Tired of Mind Chatter? Exhausted?
Looking for a good night's sleep?


Hello! Do any of these things apply to you?

You're having trouble sleeping.
You're tired of counting sheep.
Reading books doesn't seem to help.
You wake up and can't get back to sleep.
You feel as if you don't sleep at all.
You wake up tired.
You feel relationships are suffering.
You feel drowsy at work.
You worry about falling asleep while driving.

We can help.. Hypnosis lets you sleep.

Hypnosis helps you develop healthy sleeping habits. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Hypnosis reduces stress, builds self-esteem and self-confidence. And all without drugs or herbs!

Our Basic Sleep Program consists of:

A free consultation. Normally two sessions in therapy. In addition, you receive Robert Egby's CD "Improving Sleeping Habits" featuring two programs for getting to sleep.

In additional services, we also teach Self-Hypnosis, a relaxation and stress reducing skill you can keep and use for life. Plus EFT -- Emotional Freedom Therapy, another skill for building self-esteem and eliminating mental and physical discomforts you can keep and use for life. Both of these assist the user in developing healthy sleeping habits without drugs.

If you have any medical problems eroding your sleeping habits, you should consult your physician before taking this program.

We offer a free consultation before starting any of our programs (except smoking cessation). Call us today for a good night's sleep. Privacy and confidentiality assured.

Robert Egby, DHP, CH
Center for Hypnosis and Sound Healing
26941 Three Mile Point Road, Chaumont, NY 13622


SPECIAL NOTE: You are not alone if you suffer sleep deprivation. Did you know that as many as 47 million adults are not meeting their minimum sleep needs. You can read all about many aspects of sleeplessness at National Sleep Foundation.