The Mick Foley FAQ

Back in 1998, there were no Mick Foley tribute pages on the internet. I set out to
change that disturbing trend. Welcome to the Mick Foley FAQ. This page has been endorsed by Mick Foley himself, so I hope you enjoy it. And lastly, I am not Mick Foley, nor do I forward any messages to him... BANG! BANG!

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 287 lbs.
Born: May 14, 1965
Trained by: Dominic DeNucci
Pro debut: 6/24/83. Defeated Kurt Kaufman

Upcoming Matches: none

Ranking: WWF Commissioner

Titles held:
WWF World Title: Mankind def. The Rock at 1/26/99 Heat Tapings held in Tucson, AZ (Empty Arena Match)
WWF World Title: Mankind def. The Rock at 12/29/98 RAW tapings held in Worcester, MA
WWF World Title: Mankind def. Steve Austin (and HHH) on 8/22/99 at Summerslam 1999 held in Minneapolis, MN
WWF Hardcore Title: Given to by Vince McMahon at 11/2/98 RAW held in Chicago, IL
WWF Tag Title: Dude Love/Steve Austin def. Owen/Bulldog at 7/14/97 RAW held in San Antonio, TX
WWF Tag Title: Cactus Jack/Terry Funk def. New Age Outlaws on 3/29/98 at Wrestlemania 14 held in Boston, MA
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Kane def. New Age Outlaws on 7/13/98 at RAW held in East Rutherford, NJ
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Kane win a 4 way dance on 8/10/98 at RAW held in Omaha, Nebraska
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Rock def. Undertaker/Big Show at 8/30/99 RAW held in Boston, MA
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Rock def. Undertaker/Big Show at 9/20/99 RAW held in Huston, TX
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Rock def. New Age Outlaws at 10/12/99 Smackdown! tapings in Birmhigton, AL
WWF Tag Title: Mankind/Snow def. The Hollyz at 11/2/99 Smackdown! tapings in Philadelphia, PA

WCW Tag Title: Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan def. Nasty Boys on 5/22/94 at Slamboree '94 held in Philadelphia, PA)

ECW Tag Title: Cactus Jack/Mikey Whipwreck def. Public Enemy. 8/27/94 in South Piladelphia, PA
ECW Tag Title: Mikey Whipwreck def. 2 Cold Scorpio; choses Cactus Jack as his partner. 12/29/95 in Queens, NY

CWA Tag Title: Cactus Jack/Gary Young def. ???

Ozark Moutain Wrestling Championship: Cactus Jack def. Colorado Kid. 3/20/95

Steel City Wrestling Championship: Cactus Jack def. T. Rantula. 4/9/95

Steel City Tag Champ: Cactus Jack/Blue Meanie def. Frank Stalletto/Lou Marconi

WCWA Tag Title: Cactus Jack/Scott Braddock vs. Jeff Jarrett/Matt Bourne. 8/4/89 in Dallas, TX

IWA King of Deathmatch: Cactus Jack defeated Terry Gordy, Nakamaki, and Terry Funk on 8/25/95 in Kawaski Stadium, Japan

PWI Awards:
Ranked #45 in 1991
Ranked #29 in 1992
Ranked #53 in 1993
Ranked #27 in 1994
Ranked #31 in 1995
Ranked #45 in 1996
Ranked #51 in 1997
Ranked #26 in 1998
Ranked #19 in 1999
1999 Match of the Year - 1st Place - Mankind vs. The Rock "Royal Rumble 1999"
1998 Match of the Year - 1st Place - Mankind vs. Undertaker "King of the Ring 1998"
1996 Match of the Year - Runner Up - Shawn Michaels vs. Mankind "IYH: Mind Games"
1994 Match of the Year - Runner Up - Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne vs. Nasty Boys "Spring Stampede 1994"
1993 Match of the Year - 3rd Runner Up - Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader "Haloween Havoc 1993"
1991 Match of the Year - 3rd Runner Up - Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert "???"
1999 Most Populat Wrestler of the Year - 3rd Runner Up - Mankind
1998 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year - 2nd Runner Up - Mankind
1993 Inspirational Wrestler of the Year - Winner - Cactus Jack
1990 Most Improved Wrestler - 3rd Runner Up - Cactus Jack
1996 Feud of the Year - 2nd Runner Up - Mankind vs. Undertaker
1993 Feud of the Year - 2nd Runner Up - Cactus Jack vs. Big Van Vader
1991 Feud of the Year - 2nd Runner Up - Cactus Jack/Abdullah the Butcher vs. Sting
1998 Tag Team of the Year - 2nd Runner Up - Mankind & Kane

