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Can geopathic stress zones affect business? Absolutely!

One of the best indicators for realizing there is a negative energy on afflicted premises comes from employees. The obvious one is employees don’t stay – there is a high turnover in the staff, not because of wages or rules and regulations, it is simply because staff sitting or standing in the vicinity of a GSZ feel uncomfortable, even feel sick regularly, so they depart. Often, they do not inform the owners of their true feelings, they just depart. One secretary we spoke to said she felt the office was “haunted.” Ghostly encounters is a common thought among homeowners before they find out about geopathic stress zones.

The other is a lack of customers. The predicted numbers do not turn up. People find excuses not to enter, and if perchance they do enter, they will ultimately complain about the food, the service, the décor or even the temperature. So that if you manage or own a restaurant, the number of negative reviews start to outweigh the positive.

If you are in real estate and handling commercial properties that experience difficulty in selling, you may have a geopathic stress zone across the front of the property. It has been shown that homes with a GSZ across the driveway experience prolonged selling difficulties.

Can geopathic stress zones be cleared completely? Absolutely!

We are dowsers currently engaged in researching and writing a book on this Earth energy subject that most people are either ignorant of the problem or choose not to get involved. We work remotely although we can make personal visits to demonstrate negative energy lines. Normally, we work through email and phone conversations. When we scan a property, we email the results to the client. It is normally at this point the client recognizes points that people or staff avoid or complain about.

We then ask permission to clear the property and this is done quickly and by remote. It can be done physically but this involves time and travel and can be expensive. By remote clearing, you will notice a difference in the building normally within an hour or so. If you are pleased with the outcome we would ask for comments and material we can use in a book. We do not use real names unless requested to do so. Also, if you or your business is pleased with the outcome, say over a period of a month or so, we would ask for a small donation to assist in the research, writing and publication of the book.

We can be contacted at or Robert Egby at 609-351-5878.

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