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Dearly Beloved Friend:
How are you? I just had to send you this letter
to tell you how much
I love you and care for you.
I saw you yesterday as you were walk-
ing with your friends.
I waited all day, hoping you would walk
and talk with me also.

As evening drew near, I gave you a sunset to
close your day, and a cool breeze to rest you.
Then I waited, but you never came.
And yes, it hurt me, but I still love you
because I am your friend.

I saw you fall asleep last night,
and I longed to touch your brow, so
I spilled moonlight upon your pillow and your
face...Again I waited, wanting to rush down so
we could talk.
I have so many giftsfor you.

You awakened late this morning and rushed off
for the day.
My tears were in the rain. Today you looked
so sad, so alone.
It makes my heart ache because I understand.
My friends let me down and hurt me many times,
but I love you.

I try to tell you in the quiet green grass.
I whisper it in the leaves and trees,
and breathe it in the color of the flowers.
I shout it to you in the mountain streams,
and give the birds love songs to sing.
I clothe you with warm sun-
shine and perfume the air.

My love for you is deeper than the
oceans and bigger than the biggest want or
need you could ever have.

We will spend eternity in heaven.
I know how hard it is on earth.
I really know, because I was there,
and I want to help you.

My Father wants to help you, too.
He's that way, you know. Just
call me, ask me, talk to me.
It is your decision...I have chosen you,
and because of this I will wait...Because I love you.
Your Friend,
Salt and Light vol. 3 Issue 4

To all who need
To know, They are
Special,and loved
God Bless you All

A Love Letter for my Daughters
I have a song in my head, I heard
it when I was young
little did I know, How much this song
would touch my very soul
forgive me, for I do not have all the words,
But My Love Letter to my girls will start
out with this song.

Turn around and your two,
Turn around and your four, Turn
around and you are a young woman
walking out of the door.

Turn around and your two, Turn around
and your four, Turn
around and your a young woman with
Babes of your own.

So to my girls as I recall your
years, in this poem,
Many of tears will fall from my eyes..
To Nicole & Tina

March 12 what a wonderful day. I am at
the hospital, Happy as I can be
for today, I am having a baby of my own.
7:11 PM. Nicole Corrine is
her name. I am full of joy, But wait,
why are they running with my child
my own,
Someone please tell me, where have they
taken my child. Do not worry she is a
wee bit small, weighting in at 2 lbs 5 oz.
A voice does say.

Then in comes a child so small so
sweet. I am a mom with happy feet.
Times comes by and oh how you've grown,
For today you said my name.
the sweetest word I ever did hear,

Time has come again, you are starting
Pre-school, The longest two hours I have
known. Wow you made mommy a picture
Lets put it on the fridge for all too see.
Oh no you are five, Sept. has taken
you away.

As the first day comes. And oh my,
Don't you look so sweet. The bus pulls
up and takes you away.
As I smile a sweet goodbye to you,
oh how my heart does cry.

For you see sweetheart, Tho I was happy
for you, I was without your sweet smile
and again the longest hours I knew.
Wow you got your first report card,
oh my you got all stars,
I am so happy for you.

Time comes again and oh how beautiful
you are. It is your Graduation day from
High School, Mom is so proud!
Then you say, the sweetest
words again, Mom your the best!
because of you, I made it! Did you think
that I would ever forget the words that
you have whispered to me.

Time comes again. You are going out the door
Mom I will see you when I get home,
Again a tear falls from my Eyes,
My babe Has left me once again

What Joy you haven given me!
What laughts I have had! For I remember,
every smile, and every tear
that you have had.

I recall our Mom talks oh so well.
How It hurt me so, to keep a smile of,
love as, you told me your woes.
Yes my darling Nicole,
I recall them well.

I would say, Nicole I love you so
What life does, you must always know,
No matter what you do, no matter where you go,
I will always be here.
To cheer you up, and wipe your tears away,
I Love You and always will,
No matter where you go.
To Nicole My Own
Love Mom

Meet Nicole Corrine Kathleen

Turn around and your two,
Turn around and your Four,Turn around
and your a young woman going out of
the door.

It is January 22 And ouch I think it's
time to go love!
we are having a baby!
oh my look Ken it is a buck at my car door,
It look at me, and off it walk
so slow so strong.

I should have known a sign I did see.
And oh yes, I heard
it loud and clear.
1:11 AM Tina Sue was born, Just listen
to her wail! well

look Nicole! you have a baby sister!
Wow! she says, can you send her back?
Times comes and Tina crawl no not for
this one, I will walk, I will run,
For I am in a hurry to grow.

Wow you are two! and where did you get,
that devil stare?
Oh no she is at it again, Now Tina mommy,
says no touch, It will hurt you,
But did we hear no no no..
Ok Tina, mommy will clean your boo boo!
and it will be all better, Don't
you cry, for mommy loves you so!
Oh no! she is at it again! Tina love
the bike you need to learn to ride,
you just can't go off your way.

Times has come, Pre-school starts today,
Must I say goodbye to my
Baby, my own, With a smile on your face,
You ask "Will the teacher give me homework
like Nicole?

Oh my such in a hurry you are to grow,
Slow down my little one, my own.
You wake today to say...
Mommy it is my first day of school,
Hurry I don't want to miss the Bus.
Oh how my heart sinks once more;
For time is robbing me of my girl once
more. Good Bye mommmy! I will see you soon.

Once again the Bus pulls
away and tears fill my heart, For my
last child is on her own.
Will they love this devil as I do.?
Time has come again, And now Mommy
has turn to Mom..

Oh where have the years gone too..
More tears more heart breaks do I hear,
Mom do you think they like me, Do you
think I will make the team. Hush now
my child, my own, For you have a gift
I am sure is your own.

They will love you, You will see,
Just wipe those tears and you will see.
For you are full of life that I know,
and you will do fine my daughter, my own.

Time has come again. And Sept. brings
Junior High,
Oh! how beautiful you have grown!
Have fun and don't scream

For time will bring you all
that you dream!

Well Graduation From High School
came so fast... I see a Young Lady
full of Life! Full of Spirited Fun!

I cried today... Because Tina, I know
in a short time, A new Chapter in your
life will fall upon me...
The time, Mom has to say good bye...

But with my Tears, Is Happy thoughts...
Because, Tina, You are going away to
College... And your Dream you are following...
A High School Teacher you want to be...
History, How does that not surprise me...

I re call all the Times you where my teacher aid
at CCD, I knew then, You would show me a Great
Talent... You are very Special in many ways...
But, You will always be.. Mommy's Little Girl...

You have made me Proud! My sweet Tina,
And for that I will say.

I have the most Beautiful Daughters
That God, could ever have given to me.
To My Sweet girl
Love Mom

Meet Tina Sue Marie


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