Major Feuds:
Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert
Cactus Jack vs. Sting
Cactus Jack vs. Vader
Cactus Jack/partner vs. Nasty Boys
Cactus Jack vs. Sabu
Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk
Cactus Jack vs. Shoji Nakamaki
Cactus Jack vs. Sandman
Cactus Jack vs. Tommy Dreamer
Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas
Mankind vs. Undertaker
Mankind vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Cactus Jack/Terry Funk vs. New Age Outlaws
Dude Love vs. Steve Austin
Mankind vs. Kane
Mankind vs. Ken Shamrock
Mankind vs. Vince McMahon
Mankind vs. The Rock
Mankind vs. Paul Wight
Mankind vs. Corporate Ministry
Mankind vs. Val Venis
Mankind vs. Al Snow
Cactus Jack vs. HHH

Career Injuries: Courtesy of the WWF website
***Six concussions from 1986 to 1998
***One broken jaw in 1986
***Two broken noses in 1993
***One broken cheekbone in 1998
***Lost four front teeth from 1989 to 1998
***Two-thirds of his ear ripped off in 1993 (Against Vader in Germany)
***A separated shoulder in 1990
***A fractured left shoulder in 1989
***A dislocated shoulder in 1998
***Second degree burn on his shoulder in 1995 (In the King of the Death Match in Japan)
***Second degree burns on his arm in 1995 (In the King of the Death Match in Japan)
***54 stitches on his left arm in 1995 (In the King of the Death Match in Japan)
***A broken right wrist in 1989
***Bone chips in his right elbow in 1996
***Six broken ribs from 1991 to 1998
***A torn abdominal in 1992
***A torn ACL
***A broken toe in 1991
***A total of over 300 stitches in his arms, head, eyebrows, hands, ears, shin, cheek and lip
***Thousands of thumb tack holes


What happened to his ear?
March 16, 1994: Munich, Germany. In a match against the WCW champ, Big Van Vader, Cactus Jack gets his head tied up between the top and middle ring ropes. Accidentally, Cactus slipped out of the ropes. The tension in the tightened ring ropes was enough to tear his right ear completely off and badly tear his left ear. Part of the right ear was iced and saved. The left required 12 stitches. He continued the match for two more minutes before the planned ending (he lost by pinfall). Vader punched Cactus many times in the side of his head, until his ear just fell off. The referee picked the ear up and gave it to a ring attendant. Cactus was in good spirits afterwards with little damage to his hearing and some trouble with his balance. Cactus returned to the ring April 17, 1994. Reports were that Cactus was planning to take a few months time off to have reconstructive surgery on the ear, but it never happened. To date, he has shown no hearing problems or other ill effects. Only one other wrestler has had their ear ripped off in a match (Yukon Eric against Killer Kowalski). In an ECW interview, Cactus said he woke up in a hospital bed in Munich, German and saw his severed ear laying in a trashcan, while a nurse said "Is this a joke?" Sorry, it really happened. Here's a picture. The entire incident is available on videotape

Where are his front teeth?
He swallowed them. He had them knocked down his throat at a houseshow match against Sting. Actually, no. This is what he claimed for many years. They were actually knocked out during a car accident. For some reason, he prefers to wrestle without his 'caps'.

