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Nkiti Malebatsa

Hi! My name is Jack Malebatsa and my friends call me Nkitilizer I'm 22yrs of age and 1.7m tall, fair skinned, brown eyes, black hair, slim and my shoe size is 9(UK) waist line is 74cm.

I'm an outgoing chap, very easy to talk to, open minded, with a beautiful smile. I am from South Africa, a place named Nobody in the Northern Province.

I'm currently consulting @ one of the gaints IT servise conpany in South Africa, dealing with software thereof.
I'm a former student of University of the North and completed my B.Sc(Computer Science) in 1999.
My future plan is to open a Consulting Company OR to be an Network or Software consultant. Well let's wait and see...huh..huh..huh...!!!

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