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The Fall of The Alliance PART 1


by Vincent Weustenenk

This is my first Zelda story, so I'm very curious what you think of it. If you have read it, please send my a e-mail with your comments about it.

It was a beatifull day in Hyrule. Everything was going as it should, but... that was about to change...

Link was walking over the green grassy hills of Hyrule Field. He looked around... 'Hmmm strange.' He thought. 'This defenitly is Hyrule Field, but the castle... it looks so diffrent. ' Link turned around and saw a animal staring at him. 'Hey! There is one of those strange extinct animals with the strange ears!' Link was looking back at the animal, it suddenly ran away. 'Hmmm, that was a rabbit! In real their faces look much more impressive then the mask from the mask shop... But wat is it doing here? Rabbits have been extinct for a long time. Something isn't right here, but what? 'Suddenly clouds started covering the sky. Link heard evil laughter coming from far away. Slowly everything was getting darker and darker. 'What's happening. Why is it getting so dark?' Now all the light was gone. Link was standing in total blackness... Then the ground where he stood on dissapeard and Link fell down. 'Link!' 'It's Zelda!' Link thought. He tried to respond but couldn't. He kept falling down deeper and deeper........
'Auch!' Link shouted. He was lying on a wooden floor. Link opened his eyes. He was lying next to his bed on the floor of his house. 'What the... I was dreaming... But.. it seemed so real.' Link stood up. He started thinking about what he just dreamed. And suddenly he rememberd Zelda calling him. Link jumped up and ran outside... he had to get to Zelda!

Link quickly got his sword and shield from the vault under his house. He saw his Giant's Wallet and thought:'A few rupees might come in handy!' He attached the Wallet to his belt. After he got his slingshot and bommerang, Link started running to the castle.

Link entered the Castle Town and walked down to the market. It was crowded like every day. Link walked to one of the salesman and bought a fish. He was hungrey because he had been travelling all day. On foot Hyrule Castle was on a half day's travel from the Forest. And ofcours Link was tired. It was around 4.00 PM and the market salesman where already starting to pack their stuff. After he had his meal he went on the Castle.
He walked to the guard standing at the entrance to the Castle. 'I'm here to see princess Zelda.' Link said. 'Yeah right, the princess whould never grant an audiance to the looks of you.'the guard said. 'Oh great, not again...' Link sighed. He walked back to the vines that he used a few years before when he first went to the castle. Navi flew out of his pocket and said:'I'm having a feeling of deja-vu.' Navi was the fairy that was with him ever since he started his quest of saving Hyrule 3 years ago. After it, Navi stayed with Link in the Kokiri Forest. 'Why can we never do this the easy way?' Link asked without really expecting a answer. He climbed up the vines and made his way past the guards. Navi flew back into his pocket.
After some time he finally got to the Courtyard inside the castle. Zelda was sitting against the wall looking concerned. Then she saw Link and stood up quickly. 'I knew you heard me!' 'So what's going on, why did you call me?' Link asked. 'I have to tell you some thing, please come with me.' She opened the window leading to the throne room and crawled trough. Link followed her. She walked into a hallway to the right and then she opened a door on the left. Zelda walked up the stairs and Link followed her. They made went all the way up to the roof of the Castle.
'Link, look!' She showed him the back of her hand. The Triforce symbol powerd up. The Triforce of Wisdom wasn't shining as brightly as it should. 'Link, I have the feeling something terrible is about to happen to Hyrule!' Link felt it too. It felt more evil than what Ganondorf did to Hyrule in the time he ruled Hyrule. Zelda looked up. From the roof you could see almost everything of Hyrule. Link had never been at the roof before and was looking over Hyrule. Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared dark stormclouds. They where spreading rappidly across the sky. 'Link, look!' Zelda pointed at the clouds. Link looked and stepped back. 'I saw those clouds in my dream...' 'Dream?' 'I'll tell you about it later, right now whe have to get back ins...' It was the evil laughter again. It was coming from all around them. Lightning struck at the roof and if Link hadden't pulled away Zelda, it whould have hit her! 'Come on!' They ran down as quickly as they could without falling. When they where almost down they saw a guard walking trough the a hall. Zelda said:'Alert the guards! There is a fire on the roof!' The guard ran to a bell and sounded the alarm. Zelda and Link walked down the stairs to the first floor. She opened a door on the right and then went left. Link followed her into a libary. Zelda walked down a small stair to a table. She turned a candle and then pulled a book. A secret door opened. She went in and Link quickly followed her. Once they were in she closed the door. The only light in the small room was coming from a small window at the ceiling. There was a small table in the room and there was a book lying on it. 'I discovered this book a few years ago. I accedently found this secret room. Last night I had a vision. A strange Sheikah man was holding this book. He looked relieved. He put it in a chest that he buried deep underground. Then I saw Hyrule being covered with clouds and I heard a horrible laughter. It wasn't coming from the man but from all around me. Just like when we were on the roof! I called your name, and then I woke up.' 'Are you sure this is the same book?' 'Yes' Link opened the book. It was empty... accept for a few words on the first page. 'Emeralds of the Gods' 'Is this all that's in it?' Link asked. 'Last time I looked there was nothing in it. I wanted to show it to my dad, but something told me I shouldn't do that. So I left it here and went back.' 'Princess Zelda!' Zelda looked to the wall that was the secret door.'The guards are looking for us. We must leave before we are mist. They must not find this room!' Zelda opened the wall and they both went out of the room. Zelda quickly put back the book and turned the candle... A guard ran into the libary. 'Your Highness, the fire is out and your father wishes to see you!'

