had been seized by law enforcement when, in truth and in fact, Acosta and (Co-conspirator) Yorick Rafael Corniel-Perez, a/k/a ‘Rafi’, had taken the cash…Acosta…agreed to provide protection for a 10-kilogram shipment of cocaine which was to be transported from Long Island to the Bronx. Acosta boasted of his status as a police officer and how it would help facilitate the transaction, and also identified the location of police precincts and the local routes that would be less likely to be patrolled by the police during the transportation of the narcotics to the Bronx.”


After his indictment, and conviction Acosta wound up serving an 11 year prison sentence for conspiring to commit drug, extortion, and firearms offenses.


Wilfredo Rosario-Will Rip Up Summons for Blow Job


It took eight years and a totally different sexual assault charge for Rosario to finally get busted for asking a teenager he encountered in a city park whether she was a virgin and then telling her that he would “rip up” the summons for being in Riverside Park after hours if she would “perform oral sex”. The quick-thinking teenager told him she’d meet him the next day, but then instead lodged a complaint…which complaint sat for years while Rosario continued to work in his capacity as a police officer.


Speaking of “ripped”, it’s not clear why such a ripped and toned stud as Rosario to would need to resort to such coercive tactics; nevertheless, he was further convicted of several other charges of sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment.


In one of those incidents, Rosario took an immigrant woman to Riverside Drive, where he forcibly kept her in his car while sexually abusing her. Rosario had enticed the woman into his car with an offer to get her a job as a crossing guard, using his official position as a “community affairs officer”.


Must be something about Riverside Drive that put loverboy Wilfredo in a frisky mood.


Rosario later called the victim, warning her that he “knew where she lived” and that she had better keep quiet. That conversation was recorded.


In yet another incident, Rosario assaulted a woman in her home after he’d stopped her on Broadway near 110th.


Rosario still has a 4th trial upcoming…this one for rape.


We have not been able to learn why the NYPD never acted on the 2002 complaint from the teenager. It took the second complaint, from the woman he assaulted in his car, to make them finally act on the initial one. Obviously, if they had paid attention to the first complaint, he would not have been free to commit the later assaults.


In court, the judge delivered what the NY Daily News described as a “Verbal Lashing” after Rosario insisted he was innocent and that he’d never “tarnished his badge”.


“You've stained the reputation of every decent, hardworking police officer on the force…You've made every officer's job that much more difficult by driving a wedge of mistrust between him and every citizen he needs to deal with.”


Rosario might have preferred a “tongue lashing”, but…whatever.


Oscar Sandino - Will Let You Keep Your Kids for Blow Job


Like Wilfredo Rosario, Oscar Sandino thought his job as a cop offered a lot of opportunities to meet chicks…and sexually assault them.


But, Sandino had an edge on Rosario; as a 13-year veteran and narcotics cop he could threaten his victims a lot better. Such as when he threatened to have a woman’s kids taken away from her if she didn’t give him a blow job. (She complied).


Sandino told the woman he expected her to continue to provide him with sex and repeatedly called her.


Sandino pleaded guilty in October 2010 to sexually assaulting one woman and performing a lewd act in front of another woman.


Sandino’s attacks occurred in the first case on Police Department property and in the other case in Brooklyn Criminal Court - both times while on duty.


In the second incident Sandino pulled a woman out of her holding cell (the woman happened to be a court officer herself and had been arrested on a disorderly conduct charge) and forced her to pull up her shirt so he could look at her breasts while he “fondled” himself. Yes, that’s right, he chose as his victim another official in the law enforcement system…while he was already under investigation!


(Unbelievably stupid? Yes, certainly. But one thing that starts to emerge over and over again as we read these stories is the picture of how impressively and equally massive is the arrogance and stupidity of these cops.)


Another thing that repeats itself is the reluctance of authorities to take action when victims complain. The police department, to their credit, had started an administrative procedure to remove Sandino from duty. But, a month before the “lewd act” incident, the Queens D.A. had “investigated”, then had “declined” to file any charges relating to the first complaint.


Officer Wayne Taylor - Pimp Cop


Yep, it’s the NYPD again. Yep, it’s narcs again. Yep, it’s the Queens Narcotics Unit…again.


This is the same bunch that included Oscar Sandino and Adolph Osback. These guys are nothing if not consistent.


What wacky weirdness was Wayne involved in? Well, Wayne was sentenced to 3 ½ years for (trumpet fanfare) kidnapping and pimping out a 13 year-old girl. Wayne’s woman-pal Zalika “Mommy Z” Brown was also sentenced in the same case.


Well done, Wayne.


Moreno and Mata – NYPD’s “Cuddly” Cops


A cab driver called NYPD saying that he had a passenger who was too drunk to get herself out of the cab.


Two of New York’s Cuddliest, Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata answered the call, and “helped” the woman into her home. Then they “helped” themselves to her key. They then returned to her apartment three times with no purpose other than to get into bed with her, faking a 911 call as cover for one of the times.


Somewhere in the Manual of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã is a chapter titled “Claim You Just Wanted to Cuddle…and Counsel”.


This was so laughably ridiculous. Also ridiculous, but not laughable, was the performance of the Manhattan DA’s office, which somehow managed to “bungle” the case while participating in a self-aggrandizing “documentary”…isn’t that convenient?


So, Moreno and Mata beat the rape rap.


And, so inept are the NYPD and prosecutor’s office, all the cuddly cops are being hit with for leaving their assigned duties, faking a 911 call and illegally entering the home of a passed-out naked woman, is three misdemeanor counts of official misconduct.


Their sentences? Two months for the “simpleton”, (Mata) and one year for “morally bankrupt” (Moreno).


So lame. But at least they’re going straight to Rikers, right? …uh…not exactly. Supreme Court Justice Gregory Carro had not thoroughly read the book on Special Cop Rules. But, Appeals Court Judge Nelson Roman found the Special Cop Rule that sprung Moreno in less than a day.


Moreno has one more legal fight for the justice system to throw to face, regarding the heroin found in his NYPD locker while he was being investigated for the original rape charge.


Sgt. Steve Brody – Must. Have. Tastykakes.


As we have seen with the Medford MA bank robbery to the Philadelphia kickbacks and the Chicago coffee shop shakedowns, there is nothing so great or so petty that a cop will not feel entitled to just…take it.


In Morristown, NY, home of Morristown State College, campus cop Sgt. Steve Brody was videotaped stuffing his police uniform pockets with merchandise from the Valero Nice N Easy store on Route 20.


It was “only” about $30.00 worth of stuff taken over a several week period. But, hey, cops are “entitled” to “extra” free merchandise, even beyond the gratuities merchants already pay them off with offer…aren’t they? It just goes without saying.


But, after weeks of watching Brody ripping them off daily, the proprietors of Nice N Easy thought differently, and presented the tapes to the State Police.


We had to wonder, as we were reading about Sgt. Brody, what must have gone through the minds of the management of this business when deciding whether to confront Brody with his theft. After all, they’re stuck where they are. They can’t just move to another city to get away from all the other city, state, and campus police who might resent what you did to poor old brother Steve. We wonder how many businesses managers, paying off cops in this same manner, just look the other way, grit their teeth and shut up.


Under the conditions of his “plea”, Brody won’t get a criminal record…(just another one o’ them great “cop” perks). He had to resign from the force…and was given six months to do so…(just another one o’ them great “cop” perks). Brody will still get his full pension...(just another one o’ them great “cop” perks).


So, everybody is “pleased”. The court is “pleased”. The management of Valero Nice N Easy is “pleased”, Sgt. Brody definitely should be “pleased”. The only person who probably will not be “pleased”, who would certainly have every reason to not be “pleased”, is the next poor SOB who has to go before this court on the same charge and who will pay the full freight…no (state constitution-mandated) golden parachute pension…no keeping his taxpayer funded job for another 6 months, no keeping his other (firefighter, EMT) jobs.


On that last point, let’s try out a thought experiment, shall we? We are applying for a firefighter or EMT job. The application asks “have you been convicted of, or plead guilty to any crime in the last 7 years”. Turns out that, yes, as a matter of fact, we had pleaded guilty to theft…and it wasn’t in the dim past, it wasn’t a “youthful indiscretion”…it happened just a short time ago, when we were a fully mature adult, while on the job, while employed as someone in whom the public had placed a great deal of trust. Can you estimate what our chances are of getting that job as a firefighter or EMT (or leaf blower)? What’s the next integer below “1”?


But, that isn’t important. What’s important is that, after 25 years on campus, Sgt. Brody has “learned some things”.


Yeah, we’ve all “learned something”, haven’t we? The “lesson” is, if you’re a cop, the law works differently.


Matthew Fanning – (Retired) NYPD – Into Kiddie Porn…NEXT!


Another one. NYC needs a special docket just for these guys.


Matthew Fanning was sentenced June 9, 2011 to 10 years for downloading movies of 3 year olds…here, read about it in the Daily News…Yick.


Fanning “prays” every day for the kids who were raped to make these movies.

“Lord knows” he’s sorry. He “swears to God” he’ll never do it again. He asks “God’s forgiveness”.


Good God, man just STFU and go to jail.


Bernard Kerik – There are 8 Million Apples to Steal in The Big Apple


9/11. The country’s “worst day”. What a great opportunity for the New York City Police Commish to help himself to some “cop perks”.


The cop instinct to use his official status to pad his income, in ways great and petty, through corrupt “understandings” is so ingrained that the top cop of New York City couldn’t resist even as the fires of Ground Zero still smoked.


So it was that Bernard Kerik, former NYC Top Cop, had some renovations done to his apartment by a contractor looking to land some business with the city.


That piece of larceny, plus filing false tax returns and lying to the federal investigators vetting him for Homeland Security earned Kerik a four year sentence.


The whole list of crimes earned Kerik this from Judge Stephen Robinson:


“The fact that Mr. Kerik would use (9/11) for personal gain and aggrandizement is a dark place in the soul for me”.  Kerik was “the chief law enforcement law enforcement officer for the biggest and grandest city this nation has”. The crimes were committed “in the process of attempting to obtain a cabinet level position in the government of the United States.”


Thomas W. Douglass – “Rising Star” Cop Hits and Runs


On October 11, 2009, in Marlboro, NY, Thomas W. Douglass IV, from a “family of cops”, plowed his Toyota Tundra into another car, causing it to flip, trapping the passengers inside. So, naturally, this “rising star” Newburgh, NY cop immediately began to assist in rescuing the victims, and called for all available help.


Well…not exactly.


What rising star/coward/liar officer Douglass actually did was to flee the scene, and 19 hours later call in a bogus report that he’d “hit a deer”, then enlist the help of a tow truck operator in an attempt to cover up his crimes. The collision had left four people injured, one with multiple broken vertebrae, a “permanent injury”.


To their credit, the Marlboro police, the state Insurance Department, state Department of Motor Vehicles, state police and the Ulster County District Attorney's Office kept up the investigation over a year’s time, gathering the evidence that led to the conviction of Officer Douglass for felony “insurance fraud”.


Douglass’s sentencing date will be January 18, 2011


Scott Hecht, the tow truck driver, has been indicted for perjury for his false testimony before a grand jury. 


Michael Pena – Good Thing It Wasn’t Rape


Lucky 25 year-old school teacher. When Michael Pena threatened you with his service weapon, (after spending the previous night unsuccessfully trying to hook up with on-line prostitutes), dragged you off the street in plain sight of witnesses, and repeatedly forced himself on you on top of a wooden table…it wasn’t rape!


Nope. Not Rape.  So said a New York jury.


It was just a “sexual assault”. Pena was convicted on six counts of predatory sexual assault and first-degree criminal sexual act for sodomizing her.


After the verdicts, and the mistrial on the rape charges, it was revealed that one of the jurors who lobbied strenuously against conviction on the rape charges was both a personal friend of disgraced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer and a tennis buddy of prosecutor Cyrus Vance. Somehow, these connections weren’t discovered during jury selection. What an amazing break for Pena. What an amazing coincidence that those facts escaped the notice of the judge and prosecutor. What an astronomically impossible break that, including Spitzer’s pal, there were four other attorneys on the jury! What an amazing run of luck…kind of like the luck found by Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata…the kind of luck that can put a smirk on the face of a cop who just beat a rape charge.


As divulged by an “outraged” fellow juror, attorney Lloyd Constantine insisted on making a big deal of details such as that the victim “could not remember the color of a car parked nearby”.


Prosecutors supposedly are considering bringing perjury charges against Constantine for hiding the facts of his cozy social relations with DA Vance and disgraced ex-Governor Spitzer. We won’t be betting the farm on that happening.


Sentencing is scheduled for May 6, 2012. The prosecutor’s office is promising to appeal for the max “25 to life” sentence on the convictions. It will be fascinating to see how much longer Pena’s “lucky streak” can last.


North Carolina


Barry Grimes – You Gonna Believe Me, or Your Lying Eyes?


There’s a bumper sticker we’ve seen that goes “God Said It-I Believe It-And That Settles It”.


Does Barry Grimes think he’s God?,…or does he think other people should believe he is?


Whatever the reason, Grimes thought a judge should believe whatever he said, because…it was he, Barry Grimes, saying it. And that settles it!


Not quite.


Grimes testified in a drunk driving case that the defendant “failed” his field sobriety tests…trouble is, his own on-board video proves he never conducted any field sobriety tests. Whoops.


Judgie not amused…Judgie give Grimes 30 days in jail  after convicting him for “indirect contempt of court”.


Mark Sloan – Nature is Avenged in Wilmington


Some of the best information on this story comes from the “comments” sections.


Reading these comments from local Wilmington North Carolina, one gets the idea that Captain Mark Sloan of the Pender County Sheriff’s Office was very well known in the community for highly visible statements about God, morality and sexual orientation.

So, when Captain Mark Sloan got arrested on June 15, 2011, with a male prostitute in his car, there were many in the community who were not disposed to extend a lot of sympathy, thinking that there was a bit of hypocrisy revealed.


On that night, Sloan was in an area of Wilmington known for prostitution. Also in the area were two other Wilmington cops, who were looking for a stolen car. They noticed the car Sloan was driving had headlights similar to the car they were looking for. But, when they ran the plates, it turned up clean.


But, about a half-hour later, when they noticed the same car pulling out of a parking space without signaling, cutting off a taxi, they made a traffic stop.


The driver (24-year veteran cop Sloan) was so freaked out his hands were visibly shaking. That aroused suspicion. Sloan also proffered several conflicting statements about what he was doing in the area, and who his passenger was.


The passenger didn’t help Sloan at all. He told the cops that he was in town for a wedding and was walking to a Wendy’s when Sloan circled the block, then stopped his car and told him to get in. Once in the car, the passenger said, Sloan asked him to unzip his pants and “conduct a sexual act”.


The passenger (black) said he was not attracted to older white men (like Sloan), so he refused and “planned to jump out of the car once he got the food”.


Sloan was charged with “soliciting prostitution, crimes against nature and directional signals”. (NOTE: No, we aren’t playing the Picture Pages “one of these things is not like the other” game). Also, we aren’t that familiar with the arcane language of North Carolina law, but, we’re making the assumption that what they mean by “crime against nature” is a man soliciting sex from another man. Maybe we’re wrong, but, that’s what we’re assuming.


Sloan pleaded innocent. Sloan went to court. Sloan beat the “prostitution” charge, but was found guilty on the “crimes against nature” and the all-important “traffic signal” violations. Thus was “nature” avenged in Wilmington, North Carolina.


There was another aspect to this. Captain Sloan is a good friend of Sheriff Carson Smith, and there was a hotly contested election approaching. Some suggested there was a conspiracy and setup involved, especially since the “passenger” was never charged with anything.


Again, the best observation might be found in the comments section, from a reader with the nick “KnowtheLaw”:


“So basically a WPD officer and New Hanover County Magistrate, in addition to a black male with priors for prostitution, hatched this elaborate plan to lure Mark Sloan 40+ miles from his house in the middle of the night. After meeting these key elements of the plan, they made picking up the prostitute unavoidable. Then they used the prostitute to urge Sloan in a direction where the WPD officer was waiting to pounce! After that the Magistrate violated his or her oath of office and found probable cause for all the charges. It’s so simple it MUST be a conspiracy.”


Well, all we can say is that if it was a conspiracy, it was perfectly executed, and Captain Mark Sloan stepped right into the trap.


North Dakota


Kyle Mackey – Bowden’s Bad Apple Bobs Up Again


“Mackey never committed any crimes in Bowden”, according to Bowden’s police chief. But, for some mysterious reason, he only lasted there as a cop for about 6 months, before “moving on” to LaMoure.


In LaMoure, Mackey was the only cop. Within six months of “bobbing” up there, the town’s only cop was arrested. OK, take a guess. Just think of the most crazy, unlikely crime a cop could ever be conceived of committing? OK, now, forget about that, and think of what we’ve seen with cops again and again and again…sexual affair with an underage girl, specifically “three counts of gross sexual imposition, luring a minor through electronic means and solicitation of a minor”.


Despite the Bowden Police Chief’s insistence on Mackey’s unblemished record, there are court records of five driving violations, for speeding, failing to wear a seat belt, failing to dim headlights for approaching traffic, driving without tail lights, and for “exhibition driving,” (whatever that means).


In LaMoure, Mackey began having a sexual affair with a 14 year-old girl. The girl told someone about it; Mackey was arrested and charged.


Before he was arrested, Mackey had resigned, explaining in his resignation letter that he needed to “locate to a more populated area.” After he resigned, Mackey continued to send “sexually explicit” text messages.


In April, 2010, Mackey pleaded guilty to “gross sexual imposition”.


In August, 2010, Mackey was sentenced to eight years in prison and was ordered to register as a sex offender.


Then, despite the fact that he had entered into an agreement to “plead guilty”, Mackey appealed to the North Dakota Supreme Court. We don’t have any further update on the court’s decision.


So, let’s apply a thimbleful of common sense. What are the chances that in Bowden, they had figured Mackey out, and just quietly “coaxed” him out of town…but without leaving him with a criminal record that would prevent him from working in another place down the road? This is one of the ways the “few bad apples” have of bobbing up again in another barrel.


David O’Toole and Eric Straus – Fun with Frostbite in Grand Forks


In February, 2007, Grand Forks, North Dakota cops David O’Toole and Eric Straus stopped Jason Hickman. Then, they made him stand outside, without a coat, hat or gloves for at least 20 minutes…in North Dakota…in winter.


While he stood out in the cold, under orders from uniformed, armed police officers, Hickman’s ears were frostbitten.


While Hickman’s ears were getting frostbitten, O’Toole and Straus exchanged messages such as “That's right, make him freeze”. O’Toole claimed he meant that “as a joke”.


Funny. What a couple of funny, funny cops.


Straus pleaded guilty to “misdemeanor disorderly conduct”. O’Toole went for a trial, where he was convicted…of “reckless endangerment”…a misdemeanor.


Straus resigned from the Grand Forks Police. O’Toole on the other hand was fired and sentenced to 40 hours of community service.  We did not find anything in the news stories to indicate what barrel these two “bad apples” bobbed up in next.




Matthew Terrion – U Do Not Cuckhold an ex-Cop


“I never meant for this to happen” Matthew Terrion said after he was convicted of murdering his wife. “I wish I could take it back. I would do anything to take it back.”


But, since he can’t “take it back”, the next best thing he can think of doing is to appeal the verdict. No sense wasting his life in prison for blowing his wife’s brains out if he didn’t even mean for it to happen.


Curious, though, what it is that Terrion claims to have “never meant” to happen. When he went to his truck, he “never meant” to get his gun out of it? When he pulled the trigger on the (silencer fitted) gun, he “didn’t mean” for the bullet to penetrate her head? When the bullet penetrated her head, he “didn’t mean” for it to cause fatal injuries?


