DC Ski Trip 2002

Another year, another DC party! And while Dark Castle may be down, it won't stop us from getting shitfaced for days on end! Izerman's Love Nest is proud to bring you Your 2002 Dark Castle Sacramento Ski Party Pictures!


From left to right: Greg, Claire, Jason, Brian (Pirahna), Clementine, Clem (Gamera), Keith (Bryholf), Pete (Anarchy), Kristen (Leia), Jenny (Moo Shoo), Steve (Izerman), Chris (Artemis), and Wexx (Wexx). Yuriko (Poa) is taking the picture.

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Chris demonstrates an ancient Alaskan tradition to Greg. After all, you can't hump a moose when it's sober!

Brian tries osmosis to gain "a penchant for buggery."

Ancient Chinese Secret: Drinking urine increases your life span. It's probably why Clementine kicks the living shit out of Clem, too. I mean, you should have seen his neck!

Dim Sum. "About 5'2?"

Awaiting the Money $hot.

Keith studies some Vagina Propaganda. But can he get past the smell?

What do serial killers look like? Everyone else.

The best looking people in the room! Well, one of us.

Fucking Photogenic- adj. Greg!

The moon grew hair.

Drinking games, like, rule.

(854) 351-1610. You know you want to call.

I never heard of the bitch. Notice Keith indicating how close he came to scoring with Wexx.

Currently unemployed, Brian tries to part Jason from his hard-earned cash.

How many people does it take to find an Asian's penis?

Yuriko and Greg. You go boy.

This is the pyramid we made with clothes on.

Act like you know.

"Going for Glory(hole)!"

And I thought Pikachu was cute.

Yuriko ordered a tossed salad, but Clementine got head cheese.

Gratuitous? What's that mean?

Toasting to a cure for herpes.

Jenny just can't keep her hands off a man at a computer.

Claire frolics in the snow on the Interstate.

It would have been a great snowball fight, but we all had to be rangers.

Behold the Abominable Snowman. Taking a whiz.

Jenny won't come out and play. Why is her coat humming?

Brian demostrates the latest in Canadian lingerie.

Do NOT piss off SuperFly.

Clem's room. I can't believe he gets laid.

Keeping Americans safe from empty beer cans.

Go ahead. Lick my sack.

Photographer's Note: Sweater belongs to Izerman.

Officer Phish is back in, "Sleeping with the Fishes, and Dying Too".

Sure, pollute our air with that crap. Bastards.