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Justin's Quotes

Here are a few of the cute little thing Justin has said in his past! And keep your eyes peeled at the bottom of the page for a cute little Justin fact!

People who spread rumors should be ashamed of themselves! Think about people spreading rumors about you! I refuse to have a rumor page full of a bunch of bull****! I don't think Justin appeciates people spreading rumors about him! Like for one I heard that he is a voodoo expert and he gets gurls to like him with voodoo! HE DOESN'T NEED VOODOO TO HAVE GURLS LOVE HIM!!!


"Well, that was my 15 year old sex scene, there was originally a girl on th bed with me, but they cut it out because thy thought it was you know, too provocative, they can do that now with all that computer animation stuff!"


"i'm the cookie man, and JC is my sidekick, Sprinkles!!"(awwww)


"We're single, and ready to mingle!!"


"Let's play some basketball, baby!"


"Whatcha'll wanna do? I'll tell you I wanna get down."


"Your looking at the audience sing the words, you know. You could just stop singing and put the mic in their face and they would sing the words back to you"


"I'm a real party animal... When the others let me go to parties"


"I talk in my sleep a lot. My mom used to laugh at me because if she wanted to find out something about me, she'd come while I was sleeping and start talking to me."


" I designed this roller coaster and it's ten thousand feet of track on these little.....on these simulaters, And um, I'm gonna try and get Chris on this ride with me, I dunno, I hope he doesn't puke on me, that would be really bad."


"Smoother than butta, baby!"


"Something with crazy in it cause that's how our scheduale is"


"Let it go Carson, Let it go"



Ok now here's the cute little fact about Justin:

When he can't sleep he quietly sings him self to sleep and if that doesn't work he has the rest of the guys sing him to sleep!