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Poetry Collection

Here is a collection of works sent to me from different people all over the web. If you would like to submit some of your own works please click here.

Dreaming of You
by Pat Garbos

Looking straight into her eyes,
Is all that my heart can see,
For everytime I am with her,
It's the only place I want to be.

Her smile is just one thing,
Her caring heart another,
Those are just two of the reasons,
That I can say I love her.

I think she is amazing,
I think about her all the time,
I just wait for that special moment,
When I can call her mine.

I can't find it in myself,
To tell her how I feel,
I wish I could muster up more guts,
Cause this love is definitely for real.

So it will probably never happen,
I'll be alone forever, now it seems,
Now I'll just keep it quiet again,
She'll just remain in my dreams.

"Devil's Call"
by Jen Tricarico

The darkest night of the year.
An eclipse of the moon was very near.
I wish I could travel to another place,
And not be near this white masked face.
They burn a cross on my front lawn,
And scare away the baby fawn.
My mother cries but I stay strong.
This night's sinister act is so very wrong.
What have we done to make them foe?
Why should they make our hearts hang low?
Their sins forgiven through my mother's eyes.
For Jesus never told us lies.
He said that God loves us all,
Even through the Devil's call.

Hard Times
by Andy Roth

Our torn hearts still cry
Our love will not die
Why must love be so hard
I wish we could be together
Why must out hearts get broken
Our souls emotionally drained
Our lives torn apart
My heart can bring us back
My love can retrieve your soul
My life I have have been searching for that special someone
That someone is you
My heart speaks your name
My love is all I can give
Our hearts have been bleeding
Waiting for each other
Our lives have too many sob stories
Lets end it here
Lets love each other, forever
We have gone through Hard Times
But our love can get use through it

by Andy Roth

Our hearts have been broken
Romances been shattered
But our friendship helps us get by
We have been shoulders to cry on each other
Our friendship means a great deal
It is what gets me through the days
We were meant to be together
Love is all we can give
And we are grateful to have it
A real friendship is rare
and a real love extinct
But as long as we have each other, we can survive
The games we play tear our hearts out
We have shed too many tears
Hearts been broken too many times
Our souls are meant to be together
Our love meant to be one
Our lives meant to be with each other
Our friendship gets me through the days
Our love gets me through the nights

My Second Opportunity in Life
by Mike Verdi

I hope for another chance in life
The beautiful gift I had is gone
I do not know if she feels the same
But I will never forget her face or her name
I will never forget all the things we had
I will always wonder what we could have been
I know I am the one who screwed things up
And this is why I am asking
For My Second Opportunity in Life
To be with the girl I loved and cherished
I will never let our pasts together perish

Eventually you will see, eventually
by Jessica Murga

It's all you can think about,
The only thing on your mind.
It takes over your life,
It takes over your soul.
It seeps through the cracks
No matter how much you deny.
It has a strong grasp and it holds on tight.

The world spins around you fast.
Walls crumble down even quicker.
Your heart breaks more easily than before.
Nothing is completely clear,
Everything is misted and gray.
Remembering is too hard,
So you wish it away.

You feel nothing is worth it.
Everything you have fades away.
And it's fading very fast,
You can't remember yesterday.
Memories that you used to have
Are far out of reach.
But not as drifting as the lie you live.

Climb to the top in only one day.
Fall to the bottom and you can't be saved.
Seems easier to give in rather than fight.
You're on the edge of earth and the edge of life.
One more step and then down you fall.
But no one reaches out to you, they don't care.
Fiction is much too close to reality.

You don't have any feelings of your own.
You're completely numb to what's going on.
Summer feels like winter and yes means no.
You know there is a choice but you don't decide.
There are two directions,
But just one path you'll take.
The one that's long and hard with rough terrain.

They say look to brighter days,
But all you see are storms ahead.
You put up a strong front
And build a wall around yourself.
You won't let it touch you,
But it's already crept in.
No where at all is safe to hide.

You can't stop now, it's too late.
You can't gain control, you're afraid.
You're dying inside and it shows.
Everyone sees through your masquerade.
For every door you open, one slams behind you.
You try to stay calm while you rest.
You fall asleep, but never awake.

