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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Imad Ahmed

Hi everyone, this is my Zelda story. Please could you mail me, tell me what you think, and don't worry, I don't mind you hating it.

Chapter 4.

The giant beast crawled its way through the simple anatomy of the tree, searching for the centre of magic and the source of life. It uncovered the area without too many problems, climbed up to it, and with a slow, graceful movement it dug its fangs into the tree. Sparks fizzed off as the tree and the arachnid creature became one with the tree, making it her territory and. It sucked the nutritious juices that the tree produced, and if anyone were to even think of opposing her, she would have no choice to annihilate them. The tree belonged to her now, and no one else.