Whats the deal with those scars on his left arm?
Cactus Jack wrestled many barbed wire matches in 1995. In the second round of the King of Death tournament in Tokyo, Japan. It was a Barbed Wire Barricade, Bed of Nails match against Shoji Nakamaki. Cactus took many bumps into a barbed wire platformand the bed of nails. Another match that contributed to the scars on his arm was his barbed wire match against the Sandman at a 1995 ECW show. Cactus took many bumps against the barbed wire wing ropes, which teared his arm apart In addition, getting cut by Leatherface's chainsaw doesn't help either!

What other names has he wrestled under?
Mick Foley has wrestled as the following:
Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind, Jack Manson, Cactus Jack Manson, Jack Foley, and Mick Foley.

Explain the Man of the Year voting fiasco from 1998!
Simply put, Time Magazine held their annual online poll to determine their Man of the Year. Wrestling fans turned out in droves to vote Mick Foley as their Man of the Year. At one point, Foley dominated the voting controlling over 50% of the total votes. In a despicable act, eliminated Mick Foley from the voting, so they could 'give' the award to Bill Clinton and Ken Starr. made good by awarding Mick with their official Man of the Year award. Congrats Mick!

Will he ever win a singles World Title?
It finally happened! On the 1/4/99 edition of Monday Night RAW, Mick Foley realized his lifelong dream of finally becoming a World Champion... Hard work paid off for Mr. Foley. Congratulations, you deserve it! Afterwards, Mick Foley won the WWF Title two more times.

Whats this I hear about an autobiography?
Mick has finally released his acclaimed auto-biography. At over 500 pages long, it is one of the most insightful and terrific books I have ever read. He is now a NY Times #1 Bestseller, and has finally reached mainstream acceptance. In addition, there are talks of even making a movie based on the book. Buy the book here!


Whats this "Amnesia angle" I keep hearing about?
First off, this was probably the worst angle in WCW history (#1 being that Shockmaster crap) In 1993, Cactus Jack wrestled WCW World champion Vader on an episode of WCW Saturday Night. Vader powerbombed him on concrete and won the match. Cactus Jack was not heard from for weeks. (It was merely an angle to give Mick Foley some time off with his wife, his son, and his newborn baby girl, Noel Foley). But as part of the storyline, WCW began doing vignettes with camera crews "finding" Cactus Jack in Cleveland hanging out with homeless people. Oh, and he wasn't playing himself; instead, he was playing a former sea captain. They even "flew" his "wife" and son to "Cleveland" to talk some sense into him. Ironically enough, they had a dumpy looking actress play his wife, instead of Colette. Eventually Cactus returned to WCW to feud with Vader and other wrestlers managed by Harley Race. Cactus Jack defeated Yoshi Kwan at Fall Brawl to win his bag back, there was something in there, which I can't recall. Cactus Jack lost the feud at Haloween Havoc, when he lost the Texas Death Match to Big Van Vader

Epstein, you're a total asshole. Why isn't Cactus Jack's IWA King of Death theme on this page?
You know what? Kiss my ass. Yeah, thats right you jerk. Anyways, for those of you who aren't rude, click the below link. For his other IWA matches, Mick used Megadeath's Symphony of Destruction
Cactus Jack's IWA Theme

Has he wrestled anywhere else?
You're kidding, right? Cactus Jack has wrestled all over the world. He's wrestled in the WWF, WCW, ECW, IWA, FMW, NWC, Steel City, SMW, USWA, NWA, Ozark, CWA, UWF, and TONS more. He's been everywhere and done everything. He had an incredible indy feud with the late, great "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert.

