From the Peter and Jo (Lancaster) Dards Collection

Welcome to Picture Gallery Number Three. Since we started this "Memories of Moor Hall," various people have come in with interesting historical photos. The set below is from Jane Dards in Wales featuring her mother -- Jo' Lancaster of Trace and Paint -- and her father, Peter Dards, animator and assistant director in the Diagrammatic Section at Moor Hall.

Animator Peter Dards in his Studio at Moor Hall.

Jo' Lancaster pictured working in Trace and Paint.

The first photo we have of the Maltings, the house next door
to Moor Hall where some of the girls resided.

Moor Hall from across the lawn, when it was the home of artists and animators.

An interesting study in lighting. Jo' Lancaster sits in the hall
at the bottom of the ornate staircase at Moor Hall.

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