Poetry Links
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Poetry Links

Here are some links to poetry contests, publications, and other cool and helpful sites.

Poetry Contests

Currently being rechecked for validity of the sites.
(Sorry for any inconvience)

Poetry Publications

Online Lit Zines and Anthologies
Poetry London Newsletter
Free Verse-Poetry E-Zine
I Alone-Poetry and Art E-Zine

Other Poetry Sites

Online Poetry Workshops, Confrences, Bulletin Boards, and Disscussion Groups
Live Poetry Events
Poetry People
Reviews and Writings on Poetry
Word Games and Online Poetry Collaborations
ELF: Eclectic Literary Forum
The Albany Poetry Workshop
Poetry in Motion from Guernsey
The Bristol Poetry Page
Audio Poetry Archives and Anthologies
Haiku, Senryu, Tanka
The Poetry Reading Room
English 88
Breakfast Surreal: Journal of Modern Poetry
Classic Poets Collections
Poetry Reviews, Essays and Commentaries
Poetry Society of America
Contemporary Poets
British Poetry Society
AHA! Poetry
SciFaiku -- Science Fiction Haiku
Writer's Block
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The Young Poets' Website Ring

Poet: The Poetry Forum
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