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8.6.01...check out some fun stuff about Chrysalis and Convenience here :)

7.17.01: Jim is currently starring in the new musical Chrysalis (by Gilles Chiasson) in Glen Falls, NY until 7/21/01...I've decided to make some changes on this site in the upcoming months, since the Official Jim Poulos Dot Com has become so successful, all thanks to you! I will be putting together an archive of reviews, pictures and hopefully sound clips on this site... if you would like to contribute anything including questions for a possible future Q&A please email me (the latest Q&A is on the official site - check it out!)


Tom Sawyer opening (see here for pics) as well as Official Site opening!!

4.9.01 - Buy tickets to Tom Sawyer today and don't forget to check the show out on Rosie on APRIL 19TH!!!!

3.31.01 - check out the new TOM SAWYER official site!!!

3.13.01 - i finally added the snapshots of the scrapbook from Jim's Last...

3.9.01 - *Important* - I know a lot of you have told me over the years (well...over two and a half years anyway;) lots of questions you would ask Jim if there was ever another Q&A session...well, one is in the works at the moment... so, if you could email me anything you think we should ask, anything you'd like to know, any questions that come to mind - that would be extremely helpful! Keep in mind that we won't be able to answer all questions, but hopefully we'll get to a bunch of them!
also, THE JIMBLOG is a wonderful place to get the latest on all the Tom Sawyer happenings!!

2.21.00 - In case you haven't seen the rehearsal video yet (see here are some professional and home - made [read: better!;)] screen caps!!

2.19.00 - Visit and for a look at *TOM SAWYER REHEARSALS*, and as always, look for the latest links on all Jim-related news on the Jim Blog, courtesy of the resourceful Ari

1.23.00 - exactly a month since the last update, due to total finalsmania, a couple of wonderful houseguests, a visit to NJ at last, and some kind of illness that has resulted in me losing my voice for what is now two and a half weeks (i know, the fact that i lost my voice should not affect my ability to type on a keyboard...but, it did!)
anyway, has a mention of Tom Sawyer *AND* a poll on how YOU think the musical will fare --> SO GO VOTE! what are you waiting for???;)

12.23.00 Happy Holidays!! For some extra holiday fun this season visit: Airika's site and Ron's site !!

12.15.00 -- Ok, so this isn't exactly new but it's time for finals and I am working hard at distracting myself;).... has a favorite Mark/Roger thread - go add a word or two!

12.10.00 - *finally* the New York Times insert from Thanksgiving Day:)

12.5.00 -- a PIC and a TON of pics!!!
*a thank you to the tremendously helpful Ari:)

11.25.00 -- has some *COOL* updates in the 'Leisure' section!!

11.23.00 ****Check out the News page for all the latest updates (TOM SAWYER ON BROADWAY!) & pick up a copy of today's N.Y. Times which is supposed to have a special Jim-related ad insert!! ~~Happy Thanksgiving~~

from 5/17/00: Sue put up a quiz as an addition to the scrapbook, assuming we got enough replies, but they haven't stopped pouring in since! go put your input in today...we'll make a full compilation soon!!

10.18.00 - click here for an old press-reel/interview thingy:)

***A new section is up dedicated to Jim's last show in RENT - 5.21.00***

*thanx to Staci and especially Marny for the pic on the front page

...some links you like:
*I'm sorry about the Angelfire banners but they host this site and it's either that or have windows pop up:(

... as of now, Jim will be staying with RENT until May 21, 2000

...1/15/00 <~~ hmm, that date *still* looks wierd to me... anyway, the updates are here!!
...1/28 -- we're lucky enough to have some *very special* help in getting *very recent* camera stills from today's appearance on 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show' - click here...

*Ellen started a mailing list for Jim fans - so if anyone's interested in hearing about updates, i'll be mentioning them on there whenever they do occur (*for a very long time i didn't feel a list was necessary for our site but this seems like a good time to keep everyone up-to-date on stuff - thanx to Ellen for coming up with it*)

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... more updates to come!

...4/3/00 WOW! April already! check out some more cool pics from the Today Show appearance this past fall thanx to Staci...and also: we're organizing a scrapbook for Jim by his fans so that he can look through it after he leaves and know how much he was loved, both in and out of RENT - for full details go here and thanx to everyone, especially Ari, for all their help!

4/28/00 - some official news on Jim's last in RENT

5/8/00 some pics in case you somehow missed them ... **SCRAPBOOK stuff is due next week**
...seeya soon... ~sammi:)

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