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Howell Elks Lodge #2515 made contact with the Chief Ron Carter of the Howell Police Department after they were made aware that several patrolman were in need of bullet proof vests. Vests are given to new recruits but then have to be replaced at the officers expense. Chief Carter had the Vest Fund Chairman, Jim Kirk, make contact and it was learned that the Howell Police were presently in need of 32 vests at a cost of approximately $800 each. Jim Kirk was able to find a federal program which gave matching funds for all money collected but was in need of 12 more vests when he contacted the Howell Elks. The matter was brought to the floor at our August  lodge meeting and it was voted to provide the funds for 6 vests, with the matching funds coming from the federal government for the reamining vests. 

The presentation was made at our September 2nd meeting, present to accept on behalf of the Howell Police were Cheif Ron Carter, Jim Kirk - Vest Fund Chairman, Kevin Stout - PBA President, Harry Mottorshead -PBA Vice President,  and Joe Perrone - State PBA Delegate. The Howell Elks were presented a plaque in appreciation for their contibution and involvement in this matter.

The presentation took on new meaning because it occured the day after Patrolman Mark Troutman was shot during an incident the previous day. The officer was saved by his bullet proof vest and the outcome could have been drastically different had the bullet hit a fraction of an inch to the right. Because of the recent shooting more Howell Police Officers have now requested vests and the fund is in need of more assistance.

Pictured from left to right: 
Chief Ron Carter, Joe Perrone -State PBA Delegate, Kevin Stout - PBA President, Harry Mottershead - PBA Vice President, Jim Kirk - Vest Fund Chairman.
Pictured above is George Pankewytch, Howell Elks Treasurer, making the presentation to Chief Carter. Standing to the right is Robert Lutkiewicz, Howell Elks ER, who is holding the plaque presented to the Howell Elks Lodge.