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with Robert Egby / Spring 2019

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Childhood Memories of Geopathic Stress
Dowsing with a Smartphone
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Workshop: EXPLORE YOUR DOWSING WORLD - Sunday, May 5th 2019


My latest Dowsing book, “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” was published as the old year closed. It represents two years of intensive work investigating and clearing not only almost 200 homes, mainly in the United States and Canada, but also homes in the United Kingdom, the Orkney Islands, Milan, Italy, the Caribbean, and Australia. The book not only gives case histories but describes how anyone can be taught to change hurtful energy simply by remote action. So far, I have had four students who have dowsed and healed homes successfully.

The same day as the first two boxes of books arrived, an interesting event occurred and I wrote about it on Facebook. I got to thinking…thinking back in time, to the days when I was young and totally inexperienced in a lot of things, particularly earth energy.

I recalled that I spent the first 17 years and nine months of my life in a house on Edith Road, Maidenhead, UK. Thinking back I was frequently sick. I detested the front room, and could never get out of the house fast enough. At almost 18 I left and joined the RAF -- the Royal Air Force. Well, using the powers of Google Earth in December 2018, I went back and dowsed the old home. Sure enough, I discovered a geopathic stress zone running through my old bedroom and that front room.

Google Earth allows the viewer to see a place historically over a period of about a dozen years -- and each scan frequently showed construction equipment in the front garden, even a builder's portable loo. That's what people do to combat that "something" in the home: remodel in the hope the energy will change. Some people actually demolish homes and rebuild hoping that the “something” will have gone away. Incidentally, in Burlington County they have demolished one school and they are now building another on the exact site where geopathic stress zones exist. We are trying to tell the Superintendent.

But to get back to my old home in Maidenhead, England, I wrote to the folks who live at 36 all about the basics of geopathic stress and offered to clear it—at no charge! Yes, I do these oddball things – like FREE. I normally ask for a donation of $35 to clear a property. If you read my book you will read how we found the “Mount Holly Dead Zone” – lines of abandoned and empty homes, businesses and empty stores and a warehouse. It spanned at least half a mile – all impacted by geopathic stress zones. We cleared it as a Public Service – because that’s what we do. You will find “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” at our website Robert Egby Books

SMARTPHONE DOWSING: Did you know that if you set your device to “Compass” and walk over a suspected geopathic stress zone, the compass needle will swing violently when you are on target. You can actually map the zone.



Date: Sunday, May 5th 2019 -- 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location: 13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068

In this special comprehensive workshop you will be able to explore the energies within yourself and the world at large through the ancient and gentle use of Dowsing. We will discuss the tools: L-rods and Pendulums In addition we will teach how to use your hands without rods and pendulums.

You will discover ways of using the pendulum for answering important questions in your life such as career decisions, education, foods that are safe for you to eat, what crystals and colors can help you in your day-to-day life. You will learn how you can find underground water, oil, and gold – if that is your inclination.

Not all energy is beneficial to humankind. We are finding more and more people are suffering mysterious pains and discomforts from Geopathic Stress Zones. Participants will learn how to dowse these negative energy fields safely and effectively and more important, remove them.

You will learn about Geospirals and Leys, the earth energies that manifest healing Yin energy, how to measure and stake them out. In addition, how to make energy cushions for loved ones who may need relaxing energy.

Also Robert will share information on how to perform Remote Dowsing and Remote Clearing.

Robert has been dowsing for almost 40 years. Holding memberships in the American Society of Dowsers and the Canadian Society of Dowsers he is the author of the new “Chasing the Cosmic Principle: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America” and “Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth: A Dowser’s Journey in New Mexico” which was given a Finalist Award in the USA Best Books Awards 2012. His latest book is “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress.”

Pendulums and a variety of L-rods are available. Advanced registration: $35.00. At the door: $40.00. Information: 609-351-5878 or robert.egby@yahoo.com.


While Robert is available for talks and presentations at clubs and societies (just ask) he is also available for one-on-one Dowsing Training: using L-rods and pendulums, recognizing and using the beneficial energies such as Geospirals and Leys, and also how to find, recognize and heal on a particular site, or by remote means. This three hour workshop is tailored to your personal needs. This training involves walking, viewing and experiencing various energies mentioned above. Fee: $129.


sessions through safe, relaxing Hypnosis.Sessions are tailored to your requirements. The program comes with two CDs and a printed workbook. We also have the ability to treat couples at the same time. Call 609-351-5878 for an appointment (We also do evening sessions).


Details on the front page of our website Click here. Remember too, if you’d like to sponsor one of our workshops that you missed, we can do a Special Event for you if you can get four others to join you. Give us a call. Phone and email below.


“Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.” &
“ Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it.”

– Thaddeus Golas in “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment.”


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