From the Eileen Whatley and Pete Banks Collection

Welcome to Picture Gallery Number Two. Since we started this "Memories of Moor Hall," various people have made contributions or copies of documents and photos, and they are all highly appreciated. These are from Eileen and Pete's Collection. Some are reproduced from eight by ten large photos, others are from contact prints with a consequent loss of quality. They are all included and we hope you enjoy and bring back memories of talented artists and technicians of sixty years ago.

Animaland Director Bert Felstead discusses a scene with Producer David Hand.

Background Designer Pete Banks points to story board with Bert Felstead looking on.

In the famous "Haggery" - Paint and Trace, Eileen Whatley (Banks) seated, discusses scene with Hester Coblenz.

At an animators meeting John Wilson points to a Tentative Model of Ginger Nutt watched by Bert Felstead, Bill Hopper, Frank Moysey, Chick Henderson, Stand Pearsall, Arthur Humberstone and George Jackson.

Storyboard Meeting. Nick Spargo leads this Musical Paintbox meeting with Pete Griffifths, Tony Bentine, Nobby Clark, Reg Parlett, David Hand, Eileen Tierney (Secretary to DH), Hitch ? and Graham Phillips.

Henry Reid, the composer of most of the music heard in the Animaland and Musical Paintbox productions.

Storyboard Meeting with David Hand. Left to right: Ralph Ayers, David Hand, Pat Griffin. Brian O'Hanlon, Henry Stringer and Bert Felstead.

Alex Oxley - animator at work.

Stan Pearsall - animator at work.

Continuity in any movie is a critical task. Here Enid Ash, a Continuity Specialist is seen at work.

Paint mixing at Moor Hall was a critical task to ensure colors matched. Here Color Mixer Pat Leachman is seen at work in the "Haggery."

In the Editing Room. Animaland artists, Bert Felstead and Chick Henderson review scenes from a production.

At Moor Hall Studios this was the Rostrum Camera used to film cels and backgrounds. Now identified (2010) standing is rostrum cameraman, John (Jack) Robinson. We still need help to ID the other man.

A rare photo of film editor John Milton Gurr at work at Moor Hall Studios.

This is from a small, and creased photo from September 1946. Brian Johnson and Stuart Crombie making sound effects at the studios.

David Hand at the Moor Hall Studios.

A photo of the Main Foyer, staircase and ceiling at the historic Moor Hall Building.

It's New Year's Eve 1947/48 and Masquerade Time at Moor Hall. Paul Mezualianik accompanied by his wife, show a box to Mrs. David Hand.

An early photo of the crew at Moor Hall - September 1946. Back Row: Reg Parlett, Stan Pearsall, Gordon (?); Ralph Ayers, Sid Vickery and Ted Percival (still in uniform). Front row: Jim Minahane, Pete Banks, George Jackson and Chris Mitchell

An even earlier photo: July 1945 at Moor Hall. Three of the early pioneers there. Pete Griffiths, Joan Patton (secretary to David Hand), and Andy Anderson, still in uniform.

This photo in late 1945 shows Norman Herod and Joan Baker who were on the staff at G.B. Animation but does anyone know what they did? Mystery figures!

This photo June 1947 shows three of the art stars at Moor Hall Studios, Alan Taverner, Nick Spargo and John Wilson.

Stuart Crombie, Sound Engineer at Moor Hall, chats with Americans John Reid and Ralph Wright who assisted David Hand in the training and setting up of G.B. Animation in 1945/46.

Artists all, gathered outside the studios December 1947. Back row: Nick Spargo, Nobby Clark, Reg Partlett, Eileen Tierney and Ralph Wright. Front row: Garry ??, Graham ?? Hitch Hitching, Doug Lowe and Pete Griffifths.

This picture taken outside the studio buildings in September 1946, shows (back row) Sid Vickery, Stan Pearsall, George Jackson, Bill Luker, Pete Banks, Ted Percival (kneeling) and Jim Minahane. The two in front of the steps are Chris Mitchell and James McEwen. The photo frame says the Great Flood of March 1947 came up to the stop step.

The Great Flood of March 1947 when the River Thams burst its banks, inundated the grounds at Moor Hall with several feet of water, and artists and staff were shuttled in small boats from the village to the studios. This photo shows the main gate, a boat and studio crew standing on the walls above.

Production crew poses for a snapshot. Left to right: Phillipa Hibbert, Reg Parlett, Pete Banks, Eddie Radage, Kay (?). George Hawthorn, Nobby Clark, Bettina Hansford, Stan Pearsall, Mike Western.

Mostly Trace and Paint artists pause for a break outside the Camera Room at Moor Hall. Left to right: Charlie (American Studio Chaser), Jean Chambers, Eileen Whatley, Pat Leachman, Jean Tiny Evansmith, and Harry Petty.

Fun and games among the Trainees? Posing for a photo outside the classroom in 1947, Ted Percival (still in uniform) jumps on Chris Mitchell. Watching from left to right: Sid Vickery, Stan Pearsall, Pete Banks, George Jackson, Ralph Ayers and Jim Minahane.

Lunch break in the sunshine at Moor Hall. It's 1946. Left to right: Bettina Hansford, Waclaw (Wacky) Machan, and Jean Woods.

Bill Hopper, Alex Oxley and a snoozing Arthur Humberstone pictured on the lawn at Moor Hall. Bill has one of Miss Salberg's huge Persian cats named "Shandy." There were two Persians , one ginger the other grey.

It's the Moor Hall Cricket Team. We need names. Those we do know (back row) At left is Roy Davis. Howard White is third from the left. (Front row) Unknown, Nobby Clark, Pat Griffin, Gerry May, and Mike Western.

Barry Westwood - (Eileen thinks he was a photographer)

Bertie Tyrer - Animator

Cartoon of Studio Accountant Ernest Palfrey. Ernest watched the cash flow with an eagle eye, and consequently was not among the most loved of the crew at Moor Hall, hence cartoons that graced studio walls from time to time..

CONCLUDING NOTE: Some of the names are missing and these are normally shown with a (?) mark. If you could assist with any names and information, please get in touch with us ...robert-egby@twcny.rr.com and we will update the web page and also forward the information to Eileen Banks -- Pete's widow who lives in the south of England. Thanks.

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