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with Robert Egby / Spring/Summer 2019

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REMEMBERING SCOLE: Evidence of the Afterlife
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Workshop: EXPLORE YOUR DOWSING WORLD - Sunday, May 5th 2019 (POSTPONED)

THANKS FOR THE HEALING: Towards the end of February my doctor pushed me into the Capital Health Medical Center, that huge complex overlooking Scotch Road and Route 295 in Hopewell NJ. The problem: rapid heartbeat and heart failure. I couldn’t walk 100 yards wihout getting out of breath. Well, I had six days there and got a new lease on life. It was also an education. Not sedated, I watched a docor put a tiny camera on a cable into a vein by my wrist and a few minues later, he was watching my heart close-up. Being curious I asked how he knew which vein to take: “You have a GPS?” “Of, course,” he said with a chuckle.

Anyway, I would like to thank the countless numbers of people who sent healing, love and get well messages. Betty Lou and I do a half mile and an occasional mile without a break, so things are on the mend. One good thing about the hospital: I met a whole lot of interesting folk not only nurses and doctors but patients as well. I insisted on walking round the cardio ward at least twice a day.


If you need to stimulate your knowledge and belief in the Afterlife, a book called “The Scole Experiment” is a worhy acquisition. It makes most psychic readers look like beginners. Written by Grant and Jane Solomon its tells of a small group who met in circle for about five years in the mid 1990s at a place called Scole in Yorkshire, England. What makes it very interesing is that many of the sessions were observed by scientists.

But there was more. It took the shape of physical evidence, such as new film, still in its manufacturer’s wrapping, being left on the séance’s table. When taken to a processing shop, still in its wrapping, the stunned processors were told to develop the films. They did and the films contained printed messages and photos from space and Earth. Another time, a brand new London newspaper showing a photo of St. Paul’s Cathedral during the German blitz on London mysteriously landed on the table.. Most newspapers yellow after a few weeks and months. This one, over 50 years old was as fresh as if it had just been printed.

The book is very interesting reading in that it details all the sessions and provides pictures. Yes, it’s on Amazon. If you would like a wrap-around take a peek at the webpage. You’ll find it at The SCOLE Experiment Overview .

Before we leave Scole: Why can’t this phenomena happen everywhere? The thing is quality time. Alan and Diana Bennett and Robin and Sandra Foy had the time and the dedication and the training to sit at a table in a place completely independent from the politics, beliefs, rules and regulations of organizations. Most students do not have the time nor the inclination to train and sit in a development circle. As I said over ten years ago in my first book “Cracking the Glass Darkly” most people feel they are on a roller-coaster and they seek things now. If you can exercise lots of patience, slow down and study the roads to higher consciousness and spirit communication. There is another side to life – and the afterlife.


Have you ever been driving along and suddenly had the feeling “Where am I?” or “How did I get here?” or “Heck! There’s a car stopped right in front of me,” and you slam on the brakes.

It happened to me April 6th at about 3:00 p.m. The South Pemberton Road, which has been under re-construction for at least a year or more, narrows at the Birmingham Road. Traffic was moving at a steady 40 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Suddenly a wave of consciousness hit me. The car in front had stopped. I slammed on my brakes, then kept pumping them to warn the driver behind. Slow to realize the situation, he slammed his brakes and the car swerved out onto the dirt and unbuilt highway. He was at least fifteen yards off the highway. Another car coming. Same thing. He pumped the brakes and managed to stop before hitting me.

Believe it or not, this was a case of classic Geopathic Stress. The South Pemberton Road has about twenty geopathic stress zones running across it. We dowsed the two mile stretch when we first heard of it as a high accident area, and created a map of the zones on Google Earth.

Betty Lou contacted the New Jersey Department of Transportation and told them we would clear the entire area with their permission. It would be as a Public Service. She was told to email a description and we did that in mid 2018.. We never heard back. It is reported in detail in my book “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress” on Amazon both as a paperback and Kindle.

Our close multi-car accident occurred on South Pemberton Road as it approaches the Birmingham Road intersection. This is exactly the location of a set of geopathic stress zones. Even when the highway is rebuilt it will still be a “sick” and dangerous road unless it is cleared. We can do it in a few minutes at no cost to the State. Incidentally, talking about the “blind eye” of Government, In early January we mailed copies of my book to seven key newspapers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The response in any shape or form – zero!



Date: Sunday, May 5th 2019 -- 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location: 13 Wynwood Drive, Pemberton, NJ 08068

In this special comprehensive workshop you will be able to explore the energies within yourself and the world at large through the ancient and gentle use of Dowsing. We will discuss the tools: L-rods and Pendulums In addition we will teach how to use your hands without rods and pendulums.

You will discover ways of using the pendulum for answering important questions in your life such as career decisions, education, foods that are safe for you to eat, what crystals and colors can help you in your day-to-day life. You will learn how you can find underground water, oil, and gold – if that is your inclination.

Not all energy is beneficial to humankind. We are finding more and more people are suffering mysterious pains and discomforts from Geopathic Stress Zones. Participants will learn how to dowse these negative energy fields safely and effectively and more important, remove them.

You will learn about Geospirals and Leys, the earth energies that manifest healing Yin energy, how to measure and stake them out. In addition, how to make energy cushions for loved ones who may need relaxing energy.

Also Robert will share information on how to perform Remote Dowsing and Remote Clearing.

Robert has been dowsing for almost 40 years. Holding memberships in the American Society of Dowsers and the Canadian Society of Dowsers he is the author of the new “Chasing the Cosmic Principle: Dowsing from Pyramids to Back Yard America” and “Holy Dirt, Sacred Earth: A Dowser’s Journey in New Mexico” which was given a Finalist Award in the USA Best Books Awards 2012. His latest book is “The Silent Killer Below: Hunting and Healing Geopathic Stress.”

Pendulums and a variety of L-rods are available. Advanced registration: $35.00. At the door: $40.00. Information: 609-351-5878 or robert.egby@yahoo.com. Mail: Robert Egby, 13 Wynwood Rive, Pemberton, NJ 08068.


sessions through safe, relaxing Hypnosis.Sessions are tailored to your requirements. The program comes with two CDs and a printed workbook. We also have the ability to treat couples at the same time. Call 609-351-5878 for an appointment (We also do evening sessions).


Details on the front page of our website Click here. Remember too, if you’d like to sponsor one of our workshops that you missed, we can do a Special Event for you if you can get four others to join you. Give us a call. Phone and email below.


“Enlightenment doesn’t care how you get there.” &
“ Whatever you are doing, love yourself for doing it.”

– Thaddeus Golas in “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment.”


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