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Welcome to the Unofficial Justin Timberlake Fan Page


If you are here then you,just like me just adore Justin Timberlake. When I first saw the video "tearing up my heart" that was my first glimpse of him and man is he a FINE addition to that wonderful group they call nsync! If Justin does happen to come in here, this is my message to him: Justin you look awesome with a backwards hat on! Don't take me the wrong way I don't only love Justin for his looks but for his young intelligent personality. He has a great sense of humor and he has a beautiful voice. Not only is he the hottest one in the band, NO Offense to anyone that thinks otherwise, but he has great vocals too. And please vote for this page cause I really want everyone else to enjoy the stuff about Justin.If you wanna go to the official NSYNC SITE click here And click here to go to another really kewl nsync site!And my message to annyone that visits this site PLEASE sign my guestbook!!!!!! If Justin just happens to come in here one day he might see the comments you wrote.And another thing I will be erasing anything that has a bad comment towards Justin in the Guestbook. If you have any Questions comments of suggestions please e-mail them to me and most importantly have lots of fun!And don't forget to download your free Justin screensaver!!
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We've been having a battle between BSB and *N Sync on MTV's TRL! Sometimes Nsync gets in #1 and sometimes BSB does. So come on girls lets get ready and vote vote vote! We want Nsync to beat Korn's record for their video " Got the Life"
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Last Updated on: December 28,1998

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