What, exactly did he “mean to happen” when he fired his gun into her head? Did he expect magic unicorns to intercept the bullet and spin it into a cotton candy confection?


Terrion claims that the reason there was a gun in his truck is that he meant to give it to his wife, as a token of how much she meant to him.


His wife was living in her own condominium after having filed for divorce. She had told a co-worker that “if anything happened to her” it would be at the hands of her husband.


She had gone out to dinner with her estranged husband, who later found a used condom in her trash. That discovery immediately preceded the murder.


Since he had used a silencer, the shooting did not immediately draw attention. By the time the co-worker alerted police that she hadn’t shown up for work, Matthew had barricaded himself inside his own residence.


Terrion’s attempts to evade responsibility are transparently preposterous. It took the jury 90 minutes to bring back a conviction. Sentence was imposed immediately thereafter.


Barring a reversal of his conviction, Terrion will have to serve at least 21 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.


Jeffrey Meek – “Ow, That Slap Really Hurt My Wrist”


Cuyahoga Falls officer Jeffrey Meek was not mild when in a drunken rage he tracked his girlfriend down. He punched her in the face, and broke her eye socket.


Meek got the usual wrist-slap punishment that is routine for cops; 6 months.


At least he had the decency to resign (although it’s quite possible he’s working again in some other police agency; a common occurrence), so, at least Cuyahoga won’t see a repeat with Meek of what happened in the case of Ralph Flynn.


Cuyahoga Falls officer Flynn beat up his girlfriend…then “refused” a 10-day suspension, and an order to attend “anger management”. He got fired, but, contested the firing, and an “arbiter” put him back in uniform…whereupon he was charged again for domestic violence a few months later…this time against his 10 and 12 year-old daughters. This time Flynn was put on “leave of absence”. (That’ll teach him a lesson…the lesson being that “I can do this anytime I want to and nobody is going to do anything about it”).


To get a flavor of how much “deterrence” these non-punishments have, here is a list from the Cleveland Plain Dealer of “recent” (as of 2007) cops charged with and/or convicted of domestic violence or worse:


Bobby Cutts Jr. - murdered his girlfriend, dumped her body in a park (see Cutts’ case profiled below in this book)


Cleveland - Clinic officer Robert Grzywaczewski killed his girlfriend and himself


Akron -  Detective Tom Hazen, charged with “throwing a woman, slapping her” and telling her he would “beat her to a pulp and put her in the hospital”


Akron  - Leslie Jones, domestic violence (hitting his girlfriend in the face), violating a protection order


Cleveland -  Patrolman Rex Mehaffey shot his estranged wife (who had gotten a restraining order against him) in the head and torso as he chased her car. He then killed himself.


Bobby Cutts, Jr. - “Mommy’s in the rug; Daddy’s mad”


Ya gotta love the logic of Cutts’ defense team. After it was looking certain that he was going to be found guilty of the murder of his pregnant girlfriend (due in large part to the testimony of his friend Myisha Ferrell, who rode with Cutts in his truck with the corpse in the back as he described how he had killed Jessie Davis), he took the stand and testified that he had indeed killed Davis, but, that he had done it “accidentally” (with an elbow to her throat), then panicked and dumped her body. Despite his in-court confession, the defense argued that there was no “forensic” evidence proving how she had died.


Cutts had initially denied, (for a week, while searches were conducted), any knowledge of what had happened to Davis. The “mommy’s in the rug” clue came from Cutts’ own toddler son, who saw his father wrap up the toddler’s mom’s body in a comforter.


After dumping the body, Cutts washed down the truck. (He later claimed he only did this to clean bugs off his windshield).


The jury didn’t buy the load-of-BS alibis, and returned guilty verdicts for murder, aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, burglary and child endangering. The child endangering charge came from the fact that Cutts had left the child alone while he drove “mommy” 20 miles away to dump her body in a park.


[Editor’s note: the “elbow to throat” strike is one included in lots of martial arts forms, including. Krav Maga. It is used in close quarters situations to kill or maim by crushing the victim’s windpipe.]


Robert Bonness – Isn’t He “Special”?


What can we say? They’re in every town. They’re in every police department. At some point, don’t we have to ask…isn’t this, (the opportunity to have sex with children) the very reason they wanted be cops in the first place?


Robert Bonness, 23 years a Cleveland cop, pleaded guilty in January, 2011 to 25 counts, including attempted rape, multiple counts of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material or performance, and possessing criminal tools. 


So, Robert Bonness is just another of the examples, repeated in monotonous regularity, of cops who are also child sex predators. Just another example of a cop who used the trust that people still (naïvely) place in cops, and the knowledge cops gain on the job, and the calculation that, as cops, they are going to get special consideration from other cops and from the justice system, which will minimize the risk of being caught, and mitigate the punishment if they are.


Robert Bonness used techniques and knowledge he learned as a cop to plan and perpetuate his penchant for sex with minors.


Bonness must have thought his cop shield would protect him. If this was not his belief, we would have to just assume that the man is so mentally enfeebled that he could be medically diagnosed as an idiot.


Bonness had extensive online communications, with someone he (must have believed) was the father of a 12 year old girl, whom the father wanted to match up with a “special person”.


When, Bonness drove to his planned “date”, he carried along condoms, lubricant, sex toys, and…a jar of caramel.


Who, besides an actual idiot (medically speaking), would think he could do this without risk? Well, a cop would, knowing that, if the plan went badly, he could plead “mercy” and ask for Special Cop Rules to be applied


And, pleading for just those Special Cop Rules, Bonness’ lawyer entreated the courts to remember that Bonness had “faithfully served the public for decades as both a police officer and member of the military”. But, Bonness’ lawyer also worked his Special Cop Rules pitch into a double-bank shot, insisting that sending Bonness away for a long term, would make him, as a cop, “vulnerable and targeted by fellow inmates”.


Bonness made his own weepy request for special consideration, blaming his crimes on his “rotten curiosity”.


“I have no excuse or reasons for the actions that placed me before you today,” he said. “I crossed the line. For that I am eternally sorry, and I embarrassed myself, disgraced my family and dishonored my badge.”


Blah, blah, blah…yeah, we already knew that about you. We have to say, the in-court blubbering is a special touch.


This particular judge wasn’t in a mood. He (correctly) explained to Blubberin’ Bob Bonness that he knew about what happens to cops who go to jail, and it didn’t stop him.


And, Bonness’ contrived contrition didn’t stop the judge from imposing a 52 ½ year sentence one the 53 year old Bonness. (If Bonness serves the entire sentence, he will be 105 years old after 52 years…so, that extra ½ year was obviously given to “teach him a lesson”).


Bonness also was ordered to pay a $15,000 fine and is labeled a Tier III sex offender, which requires him to register his address every 90 days for life…after he gets out of jail…in 2064.


Duhamel Torres – Cleveland Cop Had a “Special Way with the Ladies…of the Night”


Go ahead, Officer Torres…let it all out…cry …there you go…we’d offer you a hanky except you couldn’t use it…your hands are cuffed behind your back…still, even with the tears and snot running down your face, you’ll feel better after you’ve blubbered…and so will we (we have to admit, watching these little sissies sniffle and boo hoo just adds so much more richness to the experience of watching them get ready to go bye-bye…behind bars.)


The reason Cleveland, Ohio Officer Duhamel Torres got a case of the weepies, the reason he was sentenced to a year in jail, the reason he had to plead guilty to sexual battery and tampering with records was because in 2008, while on duty, Officer Torres had stopped a “known prostitute”, ordered her into his police car, used the police database to look up her record (also her home address), then drove off to a “secluded place” where he forced her to give him oral sex. Somehow in his orgasmic ecstasy, he managed to also bloody her nose.


Torres’ “defense” was that, yes, while on duty he had taken a prostitute off in his police car for a blow job, but, it was “consensual”, and he had even paid her $5, and he never used the threat of arrest to coerce her, and he never gave her a bloody nose.


All of which sounds like an extremely feeble “defense” and also suggests a question…why, then, was he pleading guilty?


Mark McCombs – Spiral of Special Cop Rules


Parma, Ohio. It’s the largest suburb of Cleveland. OK, but who the hell keeps up with news from Cleveland, let alone its “largest suburb”? We certainly don’t; which is probably why we’d never heard of Mark McCombs’ crime spree.


As far as we can find out, it started the night in April 2007 that, while on duty, in his patrol car, Parma, Ohio Patrolman Mark McCombs followed another (un-named) cop, who had picked up an intoxicated woman as she walked along a street late at night. The woman had been drinking with her boyfriend, they had fought, and he had kicked her out of the car. The “un-named” Parma cop picked her up, and drove her safely to the home of one of her friends.


So, a bad night, but it ends well enough, right? No. Her bad night was going to get worse. Because, she had another city cop to meet that night.


After waiting for the first cop to leave, 17-year veteran McCombs drove his patrol car up to the house. He ordered the woman into his car, drove her to a secluded spot near a local high school, and forced her to perform oral sex, in his patrol car…while his buddy, another Parma 12-year veteran cop, Patrolmen Christopher Dillenbeck took pictures! What was Patrolman Dillenbeck going to do with the pictures? Were they for the 2007-2008 “Hunky Parma Cops” calendar?


Those pictures won’t ever appear in a calendar, because McCombs told his buddy to give him the camera, and removed the memory card containing the pictures of the naked woman being orally raped.


What happened next? Nothing. At least 7 weeks went by. Then, the woman’s boyfriend was arrested on some separate public drunkenness incident and mentioned what had happened to his girlfriend.


The two sicko cops were fired. Later McCombs was charged with rape for the forced oral sex. As far as we can find, no charges were ever filed against Dillenbeck.


The jury acquitted McCombs of the rape, but convicted him for “evidence tampering”     (removing the camera memory card). So, the jury determined that there was no “rape”…but there were “pictures of a rape” that never happened…and the pictures (evidence of a rape that “never happened”), were “tampered with” (erased). Got it.


Still, it was a conviction. McCombs was sentenced to two years. But….(here it comes…you knew it was coming)…there were Special Cop Rules to be taken into consideration. These particular Special Cop Rules dictated that McCombs be given the gift of “early release” after serving one year of the two year stretch. And, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Nancy Margaret Russo was the bearer of the gift.


And that would’ve been that; rape a woman under color of law, beat that rap, get a miniscule sentence, and have that cut in half…except…


…There was the little matter of the thefts. Thefts in office. Yeah, lover-boy McCombs, the Parma cop with the sexy mustache and the special way with the ladies, had a welcoming party…to charge him with theft of machine guns, night goggles, and a silencer.


We cannot find in the news any explanation of how a cop, under investigation and on trial for rape, got access to the place where the goddamn machine guns were stashed!


But, we were able to find the statement by the D.A. accusing McCombs of stealing the guns, goggles and silencer, (and flashlights and chargers, a 30-round magazine, 23 bags of gun parts and three lasers), because he had planned to hide out in the woods behind the home of Police Chief Daniel Hoffman…and kill him in revenge for the rape investigation!


McCombs pleaded guilty on the weapons thefts…and more evidence tampering. He regurgitated the boilerplate “convicted cop” apologies to “the police department, the court and his family”, for his string of crimes, with the excuse that he had committed them while his “life was spiraling out of control.” And, of course, we are to believe that never, ever in his 17 years as a cop had McCombs ever previously even dreamed about picking up a drunken woman, photographing a sexual assault on her, and then plotting to kill his police chief. This behavior was just a total aberration and not in his nature.


After the de-rigueur “apology”, and without the Rambo-esque attack plot being taken into consideration, McCombs was sentenced to…18 months…by the same Judge Russo who had given him the early release on the previous conviction! Can we spell S-p-e-c-i-a-l C-o-p R-u-l-e-s? We knew we could.


In an ominous development…for McCombs…his fate is going to “spiral out of control” of the Cuyahoga County justice system. It turns out that possession of unregistered machine guns…with the serial numbers filed off, and the silencer, are federal crimes…even for cops who acquired them by theft committed while on the job.


McCombs, looking somewhat less “sexy” now, faced up to 41 months on the federal beef.


Donald McNea – Feds Seize ex-Cop with the OCs


Parma, Ohio Ex-Cop Donald McNea was scraping by in retirement on the $63,000 he collected annually in pension and disability. McNea, from a “distinguished family of police and firefighters”, had had a stellar career…that is, if you ignore the time in 1989 when he was fired for stealing the answers to a civil-service exam for a captain's job, and hanging out at home while “on-duty”, and the “sick days” he spent hanging out in a bar or working side jobs…or the time used the department computer to create and circulate “lewd images of a co-worker”. Other than that stuff, he was Dudley Doright.


He sued in federal court for reinstatement, and won in a “settlement” with the department…(it’s good to be “close friends” with the Chief…not to suggest for a second that that influenced in the slightest the department’s decision to “settle”).


All brilliant police careers must end, and in 2003, McNea called it quits.


Retirement left Donald “Dudley Doright” McNea with time on his hands to get strung out on Oxycontin…and to start selling them…up until the time he started selling them to undercover investigators.


After his conviction, the court was entertained with the standard “apology to the department, his family, little Tommy, the freckle-faced paper boy that always looked up to him, blah, blah, blah” (when are judges going to start tacking on extra jail time for having to listen to that crap?) Also there was the parade of friends vouching for his shining “character”.


McNea’s lawyers tried to sell the idea that, because McNea’s dope dealing doings happened after his retirement, that he hadn’t “sullied” the department.  (Neither, we suppose, had his other shenanigans done while he was an active cop.)


The lead investigator who had busted McNea “shook his head and rolled his eyes” as he listened to the litany of BS.


The sentencing judge gave McNea a three year stay in prison. 


Capt. Kim Cornachio – Road Rager “ Qualified” to be Parma Police Chief


We’d love to leave Parma, Ohio behind…truly, we wish we’d never heard of the stinking little pit of police and political corruption. And, we pray to God we never find ourselves actually physically in the town.


But, after knowing the story of sex-sickos and Parma patrolmen Mark McCombs and Christopher Dillenbeck, and dope dealer Donald McNea, we’re left with a nagging question. We wonder, what does it take to become a Parma policeman?


And we might anwer that by considering what the city mayor thinks it takes to be a Parma Police Chief.


In late 2010 (this is after the McCombs/Dillenbeck case was already 3 years old and McNea had been sent away) Capt. Kim Cornachio was one of 3 finalists for the top spot. He was already a Captain, and his record, we are assured by Parma’s Safety Director, was “unblemished”, and his civil service exam score…well, it should make the appointment a slam dunk.


Actually, though, there was one tiny little blemish…but it took place way-y-y over in Auburn Township, and it had happened way-y-y back in 2008, and it had happened while he was “off-duty”.


What was it? Well, off-duty cop Cornachio had been driving his SUV behind a slow moving car, driven by an area high school student. And, dammit, no snot-nosed teenager is gonna slow-burn Kim Cornachio and get away with it.


Cornachio pulled in front of the teen’s car, forcing the driver to stop. The off-duty cop then got out of his vehicle, walked back, and punched the driver in the head. He then did what cops always do when they get their tit caught in a wringer...he lied about the incident, claiming the high-schooler had been driving “erratically”. (And of course, that justified him in pulling his own dangerous driving stunt and delivering a blow to the “offending” driver’s head. Just a little bit of “street justice”…what’s the problem?)


We can see that Cornachio had done nothing wrong, but, for some mysterious reason, he later pleaded “no contest” to a misdemeanor charge of “disorderly conduct”. If only he had punched the kid in an “orderly” fashion!


So, no self control, prone to road rage, violent, a liar, and a carrying a criminal record. Perfect candidate for Parma Police Chief!


But, life is full of unfairness and bitter disappointments, and despite all his fabulous credentials, Cornachio was, alas, passed over.


Well, at least Cornachio’s record is “only” a misdemeanor. Previous Police Chief Mark Manning was convicted of a felony…tax evasion, stemming from his practice of signing other cops’ names to receipts for cash payments for “security” work at a bowling alley.




Too Many Crooked Cops to Count – The Tulsa Corruption Case


There are so many criminal cops involved in this deal, and the corruption is so deep and widespread and intertwined and complicated, there is no way for us to describe it in a short summary.


At the heart is a “sting” at a Tulsa Super 8 motel, an undercover FBI agent posing as an undocumented immigrant meth dealer named “Joker” (who may have gotten an “undocumented cavity search”), a videotape showing cops stuffing their pockets with dirty money, preposterous alibis, double-crosses, planted evidence, a police chief who says all of that is pretty much OK with him, a city police department that stinks to the highest reaches of heaven, and cops who belong in the lowest depths of hell.


Probably the best we can do is to just list some of the guilty.




Tulsa Police officer J.J. Gray




Two Other Tulsa cops, shown on video stuffing their pockets with cash at the “bust”, were acquitted, after claiming that they took the money so that “they could let drug dogs sniff it”.


As to Jeff Henderson, in particular; as attorney Kevin D. Adams put it, “The full extent of Henderson's corruption may never be known”…as of May 16, 2010…10 criminal cases have been dismissed or overturned because of the ongoing corruption investigation.


We would just generalize that sentiment and say that the full extent of the Tulsa Police Department’s corruption may never be known. As of June, 2011, “at least 33 people have been freed from prison or have had cases dismissed or modified as a result” of the Tulsa corruption investigation.


How long have Tulsa cops been planting “drug” evidence? How many times have they pocketed money at drug bust scenes? How many people have been sent to jail based on “evidence” planted by Tulsa cops?


The answers may never be known.


Ronnie Arganbright – Sex with 16 Year-Olds; OK in OK


♪ O-o-oklahoma where my teenage honey-lamb and I

Park beneath the stars, in my big cop car

Getting’ freaky as my shift goes by ♫


Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein.


All those guys getting arrested for being “predators” on that Chris Hansen show…all they needed to do was to arrange for their “date” to take place in Oklahoma.


Ronnie Arganbright didn’t have to make a long trip for his dates with a 16 year-old girl. That’s because his “dates” took place in his Oklahoma State Trooper patrol car.


And as it turns out, that’s perfectly legal in Oklahoma.    


Oklahoma State Trooper Arganbright, by his own admission, had no fewer than 20 “patrol car dates” with his teenage honey.


He got fired. Apparently the OHP thought he had shown “bad judgment” basing his dismissal on “neglect of duty, immoral conduct and behavior unbecoming to an officer”. (Channeling George Costanza : What? Was that wrong? Is having sex with a 16 year-old in my patrol car “frowned upon” in this department? Because, if I’d known….).


And they keep trying to find some kind of criminal charge to stick.  Latest development; a judge threw out one felony charge, but left three others.


But, when we remember that Oklahoma is a place where the chief of police in Tulsa thinks it’s OK for his cops to pocket cash they find in a drug bust, it shouldn’t be so surprising that they can’t find any crime (e.g. “protecting the virginity of an unmarried woman or “violating a protective order”) to pin on Arganbright.


Whether or not they eventually succeed in prosecuting Arganbright for something, the fact is that yet another police department hired yet another guy who thought “this job is a really good opportunity to hook up with (16 year-old) chicks”.


Where do police departments keep finding these guys?


When are they going to stop?




William Bergin “He’s got the right stuff”


William Bergin had the “right stuff” to be a Sandy, OR cop. We know that William Bergin had the “right stuff”, because we have it on the authority of Sandy Police Department Chief Harold Skelton that William Bergin had “the right stuff” for the Sandy PD.


What constitutes “the right stuff”. Well, “the right stuff” consists of showing up plastered drunk at his ex-girlfriend’s house in Sherwood, OR (after driving there in a drunken stupor from downtown Portland, about a 10 mile trip), breaking into her attached garage, attempting to pick the lock to gain entry to the house, and lying repeatedly to the Sherwood police.


