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The Official Mulch Homepage.

This page is entirely dedicated to Mulch, without doubt South Wales' most talented up and coming extreme metal band. Formed a little over four years ago by brothers Pete and Gareth Davies the band originally started life as a combination of hardcore and stoner metal and played a handful of gigs in South Wales.

Following the departure of two of the original band members, Dave Bell and Edmonds in late '94, Mulch rehearsed with Pete on vocals and tried out a couple of drummers, the most recent being Pete Aplin, joining in early 1997. Within the next couple of months the band gained the talent of bassist Andi Morris and extreme vocalist Lee Harris. From these additions the new Mulch was born making great use of two very talented bassists, heavy guitar licks and extremely powerful drumming. The new style developed as a result of these things and now the band boast a crunching range of heavy tunes that play the right pace at the right time.

In the following year Mulch set out to play a series of strong performances all over South Wales (mainly Newport) with the new line up, including the support act for Desecration, Thus Defiled and Confusion Corporation on the Welsh shows of their UK tour and becoming finalists in a Welsh battle of the bands, held at Zanzibar, Newport.

In mid 1998 Lee Harris amicably left the band to start his own project, and passed the role of frontman back to Pete Davies.

Mulch are beginning to make a name for themselves in South Wales, although at present are struggling with the problems of money and unsupportive venues. That aside they play what they play, and they play it with such power that in my mind it's only a matter of time before they lead the way in British metal.

About the homepage

Basically all I'm doing on behalf of the band is to drum up support and provide a bit of publicity. Hopefully, within the next month or so, we can sort out an audio clip for you to listen to, but, in the mean time, why not get a copy of one of our demos - Both the demos are available for 2-3 each. Write to the e-mail address and we'll stick you on the mailing list, which includes information on forthcoming gigs, demo information/price lists, merchandise and anything else worth mentioning. For the moment though try a demo and spread the word for us.

Please take 8 seconds to add yourself to our mailing list. We will send you the occasional e-mail to keep you informed of gigs/albums etc... Your details will never be passed on to anybody else for any reason, so no excuses!


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