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Bayonets Switzerland
United States
Bayonet Type
(rifles used on)
Photo of those I own and details about them

Rarity and general price per bayonet
Argentine 1909
(1909 Argentine)
Bayonet is usually found in good condition with leather frogs of various design. A long bayonet the scabbard # should match the blade #.

Common bayonet for $30-$60

Chinese Type 56 SKS Carbine
(1956 SKS)
One of the few bayonets still common in the world of the spike type they can be found occassionally in a blade version but most are cruciform form.

Common bayonet for $5-$10

Czechoslovakian VZ-24
(VZ-24 Mauser, 7.92 mm VZ-22, 98/24, 98/29, 98/22) 
Blade points up when attached to rifle

Common bayonet found usually for $10-$40 depending on condition.

French M1866/93/16
(1886 Lebel, 86/93)
Common with Brass Handle this is the WWI long version at 25 1/2" cruciform blade, WWII versions were cut down to 10" blades. Found with and without Quillion

Fairly Common these pop up in all variations. The best include the scabbard and are of the longer variant selling for $35-$90)

Swiss 1918 Schmidt-Rubin
(1911 7.54mm Schmidt-Rubin, 1931 Carbine)
A well sought after bayonet it is very similar to the 1889 Schmidt-Rubin but lacks the deep square blood grove down the center of the blade and has a double edged spear point blade instead. Scabbard has a built in leather flap for attachment of a frog.

Harder to find then the Swiss 1889 and 1889/11 bayonets but still commonly sold for around $70-$150 on condition and inclusion of leather frog
Swiss 1957 SIG
(1957 SIG)
These showed up in the USA in large numbers afew years back but have become greatly prized since then. As collectors and outdoorsmen grab them for their quality they rise in price. Usually found with a plastic scabbard they sometimes include a more rare leather frog or a newer variant in vinyl and some repro vinyl ones too.

Common bayonet but well sought after usually selling for $20-$50

Turkish 1935
(1935 7.9 mm Mauser)
Short Blade usually found in poor condition with dirty grips, broken, or rusted. Scabbards are generally in poor condition and several variations

Very Common bayonet usually for $10 - $40 depending on condition, however they are usually well used and in poor-fair condition

United States
US Model 1855 Socket
(.58 Cal Musket, 50-70 Springfield Trapdoor Rifle prior to 1873)
This is the common US Civil War Union Bayonet. About 18" long marked and unmarked versions exsist.

These pop up common in Civil War Shops in various condition and can have high mark ups depending on the shop and condition. Expect a decent one with pitting and patina but no major rust to command $50 while excellent ones call up to $200, with Leather Scabbard anywhere from $150-$400
(M1 Carbine)
This particular model has leather grips

Harder to find in Leather Handle Variation usually found for $45-$100 without scabbard

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