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Michelle Kwan's 18th Birthday!

1998 Ladies World Champion

Hello and welcome! Michelle Kwan is one of America's best skating stars. Michelle is a true champion with a heart of gold ,and Michelle's artistry is unmatched by any skater in eligible skating both past and present! This year Michelle turns 18! WOW! We have watched this girl grow up on the ice before our very eyes. From her stunning silver medal at the 1994 US Championships, breath taking World gold medal in 1996 to her emotional flawless silver medal win this year in Nagano Michelle's skating continues to move the hearts of her fans and take each person watching her on an emotional roller coaster ride!

For Michelle's birthday this year a group of her on line fans have decided to put together a special book of wishes for her! To make this a success we need all of your help! Please help us make this a special fan gift from all of her fans around the world!

Michelle 9719020 By: J. Barry Mittan
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Michelle Kwan Photo By: J.Barry Mittan