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"Pink Eyed" Jim Worldwide!!!

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Welcome! In addition to web design, music, and poems, I am also an Honors/AP Student. I have read many books, written many essays and done many term/research papers. I have included an archive of these reports. I also have access to many reports that are not shown. You can gain access to all of my files, and I will get you any file that i have access to for a flat lifetime fee of $9.95 US. Though there are two ways to get these for free:

Here is a list of a few of the topics you can gain access to(mind you, this os only a few).

The Use Of Class Structure in Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

Similar Themes In World Religions' Holy Books

Lord Jim, By Joseph Conrad; A Critique

Fahrenheit 451 as an example of Alienation

The Use Of Minor Characters in Beowulf

Garrett Augustus Morgan

The Battle Of Monocacy Junction

and many more...

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Thank You For your time, and I hope you return soon.

These reports are to be used for research and modeling purposes only, If you decide to hand one in as your own work take the responsibility yourself. By ordering, You waive me of any liability for any disciplinary actions taken toward you as a result of you handing in one of my reports as your own.