POEMS by Lisa Angel
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POEMS by Lisa Angel

Fall's Song
When leaves see summers last smile..
They give us the joy
of beauty once more
In their colors..
As they start to say goodbye
we see the times of our youth
In every leaf that falls.
So with a smile and a tear,
We say fare well my Fall's song..
Till the day you once more come back,
and kiss us with your smile,
and flash of color
As fall comes
and childhood dreams fall from trees.
We smile to thank our God
For all the beauty we share with the times
Of Fall's Song..
With falls song lets go back to summers
last love and smile to see we have grown, and
We have shared fall's last song
Come to fall with the thought of a song in
your heart,and let it greet you, when spring
comes once again and we share all the dreams
Of Fall's Last Song

There is a Rainbow in the Heavens
it is full of bright colors for all to see,for all
to find the beauty of love for thee
It shines in the sky like a dimond of
love I have for you.. when you look to the
sky find a color of love for thee
For I am close to you in loves Rainbow
Keep this Rainbow close to your heart
It will give you all the wonders of God's
Love for us all

Loves Path
Loves path is in the heart of us all. Start your path with Love, Truth,
and Honor. Take loves path and make it wide..Make it strong Take this
path to thy heart,And thy shall never see it part. Though there is paths,
that lead away, take to thee thy pride and pled,May it never let Loves
path deny, May I never see loves path lie, May loves path take thee far.
And never to see loves path denied, May the love in my heart grow ever strong.
May I see my loves path stay strong,for when sorrow comes our way.May we take
to the path that love has made and bring it through,For with Gods Blessing
Loves path will never Die. Enter loves path with such joy and there will be
Love Forever

The Ring Of Gold
When you think of a ring, You think of an ever lasting ring of gold
But for me there is much more then just a ring, And more then gold
could ever give..
It is of loves dream
It is of loves story
It is of loves glory
For two hearts to join a ring of gold, they must first possess the main
feelings of what love is to them. It is of the way they feel as one, For
the future to be an everlasting journey, You look for yesterday as your
bright and golden tomorrow, Filled with Love, Joy, and Sorrow. And above
all as a Journey as two with one in mind..So bring this ring of gold to my
hand and I will bring you all the gold in my hearts love for thee,Till we
meet in Heaven as one my love. I will wear your ring of gold as a sign
Of Our Future Together
For Eternity

The Sea Of Life
The sea of life. You fish all your life looking for love and friends,You fish for the good, and send back the rest
To the sea of life, for your only a line away
So dream a dream of life and bring up the
good and get rid of the rest..

To A Friend
Friends are one of Gods Greatest Gifts, friends come into our life when we least expect them to. So when a
friend is in need, or just need a shoulder to be there, open your heart and soul, take the time to say, My
friend I care, take a friend a *Smile*, And say you are all the world to me,and I will always be there for you
There is nothing better then to have a friend that you can feel all that it is you have inside for a friend, To all the friends
in the world, take a moment in time and say "Hello dear friend of mine, I love you just for being you"

Erica's Song
It was a day like any day. A new name appeared, It read as a Star in the heaven's We all could tell,it was a young soul
with a heart of Gold, One when you meet, You see it shine, Well the name of this star was like no other, The screen
was lit with the name of Erica, So to this new soul we said welcome young soul. come and sit beside all who see you
and you will become the song of Erica

Lost Soul
We look into the window of life, Yet we see a world we do not understand, Is it because we are looking for friendship
maybe love, But yet we all feel lost at one time or another. Take to the window, look to the heavens, There you
will find, Your Brother, Your Friend, He looks upon you with such love to hold you when you feel alone, we call
this person Jesus. So take to the heaven's window and your brother and best friend will be there waiting to give
you all the love and friendship you desire
To a very good friend

Greatest Love Of All
I was young the tender age of 20, When in my life came a man, Whom
I love more then anything I have ever known. Married at the age of
20. I began a life with joy and sorrow, We grew up together that
man and I. We saw so many seasons change, So many friends and
family pass away. We saw the birth of our daughters, The time
of our lives. Oh you and I. You gave me Love, You gave me Pain
But still we grew you and I. To you I gave of my heart and my
soul. But I too gave you pain. For a life as we have known could
only bring two hearts a flame. Time has taken of our youth
It has taken from our hearts. But will time take what we once
knew. All the love we have known. All the sorrows we have seen
To grow as one was not an easy thing. So where has the youth
gone. To the book of the Greatest Love Of All Time
To Kenny


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