“Right Stuff Bill” had also taken several mood altering drugs along with the alcohol. Despite managing to stall the Sherwood police doing a breathalyzer, he still, over an hour after his first encounter with the Sherwood cops, blew a .12 BAC.


The police report details lengthy exchanges between Bergin and the Sherwood police in which he repeats numerous times that he was “a cop, and I know what’s happening”.


Can anyone reading this imagine receiving this kind of solicitude if it had been them in the same situation? Can anyone reading this imagine that they would not have immediately been subjected to the “stand on one foot with your finger on your nose and recite the alphabet backwards” field sobriety test, breathalyzed, and once known to have driven a vehicle drunk, unceremoniously arrested and taken immediately to jail? And can anyone reading this imagine that if they had offered the slightest resistance, they would not have been subjected to “whatever level of force” necessary to subdue him, likely with a Taser?


Actually, no “regular” citizen would have even gotten to the point of a sobriety test. From the moment they were discovered on the property of a woman who had called in a report, scared out of her mind, that her ex was trying to break into her house, the police would have been on him like a ton of bricks.


But, this is only the tip of the “iceBergin”. Months before this incident, Bergin had killed one Fouad Kaady.


To read the story of the torture and murder of Fouad Kaady is to come face to face with the full spectrum of ignorance, sadism, incompetence, inhumanity, and dishonesty that is possible to be embodied in one person, empowered by the state to carry weapons. Backed by the full force of the police, and Portland's political media, Bergin managed to escape any consequences for a human rights violation that rivals any Iraq War or Guantanamo story of misuse of power.


That spectrum is embodied in the person of William Bergin and his partner-in-sadism, Clackamas County Sheriff's Deputy David Willard. 


On September 8, 2005 Bergin and Willard arrived at the scene where Kaady sat, naked, covered in blood and his entire body burned from a gasoline fire after a car wreck. Instead of immediately ordering medical assistance, they went through the familiar asinine “we need you to get on the ground” routine. When Kaady, did not comply with this insane order to put his already “burned hanging flesh” face down on the hot pavement of the street, Bergin and Willard tasered Kaady…multiple times. When Kaady, doubtlessly mindless with pain and just trying to get away from his brainless, soulless torturers, jumped up on one of the cops’ patrol cars, they escalated from tasers to guns, shooting Kaady. Based on Police dispatch recorded evidence, just 28 seconds after arriving on the scene Bergin and Willard fatally shot the young man who witnesses said was begging “Please Don't. Please Don't”. 


To get the full horror of what happened that day, please take 20 or 30 minutes to watch the 5-part series on YouTube. Listen to the outrageous idiocy coming from the mouths of these two, the insufferable cop-jargon laden with meaningless useless descriptions (“…at the time I used my Taser I was located behind my patrol car…” and the lies…the outright, blatant incredible lies about somehow being threatened, by a single unarmed man, when all they ever had to do was call for an EMT, who would’ve been able to end his suffering.


Instead of mercy and compassion, Bergin and Willard were filled with loathing and disgust at the very sight and proximity of the pitiful human in front of them. According to their own testimony, these cowards were so afraid of actually touching the bleeding and suffering Kaady, they shot him. Of course, if they had waited for EMTs who, wearing gloves, would know how to help a badly injured burn victim, they would not have had to taser or shoot him. But no, they insisted on playing “stupid cop games”, insisting he stop sitting “indian style” and lay on his bleeding stomach on the hot asphalt pavement. But then they couldn't have claimed that the slight young man they later described as “catatonic” was failing to follow their ridiculous orders, justifying their brutality.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Pat 5


Bergin’s reign of horror in the Portland area reached one endpoint on June 2009, when he pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor, “first-degree official misconduct”, pleaded down from felony identity theft, first-degree official misconduct and use of an invalid driver’s license.


The identity theft and invalid driver’s license items related to Bergin having kept driver’s licenses from drivers he’d stopped who had been driving on suspended licenses. He “allegedly” gave two of those to underage girls so they could get into bars.


He got 1 day in jail, 15 days ‘work’, 2 years probation, a fine for “court costs”, and…most importantly to society, was de-certified. He “will never be a cop again”.


Larry Prince – Deschutes County’s King of Gun Theft


Redmond Police Lt. Larry Wayne Prince stole and sold guns out of the department “for years”. “Dozens” of them.


He only got caught when the inventory “didn’t add up”.


Prince was put in sole charge of the firearm inventory, for ten years nobody in the department ever made any effort to check to see if he was performing his job honestly. The “discrepancy” only came to light when “for administrative reasons” a new person took over that function. Finally, the inventory was audited and the missing guns noticed.


According the Redmond PD human resources director, an officer of Prince’s rank earns

“$5,500 to $6,800 a month base wage,” plus compensation benefits. OK, splitting the difference, that’s about $6,100/mo., or $78,300/yr. That’s in Redmond, Oregon, not known to be in the top tier of expensive places to live.


Nonetheless, Prince, who was married and has one child, had his house foreclosed on, due to being $20,000 in arrears on his mortgage, and owed $5,000 in back property tax. This was despite his very comfortable legitimate income padded with his sales of guns…odd.


Oh, those figures don’t include what his wife earned as a Redmond cop! Of course, she had no knowledge whatsoever of her husband’s side business.


Needless to say, Prince’s crimes were committed as part of his duties as a sworn officer of the law.


Despite that, and despite the (no doubt heartfelt) expressions of dismay by the residents of the central Oregon community that Prince had “betrayed” their trust, Prince was given a 90 day sentence (!), with “credit for time served”. Bottom line, he’s already out.


Another example of Special Cop Rules? Absolutely not!! Prince also will have to endure five years of probation, give up all guns and ammunition, pay $27,000 “restitution”, do 100 hours of “community service”, and harshest of all, (this is how you know the judge is steamin’ mad at dirty cops), write a letter of apology!


At least Prince will not be popping up in a police uniform in another jurisdiction…at least in Oregon…he also had to give up his certification (thanks for small favors).


One other interesting detail; some of his sales were to other cops. Of course they had no knowledge whatsoever of where Larry got his guns and gun parts.


Capt. Brian McNaughton stressed the point that Redmond PD has “an awful lot of people that don't commit crimes.”


Thanks for that reassurance, Capt. McNaughton. The Redmond PD also has “an awful lot of people” who sit around with their useless thumbs in their ignorant asses while other cops do commit crimes.


We’re somewhat curious as to how D.A. Patrick Flaherty decided that the only “victims” were those who had to give back the illegally sold guns, and that “all the victims” were in favor of leniency. Couldn’t be Special Cop Rules. Nope, No way.


Mark Benton Ashcraft – That’s What “Old Family Friends” Are For


Hey, a cop, who is also a child sex predator…gee, you hardly ever hear about that.


He was an old family friend. She called him “dad”. But, they had a father/daughter relationship that included ‘penetration” with fingers…and oral sex.


Ashcraft was married and has his own kids, so, one has to wonder what those relationships were like.


Mark Benton Ashcraft denied sexual contact with the 15 year-old girl, but admitted he had just a couple of little make-out sessions with her, and afterward killed some of his on duty time as an Athena, Oregon cop sending her emails, texts and MySpace messages. (The only thing missing is the Mike’s Hard Lemonade -Ed.)


Ashcraft’s story didn’t sell. He was convicted of sexually abusing and sodomizing the 15 year-old girl and of possessing or viewing child pornography, and sentenced to 9 years, 7 months prison time.


Mark Allen Heckerman – Cop (18 years, 2 states), Another Cop/Kiddie-Porn-Afficianado…NEXT!


A “misdemeanor” conviction for “invasion of privacy” prevented Mark Allen Heckerman      from extending his law enforcement career to 3 states. He’d done Hawaii and California, and tried to get hired in Ashland, Oregon even after picking up the criminal record for the mysterious “invasion of privacy” conviction. They decided…um…no thanks.


(What was that conviction about? We don’t know. We don’t have access to the kind of databases that contain that information. We only know what we can read in the papers.)


A-a-a-nyway, Heckerman was briefly out of law enforcement by the time he got popped for…(are you ready?...You are never gonna believe it...) child porn! No. Really. A cop, and child porn. When has anyone ever heard of that?


In this totally unique, never-before heard of instance, Heckerman was a fugitive for a while. He surrendered.  He went to court, waiving a jury trial. He was convicted; (“encouraging child sexual abuse”, that means having a few thousand kiddie porn pix). He was sentenced (a typical “wrist slap” special career-criminal/cop deal coupla-three years-pffft.) So, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. Another cop/kiddie porn story. BFD.


But, aren’t we left to wonder…what made him leave Hawaii? ...and California?


It couldn’t be that they knew, in Hawaii and in California, about Heckerman’s little kiddie porn thing…and just kinda “quietly” coaxed him to get out of Dodge? Nah. That’s just crazy. That’s just too farfetched to even imagine. Never mind. Forget we even mentioned it.


Joshua Michael Jensen – Beaverton


For unexplained reasons, the D.A. withheld disclosure of the investigation against   Beaverton, Oregon Police Officer Joshua Michael Jensen after allegations were officially lodged against him. Beaverton Police Chief Geoff Spalding would only say “it’s different”. Yes, it always is “different”, when the accused is a cop. In this instance the “difference” allowed Jensen to avoid arrest, the expense of posting bail, pre-trial publicity…just to name a few of the “differences” from how any other citizen’s case would be handled.


The first incident that investigators finally did reveal (a month after the investigation began) involved Jensen, while in uniform, meeting a prostitute in a parking lot where he paid her for sex, which took place in his car.


The second one, though, was the one where he threatened the woman with arrest if she refused to have sex with him, the very definition of a crime committed under color of law.


Speaking of “definitions”, the Oregon Live blog, (associated with the Portland newspaper The Oregonian) at first tried to soft-pedal the offense as simply “soliciting sex from prostitutes”, until an alert reader called them out on it, after which they altered their headline to reveal the “coercion” involved in the second case.


Many people would have a common-sense definition of “coerced” sex…namely, rape. But, we know who gets the “special rules”, including “special definitions” of commonly understood concepts, don’t we?


So, in a rush-rush hearing that went from arraignment to guilty plea to sentencing to incarceration in one hearing that took less than an hour, Jensen was convicted of two counts of prostitution, two counts of official misconduct and one count of coercion.


Jensen was sentenced to 30 months in prison, two years of post-prison supervision, counseling and (drum roll…a 12-step program for sexual addiction. Oh, puh-leeeze!


But, we are assured by Chief Spalding that the unusual procedure had “nothing to do with Jensen's status as a police officer” and that it was only done that way to get (Jensen) off the streets and into custody as quickly as possible. …after he’d been left on the streets for a whole month…right, Chief…got it.


As to that under-wraps investigation…one key piece of evidence was the text messages on the victim’s phone…from Jensen. These guys do not get hired for their brains.


Jensen’s lawyer, obviously totally bereft of anything relevant to bring to the defense of his pervo client, tried to pin responsibility for Jensen’s use of his police power to commit a sexual assault crime on his experience in Iraq!


In the comments section of the article linked-to above, after lots of the usual on-line trash-talking and name-calling, this final letter puts an end to the discussion…The writer, going by the nick nlq8869, claims to be the victim. There’s no way to prove it one way or another, so we just have to ask ourselves…does it have the ring of truth?


“… I am the victim in this crime and was the first to report Joshua Jensen. Yes I was in jail \and yes i received a handout-a handout from the YWCA-a brochure called The Bad Date Line-check it out on line, it is a tool to be used to help get dangerous rapists and possible rapists off the streets … he was an officer and yes what i was doing was illegal so why didn't he arrest me? Does that give him the right to force me and I do believe that grabbing someone by the back of the head and forcing their head down to perform oral sex takes away a persons right to say yes or no-and just to let you know, he didn't threaten me with arrest until after i had left but of course because he was a cop he must be telling the truth. Now think if this, beings that i was in jail and him being in the position he was in being an officer, if I wasn't telling the truth would he of resigned? They are supposed to uphold the law, instead he used it for victimizing women and did you forget or just choose not to read that there was another victim-ONE THAT HE HIMSELF GAVE UP THE NAME FOR”


Roger Magaña and Juan Francisco Lara – Serial Rapist Cops of Eugene


Perhaps one motive for the hush-hush then rush-rush handling of the Joshua Michael Jensen case (see above) would be to avoid more public awareness of the similarities with the convictions a few years earlier of two “rogue” Eugene Oregon cops, Roger Magaña  and Juan Francisco Lara.


Magaña’s reign of rape, kidnapping, sexual abuse and harassment in the college town covered eight years and involved no fewer than 13 victims, perhaps as many as 45, many of whom were assaulted multiple times (for one victim it was 25 times). One victim was an underage police cadet. The cadet reported the crime…and was ignored. The rapes took place in “dark alleys, public bathrooms and his patrol car”. Magaña used threats of arrest and murder to keep his victims from talking. Many defied the threats and complained anyway. The Eugene police ignored them, just as they had ignored the cadet. And, so the rape, sodomy and forced oral sex continued, and the victim count rose year after year.


Lara had a significantly shorter time, only three years in uniform, to rape, plant evidence and take advantage of his police power to coerce women into having sex while he was on duty.


When he was finally brought to justice, Magaña was sentenced to a 94 year term, guilty on 42 counts. Magaña, who was already a convicted thug when the Eugene PD hired him, comes from a family of them. In the courtroom gallery, as the verdict came down, family members “lunged at victims’ families”. Magaña, in his post-sentence address to the court, called his accusers “liars”, proclaimed his total innocence, and berated the prosecutors, the EPD, and the judge for even having been investigated. He vowed to appeal.


He appealed; the appeals court was…unconvinced.


Lara was convicted of “coercion” and that great, meaningless catch-all charge “official misconduct”. (“Now, see here, Officer Lara., you’ve sexually assaulted seven women, and you’ve planted evidence on a woman’s boyfriend to try to coerce her into sex…why…we think you just might be misconducting yourself, sirofficially!”) Sentence; five years. Pfft.


The city of Eugene paid over $5,000,000 to settle lawsuits brought by victims and their families. Those suits were bolstered by the fact that Eugene Police Chief Thad Buchanan had himself been disciplined for sexual misconduct and suspended (for…2 whole days!)... in 1995, while Buchanan was a Sergeant with the Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team. That stemmed from Buchanan’s “unwanted” attentions toward an administrative assistant who worked for the INET. Little details like that might have created the impression with juries that the Eugene PD “fostered a custom or policy that allowed the officers to abuse women” and that “deliberate inaction of police managers created a custom or policy that allowed misconduct.” Hmm. Ya think?


The city also paid a former McMinnville police chief $25,000 to produce his CYA whitewash report recommending that “no action” (meaning no investigations, no officers disciplined, no reprimands) be taken against cops who knew about Magaña and Lara, but (per “standing policy”, i.e. “never testify against another cop”), never did anything to stop them.


The Brown (nose) report instructed its readers that “no one who hasn’t been ‘in the life’ of law enforcement” can judge cops. That works out real well for the other Eugene cops who to this day see nothing wrong with having protected Magaña and Lara.


That report also contained this gem: it was because of “the seriousness of the accusations” that the other cops were justified in not taking them seriously. Amazing. Eugene got a bargain. For that kind of hermetically sealed circular argument, the city should have paid ten times as much.


(Consider the risk parents were unknowingly taking when they sent their daughters to school in Eugene during the time period that these two terrorists were allowed, with the knowledge of other local cops and Police administration, to run riot through the city.)


Brian Brush – PTSD and Self Pity


Brian Brush had been out of law enforcement for many years before he blew his girlfriend away with four shotgun blasts on September 11, 2009. He was employed by the Medford Police Department from 1988 – 1994.


So, why is his crime germane to the subject of this book? Well, for one thing, he is a former cop. For another, he tried to use his “trauma” from his experiences as a cop as his defense at trial.


After his career on the Medford, OR police department, Brian Brush had a boat building business and became something of a celebrity locally for his “hunting and fishing” show on TV.


He was having a house and a boat built to his specs. Everything was roses.


But, the business went downhill, Feds were investigating some kind of funny business. His TV show was canceled. He couldn’t pay for the house or the boat.


He wanted to sign the incomplete house over to the builder, but needed his ex to sign over the deed. She refused. According to Brush, she also taunted him, calling him a “pussy”.


That’s when Brush went to his pickup truck, retrieved his 12-gauge, and ended Lisa Bonney’s life, striking her with four shells, two of them after she was dead, at point blank range.


At trial, Brush blubbered a lot, and brought in professional witnesses to testify to how “depressed” he had been, and to suggest that his acts were not premeditated and were due to “post traumatic stress” brought on by his experiences as a cop, and that because of “psychogenic amnesia”, he “didn’t remember” firing the gun.


But, the jury didn’t buy it. One possible reason was that they were suspicious of the fact that the very day of the murder, Brush had taken his dog out “hunting” to condition him to hearing shotguns being fired. And, they didn’t accept the explanation of why he had handcuffs in the truck (Brush said the cuffs were there to loop around the seat belt in his truck and serve as a “leash holder” for the dog).


After only 2 hours deliberation, they came back with a conviction for aggravated first-degree murder.


One of the psychiatric experts, Baltimore forensic psychiatrist Christine Tellefsen, said Brush had no history of physical violence, “just running his mouth”. Nonetheless, Tellefsen testified that Brush was a “narcissist” with a “big ego”, who considered himself “the sun” and “all others were the planets” and who “considered himself entitled, especially with women.”


As for the notion that there was no history of violence, somehow Tellefsen didn’t mention that just a month before the murder, Brush and Bonney “were arguing and she had locked him in the garage at their home and he had taken a hammer to her vehicle”, police were called, and Bonney (?!) was arrested and jailed for domestic violence. Also inconsistent with the “no history of violence” was a “stalking” incident when Brush followed Bonney to another person’s home and began “dogging” her, thinking she was having an affair.




Thomas Kuechler - Police Trainer; Child Molester


Kuechler , an active cop for more than 20 years until 1994, got to “visit” his victims often as he traveled back to Bucks County as part of his new job training police officers  in accident investigation.


Keuchler claims it’s all been a horrible miscarriage of justice and he’s totally innocent.


Nevertheless, Keuchler was found guilty of repeatedly sexually assaulting three girls, starting when one was just 6 years old, over a period starting in 2000 and lasting until 2008.


The conviction on numerous counts of “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent exposure and corruption of minors” also got Keuchler designated a sexually violent predator under Megan’s Law and, as such, he will have to notify neighbors wherever he lives (after he gets out of jail). Since he’s already 66, and was sentenced in June 2011 to 14 to 31 years in state prison, that may be a moot issue.


Michael Curtin – Cop…Underage Girls…Sex Solicitation…NEXT!


A-a-a-and, here’s another one. This one’s from Munhall, a suburb of Pittsburgh.


This “yet-another-cop-with-a-thing-for-underage-girls” also has…a foot fetish. He solicited them to let him suck their toes (offering to pay $1,000), and to “touch them inappropriately” after giving them alcohol.


The contact and solicitations were done on…MySpace…These. Guys. Are. Not. Hired. For. Their. Brains.


Curtin pleaded guilty to indecent assault, corruption of minor and “other charges”.


Sentence; 5 years probation.


Michael Marren – Special Victim's Unit Sergeant, and…(did you guess?) Sex Offender


So…what? ...Pennsylvania didn’t have enough Special Victims, so an SVU cop had to create one by himself?


