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"...He must have in all his contracts that his character must have a scene where he gets to jump onto furniture, because this makes five shows now where he does that..." -- Ari it's been three years since this site opened! we've got 28,000 hits here -- check out *what's new* ~~> for the latest on NEW stuff on the site -- and the new OFFICIAL SITE:)...

*No Frames*

We Miss You Jim!!!

...a new section dedicated to Jim's last show in RENT is up!

...also, for the ever *elusive* JimFan (and anyone else who's interested), if you go to the old guestbook, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and type in the number 137 i think you'll be happy:) -- hope this helps...

btw...the easiest way to get to this page is just by clicking: --
no memory skills required;)


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