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My Civil War Collection

These are my oldest and most prized
items in my collection.
Reproduction Union Light Cavalry Saber
Not an original but it's still my pride and joy
Made in india and stamped "INDIA" on blade

Civil War Springfield Bayonet
See Bayonet Section

 .69 cal MINIE Ball
Quantity: 2
Battlefield dropped and found they are white lead and it rather good
solid condition for their age

Union Army Coat Button
A dug button, the gilt is gone but is still in good condition. 
Clasp on back is still present, and eagle desing on front is very clear

.58 cal Sharp's Carbine Bullet
Quantity: 2
Battlefield dropped at Gettysburg look similar to the .69 cal but are smaller for use in a Sharp's Cavalry Carbine

Cavalry Crossed Saber's Metal Insignia
Unknown if this is original or not but it lacks the back hooks to tattach to a hat. Were never placed on it. Guilt 90% present.

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