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Solarczyk et al
Plaintiffs Civil Action No. 99-00392


Bayer AG et al

Letter of [put your name here] to the Court

I support Mr M.Kulowski’s request seeking denial of the class action status for the above action until questions raised by Mr M.Kulowski are clarified to my satisfaction. I also support Mr M.Kulowski’s request that any settlement negotiations will be prohibited until the Defendants disclose all war time documents pertaining to the Holocaust claims, and until they account for the profits from war crimes.

I certify that I am of full age, and I send copies of this letter to attorney Mr Lite, and to the Defendants via Mr M.Kulowski.


[put your name here] Dated: [put date like this: August 12, 1999]



1. You don’t have to be covered by the Holocaust claims to send this letter to the court. It is important to keep BOTH the defendants and the plaintiffs attorneys in check. Otherwise, they both will DEFRAUD the victims, and the beneficiaries. They want to get rid of the beneficiaries, and pay only the remaining living victims. Also, lawyers want to pay only small amount. There is a big difference between what the cases are really worth, and what defendants want to pay (look at the tobacco crimes and how big pockets they have, and comapre them with the Degussa AG war crimes (Aushwitz’ gas chambers), and the number of the defendants in this case.

2. Print it on one page. Don’t print this instruction. Depending on the browser, this text may sometime show slightly different. You may copy and paste into your word processor, but keep the format like the above.

3. Make 5 copies (beside of original). If you don't have copy machine on hand, then print 6 times and sign each. There are 3 for the court (original + 2), plus one for me, plus one for Mr Lite, plus for you. I will hand deliver to him, and will have him make additional copies and serve upon the defendants. This will save you postage costs.

4. Send one original + 2 copies (or 3 originals total) to the court at this address:

United States District Court 50 Walnut Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA

5. Send 2 copies for the rest (me, attorney Mr Lite, and all the defendants). I will make it easier for you, and will hand deliver to defendants via Mr Lite. You don’t have to send separately! Mail to two copies to:

Mr Miroslaw Kulowski
PO Box 509
Vauxhall, NJ 07088

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