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Welcome to Julie's Virtual Photo Album

My Family

My self in the house
My Parents
My sister
My grandma with my cousins
An Old photo of my grandparent's marriage
My Uncle and family in California.
An old photo of my parent's marriage including my foi & fua.
My cousins in India

Some other Photos

At Atlantic city
at Hershey Park, PA.
Enjoying nature
With Jaishankar, Thriveni, my parents, Pravin uncle and Hetal at Hetal's B'day celebration.
My friend Archana with her mother
My friend Mili

Some Childhood Photos

My childhood photos
Myself with Ketan in the left
Ketan and myself with my parents
Sonali, Ketan and Myself with Gautamkaka
My sister in the right and Rinku in the left

Memories of Multicultural program

A Group Photo of Asian Club Members!
Another one!
We all Dancing in group!
One More!