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Dickinson Historical Society

T-shirt Information

Shirts are $12 per shirt for a short sleeve and $15 per shirt for a long sleeve t-shirt. All orders will be delivered on or about Nov. 6 to your HUB Box. Payment must be in cash or Bookstore Charge (only during the times DHS is selling in the HUB). Shirts come in S,M,L,XL. The short sleeve shirt is black with white lettering and the long sleeve is red with white lettering.

Front Left Breast:

Back of Shirt:

Order Form:

Name:______________________________               HUB BOX:_____________________   
                                                                                     Shirts come in sizes S-XL
Email:______________________________                Shirts will be delivered on or about Nov. 6th.

Shirt Type Size
Short Sleeve (50/50 poly,cotton in black w/ white lettering) ___
Long Sleeve (50/50 poly,cottom in red w/ white lettering) ___

Final Total:

Please return this form with CASH payment to: DHS c/o Greg Sheridan, HUB 2001                                   
email w/ questions