We face all forms of pollution in our daily lives. We have noise pollution, smoke pollution, water pollution and air pollution in general. These pollution which are faced by us everyday are the most common known to men. This pollution arises from vehicles, factories, construction sites, chemical processing etc just to name the few sources. But one form of pollution that have existed long before men arrived, a form of pollution so deadly that causes cancer, a form of pollution that is odourless and can't be seen with naked eyes, and lastly a form of pollution that shroud us wherever we are. I'm talking about Earth radiation.

Earth radiation is part of the natural environment and influences all living organisms. Earthrays are mostly natural underground water veins that are responsible for around 95% of geological stress to our health. Other forms of geopathic stress can come from interfering crossing grid lines, mineral deposits, earth fault lines etc. All civilization of the world recognized earth radiation and made allowances for it in their daily activities. In China, an old custom dating back thousands of years, is to have expert diviners (Or Feng Shui masters) determine suitable positions for new buildings. Sounds funny, weird or simply hard to believe? Well, you may argue that this is a baseless logic, and have no visible effects on you. Well mind you, just because the deadly effect have not befall on you and it is not visible presently, doesn't mean that it does not exist (The effect is gradual and takes over a long period of time). Both Western scientific explanation and Chinese geometry (Feng Shui) have complemented each other in a way that there is now irrefutable proof that earth radiation exists. There's a high correlation between cancer and earth radiation as research carried out has showed. This radiation which was formed long before the Jurassic period to the time when earth was formed, affects not only humans but plants (tree cancer) and animals as well. To be brief on the effects on plants and animals, well the growth of plants tends to be weird (branches growing downwards) and the trees may be dying where intensity of earth radiation is high. For animals, they behavior or sleeping patterns may be affected or changed since they have the so called "six sense" to feel the presence of the earthrays.

Although earth radiation is a contributing factor in disease, it also has positive effects that stimulate and activate our physical and spiritual reserves only when we are awake. When we carry out our daily activities during the day or in the night when we are not sleeping, the effect causes a state of tension in the living organism which results in short term improvement in performance (good for spiritual meditation). The brain seems to work on a different frequency with a higher electric charge on these spots and it is in this way we are able to receive the visions or have the feeling of a more intense meditation. However, our body has a limited ability to deal with disturbances and it cannot cope with continuous tension or stimulation. Long term exposure, particularly during sleep, results in a debilitating geopathogenic (Geo: earth, pathogen: disease producing) influence. Earth radiation disturbs and interferes with the normal interaction between the hormonal and nervous system. Much of our state of health is directly influenced by radiation, for instance cramps, depression, insomnia, bed-wetting, asthma, pains in weak spots of the body etc. The interplay of glands, hormones and nerves may, depending on the intensity of the radiation, lead to mutation of body cells that may result in permanent damage i.e. cancer.

So now the million-dollar question lies on how to avoid earth radiation and when to use it to our advantage. As you all know by now, it is unhealthy to sleep directly over the crossing of earthrays and useful only when we want greater mental alertness. Therefore, the intensity of earthrays can both be useful and harmful. To directly find or pinpoint the position of earthrays proves to be very difficult for amateurs and beginners. This method of finding earth's crossing is called dowsing and should be carried out by building Biologist. Getting a Chinese geometry master is another solution. Dowsing is not as simple as one think as it requires lots of experience and practice using a dowsing rod (it can be any material: a crystal pendulum, a gold-plated rod or even a converted coat hanger). The usage of different materials used has nothing to do with the efficiency of the dowser. It's not the tool bringing the result, it is only the mind behind the tool. Hence the important thing to note is once the dowser has discovered that the position where you are sleeping is directly over the earth crossing, my advice to you is to immediately change the position of your bed!

But not all forms of radiation come directly from the earth. In fact, it comes from our house! Yes, the place where we all sleep, rest, eat and spent nearly 1/3 of our lives is truly a living hell! We have often built our houses with materials and furnishings that expose us to harmful chemical such as chlorides, formaldehyde and phenols etc that comes from the carpet, glues, wall-paper, synthetic paint and so on. In addition to the mould, mildew, bacteria, fungi, mites found in our houses and the mixture of harmful particles coming from cigarette smoke, asbestos, fiberglass and so on, we are indeed killing ourselves slowly! According to a science research, all these harmful substances have cut human's average life by halve, meaning that without exposure to these effects, we are expected to live till the ripe age of 150 years old! Too many electric, magnetic, radioactive, microwave and geological disturbances in our homes and the work place are affecting our well being. Magnetic fields are created when electric current is flowing and that can cause harmful exposure. Magnetic fields present in appliances such as the fuse box, television, fridge, hot water cylinder, digital alarm clock, computer and so on can penetrate concrete (wall s , ceilings) and lead. Hence this is especially dangerous and harmful when you have these appliances near or even beside your bed as the magnetic fields from these various sources will affect your health in the long run under constant exposure. To prevent such pollutant, it is advisable to switch off everything you don't need, which will also save energy and money. And if you cannot switch it off, like a cable in the wall supplying something else in use or the TV in your neighbors flat, or high voltage power lines or transformer station close by, then move your bed away into a clear area (around 3 feet away from 50 cps electric installations should reduce the field level to negligent amount).

Lastly for all phone users savvy out there who can't resist buying the latest cellular phones models and gadgets, remember what the magnetic and radiation can do to your health. Phone industries have refuted claims by scientific research that the phones emit harmful rays. They are lying. They don't care about your health and all they care are just profits. Since cellular phones have just been introduced recently and have become a fad and a necessity, people have failed to heed the warnings of scientist. We users can't see the short-term effects on us, only from 20 or more years from now do we discover we have developed cancer, brain tumor etc. This is the frightening truth. Just think, why do the industries come out with all forms of gadgets (ear-piece, antenna-free cellular phones etc) that is said to cut down or eliminate radiation when they say there is no proof on the harmful effects of radiation? If 0.1 microWatts per square centimeter field strength of high frequency (microwaves, radio, TV frequencies) show biological effect, what do you think 1,000 microWatts per square centimeter, at present acceptable human exposure, coming from a cellular phone, will do to you? If there's really a need to own a cellular phone, try to get the ear-piece or buy models that are said to cut down on radiation. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Remember, the next time your cellular phone rings, it may not just be sound waves that is getting into your head!


*Please note that some materials were abstracted from the book by Harald W. Tietze