Zelda and Link entered the throne room. The King sat on his throne. 'Zelda, who is that?' 'That's Link, father.' 'Link..., but I thought he didn't... You are just a boy from the town, aren't you.' Link turns to Zelda and gives her a confused look. 'You're not going to start again! There is no Hero of Time! I told you to stop about this!' 'Father, why can't you see. Don't you find it strange that Ganondorf disappeard all of the sudden?' 'No, not after you offended him like that!' Then Link said:'Excuse me, but where are you talking about?' 'You, you are just manipulating my doughter on times she is confused. Guards! Trow him out of the castle!!' 'What, but sire...' 'Father don't!' Then Navi flew out of Links pocket. 'Link, what's up?' The king looked at the fairy. A fairy! But how is this possible? Are you really from the Forest?' 'Yes' 'Guards, delay that order. You two.' He was speaking to Link and Zelda again. 'Please come with me...' The king stood up and walked to a room with in the middle a couple of chairs. The King waited until Link and Zelda where inside and then closed the door. He sad downat the end of the table. Zelda at the other end. Link sad down next to Zelda and Navi was flying around.
The King started:'When Zelda first told me abou ther visions I didn't believe her... even when Ganondorf dissapeard on that evening. I must admit that I have been unreasonable, I should have believed my doughter, not that strange Gerudo that comes swearing alliance all the sudden. But... there's still one thing unanswered... If you are a Kokiri, then what are you doing out of the forest? All Kokiri die when they leave the forest, don't they?' The king was looking at Link suspiciously. 'Well, I didn't die, because I'm not a Kokiri...' 'You see! I knew it!' 'Father, please let him speak!' Link looked at the king who said:'Alright...'. 'I'm a Hylian. My mother escaped the war when I was young. She fled to the forest where she found the Great Deku Tree, the Guardian of Life... He took me into the forest. Shortly after that, my mother died of her injuries. I was raised as a Kokiri.' 'Well, if you are a Hylian as you claim you are, why didn't you turn into one of those hideous skeletons?' 'You mean Stalfosses? Well, the Deku Tree gave me the power to remain in the forest without transforming.' 'A very credible story, but I think you better tell me all about what you have done to eh... save Hyrule.' Then Link told the whole story.

It was three hours later and dark outside. The King, Zelda and Navi were still in the room.
'I'm sorry for being so suspicious, it's just in my nature. If I wasn't so suspicious, the war whould still be raging on. But your probaly tired now. Link, I will arrange the best room for you.' The King clapped his hands and a servant came in. 'Prepeare the our best room for mister Link here! Good night Link, and thank you!' 'Happy to be of service.' Link said. 'Goodnight.' 'Goodnight Link.' Zelda said.

Link was walking in the Forest Temple. 'Oh great, how did I get here?' he thought. There where more people in Kokiri clothing, but they couldn't be Kokiri because they where adults. Suddenly one stept forward. 'He looks like the leader.' Link thought. 'Fellow Kokiri! It is time to go! Lower the water level!' the Kokiri leader said. Someone pushed the button and was climbing down to the other Kokiri. Then Link recognized the room he was in, but it looked so... great. He was in the room where he lowerd the water level in his adventure. Everything he could see looked great. It wasn't so ruinous as he rememberd when he was fighting the Evil in the Temple. All of the Kokiri where climbing down the stairs to the sewers. Link walked to the stairs and looked down. Nobody was there any more. The Temple was back in it's ruinous state. Link was looking around confused. Then a thick fog swallowed him...

Link woke up. 'Where am I?' He was lying on a big bed. He looked around. He rememberd that the Kings servant brought him here and he went to sleep immidiatly. He how big the room was. The sun was shining trough the window. He looked outside to the sun. Link jumped up and quickly put his clothes on. He thought:'It must already be around 10 O'Clock!' He quickly re-equiped his self. He opened the door and walked down to find Zelda. He saw Impa standing at the entrance of the libary. 'Greetings Link! It has been a long time.' 'Hello Impa. Do you know where princess Zelda is?' 'She's in the libary... but you can't enter!' 'Why not?' Link asked. 'Princess Zelda has ordered me to keep everyone out of the libary until she was ready.' 'But you can let me in!' 'Im afraid I can't...' Link looked at the Sheikah, and then gave up. He waited for a few minutes. Then Zelda came out. 'Link! I was just going to get you. Please come with me!' Impa stept aside and Link entered. He saw that Impa stepped back to block the entrance again. Link walked to Zelda who was looking worried. 'Link, I can't open the book anymore!' 'What?' 'Maybe you can still do it, after all you're the Hero of Time.' Zelda opened the door and followed Link into the secret room. Link walked to the book and opened it without any trouble. 'Hey look! There is another line.' It said: The Forest Emerald. 'Hmmm that reminds me of the dream I had last night.' Link said. 'It was so strange, I was in the Forest Temple and there where many adult Kokiri walking around.' 'What's so strange about that?' 'Kokiri never grow up, no matter how much time passes. They will never grow up! Now, those Kokiri where all waiting until one said it was time to go. Then they all climbed down into the sewers and dissapeard. Then I woke up.' 'Speaking of dreams, you were going to tell me about one you had before you came here.' 'Oh, I almost forgot about that. I was at Hyrule Field. I saw a... rabbit running around. Then clouds were covering the sky and everything became dark. Suddenly I fell down deeper and deeper while someone was laughing just like you described.' 'Rabbits, didn't they become extinct because of the poachers.' 'Yes.' 'A strange dream indeed. Link you must find out everything you can about that forest emerald! I have the feeling that Hyrule destiny might depend on it!' 'I will have to leave now if I want to arrive at the forest before dark.' 'Then go quickly Link... and come back soon.' Zelda said.

Link left the castle to the market. Then he left the town for the forest. He expected to arrive just before dark...