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For ages dowsers have known it as Geopathic Stress. It comes quietly, secretly without home or office owners knowing anything about it. The first sign can be an unexplained ache, perhaps a headache, a feeling of being dizzy, tripping over an invisible object. In spite of doctors, prescriptions, pain relievers, the condition does not go away. You get depressed.

Chances are it’s a geopathic stress zone that has developed often deep in the earth beneath a house, an apartment, an office or store.

Geopathic stress manifests when natural earth energies become distorted. Positive energy goes negative. Simply explained, water veins -- frequently only a few inches wide -- flow over clay, certain minerals or broken rocks. This condition creates a negative energy flow towards the surface.

Prolonged exposure is harmful not only to humans but cats and dogs, other pets, horses and farm animals. Geopathic stress is known to reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.

Even as we write this, scientists in Europe and India are studying geopathic stress zones as responsible for high accident areas on city streets and highways.

Now there is relief in sight – and it’s available for application anywhere in the world.


It is called Remote Energy Transmuters or RET. Robert used this technique to discover hundreds of leylines, geospirals in his studies of beneficial Earth energies and described them in his book “Chasing the Cosmic Principle.” He also found that negative and harmful energies – geopathic stress zones -- can be located and remotely and permanently neutralized anywhere in the world.

If you wish your property to be checked and in the event a geopathic stress zone is found, it will be cleared.

Important: During the process the client must be readily available to answer questions via email or phone and confirm charts and photographs sent via email.

Please email your name and the address you wish checked. Please take a moment to explain why you feel the property is being violated by harmful energies. If it is an apartment, describe which floor and in which side of the building you live.

We will check the building and if no harmful energies such as geopathic stress zones are found you will be informed. If, on the other hand there is a harmful energy zone, we will email you a map of the building showing the zone.

At this point, if you wish to continue we would ask for a donation of $35.00 to be paid to “Robert Egby” at Incidentally, Donations received for clearings are being held in a “book fund” to assist in publishing Robert’s current book project that specifically targets the geopathic stress zones situation and the many people who are innocently suffering from this phenomenon.

The clearing process does take several hours, identifying the property, asking and answering questions before the clearing takes place. When the property is cleared, we would ask that you describe differences experienced by yourself and any people afflicted by the zone. Such information may be used anonymously in a book on geopathic stress zones being written by Robert. The general communication modality is email, although in certain cases the phone may be used.


Comments from satisfied clients:

“Thank you so much for the work you did on my house. It does feel calmer and easier to be in. I also have noticed my animals feel more relaxed.” --- S.M. Wallingford, PA.

“I was happy to hear that there is no geopathic stress zone affecting my home. Thank you for the information on crystals and for the Cosmic Principle you placed in my backyard. Here is a donation for the help you have given me. Blessings.” J.A. Elmira, NY.

“Dear Robert: Walter is absolutely thrilled by his home clearing. He now is able to get from his bed in the morning with less pain and every day he is feeling so much better to the point he is able to walk without a cane.” M.B. Elmira NY

“I wanted to tell you how much our house has changed these last few days. There was an immediate change but as time goes on the change is incredible. My cats are so much calmer. I think they are very sensitive to energy and react by running around and generally acting out. I know my foster kitten has become another animal. He is calm and has stopped jumping on the counter and my husband has even been waiting to clean up his clutter.” D.F. Doylestown PA

“Thank you for the clearing. I have always had concerns with my backyard because of the walnut trees we have. I haven’t been able to grow a garden (vegetable) there.” S.K. Elmira NY.

"I initially and briefly noticed a sweet odor (pleasant) that I hadn't noticed before. I was curious about that. The ongoing impact is that I'm not waking with a headache every day! I may also have more energy, but I don't want to speak too soon on that! Again, thank you very much." C.S. Corning, NY


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