Why did he leave WCW?
WCW had just signed Hulk Hogan to a long term contract. Ted Turner wanted to make WCW more family orientated by banning blade jobs and various hardcore behavior. Cactus Jack, after winning the WCW tag title with Kevin Sullivan, seemed unhappy with his character and WCW's direction. Cactus Jack was very underpaid, despite wrestling in many WCW main events. Also, Ric Flair's booking style didn't have any long-term plans for Cactus. As part of an agreement between WCW & ECW, Cactus Jack wrestled Sabu at Hostile City Showdown '94 and lost. Afterwards, he spat on the WCW tag belt and threw it down. Eventually, Cactus Jack and WCW parted ways; but not after Cactus lost a "loser-leaves-town" match against Kevin Sullivan. Cactus Jack returned to ECW full time and won the tag belts with Mikey Whipwreck in a couple of weeks. Its funny, because Cactus Jack praised WCW during his heel turn (in a mocking way) by wearing T-Shirts that said: "Forgive me Uncle Eric!" & "Dungeon of Doom!" Mick Foley goes into detail about this in his book

Whats the "I'm Hardcore" I keep hearing about?
Its prolly the best interview ever in wrestling. Cactus Jack breaks kayfabe and talks about how he wants Tommy Dreamer to stop being hardcore. He then starts going nuts and talks about how great his life is, because he's hardcore. This explanation does the interview NO JUSTICE. Download a .wav of it right here ===> I'm Hardcore!

What does "Cane Dewey" mean?
This was a sign held by one of the ECW fans during the Cactus Jack/Terry Funk match at Hostile City Showdown ’95. It became the basis of the entire "I’m Hardcore" angle. The Sandman is an ECW wrestler known for attacking other wrestlers with his Singapore Cane. So, the sign was basically encouraging the assault of Mick Foley’s then 4 year-old son. Cactus used it his reasoning for turning on the ECW fans.

Why did Cactus Jack wear a "WW F'N F" T-Shirt?
ECW sells an "EC F'N W" T-Shirt. Cactus Jack signed with the WWF in late-1995 and decided to make the WWF seem more hardcore, in a mocking sort of way. His answer was to wear a "WW F'N F" T-Shirt and talk about wrestling Mabel and the Smoking Gunns. He even screamed for Vince McMahon's help during a bout with Shane Douglas

This was what he based his heel turn on Mikey Whipwreck. He claimed that Mikey left Doritos around Cactus Jack; and he developed an eating disorder as a result of the the Doritos "haunting him, and calling him, until he couldn't resist anymore." Too funny for words.

What was his last ECW Match?
His last ECW match was at Big Ass Extreme Bash against Mikey Whipwreck. He debuted the Mandible Claw in the match, and eventually pinned him after a piledriver. Afterwards, the ECW fans gave him a standing ovation. Cactus Jack, Stevie Richards, and the Blue Meanie danced and hugged while "New York, New York" blared throughout the Arena. Cactus Jack got his wish, and strutted out of the ECW Arena

Why did it take so long for Cactus Jack to appear in the WWF?
Vince McMahon didn't think that Cactus Jack would be a successful gimmick in the WWF, so he brainstormed and came up with a new gimmick for Mick Foley..... Mason the Mutilator. After much discussion, they finally agreed upon the name Mankind (would have a double meaning). The WWF gave Mick a series of "Up Close" interview segments with Jim Ross, in which Mick discussed his career as Cactus Jack and his dreams of being Dude Love. Before the 9/22/97 MSG RAW show in which Dude Love was supposed to face HHH; the WWF bookers thought that Mick should use the Cactus Jack gimmick in order to give the fans a surprise. Cactus Jack got a tremendous ovation in the Garden. Afterwards, he reverted back to the Mankind/Dude Love gimmicks.

Why dis Cactus Jack appear off-and-on in the WWF?
The WWF and Mick Foley want the Cactus Jack persona to be regarded as special. The persona is used as his last resort to end a feud (against HHH and the New Age Outlaws). They don't want to tarnish the image by jobbing Cactus Jack. BTW, the name Cactus Jack was a tribute to his father; Mr. Jack Foley

Are Terry Funk and Mick Foley really friends?
Yes they are. They have worked with each other for many years now. They've had matches all over the globe, and never disappoint the crowds. They have a great deal of trust for each other (thats why they perform so many highspots in their matches).

