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My Letter to Justin!!

Dear Justin,

You probably already know how much we all love YOU!! I just wanted to say thanx for being Born. When I listen to your music I'm totally in sync and your all I think about all day! You looked great even in the MMC!! LOL! I hope you write me an e-mail and check out all the things on this site cause it makes me proud to be the owner of it! I LOVE YOU!! And so does everyone else. I think you and your music have been a big inspiration to all of us. Likeing Nsync has made me a softer person and my life is a lot happier! Thank You! I wish you good luck further more with your music! And 1 more thing I heard your biggest fear was that you didn't wanna die unloved and Justin as long as I'm on this planet you will never die unloved!

P.S. Will You Marry Me?