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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Imad Ahmed

Hi everyone, this is my Zelda story. Please could you mail me, tell me what you think, and don't worry, I don't mind you hating it.

Chapter 2.

"NEVER!" thundered the Great Deku tree, "Never shall I surrender to your villainous bidding."

Thunder rolled, lightning flashed, rain poured. Storm's like these made the bravest of creatures cower. Storms like these made meteorologists quit, or suddenly realise that they couldn't study it because they had to go to their grandmother's funeral, even if they didn't have grandparents...

Storms like these made the most evil of the creatures crow with delight

This was not an ordinary storm. These came once in a thousand years. This storm was a mere side effect of a highly magical argument so intense and so pressurised that the magic burst out and lived to its own accord. A storm was not one of the more...inventive...effects, but once the magic starts to innovate, the effects could be devastating.

Gannondorf, evil King of the Gerudu's looked up. On his deformed face it was hard to distinguish his features. Something flinched; it was his mouth. He was about to speak...

"I will ask you once, and only once more. You grow old. You know it, there is no denying it, you hold no challenge against my powers. Without you, your kingdom will become decadent within what, 10 years? It will die out. It will slowly, slowly deteriorate if I destroy you now, your precious little Kokiri will be all-,"

He grinned savagely

"-all dead. Give me the stone. You have no choice,"

"Gannondorf, you know my answer already, why must you ask me again?" The Deku tree paused, "I'd rather die and let my people pass away in peace than let you take them out one by one."

Gannondorf nodded and then raised his finger. "Then so be it, today the Deku tree dies."

Gannondorf raised his finger and whispered a destructive spell and set a parasite onto the Deku tree. He mounted his horse and started to ride away

"Gannondorf!" called the Deku tree, "The Hero of Time will come"


"He will have wisdom, courage and strength"


"He'll challenge you"


"He'll open the gate and take the Tri-Force before you"


"He'll destroy you"

"NO!" bellowed Gannondorf

"Yes, he will. He'll come. He'll destroy you Gannondorf. You'll die"

"No, No, NO!" screamed Gannondorf, and rode off into oblivion.