In March 2010, Michael Marren, the Sergeant in Charge…repeat…the Sergeant in Charge of the Special Victim’s Unit “got amorous” after partying with a co-worker and EMT at the Bensalem Rescue Squad, where he worked part time, forced her into a bathroom and, then forced her to her knees and made her perform a sex act.


Although his “saliva and DNA” were later found on her breast (a fact that came to light after he made his statement to county detectives), Marren never admitted any of the charges. In his version of the event, it was she who had drunkenly tried to kiss him, then reached into his pants, as he “rebuffed” her advances. Laying it on even thicker, he further testified that she was homeless, crazy and had cried rape to get attention.


The jury believed her and the DNA evidence. Marren was convicted of aggravated indecent assault. In May, 2011 he was sentenced to 1 ½ to 3 years in state prison.


Vernon Andrews Jr. – McKeesport McKreep


He was only in her house for a few minutes. And, nothing was taken. And he knew the homeowner through friends, and even knew another woman who lived there. So, what could be more natural than for Vernon Andrews Jr., a McKeesport cop since 1999, to steal the house key, have it duplicated, and let himself in when no one was home.


Lacking any understanding of Vernon Andrews Jr.’s needs or feelings, thinking only of herself, this selfish woman says that she no longer feels safe in her own home, and that the sight of Andrews “makes her sick”. What? Why? You have all the other wonderful, reliable, trustworthy, honest McKeesport police to protect you. Those other officers, of course, have no connection with the rumors going around that you “caused him to lose his job”. They’d never do anything to try to get back at you.


Don’t think for a second that Andrews had anything to do with the prior burglary at your house. And, that time Andrews stopped at your house under the pretense of needing to use your bathroom…he wasn’t casing your house…that was totally on the up and up. What other choices did he have, (other than any public restroom in any restaurant in the city, or any of the McKeesport police or fire stations)? You wanted him to pee in his McKeesport Police uniform pants?


It’s not that big a deal, is it, that Andrews, in his patrol car, in uniform, sat, and waited until he saw that everyone had left the house before he went onto your porch and took your house key. Hey, he was probably on his break…don’t you get a break at your job? Oh, that’s right…you don’t have a job. You were let go from you job at an area high school after the rumors started going around the city that it was “your fault” that Andrews got fired. Just a coincidence, of course.


And don’t worry that Andrews, originally charged with official oppression, possession of instruments of crime and a felony count of criminal trespassing, is only on probation, therefore free to pay your house another visit any time. Because, he’s been ordered (by the same judge that knocked the felony charge down to a misdemeanor and let him off with probation) not to have any contact with you. Don’t you feel better now?


And, don’t think a thing about the fact that at the time of his arrest, Andrews was the sixth Pittsburgh area cop to have been arrested in a single week. Or about the fact that Andrews is currently the subject of an FBI investigation for “suspected ties to drug dealers”. No underworld buddies of a McKeesport cop would ever think to harm you.


And, lady, what is up with you suing the city of McKeesport and the McKeesport Police, claiming that Andrews was a known bad actor, and that they should have known he’d commit crimes? It…it’s like you want the city to pay for its negligence or something.


One other note. As we see in most stories about criminal/cops, Vernon Andrews Jr. is always described as “ex-policeman”…yeah, he’s “ex”…now. But, at the time he was stealing, breaking and entering, he wasn’t “ex”, he was an active McKeesport cop.


Tyrone Wiggins – 1999 “Cop of the Week” and (yeah…another) Child Sex Predator


What’s odd about this one? No, it isn’t that yet another cop has a public image as a mentor and teacher , and turns out to have a thing for underage girls (that, as we have seen is quite common). Please, read on.


Tyrone Wiggins was Philadelphia Police Officer of the Week for November 11, 1999. In 2007, he was discovered to be Police Officer Taking Advantage of the Weak.


Wiggins was a karate teacher at a local community center. He began his sexual relationship with one of his female students when she was 12. He continued that relationship until she was in her 20s, and herself working for the Philadelphia Police Department. He “vouched” for her application to the force.


During the trial, he took the stand in his own defense. He claimed her accusations were lies, and that she was just “vengeful” and trying to ruin his life because he had given a tape to the Department in which he admonished her for selling cocaine. That could have caused her to be fired, and, he said, that was the motivation for her to make up the sex accusations.


Weird enough so far, but, now get this…after the department knew of the accusations, and had begun a two-year investigation, they kept that fact secret, not even informing the community center. He was allowed to continue his karate classes, and to have contact with child students.


The long investigation also gave him time to qualify for his pension. He was arrested the day after he retired, which was the day he became eligible for his pension.


But Police Chief Ramsey insists that there was no scheme to cover up for Wiggins and stall the investigation so he’d get his pension. It was just an “oversight”.


Wiggins was tried for, but, in another oddity, the jury did not convict him on the rape charges. He was convicted for “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, aggravated indecent assault, statutory sexual assault, and corrupting a minor.” Logic would suggest that if the middle aged Wiggins was having oral, anal sex with a girl starting when she was 12, that would have to be rape.


He was sentenced to 17 to 35 years.


Allen Petitt – Yet Another…Evidence Thief


You know that “banana-banana-banana-banana-orange” joke? Betcha thought we were gonna say “sex predator” again dincha?  Not this time.


This guy’s just another cop who can’t keep his mitts outta the stash . You know that other joke…about being able to resist “everything but temptation”? For Allen Petitt, the irresistible temptation was the goodies in the department evidence locker. Where cops are concerned, “evidence” has two purposes, (1) for planting on innocent “suspects” and (2) stealing.


Captain Allen Pettit of Fallowfield Township, about 30 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA was ripping off drugs from the evidence locker…then using them to supply “parties”. (HINT: Pettit is the one who resembles Lon Chaney as Quasimodo wearing an orange jumpsuit.)


You’ll be shocked…shocked, we say, to learn that at the time of his arrest for the drug ripoffs, Petitt was already being setup to be charged for using the department credit card to purchase fuel for his personal car.


So, a “bad apple”. Fallowfield cut him loose. After he got the boot in Fallowfield, “Bad Apple” Petitt bobbed up again in Springdale Township. When they found out he already had a criminal record, they told him to move along. Good for you, Springdale Township! Where will Petitt bob up again next? Keep your eyes open, small town America, he may be coming your way.


By the way, for those few of you who don’t keep close, constant tabs on the happenings in Fallowfield Township, PA, you may have missed this…Fallowfield

Township’s is the police department that had as its officer-in-charge, up until 2009, Robert M. Helphenstine. Please read below.


Robert M. Helphenstine – “Grave Doubts” About that “Chief” job, Chief


The first word in Helphenstine is “help”. As in “God help us, there are so many of these pervo cops in Pennsylvania”.


Robert M. Helphenstine’s police career, which had reached its zenith as he served as de-facto chief of police in Fallowfield, crashed and burned after he was charged with “harboring a 17-year-old Virginia boy in his North Strabane Township home, where they engaged in sexual activity”.


On October 4, 2010, Helphenstine, who before the “harboring” incident came to light, had eyes for the permanent Chief job, in addition to having eyes for teenage boys, pleaded no contest to obstruction of administration of justice.


For whatever reason, the linked-to article is at pains to point out that the plea was “not an admission of guilt”. But, then, it goes on to explain that, that is of no consequence legally. It’s a guilty plea and it resulted in a sentence. Why the attempt to soft-pedal the thing?


It was not a long sentence, of course. This was a cop, after all, charged with using an underage boy for sexual gratification. After all the considerations that are due to a cop defendant were factored in, Helphenstine, (initially charged with endangering the welfare of children, official oppression, and obstruction of justice) received…one year of probation. If you read the linked-to article, recall that Helphenstine, the acting police chief, had sex with a 17 year-old runaway on two consecutive nights…then repeat…one year of probation.


Despite the fact that prosecutors declined to bring more serious charges against Helphenstine, the whole affair gave the town “grave doubts” as to his fitness for Chief of Police.


But, as a condition of his plea, Helphenstine is also forbidden from ever serving as a police officer (we are assured). We can only hope that will hold up.


So, Mr. Washington County District Attorney, you can now lay your “grave doubts” to rest,


William Gray – If You Can’t Make a Mint, Rip One Off


If it ain’t nailed down, a cop will steal it. Even if it is nailed down, a cop will pry up the nails and steal it.


One might think that the U.S. Mint would have done a better job of nailing down its Presidential Coins with the “error”, (which makes it more valuable to collectors).


However, one way or another, Willaim Gray, police officer for the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia managed to pry up whatever was nailing down $2.4 million worth of error coins, and cart them off the premises.


This wasn’t some “temporary impulse”; Gray already had a buyer lined up, a California coin distributor.


Gray had worked at the mint since 1996.


Needless to say, Gray was only able to have access to these coins because of his position working in the mint as a cop. Needless to say, Gray committed his thefts while on duty as a cop.


On September 8, 2011, Gray pleaded guilty to theft of government property and tax evasion.


Brian A. Bosh – One of the Recurring “Bad Apples”


Brian A. Bosh, recently to be seen wearing the proud uniform of a (part-time) member of the Industry, PA Police. Even more recently to be seen in court, getting convicted for punching out some dude in a bar fight in Bridgewater, PA.


So, a drunken, bar brawling thug/cop, penny-ante stuff compared to the child sex predator thug/cops we see that Pennsylvania police departments are capable of hiring and keeping. We include his story here just to illustrate how the “few bad apples” excuse is misleading and false. Because, these “bad apples” have a way of repeatedly “bobbing up” again in another barrel.


In the case of the estimable Officer Bosh, he had been fired in 2003, when he worked for Bridgewater. Seems he was unable to avoid certain “policy violations”.


 No problem for Industry. He was perfectly suited to be hired there…until he crapped in the “punch” bowl there, too, in 2005. So, where did “Bad Apple” Bosh bob up next? Unknown at this time. We’ll just have to keep a look out.


Kenneth Crockett – Nothing Too Petty


There is no amount of potential illegal gain that is too petty for a cop to reach into the cookie jar.


Consider Philadelphia police officer Kenneth Crockett, who could not resist the temptation to help himself to $825 lying in a safe in a bar.


Cops had been called to “investigate” a burglary. They spent about 30-40 minutes “looking for prowlers”. The prowlers would have had to be somewhere near the bar to have been found, since that’s where the cops spent their time, consuming what Chief Ramsey assures us were “non-alcoholic” beverages. By the most amazing of coincidences, the other two officers’ “backs were turned” when the 26-year veteran Crockett reached into the safe to filch the cash.


If not for the fact that the theft was recorded, Crockett could have denied any knowledge.

But, it was recorded. On videotape


These guys are not hired for their brains.


After he was charged, Crockett’s family had him “involuntarily” committed  to a mental institution. If the intent was to prepare an insanity defense, it didn’t work - Crocket was convicted October 21, 2011.


At the time of his arrest, Crockett was the 11th Philadelphia cop to have been arrested in the preceding 18 months…but, it’s no big deal…just a few bad apples. They’re in every group. Philly undoubtedly has lots of doctors, lawyers and insurance salesmen stealing wads of cash from local businesses.


Donnie Breeden – A Cop “Can’t Go to Jail”


Imagine that sometime between July 20, 2007 and August, 2009, you got pulled over by a Pittsburgh Police patrol car. As you looked out your window, you saw the face of Pittsburgh, PA Police Officer Donnie Breeden. Breeden would, of course, have been wearing the uniform and badge of the Pittsburgh Police Department. He would have been fully empowered with the authority of the state to enforce the laws of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh.


Maybe you had been driving recklessly. Maybe you had been DUI. Maybe you even had caused an accident…maybe someone was injured…or killed…maybe you were at fault. If so, then Officer Donnie Breeden, as was his sworn duty, invoked the power conferred upon him to hold you responsible. You might have gotten a traffic summons…your car may have been impounded, you may have been taken to jail and booked.


Then imagine you find out in August 2009, that the officer who had used his power to detain, cite, or arrest you, had, at the time of your encounter, been hiding a little secret. The secret being that he, Officer Donnie Breeden, had, on the night of July 20, 2007, run over a 17 year-old pedestrian named David Hall…and then, with the help of his buddies, just left the scene of the fatality, gone home, covered up (again, with the help of his “buddies”) the damage to his SUV, and then just never said anything to anyone about it for two years. And, he would have gone on indefinitely not saying anything…until he was caught.


How would that make you feel about the integrity of the Pittsburgh police?


Breeden and a group of his friends had been on their way from dinner to “a club”. On the way there, Breeden ran over Hall. But, Breeden did not “leap into action” as a cop, he did not try to protect Hall from being struck two more times. Instead, he and his friends did a quickie poll of the onlookers to see if “anyone saw what had happened”. They determined that no one had actually seen Breeden’s SUV strike the pedestrian.


According a police affidavit, here is what Breeden said, quote, I'm a cop. I can't go to jail. If I go to jail, I will kill myself. I'm getting out of here. No one knows I did this, so I am getting out of here, unquote.


No concern for the dead teenager; only for himself and his precious police career.


So, for two years after running over the teenager, Officer Donnie Breeden lived his lie, reporting to his shift as a police officer, driving his department issued car, wearing his police department uniform, badge, gun, taser, mace, club…all of the weaponry police are empowered to use…and every day he lived that lie, he was seeing to it that other people breaking the law were brought to justice.


Finally someone dimed Breeden out…maybe it was one of his buddies who figured out that he possessed a tiny smidgen of a conscience.

After Breeden’s “Special Cop Rules” wrist-slap (one to two years for leaving the scene of a fatal accident and involuntary manslaughter), his lawyer made the statement that the hit and run was “the biggest mistake of (Breeden’s) life”.


No, counselor, wearing a plaid shirt with striped pants is a “mistake”. What the little stinking pile of chicken excrement you represented, Breeden, did was not a “mistake”. It was a cold blooded decision that he was too important to have to be subject to the laws he enforced, and a deliberate calculation that he could get away with it. And, as far as he was concerned, he had gotten away with it.


No one could say it any better than the victim’s mom: “Mr. Breeden was a police officer who knew the law, and he decided to run anyway.”


James Venziale, Robert Snyder and Mark Williams – Gangbangers in Blue


Remember some of those crime shows you’ve seen that have those amazing multi-culti  “street gangs” that consists of a black guy, an Hispanic guy and a couple of white guys? Well, here they are in real life…as Philadelphia police (plus auxiliary “wife” members)!


The scheme these gangbangers-in-blue cooked up was so twisted, it can’t really be described in a short summary.


But, take note of this one element…the “Hobbs Act”. Remember the Hobbs Act. We’ll explain the significance after we sketch out the scene.


Philadelphia, PA cops James Venziale, Robert Snyder and  Mark Williams, along with Snyder’s wife, teamed up with two other characters, Angel Ortiz and Zachary Young, to rip off drugs and money from “mafia” member Miguel Santiago.


“Ortiz”, whoever the hell he is, had gotten the idea that he knew of a “mafia” guy, who collected cash from gambling operations and funneled that money to a drug dealer to be “laundered”. The news accounts we’ve been able to find don’t explain how this bunch came together.


But, the plan was that Ortiz would get heroin on credit from Santiago. Williams would stop the “mafia” car while Ortiz was in it. Williams would plant some drugs and cash, and then using that “find” as a pretext, confiscate and keep the other drugs and cash “found” in the vehicle. They even went to the extent of dummying up “receipts” for the confiscated money, to convince the “mafia” guys that Ortiz was getting legitimately arrested. The confiscated drugs would be sold on the streets of Camden.


It seems that before the robbery took place, Mark Williams got put on “restrictions”, for what reason, we don’t know.


So, the standard routine, cop “suspect” gets put on paid leave, has to give up his badge and gun, stripped of police authority, blah, blah, blah. But, here the weakness and risk of this namby-pamby treatment was fully exploited by the “suspect” cops.


Mere days after the “restrictions”, Mark Williams, took a police car out of the pool (how was he able to do that? Good question!), and using another weapon he had in his possession, attempted to pull off the robbery. His partner had a car mocked up with strobe lights to make it appear to be an “unmarked” cop car.


The big flaw in the plan was that one of the “mafia” victims, was, himself, an undercover cop.  Oops. Major banana peel.


The whole “fake” stop was taped.


Williams and Venziale later took possession of $3,000 each, which they were told was “proceeds” from the resale of the heroin. (The sales, of course, never happened, the $6,000 was government money used in the sting.)


Williams was convicted of conspiracy to distribute more than 100 grams of heroin, possession with intent to distribute heroin, conspiracy to commit robbery, and attempted robbery.


James Venziale became a “cooperating witness”, therefore got 42 months, 18 months less than the mandatory minimum of 5 years.


Rhode Island


Marcus Huffman – Right Out of a Horror Movie


In March 2007, a 19 year-old woman was drunk and high and walking home after being turned away from a nightclub.


A police car pulled alongside. The driver, Providence patrolman Marcus Huffman, offered her a ride. She accepted because, she thought “she could trust a police officer”. But, Huffman was not a cop to be trusted. Instead of taking the woman home, Huffman took her to a police substation, raped her in a restroom, and left her unconscious on the floor.


When the woman woke up, she went to the home of her aunt. Her family took her to the hospital and called 911 to report the rape.


And, who should show up in a group of cops to take the report? Why, it was none other than Providence Patrolman Marcus Hoffman, who of course said nothing to the other cops about being with her earlier that night.


In the words of the judge at Hoffman’s sentencing, “it was like something out of a horror movie”.


Huffman didn’t deny having had sex with the woman. He claimed it was “consensual” and apologized only for “an error in judgment”.


That incredibly lame alibi failed supremely. The jury took just about a day to deliberate before returning a verdict of guilty of first degree sexual assault.


Huffman used his position as a cop to lure his victim. The rape occurred on police premises. There cannot be a more pure example of a crime committed under color of law.


On September 8, 2010, Hoffman was sentenced to 40 years in prison, then 20 more of probation.


Joseph Colanduono, Robert Hamlin, Stephen Gonsalves –  Narcs Slinging “C” in P-Town


We don’t know all the particulars of the “widespread state police investigation” named “Operation Deception”. As with the Tulsa corruption affair, it’s too big and too complex to summarize for this book.


Let it suffice to say that there were a lot of dope dealers dealing dope, and cops facilitating the dope dealing, and protecting the dope dealers and buying and selling dope themselves...and there were “informants”.


One of the “facilitators” was  Rhode Island narcotics detective Joseph Colanduono, who at the same time he was doing all that “facilitating”, was also working for the DEA, and “arrogantly believing he could get away with it”.


In December, 2010, Colanduono pleaded guilty to “two counts of conspiracy to deliver drugs, larceny over $500 and harboring a criminal”.


Colanduono’s lawyer gamely lobbied for Special Cop Rules to be applied in determining Colanduono’s sentence, asking the judge to “consider the harsh treatment he said incarcerated police officers often face in prison”.


That’s pretty much the same kind of logic contained in the cliché about the defendant who kills his parents, then pleads for mercy on grounds that he’s now an orphan.


The plea fell flat. Colanduono got sent up for an 20 year stretch, of which he has to serve at least 8.


The whole “going to real jail” thing left poor Colanduono kinda choked up.


But, he was still able to pull it together to deliver the standard “I’m rilly rilly sorry” song and dance…“apologize to friends and family…tarnished the badge…words cannot express…apologize to my wife…my irresponsible actions,” etc. etc.


Two other officers already sentenced in the case received greater leniency. Robert Hamlin was given a three-year prison term after pleading guilty to conspiring with his brother - Colanduono's informant - to deal drugs. Sgt. Stephen Gonsalves, who was charged with buying drugs from the informant, received a suspended prison term after entering a no-contest plea. Prosecutors dropped charges against a fourth officer.”