PPV Win/Loss Records as Cactus Jack
WCW Wrestle War (2/25/90) --- Norman the Lunatic def. Cactus Jack
WCW Capital Combat (5/19/90) --- Warriors/Norman def. Cactus/Bigelow/Sullivan
UWF Beach Brawl (6/9/91) --- Steve Ray/Sunny Beach def. Cactus Jack/Orton
WCW Haloween Havoc (10/27/91) --- Gigante/Sting/Steiners def. Cactus/Vader/Studd/Abdullah
WCW Starrcade (12/29/91) --- Steamboat/Champion def. Cactus/Buddy Parker
WCW Superbrawl II (2/29/92) --- Ron Simmons def. Cactus Jack
WCW Beach Blast (6/20/92) --- Sting def. Cactus Jack
WCW Starrcade (12/28/92) --- Hammer/Spivey def. Cactus Jack/Badd
WCW Superbrawl III (2/21/93) --- Cactus Jack def. Paul Orndorff
WCW Fall Brawl (9/19/93) --- Cactus Jack def. Yoshi Kwan
WCW Haloween Havoc (10/24/93) --- Big Van Vader def. Cactus Jack
WCW Battlebowl (11/20/93) --- Cactus Jack/Vader def. Norris/Kane
WCW Starrcade (12/27/93) --- Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne def. Slazenger/Pierce
WCW Superbrawl IV (2/20/94) --- Cactus Jack/Payne def. Nasty Boys by DQ
WCW Spring Stampede (4/17/94) --- Nasty Boys def. Cactus Jack/Payne
WCW Slamboree (5/22/94) --- Cactus/Sullivan def. Nasty Boys to win WCW Tag Titles
WCW Bash at the Beach (7/17/94) --- Orndorff/Roma def. Cactus/Sullivan to win WCW Tag Titles
WCW Fall Brawl (9/18/94) --- Kevin Sullivan def. Cactus Jack in a 'Loser Leaves WCW' Match
WWF Royal Rumble (1/19/98) --- Eliminated from Royal Rumble
WWF No Way Out (2/15/98) --- Cactus/Funk/Austin/Hart defeated HHH/Vega/NAO
WWF Wrestlemania 14 (3/29/98) --- Cactus/Funk def. New Age Outlaws to win WWF Tag Titles
WWF Royal Rumble (1/23/00) --- HHH def. Cactus Jack in a streetfight
WWF No Way Out (2/27/00) --- HHH def. Cactus Jack in the Hell in the Cell
WWF Wrestlemania (4/2/00) --- In a 4-way elimination match (between HHH, Rock, Show, and Foley) HHH wins


When did he debut in the WWF?
Mankind debuted on 4/1/96 on the Monday Night RAW after Wrestlemania. He destroyed Bob Holly, and made him submit via the Mandible Claw. Later on that night, Mankind visciously attacked the Undertaker. This led to a violent feud lasted throughout 1996.

What was the Mankind gimmick intended to be?
Mankind was supposed to be a tortured soul. A child of extremem neglect. As the story went, he used to be a very well mannered child who played the piano for his mother and her friends. Mankind felt he was being used by his 'perfect' mother, so he smashed his fingers with a hammer (the mandible claw fingers). He then isolated himself, and hung out with sewer rats... Good thing this angle didn't last too long.

What are these 'Up-Close' interviews I hear about?
In an attempt to give Mick Foley some mic time, the WWF decided to let Jim Ross interview him in some segments in which WWF fans would understand his background as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and his inner feelings. It was a great series of interviews ending with Mankind giving Jim Ross the mandible claw. But yet, the fans started to cheer him in his match against savio Vega to qualify for the King of the Ring tourney.

