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Carnatic Music

       NIKHIL JOSHI, playing GUITAR in Carnatic Classical Style( The classical music style of South India) is a name to reckon with among carnatic classical instrumentalists. It is a rarity that guitar is being adapted to South Indian classical music.                                                   

 Nikhil Joshi by mastering the western guitar has joined the select band of great musicians, who have adapted western instruments like clarinet, saxophone, mandolin etc. to suit the carnatic classical music. Nikhil Joshi, started performing from the age of 8. He started giving full fledged carnatic concerts from the age of 13. Acclaimed as a Child Prodigy, Nikhil Joshi is the only musician in the world to perform full-fledged Carnatic Classical concerts on the Guitar from  the age of 13.

     He has performed at prestigious institutions all over India and abroad including the famous Dussera concert at the Mysore palace, New Delhi, Hyderabad and other places. Nikhil Joshi visited Germany and performed about 18 concerts in 1998; he visited U.S.A. in 1999 on a concert tour and performed about 16 concerts. He also performed at the World Kannada Conference in Detroit.

    His concerts and interviews have appeared on leading television and radio channels including All India Radio, Doordarshan, Star Plus, Star News, Udaya T.V., ETV, TMG Enter and others. He has also performed live on the Berlin radio and I.T.V (International Television) of New York. Nikhil Joshi with more than 500 concerts to his credit is set to go places.

     His reviews have appeared in the leading periodicals in Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other languages (more than a 100 reviews). A popular kannada weekly ’Taranga’ featured a cover story of Nikhil Joshi. A few of his reviews can be viewed in the “Reviews” section of this website.

     Nikhil Joshi has been honored with the following awards - ‘Arya Bhata Award’ 1998,     ‘Ugadi Purashkar’ 1999, ‘Outstanding Young Indians Award’ 2000,  ‘Youth Excellence Award’ 2001, ‘Sangeeta Ratnakara’ Award 2002, 'Pratibha Bhushan' award 2003 and many others.

     Lahari recording company has brought out 10 of his audio albums-Classics -  Carnatic Classical on Guitar, Guitar Comes Alive, Veena Greets Guitar, Sri  Purandara Dasa, Carnatic Compositions, Classical strings, Classical Guitar Comes Alive , Impulse, Sri and Saraswati.

      Nikhil Joshi can be contacted at or For  detailed contact info., visit the "Contact" section of    this website.


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