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Justin's Thank You's

I have done some research and here is what i got, Justin's Thank you's the ones he wrote in the CD booklet! These are his exact words!:

It's always hard to know when to start when I sit down to put my "thank yous" on paper. There are so many people who have helped me along the way. Well, I'll start by thanking my savior-Jesus Christ for blessing me me with a little something that I can show to the whole wide world, and for showing me how to do that. My parents- for loving me (even when it's hard!) And for being so supportive of me. My grandparents for giving me everything( I mean,everything) right down to their hearts. Thanx to all my family members for supporting me . My friends back home, especially Trace, Jimmy, Chrissy, Amber, April, and the rest of y'all crazy folk. The MMC crew for a couple of fum years and great experience. All the writers and producers who helped create the album: Viet, Jolyon, Gary, Sturken & Rogers, D.Pop, M.Martin,K.Lundin, and Full Force. Robin "Wiley Coyote" for guidance and inspiration. Mark, Bob for keeping my voice in good shape! I also want to thank Transcon Studios, Transcon Records, particularly Doug ("Dirty D"), Jimbo(what the deally yo) , and Keri (Betty Rubble) for always helping N'Sync out. Shout outs to all the Transcon artists ( even the non-sensible ones). Thanks to all of BMG Ariola (Jan, Andreas, Susie,ect.) for a fantastic first year in Europe, RCA for takin' a chance on us like Bob Jamienson, Vince, Cliff, and Kaja, and all the rest. Also: Robert, Mark, Ivan- thanks 4 the moves! Chuck, Brenda, Tony for helping me out with school, even the more boring classes (like typing!). Miss Earnest for making life more interesting, thanks for the brain teasers & sprees! Special thanx to L.J.P. (Papa Bear) because you were the first one to believe in 'N Sync. Also, J. Wright for giving us so many opportunities to further ourselves (within reason ha!ha!) Shout outs to the families of the other guys in the group because we wouldn't be anywhere without you guys' support. I really want to say hello to my lil' buddy-my brother Jonathan, back home who stole my heart...wazzup lil' bro! And my angel in heaven my sister Laura Katherine. Wazzup to Dante Poo Poo! a special shout out to my Huckleberry Finn, and also to Lance, Chris, JC, and Joey-lets keep it goin' ya'll. Thank you to all the media who have suppoted us. To all of our fans who have stayed with us while we were in Europe, and all of you who have joined us this year- thanx and stay 'N Sync. If there is anyone I forgot to put down on this paper... I apologize, but if you you aren't on this paper, it doesn't mean you're not in my heart. Peace, ya'll.-JUSTIN

Thanx for visiting I hope you took the time to read the entire thing cause it really tells you a lot about him if you pay attention!

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