What the hell was the 'Pick Me Steve' angle?
After KotR '97, HBK had to vacate his half of the WWF tag titles. Steve Austin was left without a partner. Mankind wanted to be Steve's partner and petitioned to be chosen. He wore placards that read 'Pick Me Steve' and an Austin 3:16 T-shirt. Austin didn't want Mankind as his partner, so his 'stunned' him. Austin defended against Owen Hart/British Bulldog. Dude Love appeared and wrestled as Steve's partner. They won the tag belts, and finally Steve accepted Mick Foley.

Why did Mankind agree to fall off & thru the Hell in the Cell?
Stop asking stupid questions. We all know Foley is nuts.

I keep hearing about his performance at the 1998 King of the Ring... Please explain!
Hey! No need to yell at me.... Mankind climbed to the roof of the Hell in the Cell and challenged the Undertaker to fight him atop the cage. The Undertaker obliged and brawled with Mankind. At one point, the Undertaker threw Mankind off of the cage, landing on top of the Spanish announcers table and destroying it in the process. It was a hellacious 16 foot fall. Foley was taken out on a stretcher. Foley didn't want to go out like that, so he climbed back on top of the cage. The Undertaker chokeslammed him thru the roof of the cage to the ring underneath. Foley eventually got back up (while the Undertaker chokeslammed Terry Funk), and brought thumbtacks into the ring. Foley got chokeslammed on top of them, and the Undertaker finally tombstoned the poor SOB. This is a must see performance containing my all time favorite bumps. In fact, download them right now!

Mankind flies off the cage! ******** Mankind goes thru the cage!

What injuries did he suffer at King of the Ring?
Here is the official report, courtesy of Bob Barnett...
The KOTR suicide show was all Mick Foley's idea. He had told people earlier in the day that he was going to do an insane bump onto the infamous Spanish announcers table-but no one knew it would be from the top of the cage. His padding was to deflect the tacks-it didn't cushion the bumps. Foley blacked out twice during the match-after each of the 2 big bumps. The bump through the cage was unplanned. The cage was not supposed to break. It was his idea to keep going out there. He dislocated his jaw on the first bump-and Francois (the trainer) put it back in place. He also broke several ribs. And these are just the known injuries before he was X-rayed. Undertaker broke his ankle in 2 places.
In an act of pure lunacy, Foley returned to action only 2 days later at the RAW tapings.

Is the Hardcore Title a real title?
Yes and no. Vince designed the belt specifically for Foley, and it will be defended on RAWs and PPVs. All Hardcore Title Matches are no DQ matches with falls that count anywhere.

Did Mankind say "I Quit" at the 1999 Royal Rumble?
Nope. What you heard was a recording of Foley saying "I Quit" during a promo he cut during Sunday Night Heat. Once again, Foley gets screwed. Don't worry, he submitted to a Hercules torture rack back in 1986 on WWF TV.

