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Collector & Surplus Sites

In the links below I have attempted to provide the best listing of Military Surplus Sites and Collector Links available. I'm always looking for more links to add so if you have any feel free to email them to me.

The links with offer free printed catalogs.

  • Altama Combat BootsMilspec Boots direct from the factory
  • Army BarracksA Store in Mass. with great stuff and very good prices and they ship orders extremely fast
  • Army Navy Superstores A decent company with very fair prices
  • Brigade Quatermaster Considered by many to be U.S. Cav's Twin
  • Cheaper Than DirtThats their name, and thats there creed
  • Civil War Preservation Sales If you feel like getting into Civil War Collecting, this is a great place to start
  • ColemansA bargain dealer of closeouts on everything
  • Crown SurplusLocated in Canada it carries everything at CANADIAN prices, that means great discounts if you buy from the states
  • Discount KnivesA great cheep site to get all your Knives from
  • EbayWhy buy military history when you can bid on it and choose YOUR price for it. Start here
  • GI Surplus Site With many links to mega sites that list everything a collector could dream of
  • Hummer Ever dream of buying a Hummer? Well you can
  • International Military Sales Plus A great source for just about anything at a low price
  • Knife Center If your lookin for ANY edged weapon, start here
  • Phillips Page A great starting point that lists many other Surplus Sites
  • Richards Military GiftsOne of my favorite local stores, this one has friendly staff and great surplus as well as ship oriented surplus, they're my favorite around so give them a try, and they also have normal surplus so send them a message if your looking for stuff in particular. (They also know ALOT about boots)
  • Sportsmans GuideA great Company that has a bit of everything, selling camo to cots, GPS's to Guns
  • Swede & Sons The best type of Surplus Store, family owned
  • Swords n Stuff A great site to find any type of old sword repro.
  • U.S. CavalryThe Leader of the Military Sales Market and the best quality stuff around

Military Interest Sites