South Carolina


Daniel William Hiers - Fugitive, Charged with Murder, Child Molestation


Daniel William Hiers is being sought after skipping bail, after being charged with murder and child molestation. He has been profiled on America's Most Wanted and is on the FBI’s 15 most wanted list. Out on $25,000 bond, he failed to appear for his “pre-arranged surrender,” that's why authorities went to look for him and instead stumbled upon the murdered body of his wife (who had been standing by her husband's side through the child molestation charges).


Citizens are “shocked”…in “disbelief”.


Associates (in law enforcement) have helped him elude capture.


For the record (from the U.S. Marshall’s Service), Hiers is described as a white male, age 32, 6’ 03”, 210 pounds with blues eyes and blond hair.  He has eleven years of police experience, is trained in the martial arts, and maintains a high level of fitness. He is believed to be armed with a .40 caliber Glock pistol and may possess a bullet-resistant vest. There is a reward being offered


Scott Masterson – “Trailer” Trash Deputy


Masterson’s the name; stealing trailers is the game.


Lots of trailers. Many kinds of trailers


The South Carolina SLED (State Law Enforcement Division) warrant stated that “between September 1, 2008 and April 2, 2009, Greenberg County South Carolina Deputy Sheriff Scott Masterson acted willfully, intentionally and dishonestly with bad faith and corrupt intentions and engaged in acts of misconduct in office by committing acts and omissions in breech (sic) of his duties of good faith and accountability in violation of South Carolina laws…”


That misconduct and those “breaches” and “corrupt intentions” resulted in a bunch of trailers accumulating at Deputy Masterson’s house. Trailers that he had stolen; “a horse trailer in December 2002, a fuel trailer in February 2006, a four wheeler with trailer attachments in January 2008, a cargo trailer with tools in March 2008, a utility trailer in summer 2008…”. There was also the odd RV and/or tractor here and there, but when Masterson got a yen for some hot swag, as he often did over the course of about ten years of helping himself to tens of thousands of dollars worth of other peoples’ stuff, he seemed to really favor trailers.


On June 23, 2011, 14-year veteran Scott Masterson pleaded guilty to eight counts of grand larceny.


South Dakota


William S. Wray – Another Deputy Sheriff into Kiddie Porn…NEXT!


The frequency of these cases of cops involved in kiddie porn is nothing short of striking.


This time it’s in Pennington County, South Dakota, where Deputy Sherrif William S. Wray has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.


At the time of his arrest, Wray had been working for the PCSD since August, 2010, but had not yet completed his probationary period. However, it wasn’t any probationary-period screening by the department that brought Wray’s activity into the open. It was the mother of the 6 year-old victim who brought it to their attention.


The kid’s mom had discovered that Wray (also a member of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization) had taken photographs of her son, had showered together with him, and told him to “keep it a secret”.


Wray pleaded guilty to six counts, and on September 1, 2011, blubbered in court (as convicted cops are wont to do) as he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography.


Why there was no prosecution for sexual contact (the showers), we could not determine from the reports we read.


Ken Huber – Two Trials, Same Verdict; Guilty of Wife’s Murder


It’s taken four years and two trials, but Ken Huber again stands convicted of murdering his wife Pam in 2007 with a gunshot to her head.


Huber was convicted the first time in 2008. But, the South Dakota Supreme Court ordered a new trial.


Huber, who is a “weapons” specialist, claimed that he was moving a gun from a drawer to a gun case when, by the most amazing coincidence, it “accidentally” discharged, and, by the most amazing coincidence, struck his wife in her forehead as she lay in bed with their 11 year-old daughter.


The judge in that trial disallowed the defense to call an expert witness to explain how a “weapons expert” with over 1,100 hours of training could have so un-expertly handled a weapon that has three safetys. That was the basis on which the South Dakota Supremes overturned the verdict.


That alibi might seem a bit of a stretch, but, when the defendant has been chief of police in two cities (Highmore and Miller), and at the time of his wife’s shooting was having an affair with the Hyde County State's Attorney, he is deserving of lots and lots of “special” consideration.


Pam Huber didn’t die instantly. She hung on for several days, unconscious, with a bullet lodged in her brain, until she was taken off life support. During the time she was still “alive”, an order was taken out on Huber to protect the surviving two dauthters and son. The son detailed the “ten years of physical and verbal abuse” to which Huber had subjected his wife and which she never reported because of “fear of reprecussions given his positions as chief of police.”


The second jury took about four hours to come back with the verdict; guilty of first degree murder. It took the judge almost no time at all to send Huber back to the penitentiary for life.


Will another court again overrule a jury’s decision? You just never know.




Michael Young, Christopher Crawford, Timothy Green – Memphis PD Uniforms for Sale…Cheap


Petty theft (donuts and coffee), major theft, (guns from their own department, bank robbery, drugs and cash from busts,) running cover for drug smugglers, selling drugs…there is nothing a cop won’t stoop to as he searches for ways to take illicit financial advantage of his trusted position…so, hell, why not straight out bribery, too?


Did these three have the “trust” of other Memphis, Tennessee Police Department cops? Well, if they did, those other cops were suckers, because Michael Young and  Christopher Crawford, and Lieutenant Timothy Green were selling them out as well, for as little as $100 a pop, meeting a club owner in a rest room to get his payoff for tipping him off to an upcoming raid. All class, all the time.


They repeated this often enough, while on duty and in uniform when taking payoffs, to collect about $12,000 over an approximately four month period. But Green was keeping most of the green. Green took 11 payoffs for over $8,000 total, Young got 27 payoffs totaling $3,960, and Crawford’s share for selling his uniform on the installment plan; 14 payoffs $1,460 …cheap.


In fact, Green wanted all the green. He wanted to cut the other two out of the deal, telling the club owners:Don't take care of them (Young and Crawford), take care of me.”


The club was being investigated by undercovers for drug trafficking, among other “nuisances” such as gang activities.


Green got a bigger cut of the bribe/extortion proceeds, since he was a lieutenant. Plus he was in charge of gathering evidence against the club!


Young, who “cooperated” with the Tarnished Badge Task Force after getting busted, received a six month federal prison sentence.


Crawford and Green both pleaded guilty to conspiracy, bribery and extortion in June, 2011. Green was sentenced in February 2012 to 4 years in prison, Crawford is scheduled to be sentenced in March 2012, but so far we've found no announcement.


Sgt. Norman Benjamin – The “Love Pentagon”


Memphis Officer Shot! Unknown Hispanic assailant! BOLO! A city's prayers “go out” to the brave officer and his family. Another terrible casualty in the unending “war on crime” in Memphis, Tennessee.


Well, that was the initial version of the news.


Then, the facts started to emerge.


There was no “Hispanic assailant with dark complexion and long black hair, clothed in a black cut-off T-shirt and dark pants”. Entangled in a “love pentagon”, of his own making, Memphis Police Department Sgt. Norman Benjamin had shot himself.


And, then, more facts. One of the points in the “pentagon” was an 18 year-old girl. The 18 year-old girl had a boyfriend. Married (sorta), engaged, but lovesick for a teenage girl, Sgt. Benjamin was jealous of the teenage girl's boyfriend and offered $800 to a drug dealer to kill the boyfriend. 


Benjamin had had an affair with the girl while she was still a minor. That's statutory rape in Tennessee.


Benjamin had earlier bought the (then under 18) girl a “pink .38-caliber revolver”. That's a crime in Tennessee, (and not just because it was pink).


The teenage girl's aunt was not (as police falsely charged, as they stumbled and bumbled their way through the investigation) the “real” shooter.


MPD cannot make the excuse that they had no inkling that Benjamin was capable of such acts. Benjamin had been known as a “problem” in the department since shortly after his career began in September 1997.


Some of the highlights from Benjamin's personnel file:






This kind of thing continued right up until August 2009 when Benjamin was written up again, for insubordination to a lieutenant. Disciplinary action? You guessed it; more training (an “oral counseling session”) needed.


All told, by the time of the fake shooting, Benjamin had spent two months of his 14-year career “on suspension”.


Reading this record, you might well ask, “how in the hell did someone like this continue to keep his job, much less get promoted to Sergeant”? Yes, you might well ask.


Before even allowing the case to go to trial, the judge had to order a mental evaluation to determine if a man that MPD had kept on the force for 14 years and had promoted to the rank of Sergeant was mentally competent to assist in his own defense.


Benjamin decided to plead guilty to five charges.


After leading the police to accuse an innocent woman, after having put every Hispanic male in Memphis under suspicion, after soliciting first degree murder, after engaging in relations with an underage girl, after supplying a minor with Xanax and a firearm,

Benjamin will receive an eight-year prison sentence...and, if the judge agrees to his lawyer’s request, will be immediately eligible for probation!


But, the really, really great news: Benjamin's lawyer was able to report on December 9, 2011 that Benjamin is “doing better” now.


We can all die happy now.


Needless to say, (but, we’ll say it anyway, as will anyone in leadership of the city of Memphis or MPD), none of Sgt. Norman Benjamin’s affair should reflect poorly on the Memphis Police Department or the wonderful, dedicated, honest and trustworthy men and women who are doing their jobs with pride and professionalism.


And, likewise, if another Memphis police officer should get caught, while on duty and in uniform, attempting to buy, for the purposes of distribution, 200 lbs of marijuana and a bottle of OxyContin, that should not reflect poorly on the Memphis Police Department or the wonderful, dedicated, honest and trustworthy men and women who are doing their jobs with pride and professionalism.


And, so it is also beyond question that, if yet another Memphis police officer should get arrested for harassing his estranged wife, texting messages to let her know he was following her, and suggesting that her kids (who were in the cop’s truck as he was sending the text) were in some kind of danger, that should not reflect poorly on the Memphis Police Department or the wonderful, dedicated, honest and trustworthy men and women blah, blah, blah, blah, freakin' BLAH.




Hernan Guerra - The Mexican Drug Cartel’s Man in Sullivan City…and Police Chief


Kids, helping out the Mexican drug cartels is bad. So, don’t help out the Mexican drug cartels. M’kay?


Leave that to the professionals, such as Sullivan City, TX Chief of Police Hernan Guerra.


Guerra was given a 10-year sentence after being convicted of (quoting the FBI press release): “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana”. In a cosmic touch of irony, his conviction was on 4/20! But, don’t light up a spliff on 4/20 in his honor, kids. Spliffs are bad. M’kay?


Quoting the FBI press release again, Guerra “…admitted that as police chief of Sullivan City, he assisted the drug traffickers cross their loads of marijuana by alerting members of the illicit organization to the location of U.S. Border Patrol units and by directing his officers to other locations to avoid their interfering with or intercepting the traffickers as they ran the loads of marijuana…”.


Guerra’s attorney Oscar Alvarez says Guerra feels real bad about the whole thing and that the former police chief understands he “abused a position of trust.”


So, don’t abuse a position of trust, kids. Abusing a position of trust is bad. M’kay?


Laredo-It’s Not Just a Crappy Cigarette Brand; it’s Orlando Hale and Pedro Martinez III’s Coke Smuggling Route


Former Laredo police officer Orlando Jesus Hale was convicted of escorting drug smugglers while on the force. Hale worked his magic in collusion with fellow Laredo cop Pedro Martinez III.


Hale did at least one of the runs in his patrol car. Martinez used his police radio to monitor police dispatch. Hale claimed that he was just a naïve rookie and thought the whole thing was a sting set up by Martinez. That alibi didn’t work.


Hale got 20 years for the smuggling and another 5 for carrying a gun during the run.


Jaime Beas, the Zetas’ Man in the “Pharr” Side


Kid’s don’t help the Zeta’s….ah, never mind.


Anyway, kids, the Zetas don’t need you, because they have guys like Jaime Beas to do their chores.


Beas is the nephew of a top Zeta lieutenant, but, somehow nonetheless got a job on the Pharr TX police force. While there, Beas helped out the Zetas with little favors like kidnappings, guarding stash houses and moving narcotics loads through Pharr “under the guise of his police badge”. Makes an uncle proud, y’know?


Beas also tried to help the Zetas get some GI grade weapons and body armor. For this, he reached out to an uncle serving in the U.S. Navy (presumably this uncle is not the Zeta lieutenant, because this uncle ratted Jaime out to the Feds.)


Francisco Meza-Rojas – Drug Smuggling McAllen TX Cop – It Was a Family Affair


In December, 2010, after years on the lam in Mexico, McAllen, Texas cop Francisco Meza-Rojas was convicted for running a smuggling operation in his border town.


Meza-Rojas, who, along with several of his brothers, operated the smuggling operation for eight years before it landed him in jail, escaped in 2006 from the East Hidalgo Adult Detention Center in La Villa.


Prison officer Joseph Paul Llanos admitted that he had “unwittingly” brought Meza-Rojas wire cutters and a cell phone, which were used in the escape. (Afterward, Llanos slapped his forehead and cried “I could’a had a V-8!” – Ed.)


Meza-Rojas and his gang monitored the smuggling route, making sure other law enforcement stayed clear. On some occasions, the gang used their own vehicles to “intercept” police cars.


The Meza-Rojas gang included another cop, Edinburg Texas Officer Jesus Lorenzo Meza. Jesus-Meza’s chief, Quirino Muñoz had the following penetrating observation to make: “My understanding is that this was something that happened in the past”.


We’ll file that in the ‘No Shit Sherlock” files, Chief…since everything that has ever happened, happened in the past.


After his recapture, Francisco Meza-Rojas was sentenced to 27 years.




Jeffery Westerman – The Provo Pervo

Provo Utah cop Jeffery Westerman…one more member of the Smo-o-o-o-ve Move Cops Club. What a dreamboat…you combine his studly looks (he's the bald guy on the right) and his sm-o-o-o-ve moves, and this is one (more) cop with a special way with the ladies.


In the incident, Westerman took a call to check out a traffic accident. He sent one of the drivers away, and did a “field sobriety” check on the other, a 33 year-old woman. He told her he would arrest her if she didn’t “lift up her shirt” for him. Smo-o-o-ove, Officer Westerman.


Of course, when confronted, Westerman’s cop instincts took over…he lied his ass off. Lies, and easily refuted lies (there was videotape)…these guys do not get hired for their brains.


He claimed he’d only been at the accident scene for 10 minutes…the tape proved he’d been there 50 minutes.


And…in typical criminal/cop-who-gets-convicted form, he blubbered …no, we swear we are not making it up, and he also gave “the speech”…the “apology” to “the department, his family, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh” … good grief, these guys must carry this lame-ass speech around in their wallets like the Miranda warning.


The victim’s father wasn’t moved by the “crocodile tears”, except to feel more disgust at the sexual abuse suffered by his daughter at the hands of a Provo cop on duty and in uniform. “He’s not sorry for anything other that that he got caught”.


One reader and commenter makes another obvious correct point…this cannot be the only time Westerman had done this…it was perhaps the first time witnesses could back up a victim’s story.


If it was the first time Westerman’s activities had come to the attention of the Provo Police Department, they still cannot have been surprised. They hired him even knowing that he had a juvenile criminal record… for assault, criminal mischief and possession of a dangerous weapon.


The Deseret News said that a message was sent loud and clear when Westerman got a sentence of…180 days for attempted forcible sex abuse, a third-degree felony, and obstruction of justice under color of law. Not only that, but also three years probation, a $950 fine and $1,265 in restitution. Yeah, there was a “message” sent. But not the one the Deseret News seems to imply. The “message” is: if you want to be a sex predator, it’s a great country to be a cop.


We’d be curious to know what is the formula for arriving at the restitution amount. The rest of the sentence is straight out of Special Cop Rules.


Ken Hammond – Hero Takes a Fall


Ken Hammond was a hero, and winner of so many awards it could “bring down a wall”.


In 2007, one Sulejman Talovic opened fire in a mall in Salt Lake City. Within moments, five people were dead and four others wounded.


Ken Hammond, who was off duty from his job as a police officer in Ogden, was at a restaurant in the mall having a Valentine’s Day dinner with his wife. When the shooting started Hammond intervened, and was credited with saving an untold number of lives by keeping Talovic distracted and unable to shoot any more civilians until the local police arrived. The gunfight then continued until one of the locals killed Talovic.


Hammond was named the April 2007 National Officer of the Month, awarded a Medal of Valor, nominated for the 2007 America's Most Wanted “All-Star First-Responder” award, given a “True Hero” citation by the Utah legislature, Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. declared Friday, Feb. 16, 2007 “Ken Hammond Appreciation Day” in Utah, and Law Officer Magazine wrote that he was “the real deal”, and a model for other cops.


Even before the Trolley Square Mall incident, Hammond had won citations for excellence, been Ogden’s “officer of the month” and been given a lifesaver’s award for saving a choking victim with a Heimlich maneuver.


What brought the hero’s parade to a halt was the revelation that in 2005, two years prior to the event that made him nationally famous, Hammond had committed a crime.


Hammond (and several other cops) had responded to a “disturbance” call at an apartment complex. After the situation there was settled, all the cops left. But, Hammond returned after approximately an hour, where he, um, got his whistle blown…by one of the girls there…the 17 year-old girl. Turns out, there is a specific criminal statute in Utah dealing with “sex between adults and 17 year-olds”. It’s a 3rd degree felony. Because this happened while Hammond was still on duty, it’s absolutely an under color of law offense.


Hammond entered into a plea deal that knocked the felony down to a misdemeanor. He was given a 90 day “sentence” (he did not have to serve time in regular jail, and it was not revealed where he was to be “incarcerated”). His sentence also stipulated that he was only required to return to “wherever” at night, so he could “work” during the day.


Reports don’t say where he got hired. But, part of his plea deal was that he also agreed to not contest revocation of his police certification, meaning he can not again be employed as a cop…at least not in Utah.


Solicitous comments were offered by the sentencing judge (“good people do bad things…”), local reporters (“there but for the glare of publicity go you or I…”) and grateful citizens of Salt Lake City (“he saved my life…”).


But the prosecutor pointed out that “As a police officer, he was in a position to know this was wrong.”


As for the “it could have been any of us” comment, well, what if it had been “any of us” who had committed the same crime as Hammond? There is an long-running TV show that names such people “predators” and subjects them to intense humiliation when confronted by the show’s host, then more as they are filmed getting arrested (“on the ground, hands behind your back…”), and then are required to register as sexual deviants. None of that happened to Hammond.


One other fact that was revealed as we researched the Hammond case; at the same Peace Officer Standards and Training meeting where Hammond’s certification was officially revoked, five other Utah cops had their certifications revoked for various (unknown) reasons, and ten others were suspended for various lengths of time. Just a few “bad apples”.




David Schauwecker – The Call of (Video) Booty


In the spring of 2009, something caused the State of Vermont to launch an investigation of Rutland City Police Sgt. David Schauwecker. In 2010, a warrant was issued to searh Schauwecker’office and personal locker. That search found a bunch of X-rated DVDs and other pornography that belonged in the Rutland Police evidence locker. That material was part of an investigation another Rutland cop was conducting. But, Schauwecker had removed them so he could spend his Rutland cop work-time hours watching the DVDs on his Rutland Police Department issued work computer. Schauwecker was also found to have used his department computer to download other porno movies. Investigators “assumed” that the movies featured “child pornography”.


When the investigation hit the news, there was one thing missing; the name of the Rutledge cop who was the subject of a charge of possessing “child pornography”. The decision to keep the cop’s name secret was made unilaterally by Police Chief Tony Bossi.


When citizens, news media, and other local politicians demanded to know why Chief Bossi had tried to suppress this information (which would be public record for any non-cop) he had a lame explanation; he couldn’t reveal the cop’s name because of the state-level investigation that was “ongoing”. (No matter what the city, no matter what the details of the case may be, one thing is constant; if there is a cop involved in a crime, there have to be Special Cop Rules).