PPV Win/Loss Records as Mankind
WWF King of the Ring (6/23/96) --- Mankind def. Undertaker
WWF International Incident (7/21/96) --- Mankind def. Henry Godwinn
WWF Summerslam (8/18/96) --- Mankind def. Undertaker in a Boiler Room Brawl
WWF Mind Games (9/22/96) --- Shawn Michaels def. Mankind by DQ
WWF Buried Alive (10/20/96) --- Undertaker def. Mankind
WWF Survivor Series (11/16/96) --- Undertaker def. Mankind
WWF Royal Rumble (1/19/97) --- Eliminated from Royal Rumble
WWF Wrestlemania 13 (3/23/97) --- Mankind/Vader & Owen/Bulldog wrestled to a double countout
WWF Revenge of the Taker (4/20/97) --- Undertaker def. Mankind
WWF Cold Day in Hell (5/11/97) --- Mankind def. Rocky Maivia
WWF King of the Ring (6/8/97) --- Mankind def. Jerry Lawler; HHH def. Mankind
WWF Canadian Stampede (7/6/97) --- Mankind & HHH wrestled to a double DQ
WWF Summerslam (8/3/97) --- Mankind def. Hunter Helmsley
WWF Survivor Series (11/9/97) --- Kane def. Mankind
WWF Royal Rumble (1/19/98) --- Eliminated from Royal Rumble
WWF King of the Ring (6/28/98) --- Undertaker def. Mankind
WWF Fully Loaded (7/26/98) --- Austin/Undertaker def. Mankind/Kane to win WWF Tag Titles
WWF Summerslam (8/30/98) --- New Age Outlaws def. Mankind to win WWF Tag Titles
WWF Breakdown (9/28/98) --- In a 3-way match (between Mankind, Rock, and Shamrock) The Rock Pinned Shamrock
WWF Judgment Day (10/18/98) --- Ken Shamrock def. Mankind
WWF Survivor Series (11/15/98) --- Mankind def. Dwayne Gill; Mankind def. Al Snow; Mankind def. Steve Austin; The Rock def. Mankind
WWF Rock Bottom (12/13/98) --- Mankind def. The Rock (WWF Title not awarded to Mankind)
WWF Royal Rumble (1/24/99) --- The Rock def. Mankind in an "I Quit Match" to win the WWF Title
WWF Valentine's Masacre (2/14/99) --- Mankind and Rock went to a No-Contest in a "Last Man Standing Match"
WWF Wrestlemania XV (3/28/99) --- Mankind def. Paul Wight by DQ
WWF Backlash (4/25/99) --- Mankind def. Paul Wight in a "Boiler Room Brawl"
WWF No Mercy (5/15/99) --- Billy Gunn def. Mankind
WWF Over the Edge (5/22/99) --- Union def. Corporate Ministry (Mankind only survivor)
WWF Summerslam (8/22/99) --- In a 3-way match (between SCSA, HHH, and Mankind) Mankind pins Austin to win WWF Title
WWF Unforgiven (9/26/99) --- HHH won a 6-man match to become WWF champ (vs. Big Show, Bulldog, Mankind, Rock, Kane)
WWF No Mercy (10/17/99) --- Val Venis def. Mankind
WWF Survivor Series (11/14/99) --- New Age Outlaws def. Mankind/Al Snow
WWF Armageddon (12/13/99) --- Rock N' Sock Connection def. New Age Outlaws by DQ


Whats the origin of Dude Love?
As a teenager, Mick Foley was obsessed with wrestling. His friends and him pretended they wrestled in the WWF; and were all vying for the WWF Championship. Mick played Dude Love. A hippie sort of character. Not exactly a heartthrob as many would lead you to believe. It was a gimmick that Foley created.

Explain the Dude Love video!
As I said before, Foley and his friends recorded their matches onto a video. Dude Love was the real star, tho. Dude Love did many high risk manuevers. One being, diving off his friend's 2 story house onto a bed of mattresses. The imapct was so great that Dude Love actually shit his pants. Bet you didn't know that, eh? Well, its not true. Actually, after the dive, Big Dick Zuck "sodimized him"!! Anyways, the video ended up in Dominic DeNucci's hands, and Foley was accepted to be trained by Dominic. There are two videos, The Loved One & The Legend of Frank Foley. You can purchase the "Loved One" straight from Danny Zucker and Mick Foley (aka The Brothers Penis) right here:
The Loved One

When did Dude Love first appear in the WWF?
Dude Love first appeared in the WWF on 7/14/97's Monday Night RAW. Austin had no tag partner against Bulldog/Owen Hart. Once Austin cleaned house, Dude Love appeared on the Titan-Tron declaring that he's there to save the day. Dude Love got the pin on the British Bulldog and Austin & Love were tag champs.

PPV Win/Loss Records as Dude Love
WWF One Night Only (9/20/97) --- Hunter Helmsley def. Dude Love
WWF Royal Rumble (1/19/98) --- Eliminated from Royal Rumble
WWF Unforgiven (4/26/98) --- Dude Love def. Steve Austin by DQ
WWF Over the Edge (5/24/98) --- Steve Austin def. Dude Love

Cactus Jack Tapes

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