Eventually you will see, eventually

Deep Ocean
by Suzanne

My love is a deep ocean.
Even in my sleep ,you are there.
I can inhale you scent and hold it in.
I can lay in your arms till I lose track of reality.
It is like magic drifting in the air.
It sweeps me off my feet.
I hear you breathe and lose my-self in your heart beat.
I can look into your eyes and see the world and never need to say a word.
I have melted into you.
My love is a deep ocean and you have just drowned.

Angel Wings
by Stephanie Leibowitz

need to fly
need to soar
need to feel the power
power of the wings
freedom that we all want
freedom that we all need
deep down, we all have our
angel wings

by Carolina N. Falanga

Looking at your picture
Wondering how it would be
Maybe one day, you can sing to me
Words of passion and a love so daring
A lot of pleasure that we'll be sharing
Into your eyes I take a peek
I don't know why, but I get so weak
Take my hands, I don't mind
Then you can hug me from behind
Kiss me with your gorgeous lips
Then slide your hands down to my hips
Side to side, to the music, sway
We can do things just your way
We can dance to this soft beat
Our bodies hot, intensive heat
Kiss my neck, and then my shoulder
Then move your hands a little lower
Now, closed your eyes should both they be
But still there's nothing you can't see
Take advantage of imagination
Remember not to resist temptation
Look at me, your skin I touch
You're the one I love so much
This love is confusing, yet like a collage
Then I relized it's just a mirage
A simple wish of you and me
From my heart, you stole the key
When I looked into your eyes
I was suddenly hypnotized
I want to yell, I want to scream
Because all these thoughts were merely daydreams

Perfect Wings
Stacey Ryan

Your wings must be perfect, each feather in place
With a beautiful smile upon your face
Your halo must glow brightly, for all to see
Your wings flapping elegantly as you fly away free
You're an angel to heaven and to my heart
And though it hurts to be apart

I know each time that you swoop down
You can see all, each smile, each frown
I bet your dress is beautiful, and wrinkle free
Sparkly and special, just like you were to me

by Lauren Osborne

I will remember forever, your love;
The beauty your care gave in many ways.
All of my life I've fond memories of
That which we shared through both, good and bad days.
You've left us in body, but not in soul.
Forever you'll live in our hearts and minds;
A picture of happiness in all roles.
To live life without you; I cannot find,
The strength to move on, alone, by myself.
I know life is fleeting. I know but still...
To take from me so much, I can't find help.
To be back in control, I have no will.
But I know I must succeed in my life,
Your mem'ries will help me through all my strife.

by Lauren Osborne

I stand alone, alone dreaming
Under the stars, next to my tree
Here I sit thinking, thinking of
Holidays and celebrations, deaths and sorrows
I look back at the house I once knew and remember
I remember my first love and my first kiss
I remember the first time I knew death and cried
All the memories come back to me now
I look back at the teams i never played on
And the songs I never sang
I see all of the parties I didn't go to
And all the friends I let slip by
I see the time I had to change things
And the action I didn't take
It all comes back to me and then so does reality
I hear the cars drive by and the people yell
And suddenly I am torn back to reality
Torn from under my tree to the busy of the city

Until Your Return
by Lauren Osborne

Upon the horizon
Just beyond touch
I see your heart
And I want it much
The love that I miss
Lets emptiness in
And now my sad tears
Are about to begin
Your love it is shifting
Away from my grasp
And to retrieve it
Seems too hard a task
Without you I don't
Know what I can do
Alone I am nothing
My love, I need you
Without your love
I will wither away
And when it will end
I never can say
But until your return
I will be always sad
And your unresponse
Is nothing but bad
So please hear my words
They are aimed right at you
And until I have love
I will be always blue

by Lost Seoul

I thought you'd always be there
With your tender loving care
To comfort and to hold me
When I needed someone there
I wanted you to make me laugh
And help to dry my tears
I thought you'd watch me grow
Throughout the aging years
I wanted you to help me
Throught the pains life brought to be
But now you've gone away
And there's no one here for me

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