By the time a judge determined that there was in fact, no legal reason to withhold the cop’s name, the local media had already learned that it was Sgt. David Schauwecker. They found that out by checking out the city police payroll report. Sgt. Schauwecker was the only officer who received administrative leave pay for the relevant week.


Amid demands for Police Chief Tony Bossi to resign, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to keep Chief Bossi on the job.


Some citizens were not pleased that Chief Bossi was “unanimously” retained, pointing to his clumsy, inept job performance during the scandal.


Investigators who examined every one of the images were not able to identify any of them as featuring “children”. It may be that there were a couple of somewhat divergent agendas; make the case as sensational as possible, and at the same time, to keep the name of the cop hidden.


So, in the end, it wasn’t the “child porn” case that had been splashed all over the media. It was just a run-of-the-mill case of a cop (a) taking stuff out of the evidence room for his own use and (b) lying about it when confronted with the facts, and (c) malingering, and expecting to get paid for it.


The whole thing was plea bargained down to a charge of “neglect of duty”, a misdemeanor. The “lying to investigators” charge was dropped.


By the time of his guilty plea, Schauwecker had already been fired.


He wants his job back, of course. Of course he does. Otherwise he will (a) have to buy his own porn DVDs, (b) have to use his own computer to download and watch porn, and (c) not get paid to do (b).


Police Chief Michael Lowe – OCs for He, but Not for Thee


If you live in western Vermont, and you get hooked on narcotics, and you crash a car, and are found to have been be whacked on OCs (OxyContin) at the time of the crash, and you are found to have been driving around town in that condition for months while carrying a gun, and you are further found to have pressured three local police officers into helping you obtain your dope, and to have traded a gun that didn't belong to you for drugs, and you dragged your case out for months pleading “innocence” and you finally have to admit to all of the foregoing, just remember this magic phrase...“drug addiction is a bear”.


Oh, and for good measure, mention you've just recently been found to be “bi-polar”.


That way, you'll get six months, tops...of course you will...if you're a cop, that is.


By the time Vergennes Vermont Police Chief Michael Lowe had his little fender bender, in June 2009, the fact that he was a drug addict was widely known in the community. But, nothing was done about it, and Lowe went on about his way, in his job as Chief of Police.


By his own (eventual) admission, he was so out of control he “didn't know how he functioned”. But, he went on dressing himself each day in the uniform of the Chief of Police, and “enforcing the law” against anyone possessing or distributing illicit drugs, or driving while “impaired”, or any other violation. His known addiction was a “concern” to medical professionals treating Lowe, but, they did nothing. His addiction was known of by local residents and businesspeople, members of the law enforcement community, and a pharmacist …but, they did nothing.


When Lowe's drug abuse came to the attention of the Vermont Attorney General’s office, they finally did something...they started an “investigation”. But, they did not make any effort to remove him from his job.


Only when they could no longer avoid confronting the issue, when Lowe ran his car into a parked car, and the cop who responded to the collision could not ignore his “glassy eyed stare and slurred speech”, and conducted a field sobriety test (which Lowe failed), did the Vergennes Police Department, or the City Manager or the Mayor contemplate any action to remove Lowe from office. Even then, they hoped to keep it to a “60 day suspension”.


As for Lowe, even when he resigned, he claimed it was only for “health reasons”, and continued to “battle” the criminal charges, pleading “innocent,” not only to the original charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs, but also to “unlawful possession of a prescription drug; two counts of obtaining prescription drugs by fraud or deceit, including appropriating a city patrolman’s prescription for more than a year; embezzlement because he 'fraudulently converted to his own use' a handgun that had been seized as evidence, and neglect of duty by failing to return the handgun to its rightful owners.”


After Lowe’s arraignment, the Attorney General released an affidavit from their investigation. In that document these facts were alleged:


“…Lowe persuaded Vergennes Patrolman Matt Roorda to regularly turn over his prescription for Adderall, a stimulant, between the fall of 2007 and May 2009. Roorda told Thomas Howell, an investigator from the Attorney General’s office, that he was not using the drug, for which he had a legitimate prescription, because ‘he does not like the way it makes him feel’. At times Roorda gave Lowe the pills, and at times Lowe simply picked up the prescriptions himself…Lowe also was given two pain pills by part-time patrolman Robert Worley, an act leading to the third fraud charge. Worley’s wife was home after surgery…Lowe said he needed to borrow some pain pills and he “had a doctor’s appointment the next day.” Worley agreed to provide two pills, which Roorda picked up and delivered to Lowe. Later, Lowe asked again for pills, but Worley “told him no and told Lowe that he needed to see his own doctor.” It was Worley who came on the scene of the June 7 accident, determined Lowe might be under the influence, and called in Vermont State Police to investigate…Lowe is alleged to have persuaded Vergennes part-time officer Brent Newton to buy $264 of supplements at Vites & Herbs Shoppe in Middlebury in exchange for the Smith and Wesson handgun. Lowe is alleged to have told Newton “that the Attorney General’s office had said it was OK” to dispose of the seized handgun in this manner… a statement contradicted by investigator Howell, author of the affidavit. The law requires the return of the property to the family, something the affidavit stated Lowe did only after the fact while not reimbursing Newton for the purchase. The neglect of duty charge derives from failing to return the handgun to its rightful owners. But, Lowe said he was “innocent” …right up until the day in January 2010 that he pleaded guilty.


Lowe sat in court weeping because his career was “in shambles”. There is nothing in news reports indicating concern for the careers of the other cops that got caught up in his illegal attempts to score. But, that's probably because those cops were never charged for illegally supplying Lowe with prescription drugs.




Frank Cassell et. al – The Henry County “Special K” Gang


Similar to Tulsa and Providence in the respect that there was so much corruption and crime involving so many corrupt criminal cops you’d need an interactive database to get a handle on all the corrupt cop criminality. And, thanks to the Roanoke Times, there is one. We highly recommend all readers to check it out and we highly commend the Roanoke Times for their excellent work.


But, here are some of the highlights:


A multi-year long racketeering conspiracy that included the County Sheriff,  Sheriff’s Deputies, Sheriff’s Department Sergeants, a Sheriff’s Department Captain,  Vice Officers, a Probation Officer, a School Resource Officer and known area drug dealers, selling “Special K” (Ketamine, a drug used as an analgesic in both human and veterinary medicine), selling guns, ripping off evidence rooms and re-selling drugs, possessing illegal weapons (such as fully automatic machine guns with registration numbers removed), money laundering, perjury, and obstruction of justice.


We’ve mentioned numerous times in this book that cops think they’re “special”. Who could be more “special” than the Henry County “Special K” cops?


Frank James Coppola – Poorly Executed Crime and Poorly Executed Execution


This one goes back a ways, to the early 80s. But, it’s notable for the sheer thuggishness and brutality of the crime, the tiny payoff that was worth taking a life, and the fact that the criminal/cop actually got executed.


Frank James Coppola, a Portsmouth, VA cop, was convicted in 1978 of a break-in and murder in which the murderers made off with …$3,100 and some rings.


For that piddly amount, the killer cop Coppola tied up the victim with Venetian blind cords, then slammed her head into the floor repeatedly, until she died.


Coppola’s execution was, by some accounts, “botched”, taking two jolts lasting almost a minute each, and causing his “leg and head to catch fire”.


We dampened one end of a Q-tip with our tear upon reading that.




Karl F. Thompson Jr., Spokane’s Homicidal Cop; Hero to Other Spokane Cops


So, what do you get for beating, tasing and suffocating an unarmed man to death? Well, if you’re Spokane cop Karl F. Thompson Jr., for the first five years you get to skate, courtesy of what federal prosecutors have called a major cover-up by other police officers and local officials.


Then, you finally have to get a trial, (where you get convicted, despite being able to spend over $354,000 of taxpayer money on your defense).


Then, you get a standing salute from 50 fellow Spokane cops.   


At Thompson’s federal trial (federal, because the local county D.A. refused to bring any charges), his taxpayer-financed legal team trotted out all the time-worn efforts to blame the victim, alleging that he had “lunged” (he was on his back as Thompson whacked away with his baton), or he had (we are not making this up) used a pop bottle in a threatening way! The judge prevented them from trying to invoke the “excited delirium”

theory…nice try, though.


The Spokane County Medical Examiner report stated that Otto Zehm died as a result of homicide, caused essentially by a lack of oxygen to the brain.


SPD Detective Terry Ferguson admitted in court testimony that she and Detective Mark Burbridge “either changed or omitted information from witness statements about baton strikes to Zehm’s head”.


Dennis McCarthy – Dennis the Defenestrator


We can’t say that Dennis McCarthy was a Port Orchard cop when he pointed a gun at his girlfriend, shoved her against a wall, and pushed her out a window.


The reason we can’t is because McCarthy had resigned from the force a couple weeks earlier, after he’d been given a no-contact order for setting his girlfriend’s clothes on fire.


But, cops are special. Cops don’t have to pay any attention to a measly court order.


So, McCarthy was there anyway as his girlfriend was attempting to get her stuff out of their place. He got violent. She kicked him in the groin, and moved toward the window to try to use it as an escape route. McCarthy shoved her out.


She suffered multiple broken bones in her leg and shoulder.


McCarthy opened the Big Book of Cockamamie Cop Alibis ã and came up with this one: she was hanging up curtains in her apartment, and she accidentally fell out a window.


In a jury trial, McCarthy was convicted of first and second-degree assault for the gun-point and the window-shove.


David Brame – Freak Flies High in Tacoma


How did someone like David Brame ever become a cop, let alone Chief of Police of one of the largest cities in the state of Washington? The family of his murdered wife would like to know. The political establishment of Tacoma and the police department hierarchy would like to avoid the topic.


David Brame was a freak. David Brame was a nut job. David Brame was a person who, if he were not a cop, would be quickly identified as clinically insane, and prevented from advancing to any position of authority.


But, David Brame was a cop, so the special environment of copdom enabled him to achieve and consolidate a level of power that made him feared (even if hated) by other cops, and by his wife (and her family). As his power increased the local media fawned, publishing an unending stream of lavish praise.


And then, “the big shock”. Fourteen months into his term as chief, David Brame shot his wife, and then himself. He did this in full view of his two children. He died at the scene; his wife lingered on for a few days, never regaining consciousness, and then died.


The family and friends of Crystal Brame may have been shocked, but, they cannot have been surprised. The murder was the culmination of a pattern of terrorism, violence, abuse, and sexual deviance that tracked back seven years to the beginning of their marriage.


After so many years, Crystal Brame finally decided to file for divorce, and would not be deterred, even in the face of blatant attempts by Brame and his department goons (including the department Chaplain) to coerce her to drop the divorce.


In the weeks immediately preceeding the shooting, David Brame’s carefully burnished public image was disintegrating. The details of the pending divorce, and the accusations Crystal Brame was finally making public, were certain to end his career and the lucrative income level he had attained.


The accusations, repeated assaults, chokings, threatenings with firearms, attempts to pressure his wife (and other Tacoma cops) into engaging in group sex, were backed by testimony from the other Tacoma cops, contemporaneous recollections of family members, credit card receipts and phone records.


The accusations were also sure to revive previous accusations of sexual assault. Yes, that’s correct. David Brame was given the job of Chief of Police of Tacoma, Washington despite a very credible accusation (not quite completely buried by a gold-digging cop-wannabee who worked in the city attorney’s office) that he had raped a woman. The accusation is supported by another Tacoma cop who was present when the woman confronted Brame, and Brame admitted to the rape in the presence of the other cop as he “apologized” to the victim. In addition to the old rape charge, Brame had flunked a mental evaluation.


Brame and a couple of flunkies in the department (two low-achievers, one male, one female, both of whom he had promoted to assistant chief) attempted to use crude intimidation to head off the divorce. They failed. 


Brame’s tenure as chief was notable for the number of Tacoma cops who hated his guts. He was despised for his pattern of promoting unqualified candidates to populate high-level positions in the force, and pressuring other competitors out of the department. His style, described by peers as “paranoid”, transformed the high-level department management into a cadre of compliant, subservient functionaries. Any outside this circle were considered “enemies”.


As his control of Crystal Brame slipped away, and his fake public image started to slip from the hands of his PR representatives (aka “editorial staff”) at the Tacoma News-Tribune, into the realm of muckraking community publications, Brame “reasserted” his control permanently, in a fashion completely in keeping with his character; violence.


Since the murder, Tacoma’s political leaders have engaged in the to-be-expected ass-covering and denial of responsibility. As for the questions of how David Brame had risen to the highest position on the force, how his dark past had been covered up, how he continued to advance despite the many people who knew his true nature; some answers are coming to light, but only because of pressure from Crystal Brame’s family, and only because they have the vehicle of a massive lawsuit to pry answers out of reluctant Tacoma cops, David Brame’s family, formerly obsequious journalists and city officials.


Other information was forced into the open because of legal actions, including one from Mary Herrman, a Tacoma detective. Brame had sexually harassed Herrman, and attempted to convince her to participate in his fantasy of a sexual threesome with Crystal Brame. The city avoided a lawsuit (and any subsequent airing of TPD’s dirty laundry) with a payout of $750,000.


West Virginia


Foster G. “Pete” Bowen – Twisted in Huntington WV


Foster G. Bowen, who went by the name of “Pete”, is a “former” Huntington WV Police Captain, (or “retired”, if you prefer). If you want to find out what his status was vis-à-vis the Huntington Police Department at the time he was raping boys at his house or at his “cabin,” you will have to get that information somewhere other than news reports.


But, for our purposes here, it’s sufficient to know that the fact that he was known locally as a high ranking cop was integral to the way that he acquired access to, and coerced, and manipulated his victims.


Bowen overtly used his police authority to threaten his victims by saying he knew judges and lawyers and other cops, warning them “not to tell”, and that if they ever did tell, “no one would believe them”, and “If anyone (of his victims) ever crossed him he (the victim) would pay for it”.


Bowen had other methods of imposing discipline, by turning the victims against each other during “games” called “Pulling The Pee Pee” and “Titty Twister”.


The rapes and molestations were carried out for more than 20 years, until one of the victims, by then an adult, decided to come forward and accuse Bowen. That former victim, designated “Victim 6”, testified that last year, while out walking his dog, he saw Bowden with two kids in his car. He knew where the kids lived. He wrote a letter to their parents saying “I don’t know if you’ll believe me or not, He’s a child molester, and I want you to know who your child is hanging out with.... Pete is a very evil man who knows how to manipulate little boys.”


The mother contacted Victim 6 the next day. They went to the police. Finally someone had brought it out into the open, and Bowen was charged soon thereafter, and the other victims started coming out of the shadows.


During the 20 years Bowen was allowed to freely indulge his activities, he had access to an endless supply of victims by acting like a “mentor” or “father figure”, inviting boys to his house to work out with weights, or play video games. Many of the rapes and molestations happened right there in Bowen’s home. He also took them to a cabin outside of Huntington for “fishing trips”, where the same things happened. Anal sex. Oral sex. Masturbation sessions. Between Bowen and the victims, and the victims with each other. One of the victims was molested “every night for five years”


At trial, Bowen testified on his own behalf and called the accusations “ridiculous”. His lawyer outright called the accusers “liars”.


But, just the stuff that Bowen admitted to, under oath, in court, was damning enough. Bowen admitted he slept with the boys. His wife (yes, Bowen is married, for 55 years) slept in a different room.


Bowen admitted using “Pulling The Pee Pee” as “one of the ways” he used to “correct” them “if they were out of line”, but that “the threat of doing it was more than doing it."


Bowen: “I'd tell the kids I would pull your pee pee or your twinkie if they didn't behave. I would hold it for a matter of seconds.”


There was another similar “game” called “Titty Twister”. Bowen had a whole different set of circumstances for when it was OK to play “Titty Twister”:


Bowen: “Physically it's wrong to twist titties, it would hurt, (pulling peters) was a way of discipline”.


Bowen’s denials and alibis were not believed, and he was convicted on 34 counts of child molestation and sentenced to over 300 years in prison. Since Bowen was already 80 years old, that number is fairly meaningless, it amounts to a life sentence.


The judge had harsh words as he imposed the sentence: “These 34 counts represent the tip of the iceberg of probably thousands of rapes more than anyone in the history of WV. Each sex act was a separate crime. You are worse than any criminal you dealt with as a police officer. Nine men testified that you raped them over and over again. You brainwashed them as children it was okay to engage in these sex acts. You often picked children from broken homes.”


Newspaper reports don’t mention anything regarding how Bowen managed to perpetrate these crimes for such a long time, or who else besides the victims might have (or should have) known about it. His wife claimed total ignorance, and said “it couldn’t have happened.”


The comments sections of the newspaper articles is where the citizens did publicly (if anonymously) discuss the other cops, the other police chiefs that must have known, and did not act, or may even have abetted Bowen.


As he was being led out of court, a reporter called out the typical stupid “how do you feel” question, “how does it feel” to be a convicted child molester sentenced to 302 years. Bowen responded by saying, “This is what it feels like!” while flipping up his middle finger to the camera”.


Raymond O. Conley – Coerced Sex, Under Color of Law


On April 21, 2010, Dunbar WV cop Raymond O. Conley was sentenced to 12 months in federal prison for abusing his position as a police officer to coerce a woman to have sex with him.


As is typical for criminal cops headed for the big house, Conley blubbered as he awaited sentencing, and asked for “special” consideration, insisting “I'm not that person. That's not my character, and that's not who I am”.


But, that indeed is “Dell” Conley’s character, and that is exactly who he is.


In April 2008 Conley, found two smoked marijuana cigarettes in the possession of a woman who lived in Nitro. Afterwards, he showed up at her house multiple times, and used the threat of arrest for marijuana possession to force her to disrobe, whereupon he took nude pictures of her.


The woman contacted a lawyer. Conley made good on his threat. Dunbar cops busted her for marijuana possession.


This was not out of character for Conley (or other area cops); it was not an “isolated incident”. It was part of what the prosecutor described as “a pattern of behavior where [Conley] preyed upon young women who were particularly vulnerable”. Conley “repeatedly used thinly veiled suggestions to convey to women that they had the option of getting out of trouble in exchange for sexual favors”. In other words, a pattern of coercing sex, under color of law.


In March 2009, Conley had sat waiting in the middle of the night, in his police car, and in uniform, for a woman to emerge from a building in Jefferson, WV. Remember, Conley was a Dunbar cop. He had no business in Jefferson while on duty. The woman drove away with her boyfriend driving the car. Conley followed them, then stopped them on a bogus traffic “violation”. He let the boyfriend drive away, but kept the woman in his police cruiser as he drove toward South Central Regional Jail. As he drove he “groped her breasts and genitalia”, then asked her “are you sure you don't want to do anything with me before I take you to jail?” Conley took the woman to a remote area in the city of Dunbar where he had sexual intercourse with her.


Two months later, in June 2009, Conley told another woman he’d arrested, “It's too bad you're married, or we could work out a deal”.


So, the judge wasn’t inclined to give Dell Conley any further breaks, noting that Conley had already gotten a break by pleading to a misdemeanor. When he read the facts of the case, the judge was “surprised to learn that Conley's conduct did not constitute a felony.”


(Can we help you out, there, judge?...they’re called Special Cop Rules)


Conley also had his state police officer certification revoked. So, it’ll be off to the “gypsy cop” job market  for Conley once he gets out of the can.


But, Conley’s legal problems aren’t only with the criminal system. He and the City of Dunbar are being sued, by several of his female victims.


As with the incidents described above, Conley’s M.O. was to find a woman with a minor violation such as “drug possession” (marijuana, meth), then use that advantage to bribe, threaten or coerce her into engaging in sex with him.


