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  • This site is neat, every day they have a new dowloadable .wav file for you to listen to. Check it out!
  • The Mystical Website How does he do it? This website has tons of cool tricks that will leave you wondering how the strong forces of magic can expand over the internet.
  • "Pixy stix are the center of human existence" Page This is a REALLY cool site! My friend Lisa, "Pixi Queen" has her worship to (what else?) pixi stix and Buffy oh yeah, AND X-files and that 70's show.... check it out!
  • Shannon's Legend of Zelda Page! This page is perfect for anyone who loves N64 (or ay other version) of the Legend of Zelda! It gives lots of cool hints and teaches the "chicken trick". Definitly click here!!

  • Okay, it's Dawson's creek time!!! I know, it was so obvioulsy coming... I am sticking in Dawson's creek because it is the best teenage show on TV and I love it!! DAWSONS CREEK and there's another Dawson's Creek page!!! Dawsons creek

    This is hilarious!!! If you ever feel stressed out or just... well, cruel then check out this site! You get to torture a fish. Torture a Fish!!!
    Just not this fish, okay? This is a pretty fish.

  • Hotpopcorn.comThis site is really awesome, it has all kinds of fun stuff about entertainment in it. I've linked to it from my Linkapoolza issue 4, so if you go to the Archives Page you'll be able to find that issue.

  • Hampster Blast- kill the Hampsters from Hampster dance

  • Alanis Morissette lyrics Really hate something? Than use this generator as a funky ad-lib game and come up with some really angry songs.

  • Brain Candy A really intresting site with all kinds of fun games and stuff to do.

  • NutsackNo explination needed. This is sick.

  • I know, I know, it isn't Christmas. But it's sooo cute!

  • The Raven Okay, I know, it's nerdy, all this link contains is the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe. If you're in an intellectual mood click on this link. If not than skip over it. I don't really care :)

  • Purity Test Exactly how pure are you? Take this Dr. Suessish test to find out!

  • Census Just how many people are alive on earth right now? Go to this census site for to the second updates on hoe many people are alive on earth.

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