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Sample Email

Hello, My name is Angie. I'm 13 years old. My hobbies are watching TV,listening to music. In my family we are 5 members my mother,my father,my aunt,my cousin and me.My aunt works as a doctor ,my mother too, my father works as an engineer. I have studied at Amťrica school since 1994. It is situated in Bellavista-Callao.Callao is a province of Lima and Lima is the capital of Perķ. Iam in 8th grade.Now we are working very hard because the school birthday is coming. I know that all the country is sad and many people died inside the twins towers. What happened with the people that all their family died in this accident? I hope there wonít be any war. I hope you like this letter, Bye Angie.

Dear friend: Hi! Iím Cecilia Urbina. Iíve studied in America High School since 1994. Iím 13 years old. Iím very happy to write you, because I like have friends in all parts of world. I live in Lima - Peru (Balcazar 127 Ė San Miguel) In my free time I like to watch T.V.(specially MTV), talk with my friends at the phone and listen to music,etc. I live with my parents and my brother (15 years old), I talk whith him very succely. We try to are together all the time, go to the cinema and shopping, etc. I think that you are scared for all the things happen in your country. Well, you only can pray. We pray all the days. How old are you?What do you like to do in your free time?What do you like to do with your parents?How do you feel in this moments? I hope you asnwer me very soon . . . . . . . Bye! Your friend Cecilia

Hi! My name is Estefany Boza. Iím 13 years. I live in Callao My hobby is listening to music or watch T.V (music programme). In weekend I like enter to Internet or talk in the telephone. We are 4 in my family. My sisters have 10 years and her name is Carol. My fatherís name is Tony And my motherís name is Isabel. My parents work in the airport Jorge Chaves. My mother is secretary in the town in CORPAC part. My father is flight inspector in CORPAC too. We see the news of the twins towers and we feel terrible with the things that past. Ask me more.

Dear Matt!
Hi! It's me again, Stefanny. I like your letter so much. You told me that you live near Atlantic City. I visited that place, it is very beautiful . I Like the beach so much and I bought some presents for my family there, too. I slept in a hotel near a casino while my father , mother and my cousin where playing. I traveled three months ago. I like also Manhattan. Well, my friend Katia has received one letter from one of your friends and he thinks that Lima is a place of a mountais, however, Peru is divided in three regions : Coast , highland and jungle. Lima is in the coast of Peru and it is the capital city. We have many nice places to visit here. In this moment I am going to send you some information about one of the 24 departments of Peru ' Ancash" The department of Ancash is located at the west part of Peru . It is sorrounded by La Libertad, Huanuanuco, Lima and the Pacific ocean. It has a territory of about 36Km2. The capital of this department is Huaraz. It is located in the coastal and highland parts. Its climate is hot and dry. This department was created in 1891 with the name of Huaylas but it was replaced on february 28 th 1839 by Ancash. The capital of Ancash was destroyed on 31st of may, 1970 by an earthquake. More than 50000 people died. Well I hope you like this information.
your friend
Stefanny La Cruz.

Hello Lori,
Your letter was very beautiful. I can answer you some questions that you ask for in the letter. First:Cebiche is a typical food that we eat in Peru, fish is cooked with lemon and you add some onions chili, garlic, salt and pepper and some other things like corn and sweet potatoes it's delicious!!!!! .Second— I go swimming to the beach, these beaches are on the south of Lima. In the school I practice aerobics,this sport is very funny. Third, My best friends are Daggiana,Stefanny,Maria Katarina,Maria Claudia. My favourites singers and groups are Limp Bizkit,Eminem,*NSync,Back Street Boys,Red Hot Chili Peppers,OV7 etc.Do you practice any sport? Well in this letter I'm going to talk about Ica , a department of Peru. Ica has 43 districts and 5 provinces.The department of Ica was founded in 1563 with the name of Villa of Valverde.In 1569 was moved to its actual location. In 1640 it got the name of San Jeronimo de Ica. Well, I will send some more information about it in my next letter.
Your friend
Hi Caitlin,
How are you, I'm fine. Today I'm working alone. In this opportunity I have searched about Callao and this is the information I would like to share with you: Callao is a Constitucional province and main port of Peru. It is located in a bay on the west part of Lima. The port is sorrounded by San Lorenzo's island. It is an imported center of textile, cereals, machinery, paper and food. The industrial activity of this city is centered in refineries, a beer factory called ®Pilsen Callao®. Callao also has a Technical University that was opened in 1926. Callao was founded in 1537 and has become one of the most important ones in South American . I hope we continue with our correspondence
GOOD BYE Your keypal
Hello Anthony,
I'm happy because you wrote me,Nowadays, we are participating in a soccer championship I hope our team wins. We had a party yesterday but was a little boring because anyone wanttd to dance or eat. Well I am going to send you some information about Cusco. Peru is divide in 24 departments one of them is Cusco. the principal city of cusco is Machu Picchu, Cusco is situated in the south of Peru, it is in the highlands. The altitude is about 3, 400 meters above the sea lebvel (11, 150 feet). This a wonderful place to visit , however some people get some sickness because of the altitude like ®®soroche®®. This city is 5 hours later than the Greenwich Mean time. the weather is cool, nontheless the anual average in the city is between 10.3ļ to 11.ļ celcius I hope to hearing from you soon
Maria Katarina

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