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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Imad Ahmed

Chapter 6.

"Wake up, Wake up!"

Link brushed the fairy away from his shoulder with ease, and then carried on snoring. He was a heavy sleeper, especially when he was dreaming. Especially when he had that dream. He made his bed himself, along with all the other things in his house, so his home was always very special to him. He lived in a hut, which he built in the tree where he and Saria used to play when they were very young.

When he didn't have a hut to call his own, Link lived with Saria, but after a few years he decided he needed a space of his own. Well, Saria decided that he needed his own space, and when he had finished building it, it turned out that she was right. He never had any family, which made him feel very alone sometimes, and he didn't have a guardian fairy, so a lot of sympathy went out to him.

The people of the Kokiri, including Link, always presumed that his mother died at birth, and his father killed himself with grief. Sometimes on long, cold stormy nights, Link would be kept awake by the thunder and the mere pitter-patter of the rain falling on his roof that he laboriously built. On those nights he would wonder what his parents looked like, what life would be with them there to support him. On those nights he would wonder, did they really love him, and if they did, why did they leave him alone in his life?

"Wake up, Wake up!" shouted Navi again

"Go away mumble... mumble... snore... I'm sleeping"

Navi was starting to get really impatient...

"Godsdammit boy, WAKE UP, otherwise I am gonna get really pissed off with you, and that's not a pretty sight. Understand? Get up before I blow your Godsdamn brains out, you chose a real bad fairy to mess with, GET UP NOW!"

The sudden disturbance woke Link up, but his eyelids were still droopy.

 Link rubbed his eyes and smacked his lips, and then looked at the thing that woke him up. He gasped.

"You're...You're...a...f...f...fairy...a...aren'" He managed to stutter out

"You'd better believe it kiddo..." she rose to make direct eye contact with Link,"...and I'm real pissed off"

"Wh...What do w...want?"

"Listen up, you'd better listen to me and do what I say otherwise your gonna land yourself into some big trouble, so now, put on some nice clothes; we're going to visit the Deku tree."