The city of Dunbar is also included in the suit, because two other Dunbar cops (named in the lawsuit only by their last names Elliott and Moss) “were involved in Conley’s campaign of intimidation”, when the woman refused to comply. Conley, Elliott and Moss would, according to the woman, “on a weekly and sometimes daily basis congregate outside [her] home, and sit and stand around for no apparent reason, other than to harass, intimidate, scare and threaten” her. Conley also conducted a bunch of warrantless searches of the woman’s home, and threatened to take her son away, and put her jail if she refused to let him into her home when he stopped by. He badgered her to “go out with him”, tried to get her to take off her clothes to “show him her tattoos”, and, when she still refused to obey, he “insinuated the department had evidence of marijuana, and methamphetamines taken from her apartment from prior searches that they would use against her”.


But, even that isn’t all. Conley was also sued by another woman who Conley stopped and threatened with arrest based on an already dismissed bench warrant. Conley implied he would let her go if she had sex with him. She resisted, telling Conley she “didn't want to do anything”. Conley then demanded that she show him her breasts. The woman, “fearful of the consequences” if she continued to refuse, gave in to that demand.


This is the guy whose lawyer proclaimed in court had “an exemplary record” as a police officer.


It seems that at least two other Dunbar cops considered Conley’s conduct “exemplary”. How many other cops do so as well?




Damen Lowe – Racine Rapist


Damen Lowe is another cop who thinks that being a cop is a great way to meet (underaged) chicks and sexually abuse… hey, ARE WE REPEATING OURSELVES???


Low-life Lowe’s, victim, a 15 year-old described how Lowe made her engage in sexual activity and showed her pornography said Lowe also beat her with a belt and his hands.


Damen Lowe, Racine WI police officer, was convicted of seven charges, including repeated sexual assault of a child, exposing a child to harmful material, and one count of physical abuse.


Michelle Salentine – “Crack”ed…and Busted


Michelle Salentine needed a little something to help her get through her hectic days as a Platteville WI cop. No, not “mother’s little helper”, she got down with crack, the choice of a brand new generation.


So, Salentine would regularly drive her squad car over to one of her crack dens, toss her gun on the bed and smoke a couple of rocks before going on duty.


She’d also “occasionally” take a drive to Milwaukee to score.


And (just being a good friend), she parked about a pound of coke in her home.


She also “parked” a bunch of dope in her car. Salentine had already been busted once (April 2010) when she admitted to “having a drug problem” and using crack “four to six times a week”. Then in October 2010 she and her brother got popped again as they argued in a car where arresting officers found crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and drug paraphernalia and a “kit designed to defeat drug tests”.


Question: have you ever known a crack user to limit their use to “four to six times” a week?


And one other question: do you wonder how a cop can afford to be smoking crack four to six times a week for more than a year? We don’t know either. No information in these stories about that, but, we were just wondering.


Tyler Peterson – Mass Murderer: “I Am the Cops”


Cops are constantly exposed to the worst side of humanity, every day, watching people harm each other, seeing the dishonesty and criminality, and the futility of trying to make any difference due to the ineffectual and indifferent justice system …so, cops get cynical.


That’s probably what happened to Tyler Peterson after… less than 1 year.


Tyler Peterson was a full-time deputy in the Forest County Sheriff's Department and a part-time officer at the Crandon Police Department in the state of Wisconsin.


Cops just sometimes get jaded. That’s probably what made Tyler Peterson blow away his ex-girlfriend and 5 other Crandon high-school students on October 7, 2001, while they were having a post-homecoming party.


The weapon used was an AR-15 rifle. AR as in “assault rifle”. That weapon was issued to Peterson “pursuant to his duties as a member of the Peterson  Forest County Tactical Team”. (Because, one of the best people you could have on a SWAT team, someone you really want to issue an automatic rifle with a 30-round magazine, is a 20 year-old with a “propensity toward violence…a history of anger-control issues… who was known to have abused suspects and was a known danger in the department).”


Peterson was known to his superiors on both police organizations as a problem…complaints of abuse had been lodged…and (of course) ignored. Peterson had also been a suspect in a statutory rape investigation prior to being hired as a cop. The Sherrif’s department and the CPD may not have known about that little detail…it had all been hushed up.


Peterson was described by the survivor of the massacre as having attempted to “control” his on-and-off girlfriend (one of the massacre victims). Previous to the shooting, she had allowed him to move in with her. That arrangement lasted only a few weeks before she threw him out. That started an argument during which he tore the cable connectors out of the television. Police had to come to the apartment and calm him down.


Peterson had gone to the scene of the party to confront his girlfriend. She told him she wanted him to leave. But, Peterson refused, pushed the girlfriend and hit another girl. Everyone at the party then told Peterson he was being “a stalker and a psycho” and yelled at him to get out. They told him if he didn’t leave, they would call the cops. Peterson’s response: “I am the cops”.


And that’s when the pressures of all those weeks of being a cop must have gotten to Peterson, causing him to snap.


Peterson went outside, got his AR-15, returned to the apartment, kicked in the door, and without a further word, immediately began shooting. When he had finished, 7 victims lay on the floor. One of them survived to tell the story.


When Peterson stepped outside, there was a Crandon PD car on the street. Peterson used the AR-15 to put a shot into the patrol car windshield, then took off into the night.


Peterson was able to use his knowledge of police procedures and communications methods to make fools of pursuing cops, eluding them for almost 9 hours after the murders. Cops from 18 police organizations drove aimlessly all over the state as Peterson phoned and radioed in bogus “reports” of his own whereabouts. Cops thought he might be anywhere from Michigan to Canada.


In actuality, Peterson had driven to a friend’s lake community cabin, where he spent leisurely hours talking to friends, taking drives to meet relatives, getting drunk, and taking a nap. Cops finally found out where he was when one of the people at the cabin eventually called 911…about 20 times.


He was eight miles from Crandon.


When the cops finally arrived, their first priority was not to inform residents of of the town of Argonne what was going on; information they might have used to keep themselves safe. Their first priority was to order them to “keep quiet” about any information they might already have.


After about three hours of getting prepared to move in on Peterson, a sniper was able to hit Peterson in his arm as he tried to get from the cabin to the darkened woods. A short time after that, Peterson shot himself …three times. When police found Peterson, they placed him in handcuffs, before realizing he was already dead.


The “order” to the public to “not talk to the media” was later repeated by Atty. Gen. J.B. Van Hollen, as newspapers starting demanding answers. Of course, he had no authority to issue any such order.


The families of the victims sued the city and the county for negligence in hiring Peterson without proper vetting and lax supervision. They never had a chance. The law and the court system are designed to protect any government entity from any liability. The families’ attempts to hold any office holder responsible were thwarted at every level, from the city councils to the a appeals court to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, which in March 2012 refused to hear their case.




Scott Kritzmire – Case of the Ambiguous Ambien


Scott Kritzmire is NOT GUILTY!!!

Scott Kritzmire is NOT GUILTY!!!

Scott Kritzmire is NOT GUILTY!!!


We know for a fact that Scott Kritzmire is NOT GUILTY!!! because when we searched Google, every headline that showed up screamed NOT GUILTY!!!


But, as it turns out, Scott Krtizmire actually has been found…uh, guilty. It’s right there, in the very same news articles that trumpeted the supposed innocence of Cheyenne Police Department cop Scott Kritzmire.


True, Kritzmire was acquitted of felony kidnapping, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm with unlawful intent . But, tucked right in there with all those acquittals is the conviction for false imprisonment.


Now, you may be surprised to learn that if you “falsely imprison” your wife, it’s only a misdemeanor. But, if you’re the type of guy who would want to “falsely imprison” your wife…good news! It’s only a misdemeanor, and it’ll only getcha a year and $1,000 fine, max! Hell, $1,000…you could spend that on a freakin’ three-day kayak, hike and raft weekend in the Grand Tetons.


The allegations by Kritzmire’s wife, Jamie, were that Scott, already on “administrative leave” since that morning (for reasons not revealed in reports we were able to locate), and jealous that Jamie had kissed another man, pulled out a gun and Taser from an “off-duty holster”,  pushed Jamie face down into the floor, kicked her in her thigh, pointed the gun at her and their 8 month-old son and threatened to kill her and himself. Then, gun-wielding Scott “convinced” Jamie to get in the car, and drove to the in-laws house to leave the child there, and then returned home. Jamie alleged that Scott then again took out his gun, and pointed it at his chest, then put the gun back in his holster and told her “not to say anything” about what had happened.


Laramie County sheriff's deputies arrived and “contacted” Kritzmire and then “followed him” to a hospital. The deputies “interviewed” Scott at the hospital, where he made his admission that he had handcuffed Jamie “to keep her from flailing” and allowed as how he “may have” pointed his gun at her. The gun, a Glock 23 .40 caliber, was found later with one round in the chamber. And, deputies also found “a Taser with two cartridges, two pairs of handcuffs and a note allegedly written by Scott”.


Kritzmire’s defense is that he “took eight Ambiens” (even though no trace of Ambien was detected in his body) and he “didn’t remember anything”, including the confession he had given the sheriffs deputies, and he only could say  that he “might have” pointed his gun at his wife….


Kritzmire, a CPD cop since 2007, was supposedly “fired” from the CPD on January 8, 2011, the day after his arrest. Whether that’s true, commenters in the online news articles claim to have seen him in a CPD car after his trial.


It hardly matters if CPD let him keep his job or his car. After all, we know from the headlines Scott Kritzmire is NOT GUILTY!!!


Jay Gruwell – Hey, Little Girl…Looka’ This!!!


Every time a Wyoming State Trooper heads out to work, he is exposing himself to danger. In the case of Jay Gruwell, he’s exposing himself to little girls.


On April 18, 2011, the Wyoming Supreme Court denied Gruwell’s appeal of his conviction


While visiting for a graduation Gruwell was checking his email. A 5-year old resident says Gruwell made her look at his privates. Gruwell at first denied any knowledge, but, then later the same day  it suddenly occurred to him; “Ya know, I just remembered that I actually DID ask that little girl if she wanted to touch me”.


Trooper Gruwell, should’a kept it in your spam folder.


Feds; CBP


Jason Alistair Lowery - 129 Customs and Border Patrol Agents


Vanload of drugs, discovered at U.S. Mexico border – FBI Photo


On October 19, 2011, Jason Alistair Lowery surrendered. He surrendered after flipping his government issued unmarked vehicle. He flipped his government issued unmarked vehicle after leading cops on a 45-minute chase at speeds up to 100 mph. The chase began when Lowery picked up 100 lbs of marijuana from a drop spot in the Sonora desert, bundles of marijuana which he threw out of his speeding government issued vehicle as he was being pursued.


Jason Alistair Lowery is currently employed by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). But, he previously worked for CBP, Customs and Border Patrol.


Lowery was being tracked, after being identified as “involved in illegal activites”. His alleged illegal activities included using “his position in law enforcement to steal marijuana from undocumented migrants, then trafficking it himself”. 


Lowery is in jail. He has pleaded innocent to having used his position in law enforcement” to further his criminal efforts. A judge has enough doubts about his innocence to order him held without bail until trial.


We will continue to monitor Agent Lowery’s defense against these charges.


However it turns out for Agent Lowery, since 2002, 129 Customs and Border Patrol agents have been indicted on corruption charges. (If our arithmetic is correct, that’s about 3 cases every quarter, for eight years).


There were 245 CBP corruption investigations in 2006. By 2010, that number had risen to 770 cases. At ICE, the period of 2006 – 2010 saw an increase in corruption investigations from 66 to more than 220. “The ‘vast majority’ of corruption cases involved illegal trafficking of drugs, guns, weapons and cash”.


That may not represent the entire number of CBP personnel engaged in corrupt behavior. It may be “much higher”. Because of “extreme loyalty” among CBP officers, it is “difficult” to catch all agents involved in illegal activities.


NOTE: think for a minute about what that statement means. To CBP officers, intra-gang “loyalty” is more important than honoring the oaths they took to enforce the law.


Even that doesn’t fully capture the extent of corruption in the border patrol. Corruption is so deeply imbedded within the agency that criminal organizations find it easy to get “moles” hired to work inside to facilitate the mob enterprise.


One such plant was Martha Garnica, known to the cartel as “La Estrella” (the “star”). La Estrella “used her position within CBP to teach Mexican criminals (such as those of the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico crime syndicate La Linea) how to effectively smuggle drugs and people into the country, including mapping out routes where smugglers could safely cross the border”.


Garnica is thought to have joined CBP “with an eye toward criminal smuggling activities”, with the main purpose of “trying to exploit the border”


And, as early as November 1997, when authorities seized nearly 100 pounds of marijuana, an informant fingered Garnica as part of the conspiracy. The FBI opened a case, but it “went nowhere”.


In March 2005, she came under scrutiny again. That week, a van packed with 531 pounds of marijuana tried to enter the United States through the lane Garnica was staffing.

She was not originally scheduled to work the lane that day, but “the duty roster had been tampered with,” said James Smith, head of the inspector general's investigative unit in El Paso.


As the van neared Garnica in the inspection booth, drug-sniffing dogs detected the marijuana and agents arrested the driver. Garnica, looking “shaken”, left for the day.


Garnica might as well have been wearing an “arrest me” sandwich sign. But, somehow, “authorities” kept “hitting dead ends” and only after four more years of stumbling, bumbling ineptitude, after the “dog” incident, were they able to accrue enough evidence to charge her.


Investigators (said) there was an “air” about Garnica that aroused suspicions. But, her two homes (one with a built-in pool, and “decorated with ostentatious statues”), two Hummers, a Cadillac and a truck, and her many “extended-family” vacations to Europe (somehow paid for on a CBP agent’s salary) were not “air”.


Garnica (who spent seven years as an El Paso city cop) also was a recruiter, looking to corrupt new CBP agents. Garnica and her ring of corrupt agents colluded to wave cars through the border, switch checkpoint assignments, and pull K9 units away from checkpoints to keep them away from “friendly” vehicles smuggling drugs.


The Garnica smuggling ring included her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s half-brother, and her nephew.


In court, Garnica (insert tom swifty adverb) said “Everybody makes mistakes…I take responsibility for my mistakes.”


Actually, Garnica did not “take responsibility”, and instead tried to shift blame to having been a victim of “abuse” by “a family member and a boyfriend” and lobbied for a package of lenient prison term and “counseling”.


But, Garnica’s record of “making a mockery” of every law enforcement agency she ever touched, worked against her plea for a “Special Cop Rules” sentence.


Even if we agree that Garnica’s arrest was an anti-corruption “victory” resulting in a “stiff” sentence, it may very well seem like a victory…for her. For years and years, she had provided a lavish life for herself and her children, and other relatives. Only she knows how much she still has stashed away for when she leaves prison. It could be multi-millions. Even if it’s “only” a million, that works out to $50,000 for each year of her sentence. And that assumes that she actually does all twenty years. If, after all was said and done, Garnica concluded that she did pretty well for herself…she may very well have done.


And, even if the arrest and conviction of Garnica is scored as a “victory”, there are those other known corrupt CBP agents…like  Michael Atondo.



Atondo was convicted in October, 2011 of “conspiracy to import, possess and distribute 100 kilograms or more of marijuana”. The conviction stems from Atondo having been discovered “several miles outside of his patrol zone”, in a “remote area” along the Mexican border, with 44 packages of marijuana in his car. The 745 pounds of pot were “estimated” to have a value of $371,000.


Like, Martha Garnica, Atondo was a drug cartel mole who had somehow managed to escape the detection of those flinty-eyed screeners like CBP's assistant commissioner for internal affairs James Tomsheck, always looking out for infiltrators.


To illustrate what laughably passes for a “justice” system in the area, even after Atondo was caught red-handed with the massive load of marijuana, and even though the indictment identified him as a cartel “mole”, and even though he had just cleared out all the money in the bank and purchased a boat with $26,000 cash, a magistrate released him on his own recognizance. Do the drug cartels have the power to corrupt judges? Res ipsa loquitur.


While free, Atondo “visited” some “friends”, and then on his way home was caught speeding. In his possession were Oxycodone, “synthetic” marijuana and “sensitive documents concerning Border Patrol activity in Southwestern Arizona”. Might as well get in another payday courtesy of judge Jay Irwin.


After the jury returned the guilty verdicts, there were no further “stupid judge tricks”, and Atondo was immediately remanded to custody to await sentencing.


Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Stephen Martin offered the usual boilerplate statement that “Atondo's actions do not tarnish the image of agents who continue to display the integrity and ethics, blah, blah, blah”.


There are after all, those other 129 known cases…including Margarita Crispin. 


Like Martha Garnica, Crispin was considered suspicious from the time she was hired. Like Martha Garnica, Crispin had used the tactic of removing the drug sniffing dogs at times she wanted to let a load of smuggled drugs come through her station. And, like Martha Garnica and Michael Atondo, Crispin was planted in her CBP job by the drug cartels to work as a “mole” on their behalf.


Like Martha Garnica, Crispin was allowed to continue to work for four years, in that time facilitating the smuggling of thousands of pounds of drugs, and amassing millions of dollars of income in bribes (mostly “unaccounted for”), that paid for “two expensive homes in Mexico and luxury cars”.


Like Martha Garnica, Crispin was eventually prosecuted and sentenced to 20 years. And, even though Crispin was forced to forfeit $5million and “jewelry”, since Crispin may well have multi-millions more stashed away, she may very well calculate that, overall, she made out pretty darn well.


But, it should be realized, it isn’t just drug smugglers paying off CBP agents. There are also the human traffickers, bribing CBP agents such as Customs Protection Officer Michael Gilliland and Customs and Border Protection Officer Rudy Trace Soliz  to    “wave through” vehicles loaded with human cargo. Gilliland could (and did) get paid as much in one night as to equal his yearly salary as a cop. Soliz’ “payment” was “sexual favors” from a “female co-conspirator”. [NOTE: would this be a good place to play some really sad music, say “Theme from Schindler’s List”, on the world’s smallest violin, for all the poor underpaid cops who “risk their lives every day”? We can picture Michael Gilliland, as he’s leaving the house each day: “honey, give me an extra hug and kiss, I never know what might happen out there…my arm might fall off from all the vans full of illegals I’m gonna wave through my station…]


In addition to the illegal immigrants from Europe, Mexico, Central and South America, many of whom seek to enter the country for criminal purposes, there have been “hundreds” of illegal border-crossers from “nations where terrorism is known to thrive”. 80 came from Pakistan, 36 from Somalia, 26 from Iran, 25 from Iraq, 10 were from Yemen and 10 came from Afghanistan. That’s just the ones who have been caught.


Needless to say, (but we will anyway), every one of these federal cops committed their crimes under color of law, using their positions as cops, mostly while on duty and in uniform,  and using official equipment such as cars, radios, scanners and guns.


It is because the drugs are illegal, that they are valuable. Marijuana is a weed. A weed has an intrinsic value of approximately zero. An “illegal” weed has a value that is determined by the risk involved in trafficking in “illegal weed”. That value is attractive to organized crime syndicates who are able to manage the risk. One of the most effective ways of managing that risk is to bribe cops and judges.


Our purpose is not to argue one way or another about the correctness of the U.S. government’s “war” on drugs, a “war” that has resulted in tens of thousands of murders, and hundreds of thousands of prison sentences.


graph from FBI “Southwest Border by the Numbers”


Our purpose is to demonstrate how many cops are already corrupted.


As the FBI says, it is “thanks to the drug money that cartels are able to bribe murder and intimidate”. That money is out there, being dangled in front of weak and greedy cops and those who took law enforcement careers for the express purpose of profiting from the illegal drug trade. There are only too many willing to take the bait.


Feds; Dept. of Defense


Matthew McMullen– Fast Track to Federal Pen


If you’re naïve, like us, you might not have known that the Department of Defense even had its own police. Guess what? They do!


