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Birkdale South State School, Queensland,Australia

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 09:50:07 Reply-to:
Hi Mary The TV channels here suspended all regular programming and broadcast CNN continuosly for 48 hours. It was very difficult for our kids not to end up seeing visions of those people jumping or falling from the towers. It has caused quite alot of trauma for some of them. The main worry here now for the kids seems to be will there be a war. It will be good for the kids to talk to yours about what the mood is in America and how ordinary people feel, rather than what we are being fed in the news. We are starting to hear about hate crimes against muslims. This is a disturbing thought. Our immigration policy is causing quite a debate here. Many believe the asylum seekers should have been allowed to land here, others think they are queue jumpers.

To Julia Section 7A From Franziska
Hi Julia, My nameís Franziska and I attend Birkdale South State School. I live in Birkdale, near Queenslandís capital, Brisbane. I am 13 years old and I really enjoy sport, my favourites are gymnastics, swimming, rollerblading and softball. I hope you do come to Australia one day cause itís really beautiful. I moved to Australia when I was 6 and a half from Switzerland and I would never go back, even though all my family is there. I would like to go to the USA one day it sounds exciting. My friend went there a month ago and she said it was really cool. I love going shopping with my friends, having sleepovers and going to the beach (especially islands off Queensland). I am also awfully sorry about the tragedy that happened last week. It really shocked me to find out what had happened and I was saddened when I found out how many people had lost their lives and to see their families grieving. I hope to hear from you soon.
Luv Franziska.

To Ben Section 7N From Leah Hi Ben My name is Leah, I am 12 years old. Whatís your teacherís name? My teacherís name is Mrs. Kennedy, she is really nice. I attend Birkdale South State School. I live in Birkdale that is near Brisbane, which is the capital city of Queensland (Queensland is the state I live in). I enjoy dancing, I dance 5-6 days a week. I would love to visit America. I was shocked to hear about the terrorism attacks on the Pentagon and The World Trade Centres. It has been on our televisions twenty-four a day. It must be devastating to be so close. I know I would be. So many people are still missing. It is now spring in Australia what is it over in the US? Write back soon Leah.

To Victoria Section 70 From Rodney
Iíve heard about the tragedy of the Twin Towers collapsing and I hope no one you know was in the towers or on the street that got hurt or killed. Iím really sorry about the people that got injured or killed in the rubble of the twin towers. I also hope they catch the sick and twisted mind of those psychopaths.
If you want to know my name it is Rodney and Iím 12 also. My favourite hobby is exactly the same as yours SOCCER. We play soccer exactly the same as you do. Iíve heard of skateboarding as well it is also my favourite hobby.
This summer Iíll probably hang out with my cousins and my friends, I might also sign up with a soccer club because most people think Iím really good. Whatís your favourite colour and food mine are purple and spaghetti bolognes, well Iíve gotta go see ya.

To Jayvic Section 7A From Jarad
Hello Jayvic my name is Jarad I will be your keypal for the term. My favourite music is LIMP BIZKIT, BLINK182, MELLINCOLLIN, I.C.P, D12, SNOOP DOGG and DR DRE. I am sorry to hear about the terrorism in America. So far I think this act of terrorism is stupid and should not happen anywhere. So I hope they do not hit New Jersey. What do you think will happen next. Well what ever happens you have my sympathy. Gotta go chat later from Jarad.

To Shaun From Te Rina
Hi how are you. My name is Te Rina Iím 12 years old and Iím your new e-mail buddy. I also like music and sports. My favourite subject in school is maths. For my holidays that are coming up I am going to New South Wales which is about one and a half-hours from Brisbane. We are on holidays for two weeks. Iím going to New South Wales just to see my grandparents. In my spare time I like to go to the skate park.Do you also like to go skateboarding? I like to listen to Christina Aguleria and Nelly. Which bands do you like? My favourite sports are Netball, Softball and Basketball. At the moment in Australia it is spring the month where we can go swimming. I have two brothers one who is fifteen and the other one is eight. I also have a mum and dad, which are in there thirties. I feel really sorry for your country and Australia is giving al our support to you and your country. When I first heard about this terrible attack I was almost in tears. I hope nobody in your family was hurt or killed. I have to go now. Your new pen pal Te RinaJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ

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