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with Robert Egby / Summer 2018

A DIFFERENT PENDULUM: I always try to say: Don’t leave home without a pendulum, because you will never know when you will need to talk to you Higher Self on a matter of urgency. While we teach device-less dowsing in our workshops (one is scheduled for July 15th) that’s using one’s fingers, there is another way.

It is called the Imaginary Pendulum. To get it working, sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed. Take in a slow deep breath, then release it, then do it again, this time with your eyes closed and pretend you are looking up inside your forehead where there is a black screen. Let your breath out and relax, and simply keep your eyes closed. Forget the black screen.

Now you are in the Alpha State that meditative state between full awakening and drifting off to sleep.
Now, imagine you have a pendulum and it’s swinging in front of you. Make it in color, perhaps your favorite color. If you already have a real pendulum it will respond just like that. Test it with some questions. “May I ask a question now?” It should respond with a “Yes” swing. Now test it with a question that will bring a negative response: “Is my name Fred, Frank Penelope…?” whatever.

When you are satisfied that it works, address it pleasantly: “I would like you to be available to answer important questions in my life at any time. Can you confirm this.” When you have a positive response tell your pendulum to take its place in your Dowsing Mind.

Always remember the basic pendulum rule: If the pendulum is unable to respond, examine and reframe your question. It is always useful to include the word “Now” in your question, such as “Is this right for me now?” Have fun and enjoy Dowsing.


Pebble Hill Church, 320 Edison Furlong Rd, Doylestown, PA
Sunday, July 8th 2018
Morning Service: 10:30 The Positive Power of Imagination: Love it!
Afternoon Workshop 1:30 p.m. Learn the Magic of Earth Energies:
Dowse Your Way to a More Healthy & Positive Life.

Positive energies for relaxation, healing, meditation and creative thoughts are all about us, if you know where and how to look for them. In this two and a half hour workshop Robert will demonstrate the basics of dowsing with rods and pendulum and discuss the intriguing phenomenon of Earth energies. Presented in his current book “Chasing the Cosmic Principle: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America” Robert will show how easy it is for anyone to find beneficial Earth ley lines and geospirals – both of which offer beneficial Yin energies. At least two leys cross in Doylestown.

Also to be discussed is the mystical discovery called the “Cosmic Principle” where certain objects from pyramids and obelisks to certain words, colors, rocks, musical notes, and even a pyramid pattern on paper possess powers that cause a pendulum to rotate only in the Yin movement, counter-clockwise. Regarding the Principle, Robert will demonstrate how you can make one for your home or office in less than 30 seconds and by using a pendulum prove to friends that it is a valuable powerhouse that works. A donation of $25.00 is appreciated.

Questions? Robert can be contacted in Pemberton, New Jersey at 609-351-5878. He can also be found at www.robert-egby.com and www.robertegbybooks.com.

SUNDAY, JULY 15th 2018 -- 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
The Basics Workshop plus Clearing Your Own Home of Geopathic Stress.
13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068

In this special workshop designed for folks who need to know the grass roots of dowsing, this indoors/outdoors event will teach the basics of pendulums, L-rods and deviceless questing plus other techniques such as mental dowsing. You will experience “talking to trees” and “geospirals” and “how to clean your home” and more. Registration $35:00. Space is limited to 12. Registrations started July 1st. Call ahead to reserve your space. (609-351-5878 / email: robert.egby@yahoo.com)

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH 2018 – 1:00 TO 3:30 p.m.
Cheerful Dreams, 37 White Street, Mill Race Village Shops, Mount Holly, NJ

In this workshop you will learn how to recognize Earthbound Spirits and more importantly Learn how to help them make a safe transition into the Light of the Spirit World. Often referred to as “The Ultimate Healing” Robert teaches how you can become one of this rare breed of healers, safely and effectively. This is not exorcism but helping spirits, maybe loved ones, make the final spiritual journey. This workshop comes with an 18-page booklet written by Robert who once cleared a battleground where earth-bound soldiers had been waiting 200 years “for orders.”

How he and his students did it will be explained in this workshop. Elaine and Mike are our hosts at this fascinating store which has just about everything, I kid you not. Call 609-261-1252 to register. $40.00. Space is limited.

REMEMBER, WE READ PEOPLE, AND HEAL "SICK" HOMES AND OFFICES. Details on the front page of our website Click here. Remember too, if you’d like to sponsor one of our workshops that you missed, we can do a Special Event for you if you can get four others to join you. Give us a call. Phone and email below.


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