Matthew McMullen’s case is different from most of these stories in one major respect. Speed.


Typically, these cases drag on and on, as investigations crawl along, trials get scheduled far into the future, lawyers get delays. It can, and often does go on for years before the first verdict is arrived at. Then the appeals start.


But this case, from the time McMullen first came under scrutiny, to the time he pleaded guilty and was sentenced, took less than six months.


On February 4, 2011, “rookie” Department of Defense policeman McMullen entered into an online chat with someone whom he believed would be able to arrange sex with a minor. In reality, it was an undercover officer with the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force.


The conversation proceeded to the point where McMullen made arrangements to meet his online contact at a restaurant. They were to first engage in some kind of preliminary sexual activity “to prove that neither of them was an undercover cop”, then the contact would take McMullen to another site to have sex with “a 13 year-old boy”.


McMullen got permission to come to work late, and traveled from Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland to Washington, D.C. to his big meeting. He was arrested  as soon as he arrived at the restaurant. He had a loaded Glock in the trunk of his car. It was not his service weapon.


On April 20, 2011, barely two months after his first contact with the online undercover cop, McMullen pleaded guilty to “traveling interstate to engage in illicit sexual conduct and enticing a minor”.


Not three months later, on July 12, 2011, McMullen was sentenced to 57 months in prison and then 10 years of supervised release.


Feds; TSA


Coumar Persad and Davon Webb – All Your Luggage Are Belong to Us


Purists may argue that TSA agents are not law enforcement. Passengers who face “investigations” for declining to get their genitals groped, or travelers now subject to roadside TSA “VIPR” checkpoints may not appreciate the difference.


In one respect, at least, TSA agents closely resemble LEOs; their sense of entitlement… to other peoples’ property, and their confidence that if they do get caught, the repercussions will be light.


And, so it has worked out for Coumar Persad and Davon Webb.


On January 30, 2011, Persad and Webb decided that after eight years of tossing underwear and fondling crotches, it was time to get paid.


It’s highly possible (and Persad admitted as much) that they’d previously “paid” themselves any number of times, but, on this day, when they spotted a wad of cash (about $170,000) in luggage belonging to a woman (probably a “drug mule”) going to Argentina, they saw their chance to get paid bigtime.


Webb marked the bag with some tape, and when they got their hands on it later, they stuffed as much of the money as they could into their pockets. They got about $40,000, but they were seen by another airport employee as they divvied up the money in an airport bathroom. (Demonstrating that TSA agents are also similar to LEOs in that they are not hired for their brains).


Their, (ahem), noticeably non-harsh sentence for grand larceny, obstructing governmental administration and official misconduct, six months and 5 years probation, “stunned” some observers, such as attorney and author Jonathan Turley, quoted as saying “I fail to understand why, even with a plea, these men were given such a light sentence”, and compared Persad and Webb’s sentence with purse snatchers and con-men who received far lengthier sentences for smaller amounts of stolen money.


According to Persad's attorney, his client “understands he made a mistake and wishes to move on with his life”. Yes, no doubt bank robbers doing 15-19 years for stealing $40,000 would love a chance to “admit a mistake” and “move on” with their life out of prison.


Persad and Webb may not have been the most brilliant criminals of all time, but, they did know one thing…their magic clothes (government agent uniforms) would insulate them from the consequences.


The drug mule, in all probability, has “moved on”… to the afterlife. Investigators were not able to find her, and suspect she was killed by her employers for losing all that money.


Special Mention


Ladmirald Cates – Lifetime Achievement Award


In the rogue’s gallery of criminal cops presented above, there is almost every kind of loathsome malfeasanse possible, from the petty to the purely evil.


In all of the examples we’ve discovered, there is one that encapsulates the problems better than all others, because in Milwaukee Wisconsin Police Department’s Ladmirald Cates, we have (1) a truly disgusting person, (2) a sick cop culture that protected a sick cop, no matter what the harm to the public, (3) an ineffectual, weak and cowardly managerial and political system that was unwilling to and incapable of protecting the public and (4) a mainstream newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, that investigated and pubished a report sufficiently detailed to expose it all to the public.


By the time that Ladmirald Cates was finally convicted, on January 11, 2012 of the rape of a 19 year-old woman, he had piled up a record that shows beyond any doubt that he should have been in prison long since, should never have been a cop, and, notwithstanding that fact that he was one, he should have been removed from his job years ago, and prevented from ever again holding a law enforcement job. Through a combination of incompetence and indifference, that didn’t happen.


In the particular instance of the rape that finally did bring his 10-year reign of horror to and end, on July 16, 2010, a woman called 911 for “police assistance” because there were a group of teenagers trying to break into her home.


Showing up to provide “police assistance” was Milwaukee Police Officer Ladmirald Cates. The “assistance” he provided was to “use coercion and intimidation while they were alone in her home, to force the (the woman) to commit sexual acts before raping her”.


The rape victim was taken to jail, where she remained for 12 hours as other Milwaukee cops ignored her requests for help and subjected her to further abuse.


Finally, after internal affairs condescended to spend a few minutes investigating her claim of rape by one of their officers, the victim was taken to a hospital. Cates at first denied any sexual contact, but then admitted to that, but claimed it was consensual.


And, finally, after the justice system did its job, Cates was charged, tried and convicted.


The July 16, 2010 rape was hardly out of character. Cates had been a Milwaukee cop since 1997. He had, since 2000, been charged with criminal offenses no fewer than five times, including, yes, rape. That first known rape incident involved a 16 year-old girl.  Two other “sexual misconduct” charges involved female prisoners. Cates skated on the first rape rap because the District Attorney declined to file a case.


In 2000, Cates was criminally charged with domestic battery, for choking his girlfriend (who, herself, was a Milwaukee cop). That should have ended his police career right there, since persons convicted of a domestic violence crime are, by federal law, forbidden to possess firearms. However, the DA’s office came to Cates’ rescue, and, instead of pursuing the criminal charge, worked out an “agreement” that allowed Cates to keep his cop job by “refraining from criminal activity, avoiding violent contact with the victim and undergoing counseling”. (M’kay, Officer Cates, please don’t engage in any more criminal activity, m’kay?...and, please avoid violent contact with your girlfriend, m’kay?...and you need to get a bit of counseling, m’kay?...and here’s your gun and badge back…so go on and be a good Milwaukee cop, now, m’kay?)


Perhaps not surprisingly, Cates did not refrain from criminal activity. He went on to subject his former girlfriend to a series of harassing phone calls. The department took no action.


Over the next 10 years, Cates compiled a record of misconduct that included lying, engaging in sex with prisoners while on duty (described in the official report as “misconduct in public office, sexual assault”), and failure to obey direct orders. The one that finally got him fired, the 2010 rape, was written up as (we are not making this up) “idling and loafing”.


In each of the other “job performance” issues, which spanned the period of three different Milwaukee Chiefs of Police, Cates was either given a miniscule suspension, sent to some kind of “instruction” session, got the charges dismissed by the “Fire and Police Commission”, or no action at all was taken by the department.


Is it any wonder that, by the time of the 2010 rape Cates might have concluded that he could do anything he wanted to and there would never be any repercussions?


The repercussions eventually did catch up with Cates when federal charges were brought against him for “violating the woman's civil rights while acting under the color of law and using a firearm in the commission of an act of violence.”


As for the previous ten years that Cates was left free to wreak havoc, and the failure of Milwaukee “authorities” to put a stop to it, let us quote the rape victims’s attorney:


“Each of those agencies (the police department and the District Attorney's office) knew the officer had committed acts of sexual misconduct with women and did nothing...had they done something, my client would not have been raped.”


Will anything change going forward? Given the lame excuses, finger-pointing and blame shifting and feeble promises coming from the current batch of hacks, we have serious doubts.


Concluding Remarks


So, that’s where we are going to arbitrarily bring this to a close. There is so much more that could be included, and we will get to some of those in later volumes of this series. It is impossible to include every case…there are just too many.


When we first got the idea of writing this book, we just had a general sense, from being fairly up-to-date (we thought) on current events, that “there sure do seem to be a lot of ‘police-breaking-the- law’ stories”. But, we simply did not have any idea of the sheer volume. As “lmr7292” of Cleveland commented, “Wow...I never realized how many cops are being charged with crimes”. We didn’t realize it either. And we think that neither we nor “lmr7292” are unusually oblivious. We think that most people don’t realize it.


Once we started our research, it became impossible to even keep up with the newly emerging stories. We literally could not open up a story without seeing multiple links to “similar” ones. It would be a multi-year project to learn all of the ones in just the last decade. But, we’re working on it.


After reading a big enough sampling, patterns emerge.


Patterns of opportunities that are only available to cops: ability to stop and threaten with arrest, permission to be anywhere they want to be, physical presence in a place only because they are cops (e.g  “working security”, drug busts, evidence room thefts, etc.) And opportunities to keep victims from ever speaking out, because they’re afraid of the cops.


Patterns of collusion by other cops; cop-gang crimes”. The most notorious example might be the criminal cop gang that worked out of the LAPD Rampart divison. Another example is the gang of Baltimore cops who called themselves “untouchable” as they conducted a million-dollar bribery and extortion conspiracy


Patterns of looking the other way and not reporting known offenders (the legendary “blue wall”), exemplified by the way the Eugene OR police covered for serial rapist/cop Roger Magaña.


Patterns of cover-up by department administrators (“can’t release information - onging investigation”), quietly forcing cops out of town without filing charges, sheer stonewalling and obstruction of justice.


Patterns of the same “bad apple” bobbing up again in another barrel. For example, Brian Bosh, fired in Industry PA, later hired in Bridgewater PA, only to be canned again, for getting into a bar brawl. These “bad apples” who bounce from city to city are known within the trade as gypsy cops.


Patterns of review boards, pressured by Police Unions and Fraternal Brotherhoods, letting criminal/cops off scott-free. For example see the account of Barbara Nevers, threatening Starbucks employees while brandishing a gun, whose “punishment” amounted to a 15 month suspension. For example read the Miami Herald Tribune series detailing the way in which the Florida Commission had been packed with union representatives who make it impossible to administer meaningful consequences to criminal cops. For example consider the Denver, Colorado union that wants to force the city to re-instate the cop caught speeding 140 mph while stinking drunk.


Patterns of undercharging by prosecutors (a rape becomes an “assault” which gets plea bargained down to “misconduct”.


Patterns of cop/symp judges under-sentencing, while justifying the soft treatment by referring to all the wonderful “years of service”, or of simply dismissing charges, sometimes in the face of indisputable photographed criminality. As an example of “under-sentencing” see the account of Parma Ohio’s Mark McCombs. Judge Nancy Margaret Russo gave him 18 months, then cut that sentence in half, then set him free on “early release”. If not for the fact that he was also found guilty on federal charges, that would have been his entire penalty for rape, theft of weapons, and a plot to kill a police chief.


Patterns of news reporting that soft-pedals police crimes. If it’s particularly “sensational”, it might get extra play in the local media. More often, cases are not reported well, pictures of those convicted are never published, links to stories simply disappear. And there is rarely any attempt to comprehensively report the bigger picture of just how many cops are committing crimes by looking state-wide or even nationally, pulling together the stats, putting together a database, crunching the numbers, following up on leads and links, etc. (Exception, the Miami Herald –Tribune “Unfit for Duty” series.)


These patterns can be called the “Special Cop Rules”.


We think many people are unaware of just how much cop criminality is happening. One reason for that is that these stories are usually “local”. Unless you’re looking, you aren’t going to see them. Did you know about the Niles, Indiana prisoner/sex assault case? We didn’t. It was big news in Niles, Indiana for months, but let’s be honest. No offence intended, but, how many of us even knew there was a Niles, Indiana?


And, we hope that this book will change that lack of awareness.


One indicator of the scope of the problem is that some cities are starting to actually speak out officially and admit that something needs to change.


In Philadelphia, where (in a 9 month period) 11 officers have been charged with crimes, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey says they are going to “elevate” the standards for police recruits. That would seem to be advised, since currently what they have is people who communicate in gang-banger vernacular, and are so illiterate they cannot spell 2nd grade level English words such as “where”.


There also seems to be a widespread attitude among the police that “someone” owes them something besides what they’re paid to do their work. This attitude may come from the widely held misconception that police have the “most dangerous job in the world” (they don’t), or that police pay is below average.


In the case of job danger, yes, police work can be risky. But, it doesn’t even make the top 10 most dangerous occupations (it’s #12), behind such occupations as truck driver, garbage collector, farmer and (number 1 most dangerous), fisher. In fact, fishermen have a rate of job fatalities 8 times higher than police!


The idea that they are “underpaid” is certainly not undisputed. “Starting salaries” are not the only indicator of earning potential. Police have many opportunities available for making extra income, the same way everyone else makes extra income…by doing “extra” work.


But, whether they are underpaid or not, if we are to accept the rationale that because their jobs are risky, they deserve a few “bonuses” in the form of bribes, kickbacks or theft, then we would have to also make the same case for every airplane pilot, construction worker and logger (all of whom have more dangerous jobs than sheriffs and patrolmen.


As for the Philadelphia cops taking kickbacks and complaining about a 2% pay cut as a way of rationalizing their crimes, we wonder how many of the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs in the last decade would be thrilled to take their jobs back at 98% of their former pay. In other words, Philadelphia cops…shut up and do your damn job, and be damn grateful you have one.


In other jurisdictions, such as Los Angeles County, the message from the top is much different. There, since 2009, they have actually lowered their hiring standards, opening up “thousands” of deputy jobs to candidates who already have criminal records. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca also refuses to release the names of deputies who have committed fraud crimes (e.g. fake insurance claims), instead offering excuses such as that they have had to reduce their “standard of living” due to budget cutbacks. For Baca’s own part, he seems to think that receiving “gifts” (over $120,000 since 1998) is a legitimate perk of his own job. So did the highest official in the state, former Governor Schwarzenegger, who was among those who were shoveling the booty to Baca. Gosh, where would deputies get the idea that they have a right to similar extras?


But answering the question as to “why” cops so often become criminals is not our objective here. We are only noting the fact that it so often happens.


We should again acknowledge every one of the criminal/cops that have been caught have been arrested and prosecuted by members of the law enforcement and judicial system who do not condone or excuse those cops’ criminality. Even having said that, we notice that many of them were caught, not by their fellow officers in their own departments, who in many cases must have had some knowledge, but by the FBI and other federal “stings” (another indication that there is an acknowledgment at least at some official level that there is a problem at the local law enforcement level.


One other thing we discovered soon after beginning our research. There are quite a lot of others who have already been working this “beat”. They have done excellent work documenting and making the record. We want to mention some of them in a list below.


The Miami Herald-Tribune report “Unfit for Duty”


How do cops keep their jobs after being caught. How do they get their jobs back after finally getting removed? How do “bad apples” keep “bobbing up” in another town?


An excellent multi-part report in the Miami Herald paints the picture.


To begin with, an idea of the magnitude of the problem: in Florida “one in 20 active law enforcement officers has committed a moral character violation serious enough to jeopardize his or her career. Nearly 600 have two or more such acts of misconduct on their record and 30 current officers and prison guards continue to wear a badge despite four or more offenses…”


The “few bad apples” defense cannot reasonably be argued. No one can, with a straight face, claim that 5% of Florida’s engineers, dentists, insurance agents or any other group of “professionals” are known to have committed offenses that range from “perjury, extortion, violence, drug trafficking, theft, receiving stolen property, and forcible sex”.


Nor would they have been permitted to keep their jobs.


There are about 83,000 cops in Florida. As a comparison, GE Energy, based in Atlanta GA, has about 82,000 employees. Can anybody imagine that had 4,100 (5%) of GE Energy’s employees been found to have committed offenses comparable to those of the police, that GE Energy would not be cleaning house from top to bottom and asking how in the hell those people had ever been hired in the first place?


But, when it comes to the police, the Herald-Tribune found that:






But, it gets worse. The figure is even higher than 5%. The Herald-Tribune report revealed that “the number of officers with serious violations is much higher than state records show”. State law calls for every moral character violation to be reviewed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. But local agencies fail to report cases and have faced no consequences for doing so” (emphasis added).


If, in spite of all that, an officer’s misconduct case might come before the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, what can be expected?


This commission is packed with cronies picked by the Governor to win favor from the police unions. Police union members sit on the Commission. Union members on the commission can then decide who else can be on the commission. A police union member can be a part of the commission even if that member has previously been disciplined.


If, after all of the obstacles, a Florida cop is finally stripped of his job, the citizens of Florida are still going to pay his pension.


Some of the star pension collectors:







The Herald-Tribune found “455 ex-officers who collected or are still collecting a pension despite losing their law enforcement certificate. The offenses that resulted in the loss of their certificate included assault, burglary, sex with inmates, smuggling contraband into prisons and sex offenses involving children…those individuals have drawn roughly $42.5 million in tax dollars from the Florida Retirement System since 1985. The numbers are likely even higher because the newspaper could only identify officers in the pension system using names and date of births, not Social Security numbers.”


Propensity for Domestic Violence


When researching for this book, we noticed one type of cop criminality that seemed to occur with noticible frequency; violence by cops against their own families, primarily their wives, but also children, brothers-in-law, grandmothers.


A recent article in the SF Chronicle references studies showing that cops have an incidence of domestic violence that far exceeds (by at least 15%) the population at large.


That figure is probably low, because, the same studies confirm another suspicion; that a large number of cases of domestic violence by cops is never reported, because the victims are afraid to report them, fearful of retribution by the accused, and assuming (correctly) that their accusations are not going to get investigated because of the legendary “blue wall” of police protection for their own.


Astonishingly, even so-called “women’s advocacy” organizations are complicit in covering for abusive cops. The rationalization is that these organizations “need” the police to aggressively act against violence in general, so they don’t want to alienate the cops that naturally have to be sent to arrest non-cop abusers.


But, Hey…What About (fill in the blank with another recent case)


As you may have heard or read, there are very recent examples:




The stories included in this book are, with few exceptions, (such as the New Jersey cow sodomizer), ones in which there has been a disposition in court of a crime. These latest examples have all the indications that they will eventually result in convictions…they will be included in later editions of UCOL. Even some cases that result in non-conviction are so egregious that they may be included because (1) it seems the investigation/prosecution was “botched”, either deliberately or by gross incompetence, or, (2) a judge made an outrageous decision that resulted in freeing bad cops.


The Definition of “Under Color of Law”


It is a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the constitution


Who the Hell Are You (To Be Writing This)?


You’re nobody! You’re amateurs! What qualifications do you have to write about law enforcement issues? What expertise do you have?


Yep. That’s right, we’re nobody and we’re amateurs. Deal with it.


What is plain to see when we read about what the “professionals” have done so far, is that they’ve made a complete hash of their responsibilities in selection and supervision of the men and women who are empowered, with the full backing of the state, to carry and use weapons, search private property, investigate peoples’ private business, and use any level of physical force they deem appropriate to detain and incarcerate.


That is because, as we can see from the pitiful attempts to “clean up” various police departments, those with the responsibility to police the police have no interest in doing so. In fact they are defiantly determined to refuse to do anything.


 So, we are going to do something, whatever it is possible for us to do. And we are going to write, using only the investigative tools available to amateurs (Google, online news sources, some documents made public by D.A.s and A.G.s and some court decisions, accounts written by those with first hand knowledge of the actors involved, as related in the comments sections after news stories).


As we get better at our research methods, we hope to uncover even more of the “unknown” record Of Murder, Mayhem, Thuggery, Thievery, Depravity and Corruption from Those Who Take the Oath to “Serve And Protect”.


The End…of Part 1