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Eat Good, Feel Good - it just makes "cents"

Eating Good Food just makes us feel better....

at this site you'll find homey, REAL food recipes that won't break your budget

at this site you'll find buying advice ranging from buying pans to cookbooks

at this site you'll find some tips on making good food better for you

I hope you enjoy your stay!!!


Nutrition Confusing?

read "Nutrition for Dummies" and it will all make sense

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general tips:

use Salad Dressing in your recipes

product reviews:

Revere Nonstick Liberation 12" skillet

make your meaty favorites meat free

The Recipes

** - Low Fat/Low Calorie


Banana Breakfast Sundae



Eggplant Parm Soup **

Carrot-Tater Soup **

Guiltless Veggie Soup **

Guiltless Veggie Soup #2 **

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cabbage Soup **



"Cheap" Casserole


Side Dishes

Sauteed Chickpeas

Cold Taco Pasta Salad

Flag of Italy Pasta Salad



Tomato Salad **

Cucumber Salad



Sunset Chicken

Springtime Chicken

Pesto Poultry Meatloaf

Chinese Dumpling Meatloaf

Pesto Chicken Pasta

Perky Peanuty Peanut Pasta



Sinful Scallop Supreme

Quick & Easy Seafood Delight



Fat free "chocolate mousse" **

Grandma's Applesauce Cake

Mix-n-Match trifle

Peach Delight

Choc. Strawberry Shortcake **


Almond Cookies



Breadsticks for a Crowd

Hot Artichoke Dip


Want more recipes??  Read my cookbook reviews and find a great title to add to your collection!

The Art of making magickal Beverages

Great American Meatloaf

Yamuna's Table

"Little House" Cookbook

American Wholefoods Cuisine


Something to drink with your meal??  Read before you buy and try.  My beer, wine and alcohol reviews:

Pete's Strawberry Blonde (beer)

Applewood Winery more of a rev. on the facility but I do go over a few of their wines

Midori Melon Liquor


Junior a picky eater?  Take my advice .....

Don't sweat it!

Winning Meals!