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"MonkeyGroin" "Jeff66" "Teufel" Homepage

Info about me

Hi, My name is Jeffrey Parker, I reside in Lanoka Harbor N.J. I am 43 years old. I am a Webmaster and after 2 back surgerys I try to work mostly from home.I don't spend alot of time on my own webpage so excuse the appearance though thats about to change soon. I plan on a big update of my homepage soon God this page is old, i really need an update 2009 Quake Teamfortress, Star Wars Galaxies,Diablo, Diablo II, Day of Defeat,Panzer General, Command and Conquer 3 and Fighter Ace 3

Stuff I Like

I like 80's Music, bands like Adam and the Ants, Devo, Killing Joke, Misfits, Dead Kennedy's, The Clash, etc. That should give you an idea of what I listen to. There are too many to list. I do listen to current music but I find that I always go back to the music of my youth. I like fishing and not actually having to kill them after catching them :) I make webpages for money and also free for friends. I can do some graphic work in Photoshop and enjoy turning my friends photos into works of laughter :P You can get me in Yahoo Messenger by searching for MonkeyGroin.


The Story of MonkeyGroin

I was used in a terrible experiment trying to fuse Monkey's with Humans. This is the horrible result. I like to see anyone run around with a monkey face permanently attached to their crotch and see if you like it :P Plus my fur itches alot and I have a tendency to pick small insects from women's bodies for snacking purposes, though all in all sometimes its fun to be a MonkeyGroin

Webpages I Have Made

United Towers: A Cell Tower Construction Co.

Angry Drunk Graphics: Original Comics and Books and More

40th Commando Unit: A Day of Defeat Gaming Clan

Steven Vincent.Com: My Artist Friend

Julie An Oil Painter (site still under contruction)


If you play Panzer General come to Freedom Fighters War Game Club

Freedom Fighters War Game Club



Ant Liberation Front

STEVENVINCENT.COM:My friends art page

JG-26-Fighter Ace Luftwaffe

Day of Defeat Clan

7th Flotilla: Silent Hunter 2


Online WWII Submarine War Gaming at The WolfPack League


Awards and other stuff I have won and recieved.





If you like to say Hi or make any comments just send me an email.


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Last Updated August 6th 2007