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1st of all I'd like to say cheers to all those who came to Morbid Angel the other day in TJs, Newport. Dispite the initial hicups with the power tripping out, we had a great night although only being allowed a 20 minute set. Desecration played a thunderous set, it was great to play with them again, the last time being 2 years ago! Morbid Angel played a remarkably tight, fast powerful set which got the crowd suitably excited and violent! An amazing gig which pulled of well for such a small venue.

At last out debut album is now readily available. The album has 8 brutal tracks, which will keep you destroying things for weeks! It's available directly from us or from some shops throughout South Wales, including HitMan (Newport), Jungle(Bridgent), Musiquarium (Swansea), Tower Records (B'ham) and soon it will be available in Bristol. The retail price is usually 6.99, although you can buy it directly from us for 6.50 including P&P.


GODREAH Fanzine December 1999

Review of MULCH Underworld 4-track demo

"Formed in '94 this angry hardcore/death band actually let rip with some very listeneable full-throated gutter songs. The mid-tempo drive of the material is dominated by the torturous shout vocals which could shit the pants off the most hardened of skin-heads.

The Underworld Demo is a 4-track affair with two live recorded tracks, and these live cuts are really in-your-face dirt anthems."

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