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Writing Tips

Writing Exercises

Here are some different exercises that I found to help improve writing or give you a start on a poem.

Found Poems - find some good language and improve upon it.

  1. find 50-100 words you like that are not already artistically arranged
  2. copy the words the way you found them
  3. play with the words...cut out the dull parts, change punctuation if necessary, try to cut the number of words in half (DO NOT ADD WORDS)
  4. read the cut down to yourself...find a title and arrange the words so they express how they work should be read
  5. give credit to your source at the bottom

Letter Poems

  1. on a sheet of paper jot down some names of famous and interesting deceased people and/or some interesting things or forces...then choose one from the list
  2. draft a letter to the person or thing you chose...include everything...use "I"...when done sign your real name
  3. draft another letter as if written by a famous person and decide who will receive it
  4. draft another letter to someone known to you but not many others and sign this draft with another name or anonymous
  5. choose the best letter and work on it
    • cut out unnecessary things
    • expand parts you like
    • find the best order for things

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